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Iran Claims Israel Attack Was A False Flag


Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

In the aftermath of one of the most severe Israeli attacks on Syria “in decades,” Iranian lawmakers said Thursday that Iran had no role in the attack, and that Shia nation doesn’t operate any bases in Syria.

Mohammad Javad Jamali Nobandegani, a member of the Iranian Parliament’s national security and foreign policy committee, said Israel’s claim that Iran had provoked Israel by firing first was “a lie,” adding that “Israel’s history of carrying out unprovoked attacks in Syria has been well-documented.

“Iran does not have military base in Syria,” Nobandegani added.

And while Iran maintains that last night’s skirmish between the Israeli Defense Force and Syrian Army forces was a false flag, and that the IDF struck first (continuing its pattern of airstrikes and other military assaults in Syria), the IDF boasted Thursday morning that Tehran “will need a lot of time to recover” from the most extensive Israeli attack in Syria since 1974.

Meanwhile, Israel said Iran paid a “heavy price” for its (nonexistent) aggression following multiple Israeli airstrikes against what Tel Aviv said were targets belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp’s Quds Force.

Iran Claims Israel Attack Was A False Flag

Unsurprisingly, the alleged Iranian attack resulted in no casualties or damage to Israeli infrastructure, with no rockets hitting Israeli-held territory (the Golan Heights border region is considered Syrian territory occupied by Israel).

“Iran will need a lot of time and resources to rehabilitate its operational, military and intelligence infrastructures we hit tonight,” an IDF spokesman said. The spokesman warned that “any other attempt” to hurt Israel will “pay even more.”

A map of the military targets published by the IDF shows multiple sites near Damascus and also near the Syria-Israel border.

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman claims “all the Iranian infrastructure” in the Arab republic was hit.

During the attack, Israeli jets and mortars struck intelligence sites and arms depots, among other military targets allegedly operated by the Iranian forces. Syria’s SANA state news channel said earlier that a Syrian radar installation was hit in the attack while “tens” of missiles were intercepted.

Though the IDF says it’s not seeking “further escalation,” the IDF says that “the Syrian regime will be held accountable for everything happening in its territory,” and has warned against any retaliatory attack.

“They must understand that if it rains here, it will pour there,” said Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who spoke at the Herzliya security conference near Tel Aviv several hours after the skirmish began.

Lieberman added that Israeli forces remain on high alert, but said he hopes this “chapter” is finished.

Naturally, most Western media like the New York Times – which has repeatedly demonstrated a fervent pro-Israeli bias – opted to take the IDF at its word, a move that drew consternation from independent Syrian journalists.

Of course, in the aftermath of recent attacks on Syria over “chemical attacks” which were alleged but never actually provne, why even bother to verify Iran’s claims when it’s easier to just quote Israel.



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  • jerry hamilton

    This does make a lot of sense.



  • jerry hamilton

    Napoleon said never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake.
    I think Putin would be more likely to stop Iran attacking.

    • gustavo

      There was not any IRAN ATTACK to Israel. Israel is lying, even their own newspapers mentioned any Iran attack to Israel troops in the Syria Golan territory occupied by Israel.

      • Joe

        So Israel attack every Iranian targets in Syria and Iran stayed quiet like good school boys?

        Might as well go home.

        • You can call me Al

          Well go home then.

      • velociraptor

        dont trust iran. same moslem fanatic shit as saudis or isis.

      • jerry hamilton

        Read my post. I did not say Iran attacked anyone.

    • Dicksonrp

      Jerry if you believe that …then good luck. Its not like isrealhell is making a mistake as ou suggest but Russia and Pootin are COWARDS…all mouth and no bite …no military teeth…

      • jerry hamilton

        Another idiot troll to block.

  • Rob

    Israeli migrants will attack Syrian nation each time on liberation of each pocket and each part of their land from Israeli migrants and from their gangs.

  • Gabriel Hollows

    Putin knows this and won’t do anything. After all, it was a jew who recommended him for president, and jews still own most of the Russian capital.

    • Dienekes

      This does not make any sense if we take in consideration he arrested, and expelled this ”jew” who recomended him, and a lot other jewish tycoonswho tried to take over Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union. Most of those russian-jewish who took power and became bilionaires by stealing public property from the 90’s are under arrest or in exile receiving checks from UK Government, collaborating with MI-5 and CIA, nowadays.

