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JUNE 2023

Iran Calls Tanker Sabotage Off UAE A “False Flag”, Says It Expected Such Actions

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Iran Calls Tanker Sabotage Off UAE A "False Flag", Says It Expected Such Actions

Photograph by the Daily Mail. Click to see full-size image

On May 12th, four commercial ships were sabotaged, near the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) territorial waters in the Gulf of Oman, east of Fujairah, in the Persian Gulf, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, MOFAIC announced.

Iran Calls Tanker Sabotage Off UAE A "False Flag", Says It Expected Such Actions

Click to see full-size image

There were no injuries and no fatalities on the vessels, and there were no spills of hazardous chemicals or fuel.

“The MOFAIC statement said that the carrying out acts of sabotage on commercial and civilian vessels and threatening the safety and lives of those on board is a serious development. It called on the international community to assume its responsibilities to prevent such actions by parties attempting to undermine maritime traffic safety and security.

The Ministry also described as ‘baseless and unfounded’ rumours earlier today, 12th May, of incidents taking place within the Port of Fujairah, saying that operations within the port were under way as normal, without any interruption.”

On May 13th, Saudi Arabia’s Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih said that two of the allegedly attacked tankers were Saudi Arabian.

One of the ships was en route to pick up Saudi oil to take to the United States, Falih said.

Falih said the attack did not cause any casualties or an oil spill but inflicted significant damage to the Saudi vessels’ structures. He said it aimed to undermine maritime freedom and the security of oil supplies to consumers worldwide.

“The international community has a joint responsibility to protect the safety of maritime navigation and the security of oil tankers, to mitigate against the adverse consequences of such incidents on energy markets and the danger they pose to the global economy,” he said.

The UAE identified the vessels as very large crude carrier (VLCC) tanker Amjad and crude tanker Al Marzoqah, both owned by Saudi shipping firm Bahri. The other two were UAE-flagged fuel bunker barge A Michel and Norwegian-registered oil products tanker MT AndreA Victory.

Iran Calls Tanker Sabotage Off UAE A "False Flag", Says It Expected Such Actions

Click to see full-size image

Thome Ship Management said its Norwegian-registered oil products tanker MT Andrew Victory was “struck by an unknown object”.

The UAE authorities said they would not publish any conclusions until an investigation was complete. Jaber Al Lamki, an executive director at the UAE’s National Media Council, said: “The incident was an attempt to sabotage not just boats, but one aimed at undermining global oil supplies and maritime security.”

Al Jazeera cited an anonymous US official who claimed that the US military was investigating the alleged sabotage on the boats.

After all, the alleged attacks on ships flying flags of countries allied to the US comes amid rising tensions between the US and Iran.

The US deployed USS Abraham Lincoln and its carrier strike group to the Persian Gulf, in addition to placing B-52 bombers in Qatar, to deter Iran against an expected Iranian attack on US forces in the Middle East.

The US is also reportedly preparing to deploy 120,000 troops to the Middle East in the case of an escalation with Iran.

Britain’s Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt also warned of the risks of “a conflict happening by accident” with an unintended escalation between Washington and Tehran over an unravelling nuclear deal.

Underlining the regional risk, the general-secretary of the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council described the alleged sabotage as a “serious escalation” in an overnight statement.

“Such irresponsible acts will increase tension and conflicts in the region and expose its peoples to great danger,” Abdullatif bin Rashid al-Zayani said.

Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt and Yemen’s Saudi-controlled government condemned the alleged sabotage.

Conveniently, the US Maritime Administration on May 11th, issued a warning that Iran may target US forces in the Persian Gulf and Middle East. It also warned that Iran may target “oil production infrastructure, after recently threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz.  Iran or its proxies could respond by targeting commercial vessels, including oil tankers, or U.S. military vessels in the Red Sea, Bab-el-Mandeb Strait, or the Persian Gulf.”

On Tehran’s side, Iranian national outlet IRNA reported that Foreign Minister Javad Zarif had earlier claimed that the country expected “suspicious sabotage acts.” Essentially, Iran distanced itself from the attacks and claimed it was a false flag.

