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Iran Claimed Breakthrough Prisoners Swap Deal With US, UK. Washington Denies – Reports

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Iran Claimed Breakthrough Prisoners Swap Deal With US, UK. Washington Denies – Reports

© Flickr/ peyman abkhezr

Iran is about to reach a breakthrough prisoners swap dead with the US and the UK, the al-Mayadeen TV reported on May 2.

An unnamed Iranian source told the Beirut-based channel that Iran and the US may soon finalize a prisoner exchange deal that would see Tehran freeing four Americans who were charged with spying for their country.

In return, the US would release four Iranian who were charged with violating sanctions imposed on Tehran. The US may also un-freeze Iranian assets worth a total of $7 billion.

“The Biden administration wanted to avoid paying any sums of the frozen Iranian funds during the negotiations,” the source said. “The Iranian side insisted that a part of the founds should be freed.”

According to the source, Iran is a close to a very similar deal with the UK. Under the deal, Tehran would release Iranian-British citizen Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, who was arrested in 2016. From its side, the UK will pay a £400m debt over the non-delivery of tanks dating back to the 1970s.

The Iranian state TV confirmed that a prisoners swap deal with the US and the UK was reached. However, an official in the UK Foreign Ministry played down these claims.

Meanwhile, the US Department of State also denied that prisoners swap was reached with Iran. At the same time, the department confirmed that work is underway to free Americans held by Tehran.

A day earlier, Abbass Araghchi, Iran’s top nuclear negotiator, revealed that the US had agreed to lift some sanctions in order to revive the 2015 nuclear deal.

Despite caution from both sides, it is clear that the US and Iran are close to a breakthrough deal on several issues. The finalization of the deal may take some time, however. Israel may also act to sabotage any understanding between the two sides.


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Fog of War

In other words, Iran is getting ready to ” bend over ” again.

John Wallace

Progress being made albeit slowly as always with these things. Tiny steps at a time as long as in the end all of Trumps stuff up are returned to as before and all Israel can do is bluff and bluster. Iran needs to learn to keep discussions quiet or any progress maybe jeopardised unless they are trying to push for some action.. Iran is now holding enrichment to 60% which us getting close to dirty bomb material instead of the 3% they were making for electricity generation. Everyone was happy with the way things were except for Trump , probably getting prodded up the butt from son in law , Netanbooboo;s long distant cousin . Ivanka’s husband . Remember her , the one that cried when she saw Syria children burning from Assads chemical weapons so got daddy to bomb more children with France and Britain to help.. Their first increase after repeated failure with Trump to use his brain had them increase enrichment to 5 or 6% which was much better for their needs re electricity . Now they have Biden to sort out the mess. Wonder if he remembers he is the President this morning let alone if Iran is something you eat or perhaps drink. God Help America ?? More like God help all the rest of us from this madness before we all join together in a giat BBQ.


$7 billion of Iran’s frozen money will also be released. One step at a time……..Iran’s gotta strong hand here.

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