      • Roberto Romanov

        Boy how right can u get?

  • Rob

    Iran should do all those things which are better for them and for their nation. Iran should not accept any foreign pressure. They are not under occupation or slave. If US can do then Iran should also do in retaliation. Nothing is better than the security of whole nation. Those that compromise on security of nation will repent.

  • BL
    • Java Ape Timelord

      Christians support the Jews as they have been conned into thinking that Jews are Semitic (which they are not) and that Jews are descendants of the Hebrews (again which they are not).
      The Palestinians are Semitic and in the main descendants of the Hebrews.

      • Joe Dirt

        quran thumper

  • Rob

    Operation in Hama/Idlib and Daraa/Golan Heights will start together under Russian S-400, S-300 and Pantsir-S air defense systems and iskander ballistic missiles to retaliate immediately to any provocative coward attacks from US, UK, France and Israeli migrants. If strong air defense and Iskander ballistic missiles are not provided then Syria and their allies should not put their poor soldiers’ lives in risk for operation there.

    • Joe

      Might as well forget it as russia will not shoot down any US or Israeli planes.
      SAA has to depend on their old SAM .. that is the way it is.

    • jerry hamilton

      The first mission in any war is to make your opponent look bad in the face of the world.
      That is very easy for Occupied Palestine because they are the worlds media.
      The only way Russia and Iran can come out on top, is if they let the world see just how agressive Israel is.
      If Russia and Iran attack, they look like the agressors.
      The way it is, Israel looks like the evil shit.

      • Rob

        Russia and Iran must develop everything in English for example movies, music, news and speeches, discussion etc. to communicate with the world population and send message to them that US, NATO and Israel want to destroy the beauty, peace of this world and devastate every person children and women of this world. They act like that they are not humans but allians or work for allians.

    • Thomas Wolsey

      You rely too much in Russia.

      • jerry hamilton

        Some people rely on God.

    • Dicksonrp

      Wishful thinking Rob….Russia can’t attack its ruler and King ….Satanyahoo. Notice how Pootin had to invite him to his V day parade???

      • Rob

        Netanyahu was uninvited and unwelcomed in Moscow. This is his tricks that he use all the time to achieve his goals. Mr. Putin humaliated him historically, nobody shook hand with him. Mr. Putin advised his generals to keep this land thief, moron, small kids butcher away from me. Mr. Putin knows that Netanyahu is a big swindler. His group is blue not red. Netanyahu should never be trusted. As he went to Moscow so next morning he attacked the Russian ally Syria as a gift to Mr. Putin.

        • Dicksonrp

          Bro….I certainly hope so. This son of luci fer should be arrested and sent to the Hague. Also there need to be pressure on the head of ICC to start the crime against humanity investigation against isrealhell. The ICC is being pressure and hindered by the zio terrorist slaves of the US to not do any investigation.

          • Rob

            ICC the US and Israeli institution. LOL

  • Smaug

    The Iranians expect people to believe that after all the regular reports since last year of their alliance with Assad and clashes with Israel that there were never any Iranian military bases? This is revisionism at its dumbest, they just don’t want to have to take credit for an obviously derailed offensive. Even the pro-Russian South Front is presenting the IDF version (that all the Iranian missiles were intercepted) as fact.

  • RichardD

    My view is that this exchange marks the beginning of the next stage of the war involving transitioning from clearing interior pockets to clearing border areas, including possibly pushing the baby rapers out of the occupied Golan and returning Syrian administration there.

    It was the Syrian government coalition giving the evil Jews and their partners in crime a preemptive heads up that that the Syrian government coalition is prepared to confront state actors directly on occupied Syrian government territory in compliance with international law and the laws of modern warfare.

    I’m assuming that this will be built upon using an expanded no fly zone to cover occupied Syrian territory on an as needed basis in the Golan, east of the river, and on the Turkish and Jordanian borders.

    Artillery rockets and howitzers are formidable weapons, but they are by no means the only weapons available to the Syrian government coalition for use in managing the border clearing process in the occupied territories. And there are conventional weapons of much greater destructive capability available that can be used where the circumstances require them.