“In this meeting, concern about suspicious actions and sabotage in the region was talked about, and we said that we had previously predicted that such actions would occur to create tensions in the region,” said Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif following talks with his Indian counterpart Sushma Swaraj in New Delhi on May 14th.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi also warned about “plots by ill-wishers to undermine stability and security in the region.”

A senior Iranian official, Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh, the head of Majlis national security and foreign policy commission said that the alleged sabotage of the tankers was proof how fragile security was in the Persian Gulf.

He further claimed the act was performed by a “third party.”

Talking to IRNA, the Iranian lawmaker explained that “when the states south of Persian Gulf turn the region into a military zone, they are those who are hurt the most.”

Emphasizing that the Persian Gulf should be a safe region, Falahatpisheh said that he had warned that the third parties might disrupt the security in the region to push the situation toward a conflict.

He went on to say that Iran and the US could manage the crisis on their own, but there are third parties that might stir up tension through their ‘deviating moves’.

The lawmaker said that he sees a hotline between Tehran and Washington as necessary to enable them to manage developments so that no third parties could take advantage of the situation.

Finally, he concluded that Iran strongly condemns the alleged attack and calls for a thorough investigation.

Another alleged sabotage that could potentially be blamed on Iran was a drone strike on Saudi Arabian oil pipeline infrastructure.

The incident is an “act of terrorism,” Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih said according to the Saudi state news agency SPA, describing attacks on two oil pumping stations near Riyadh for the country’s East-West pipeline carried out with bomb-laden drones.

“This act of terrorism and sabotage in addition to recent acts in the Arabian Gulf do not only target the Kingdom but also the security of world oil supplies and the global economy,” the SPA described al-Falih as saying.

Hours earlier the Yemen’s Masirah TV, loyal to the Houthis reported that seven drones had beeen employed against vital Saudi installations.

The Houthis, who are fighting against the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen have attacked oil infrastructure, as well as tankers before, and Iran has been repeatedly blamed of providing weapons to them. Iran has declined all alegations.


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It was expected that UAE, KSA and America will do a drama of sabotage to allow them to keep running their oil business and stop Iran to not sell their oil. LOL

Idiots you exposed again. LOL


Indeed it was, and involving a Norwegian flagged ship involves NATO. The Norwegians have been keeping the US arse clean for decades and are more Zionist that Israel is :)

As always in incidents such as this ‘Cui Bono’. Its certainly NOT iran, and is a similar stunt to the Gulf of Tonkin incident that the US used as a Cassus Belli to declare war on North Vietnam. https://www.historyonthenet.com/gulf-of-tonkin-incident

“Again the Americans claimed a sinking, but Hanoi denied that any action had occurred.

As it turned out, the communists were right. But the Johnson administration, only ninety days from a presidential election, chose to believe the confused, contradictory, uncertain accounts of the second Gulf of Tonkin incident. The next day Lyndon Johnson ordered “retaliatory” air strikes against North Vietnam. Sixty-four aircraft from Ticonderoga and Constellation (CVA-64) bombed naval and petroleum targets. Two planes were downed with one pilot killed and one captured. The polls showed a fourteen-point jump in public approval, and in November Johnson won a decisive victory.”


They think that America and their terrorists are very smart. They have showed this drama to keep the strait of Hormis open for their oil sale while stop Iran from selling their oil.

The child butchers America, Saudis and UAE will be fcd really.

If Iran cannot do oil trade then no country will do. FCK trump.

I am Jaziel

I just want to add one thing about us Norwegians, only 8% of us support Israel, not matter what. And 68% of us support the Palestinians. And it has been like that for the last 10 years. Different government, different policies, but these numbers is what the people think and will take into consideration next time we choose our government.


I am pleased to hear that.

The Zionists that control the vital parts of any country are hard to dislodge though. Just a look at the mess Sweden is in, is evidence of that.

Zionism is no different to any ‘ism’ really. Its just the control of the masses by the chosen few, by using all the state institutions power over a population.

Media, healthcare, benefits,pensions,police,judiciary,military,prisons,asylums,the certificates needed to work,licences of all types,travel restrictions,working hours restrictions,free speech restrictions,bank accounts,taxation,forced military service, and many more :)

David Parker

The Zionists are vastly more powerful than any other such secret cabal in history. The “Jewish Holocaust” myth shows the extent of Zionist control of the media, central “banks” printing paper and using national governments to collect interest in gold and silver show their control of all countries except Cuba, Iran, and North Korea. The Zionists command the US government and control the US military.

