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Iran Captures Ringleader Of U.S.-Based ‘Terrorist Group’

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Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence announced on August 1 that it had captured the ringleader of the U.S.-based Tondar [Thunder] group, Jamshid Sharmahd.

In an official statement, the ministry said Sharmahd was captured in complicated operations by security forces, adding that his capture was a “heavy and serious blow” to Tondra.

Iran Captures Ringleader Of U.S.-Based ‘Terrorist Group’

Jamshid Sharmahd, source: farsnews.ir

Sharmahd, 65, introduces himself on the official website of Tondar as an Iranian-American broadcaster and opposition activist based in Los Angeles.

Tondar, or the Kingdom Assembly of Iran, is an group seeking to overthrow the Islamic regime in Iran and restore the monarchy. Iran says the group is armed and responsible for terrorist activities in the country.

The group allegedly claimed responsibility for the 2008 Shiraz explosion at the Hosseynieh Seyed al-Shohada. At least 14 people, including children, were killed and 215 others were injured in the bombing.

Iran claims that its security forces foiled several terrorist plot by Tondar over the last few years. The group supposedly plotted to blow up the Sivand dam in Shiraz, detonate cyanide bombs at the Tehran book exhibition and bomb the general ceremonies at late Imam Khomeini’s shrine.

While the group is based in the U.S, it remains unclear if it is receiving any support from Washington. Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence said that it will provide more details on the capture of Sharmahd soon.


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Zionism = EVIL

Hopefully, this stupid looking treacherous cunts days are numbered, like his Americunt masters. Russia also needs to get tougher with Americunt arseholes as they openly boast of killing Russians.

Deaths of ‘300 Russians’ in Syria sent warning to Moscow, Pompeo says
Pompeo boasted that US is imposing a very heavy cost for Russian support for Syrian government and will be escalating its military, diplomatic and political actions against both Russia and Iran.

Lone Ranger

Pimpeo should take his meds…
He is projecting as usual.
Meanwhile a lot of CIA/Mossad handlers were neutralized when Russia destroyed one isis HQ after the other with cruise missiles awhile back.
May they rest in pieces…

Zionism = EVIL

Look at the arrogance of the fat pig:

“I don’t think there’s any doubt in the mind of every Russian leader,
including Vladimir Putin, about the expectations of the United States
of America to defend our interests,” Pompeo told the Senate Foreign
Relations Committee.

“I can promise you that the 300 Russians who were in Syria and who
took action that threatened America who are no longer on this planet
understand that, too,” he said.

Lone Ranger

“We lied, we stole, we cheated”
Mike “dirtbag” Pimpeo -2018.
He is even lying when formulating a question.
There are no good sides in the U.S.
Brandead nazis are fighting against braindead neo-trotskyites, no matter who wins the U.S. loses.

Zionism = EVIL

Seriously, he is the most obnoxious Secy of State so far. Complete moron.

Lone Ranger

He makes Lindon B. Johnson look competent, in retrospect.
That says it all…

Trap Is Not Gay

U$ 3.8 billions per year to Israel from US taxpayer money

That’s Pompeo patriotism


They should send a message to Pompeo by annihilating al Tanf with Kalibr missiles from the Med,otherwise this shit will go on.

Lone Ranger

No need for it.
U.S. Empire is going belly up.
They will leave.


comment image

Lone Ranger


Jim Allen

This shit will go on regardless. Short of taking out The City of London.


Not really,once the Americans and their puppets are out of Syria its game over.

Jens Holm

It seemes cunts are Your hobby or they have traumatized You.


A few months he said 200, pompous CIA asshole full of shit…. sick fantasies and wet dreams – they cowardly killed 10 mercs (from ISIS hunters unit), while losing dozens of CIA agents and terrorist instructors in the past 4 years. Pompeo’s pompous butt is still butthurt about losing his boys in Aleppo.
I just don’t understand why Russia never use the same rhetoric, they always trying to be civilized and diplomatic… you can’t be civilized and diplomatic with psychotic bullies and cowboy degenerates. North Korea use a proper language, the only language global terrorists from WashingtonDC understand. As long as Russia use ‘partners’ bullshit, Pompeo and other degenerates will continue to talk crap.


Good work Iran! That piece of shit deserves the worst kind of ending.

Zionism = EVIL

Iranian intelligence services, like Russia are very good, largely as the people are very nationalistic and turn in treacherous cunts. Also, despite Jew cunts and deadbeat Americunts propaganda, the government has massive support and can mobilize millions of young dedicated Basij. Iran is so secure that it has not even called up the Basij or even a million reservists. The MOIS and VEVAK are domestic counter-intel services and can catch anyone as they share databases with allied nations like Russia, China and even many EU nations.

Jens Holm

There we go again. Do You live in an elephant cunt and its too small for Your oppions or what?


poor baby….


Iran is one of the safest countries on earth, thanks to its vigilant intelligence and law enforcement services.

Jens Holm

Thats right. They are all kept in line by force by the religios police. So many others are jailed forver and they have world record in executions.

That makes it. I will never live in a place like that unless I was armed and could should some of the Criminal socalled Leaders being elected by themselves fear for Alabama, posters in all streets and bajonets.