    It’s also worth noting that if the Syrian government coalition has crossed this Rubicon. That the next logical threshold to pass would be extending the conflict beyond Syrian territory to suppress attacks originating there. Such as taking down attacking aircraft in neighboring airspace. And taking out surface based launchers and damaging airfields where the attacks are originating from.

    And preparing to repel armor intrusion attempts onto Syrian territory and from the neighboring areas that it is originating from. Escalating this conflict by the Jews and their co criminals isn’t going to go over well with their citizens. When it’s clearly a fabrication on the part of the Jews to advance their criminal enterprise. This is particularly relevant for the non Israeli axis of terror members responsible for the Syrian war. But even Israelis will be unhappy with yet another war where they’re the targets of attack in response to aggression and terrorism being carried out by their government.

  • leon mc pilibin

    If Iran had attacked the zionist occupiers in the Golan,then we would know all about it and the damage ,casualities etc.The Iranians are not stupid,,they can fight back and would cause damage if they did.Thats the reason israhell is lying,AS USUAL:

    • BMWA1

      But that’s….dishonest?!?

    • Joe Dirt

      Iran is done, that country is gonna get torn apart.

      • Brother Thomas

        If evil has its way…

    • Israel would tear Iran apart if it sends another weapon across the border, F35s would be patrolling Tehran waiting for an order to send some cruise missiles up the Ayatollah’s behind.

      • achiles Greeko

        You stupid cow, isralis showed in 2006 war how coward and weak they are.

  • Jason H. Smith

    Waving their false flags and firing their real rockets … Israel is getting ready for its seventieth birthday fireworks party!

  • Hrky75

    There’s no reason for Iran to “provoke” Israel by launching 2 dozen missiles from Syria. Militarily it doesn’t make sense because IRGC doesn’t have robust enough infrastructure in Syria to carry out successful campaign against Israel. In such a case they would immediately activate Hezbollah to draw IDF forces on 2 fronts. It doesn’t make sense diplomatically to provoke new ME war on the day Iran starts it’s diplomatic effort to keep EU countries “on side” and securing 10s of bns of USD in business deals that will be an immense boost to Iran’s economy. The only country that has both military and diplomatic reason to fight Iran in Syria right this moment is – the country that keeps kicking Syria in the gut while “crying in pain”. And people that believe the MSM headlines that “Israel is responding to Iranian attack” after SAA officially confirmed it was them who launched missiles on their own occupied territory in the Golan – are the same people stupid enough to believe that Assad “gases his own people” every time he’s about to win a battle…

    • velociraptor

      IRGC is stae in the sate. irgc makes own decisions, own politics.

    • wwinsti

      Agree totally on the IRGC thing. Why would you pop off 20 missiles when there are ISIS/ enemies still behind you in the cities near the Golan?

    • Val Shadowhawk


  • You can call me Al

    They want war, the hooked noses and the fat bastard Yanks need it – so either Russia grows a pair and fights, or just surrender to the Yanks, because even my patience is shot now.

    A first I defended your patience and cunning, now you really are getting on my t1ts.

  • Omega

    When the news that no casualty and no damage to Israeli infrastructure on occupied Golan Heights was confirmed, the only plausible and rational explanation was that it was an Anglo-American-Israeli false-flag.

    That said, has Russia delivered the S-300s to Syria yet? Seeing several Israeli jets blown to pieces would be a delight.

    • Dicksonrp

      The Traitor POOTIN .will not .or can I say cannot do it. He was severely reprimanded by his boss Satanyahoo who he HAD to invite to the V day celebrations… all this while he licked clean Satanyahoo’s rect um!!!!

    • Java Ape Timelord

      I have read that the S-300s are in Syria, training is now on going. I suspect it takes time.

      • CosmicBanana

        Russia needs to arm iran with s-400’s or its getting turned into iraq and if iran goes syria will go despite whatever support it was given which honestly isn’t much considering the israelis can attack syrian and even russian forces all day and all putin does is hold hands with netty

  • Joe

    Indeed they should go back to Iran or hide on Syria if they cannot respond but only big vows .