David Parker

I would say it is the same for we the people of the United States of America. We have nothing to do with the death and destruction the US military has been dealing out ever since the attack on Serbia and forced breakup of Yugoslavia in favor of the Croats and Albanians.

AM Hants

Johnson, wasn’t he the President, that was perfectly happy with another nation to take out his sailors on the USS Liberty and made the survivors sign a non-disclosure form?

Wasn’t McCain’s father also involved in the cover up?

McCain and Israel’s Bombing of the U.S.S. Liberty… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0q7yEnMjQ6U

Toronto Tonto

Russia and Iran did this to drive up the crude price , putin needs poobles NOW .


And you wonder why the Canadian lapdogs are the second most ignorant people on earth :) after their US masters.


US has toned down its warmongering after fat stupid Pompeo’s meeting with Lavrov. In any case US chest thumping and braggadocio was not real as the costs to the bankrupt US economy and military would have been devastating as Iran is not Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan. The complete idiot Bolton was goading the narcissistic bombastic clown Trump into a suicidal war for his Jew masters, but the US is already bogged down and defeated. The US military and CIA have tempered war fever with a dose of reality. US with its overstretch is not in a position to transport heavy equipment and 120,000 cannon fodder, 10,000 kms away to the already teetering Persian Gulf puppet Arab regimes. Firstly, to move heavy armor, artillery and heavy equipment from the only possible staging ground of Kuwait is simply not feasible as there three major rivers and mountain chains to reach Tehran 1000 kms away. US like the other idiot Saddam would be bogged down on the Karun escarpment and become sitting ducks for thousands of Iranian Dehalvieh Kornets and other missles. US would suffer at least 10,000 casualties on the first of a suicidal invasion. This was all a bluff and it has been called. I see almost ZERO chance of a full scale shooting war with Iran, however, resistance against US brutal occupation forces in the region will grow as the Saudi cowards are finding out in Yemen.

klove and light

0% Chance?????? either u have no ears and eyes, or u are Living in Alice in Wonderland…

war is in INEVITABLE…………………………

u r correct, as i have pointed out already, that the USA CANNOT win a conventional war against persia……there are only 2 ways to win any war.. 1. unconditional surrender or 2. US Forces march into Teheran

both Options are Fantasy…..

but … those fucked up Maniacs…those Evil satanic pricks WILL attack with Missiles and airforce….. and their Targets will be the nuclear infrastructures and the Missile bases……….Iran will hit back…and they will sink ship/ships and they will shoot down planes and they will hit Saudi oil infrastruture and they will hit Israel……….. which only leaves 2 Options for the US jew SLAVES… 1. accept defeat…..nope not These crazy motherfuckers 2. use the nuclear Option

and watch and see………..those fucked up Evil satanic pricks will use nuclear weapons on Iran……. 100%

ps. remember the MURDER of VICE ADMIRAL Scott Stearney in Bahrain just in December 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was leading naval operations in the entire middle east!!!!!!!!!!!

AND HE SAID NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! so he had to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Parker

Admiral Forrestal was murdered because he felt it was not in America’s interest to become entangled with Israeli statehood and theft of Arab lands back in 1948-49.

Tommy Jensen

Everybody forget US have secret tactical nukes and a space combat precision laser defense system. With pint point accuracy we can defend any attack against Americas interests and our allies.

David Parker

Bullshit. We the people of the US have never been and never will be defended. Only the scum who call themselves “government” have any defense against attack of any kind. 9/11 was a MOSSAD operation with the approval of the CIA which allowed the “attack” on the Pentagon – actually that “attack” was on the accountants who were attempting to find out what happened to $1 trillion in “defense” spending – , but outside of allowed false flag shows, the bureaucracy is well protected and we the people are vulnerable to everything. “Our” military is no defense whatever to we the people. It is only a threat to whoever the Zionists want to attack next.

klove and light

almasdar News 15.05.2019 BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:30 P.M.) – A commander from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps allegedly said on Wednesday that his nation is on the brink of full-scale war with the United States. “We are on the cusp of a full scale confrontation with the enemy,” a Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander said on Wednesday. “The Islamic Republic is at the most decisive moment of its history because of enemy pressure.” This alleged quote comes just days after the U.S. increased the presence of their armed forces in the Persian Gulf region.