Jens Holm

They has been of non importance for so many years. The Shah wasnt a good replacement for his father even some might say the father was from the old dys only.

It very lkong time ago the change came. I would say, those exiles only can be a friendly donator to realistic fight agains the longbearded Pope there.


The Shah was the best that Persia had to show but he was the victim of the Tripartite Committee. The Tripartite Committee turned against him , because Shah was “sowing” BP in Iran, while it was agreed to regulate the taps of Iranian oil the Gulf Oil of the Rockefellers. In 1979, the Shah was forced by a NATO team to flee Iran …A strong Iran could curb India’s temptations and complete its conquest of Pakistan. But some do not want that … Suleimani’s assassination consolidated the rule of the mullahs.The conservative mullahs were SCARED with Suleimani’s popularity and especially for controlling the organization he had…because that way he could overthrow them whenever he wanted and he would have the crowd by his side. It seems that it is not only the USA that is involved in the assassination of Iranian Suleimani BUT ALSO OTHER COUNTRIES.


If you do not want to talk about you then go and stay in another Galaxy. Here on planet Earth.. ON MY PLANET we are all talking I see the Truth bothers you. Really, with what RIGHT do you comment on foreign countries ?? When you do not want to talk about you ??


Ok I got it Although I’m not Iranian … I know a lot about you. I mean for your country and history. I am Greek or rather ΗELLENIC MAN


” if you’re interested in iranian history go read the modern history. 100 years ago untill now ”
For 2,500 years Iran had an imperial state. Although the dynasties changed the regime it remained the same. You know why;;;
The $hah was a CIA puppet”…
There are many, not only Shahis.. Do you know where the Khomeini movement started, with what funding …In what country were the 50,000 Iranian students who started the revolution together with Khomeini? US universities.!!!! do you know the case with the American hostages in their embassy ??? On November 23, Mike Bryd arrived in Tehran for talks with Bani Sandr but after 2 days he left without achieving anything. The Tripartite Commission did NOT ALLOW Khomeini to resolve the hostage issue. And this is a FACT. Conclusion …. they are all the same shit.


” because he knew that carter wasn’t gonna do shit but then released them when reagan came into office. ”
Carter, like everyone else, is just a puppet.. .. had prepared a plan to rescue the hostages, but when Cyrus Vance informed Rockefeller about it..for the plan of the American president …Rockefeller got angry and alerted the Commander of the Norfolk Base (where the Delta team is located) and ordered him, to blind the planes in the desert so as not to carry out the mission.
They are all puppets … in fact there are two centers of power on the planet, and which will clash with each other for planetary domination. Now what will happen in the future with your “New Empire” …. time will tell.


Shut up, Greek. You know nothing!


…….” Not even sikandar himself could stop the Neo Persian Empire.”

They did not teach you well at school. Alexander the Great overthrew the
Persian Empire. But you does not know the best , Xerxes was not Persian,
his real origin was different !! His name was Karchas or Charchas or
Kalhas is pronounced in many ways by οr Sharkash and harhash and
Kerkesh..same thing as…Sarkozy.!!! xa xa xa


You with your CAPS!
I guess you know all this by experience? Living in Iran, traveling around it, researching Persian media, something like that or at least anything other than talking out of one’s bottom?


You are clueless as almost every Greek is. The overthrow of the Shah was part of a plan hatched by an alliance of Jesuits and Saudis. Musa al-Sadr and Pope John-Paul I were killed in order to help with the rise of a theocratic regime inside Iran. Unfortunately, for the Jeuits and the Saudis, this theocratic regime is proving to be more pragmatic and capable than they expected.


And then you woke up.!!! Tell us the story with Cinderella afterwards.

Jens Holm

Iran has world record in executing people. They have it in killed in traffic as well.


As long as they execute scum whats the problem?

cechas vodobenikov

wrong durak—SA leads the world in executions per capita…your mind is so racist and bureacratized u will believe anything wikipedia tells u to believe……expected form a submissive slave colonized by the USA

kajetán pičura

9MM WOULD BE JUSTice for him.

Peter Moy

This diabolical rat deserves an appointment with a wood chipper. Hanging or a can of ammo would be too merciful.

Ivan Freely

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes is all I have to say.

cechas vodobenikov

the amerikan strategy—pay an immigrant to sow discord in her own nation to convince amerikan peasants that their hatred of freedom and justice is shared by civilized peoples

n a

Funny this group harbours a strong irrational hatred of Islam regardless (you’d think the neolibs and zionists would pour money for them) and supposedly wants to advocate a “different” Shah.This is actually what their website said. They don’t make a lot of sense, they make the MEK seem logical in comparison. I don’t think many Iranians are like them either since Iran is still mostly Shia Muslim. With or without the current goverment, Iran is still going to keep its Shia character and remain diverse as before.

Gary Sellars

Execute the filthy scumbag, then send his head in a formaldehyde bottle to the US State dept.

Potato Man

I’m guessing he is best friends with MEK and Wahhabi Sunnis that pay him.

I would like to know how they got him….they fool him to come out (US) and took him?


The snake nest of all terrorists……Washington and Israel


Pig Pompeo will end behind bars……… and so is Trump

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