    Let’s see Iran pulls off something Israel will not dare to attack them again. But I doubt it from past experience Iran will retaliate

  • oldenyoung

    20 rockets lobbed at the golan and dont hit anything? ISIS has been doing this for IDF along the border for a couple years already….this is OLD style false flag…

    im guessing that Quds has a few thousand missiles and would send many if they were going to attack at all…

    and the “timing” is pretty advantageous for Nutty…

    • velociraptor

      20 rockets lobbed at the golan and dont hit anything?

      like yankee rockets :P

      • Omega

        Rather, like Hamas rockets.

    • Omega

      Apparently, Iranian rockets are like Hamas’ – they fire but never hit anything.

      • Sinbad2

        And invisible, that’s why Israel can’t produce any pics.

  • Dicksonrp

    ISREALHELLI …LIES!!!! How do you know when a zio jhou is telling a lie??????? Once his or her lips are MOVING!!!

    • Java Ape Timelord

      Or finger is on the keyboard or a pen is in their hands.

  • Tiresia Branding

    obviously it is! I follow iranian press all day and their version is: israeli planes attack Syria and Syria respond defending and attacking. No mention of their army involvement. The same liars of ever

  • Java Ape Timelord

    I said this yesterday (my yesterday it is 4.20am here) that Iran had stated that they had not fired any missiles.
    “Having read all that I can, I get some confusing stories.
    Israel said Iran fired 20 missiles from Syria.
    From an Israeli media it stated that Israel fired first.
    Iran have stated they did not fire any missiles.
    Syrian stated they fired the missiles.

    My feeling is that Israel indeed did fire some missiles then Syria
    returned fire. Who in Syria, I do not know, I suspect it was Syria, but
    may also have been Iran.

    Update: 10.37pm East Australian time: Syria have stated they fired missiles in retaliation of Israeli missile attack.
    Ref: https://en.mehrnews.com/new…”

    • Sinbad2

      The Syrians are showing the Israeli missiles, but you have to take Israels word about Iranian missiles, because they seem to be invisible.

  • Feudalism Victory

    If I was Iran id keep testing their defenses and try to draw out their missles. And stop lounging around in syrian military bases. Get mobile and try not to be obvious stockpiling arms.

    Those missles are expensive and not quickly replenished. It wouldnt be long before theyd be rolling barrels out of helicopters and begging for resupply from abroad.

    Id bet this was a false flag but it doesnt have to be the god of war doesnt favor sneakiness and biding your time. If they want secure the golan border they will need to fight israel directly in the golan. Realize it and man up for battle.

    • Sinbad2

      But you are not Iran, which is good, because Israel can make you believe you did something you didn’t. The last thing Iran needs is a mind so soft that will believe any old BS.

      • Feudalism Victory

        Lol. Well how does iran support syria militarily if it ISNT storing weapons and troops in syria. I felt their denial “we dont have any military bases in syria” a little specific. For instance that their in syrian military bases would be technically true without it sounding like Iran was being a legitimate target.

        I think im pretty impartial really.

  • Joe Dirt

    Bhahahaahha is Iran like Russia now?
    Iran ” we have no bases in Syria, we don’t know what you’re talking about.”
    Russia ” we have no bases in Ukraine, we don’t know what you are talking about.”

  • Joe Dirt

    Maybe Israel is ready to expand its boarder like Turkey did.

    • Steve Bell

      How? Will Schitrael feed its “boarder” a dozen matzos for breakfast?

    • Sinbad2

      The Rhineland will be our last claim.

  • Wegan

    It’s much clearer now. I thought it was stupid to do have a badly uncoordinated action like this.

  • Sukhoi

    The Syrian/Iranian strategy against Israel is the worst possible.
    What they should do is to reconvert the captured ISIS/FSA/mercenaries/etc in Syria, send them to Golan area, give them weapons and push them to fight against the jews. That will solve two problems in one single movement.

  • Joe Dirt
  • Steve Bell

    Reminds one of the BS claims about Hezbollah being destroyed by a 34 minute airblitz at the start of the 2006 war. A month later and photos of IDF troops crying likes babes told a different story.

  • Jeth Roderet

    “Claims”??? That was one of the most obvious false flag attacks of all time…

  • Steve Bell
  • R PLobo

    Yet another BS hasbara line from the baby killers. When the liberation of the Golan comes it will not be advertised by the presstitute MSM. The only information and analysis will come from sources like South Front and non western media if the internet stays up. The same way as the real war in Syria has never been revealed by the MSM any actual events that go against the zionist narrative will also be hidden.
    The zionists are unable to gain any traction in Syria – the fact on the ground is that all their paid mercs have collapsed. With the liberation of Daraa to Quneitra the SAA will be in a position to confront the iof on the Golan. At the this point the zionists may double down with a direct attack on Iran – that will be the end of the zionist entity.
    A full scale war will erupt with two fronts against the iof – no amount of air cover or American intervention will keep the axis of resistance from cutting occupied Palestine in half.
    An attack on Iran will immediately weaken US forces and the EU vassals will cut bait and run – Iran will counter will ballistic missiles against all US and zionist forces including the ksa muppets.
    Already the iof does not have freedom of movement across Syrian skies. Even if the Russians do not get directly involved Iran will be indirectly assisted by RAF. Putin has pulled a check mate on the occultists.

    • Steve Bell

      Iran is an indispensable part of China’s new Silk Road, so I doubt the PLA would twiddle their thumbs while Iran is bombed.

    • Icarus Tanović

      RAF means Royal Air Force, and that’s basically English airforce. RuAF stands for Russian Airforce.

  • Joe Dirt


    Iran launched an attack on Israel — and it got badly beaten and internationally abandoned

    • Brother Thomas

      Yes – that’s the banner headline under which the false flag operation has been run.

      • Joe Dirt

        shut up with the false flag BS.

        • Brother Thomas

          ‘Iran has no reason to strike Golan’: Analysts dispute Israel’s ‘political’ claim of missile attack


          • Joe Dirt

            Don’t shove that russki propaganda my way

          • Brother Thomas

            The truth and hasbara don’t mix well.

          • Joe Dirt

            You keep kissing that carpet mudslime

          • Brother Thomas

            By responding to you.

    • Sinbad2

      If lying was an Olympic sport, Israel would win the gold medal.

  • Brother Thomas

    The false flag makes perfect sense. Very clever of Netanyahu and Lieberman actually – try to escalate tensions with Iran while hitting Syrian targets. Hope for some retaliation from Iran, Syria or Russia to draw the US in for “regime change” (i.e. destroy the entire nation) Iran and Syria.

  • Brother Thomas

    Iran has no reason to attack Golan. No hard independent proof that such an attack occurred.


  • Promitheas Apollonious

    We know but who cares false not false, make no deference. Just pretend was for real and react accordingly. Give the khazars what they been begin for.

    • Sinbad2

      Do you know what Israel wants?
      They want the US to nuke Iran, that’s what they want. After Iran they will choose another target for their trained gorilla(USA).
      They are the Nazis mk2, they will just keep killing and stealing land until they are stopped.

      The only way to stop them, is to destroy their capital, New York.

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        I know what they want, stupid americans to do for them, what they scare shitless to do for themselves and as easy sound in theory, nuking a country, the moment they attempt to do that you see many nukes flying with direction towards north america and their fleets around the world.

        As corrupt and stupid the western leaders are, is one act they dont have the guts to do, because none of them is prepared to die.

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        the capital and decision making of NWO where all the decisions are made is not NY. Though it is jew infested still not the capital. Maybe is time all of you understand that this is a global war and not an isolated in one area. The moment you realize this you think and see clearer.

      • Vitex

        Comparing the zionists to the nazis is disrespectful to the nazis

  • Alexis Goldwasser

    Russia wont do a damn thing. We have seen this happen and we will see it again. Putin is looking to be a paper tiger of sorts. Lol

  • JEinCA

    I’m sure it was a false flag and it was a false flag committed specifically by the Zionists while Netanyahu was in Moscow (for May 9th) to drive a wedge of suspicion and mistrust between the allies Syria, Iran and Russia.

  • The Farney Fontenoy

    And all the while, Putin watches & does absolutely nothing, and as I understand is refusing to deliver the S-300, what a true ‘friend’ Russia is…

  • achiles Greeko

    Arab-Israeli wear in 2006 which led to israelidefeat, will be repeated again but this time Tel Aviv will be turned into Hell Aviv.

  • achiles Greeko

    In the coming WAR between Arabs and Israel, Tel Aviv will be totaly destroyed.

  • Kourosh Ghaaedi

    Iran-israeli conflict will lead to increasing of oil-price and other raw-materials.