Guys don’t use Facebook, Google and WhatsApp because that spy on you and on your governments. Please hide front camera on your computers and mobile phones with black sellotape.

Toronto Tonto

You got your foil cap on dumbazz .

Pave Way IV

What do you figure Disqus and their owner Zeta Global do with these comments? Everyone spies on you. I have a better solution: wood-chipper the neocon fascist psychopaths doing the spying.

Toronto Tonto

Yes send the Russians to the chipper love it .

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Microphone on devices is another spying element.


These idiots can turn on and off cameras and mic in your smart devices. The smart devices are TV, mobile phones and computers (laptop or desktop).


I have actually had my camera activated by ? Now it’s taped up.

Black Waters

@Rob: Dude, about the camera thing… i did that since i saw a Snowden interview, a couple of years ago. I blocked the front camera of the cellphone with a synthetic plastic, trimmed with precision to look like a circle… i can detach it whenever i want. But most of the times it’s blocked.


It is hardly a surprise that Jews are infecting people’s phones and computers with viruses, their fake news website debka has been doing this for years. It in only now that even the dumbed down general public is getting a sense of the global police state Jew agenda.

klove and light

zuckerberg dirty jew motherfucker-facebook

Sergey brin dirty jew motherfucker-google

Jan koum dirty jew motherfucker.whats app

catch the dirft!!


The only way to avoid spying on you is to get rid of any communication device and smart TV’s.


Sorry for the off topic but anyone knows the reason for those borders between UAE and Oman


Britain has been heavily involved there for a very long time.


David Parker

All I know is that the victorious powers after WWI arbitrarily drew lines on a map. What is the actual story?

Toronto Tonto

Iran and the terrorists it supports are responsible for this . And I bet Russia is in there somewhere .


no probably some ukie canadian nazi terrorist. nah cia and mossad in a joint operation. no one believes it was an iranian do. not even reasonably intelligent canadians but I hear that iq-levels in canada are decreasing, like they do in moronistan (aka usa – home of undereducated simpletons with mcdonalds for brain) where it now is below a 100 and canada at 95!

Toronto Tonto

NO I am not a Russian POS .

Toronto Tonto

And the vodka soaked ruskies are at what 60 sober .

David Parker

Will you never learn English? Are you functionally illiterate or deliberately stupid? If you have nothing to offer, kindly refrain from cluttering the comments with your gibberish.


“You got your foil cap on dumbazz .”


Wait are there Americans that fucking dumb, are they really gonna go on this card, so obvious shit. LOL people when they want to start some shit they have 0 shame to start it and they don’t bother to hide it anymore. Well just imagine people like Pompeo, Bolton and Trump are running a country.

Toronto Tonto

Someone needs to poke YOU in the EYE.


In a recent global poll Americans are ranked as the most IGNORANT people on earth, the Canadian poodles were not that far behind:

The supposedly most ignorant places in the world have been named based on a survey of people’s knowledge about their own country.

The 2016 Index of Ignorance,produced by Ipsos MORI, includes information from 27,250 interviews ofpeople aged 16 to 64 carried out between September and November. The US, UK, Canada, Italy and Germany were rated as having the most ignorant and ill-informed local born populations in the world.

The survey took in populations from 40 countries, with between 500 and 1,000 people surveyed in each.

The USA, supposedly a developed country, ranked as one of the most ignorant countries, below many less developed countries.

Tommy Jensen

Try Scandinavia, the ignorance is worse.

David Parker

Exactly what are we supposed to do? The scum who call themselves “government” are very well armed and prepared to suppress any armed revolt or tax revolt. Elections mean nothing, the candidates are chosen by Zionists, the media is controlled by Zionists, etc. We are as hog-tied as you are.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

What if it was actually an Iranian act, would it not demonstrate capability?

It would be interesting to read what SF believes created the damage to the tankers stern section. (I’m hypothesizing an inert torpedo)

Real Anti-Racist Action

Way to go zionist-troll. You have never watched an Iranian torpedo hit a mock-up of a US aircraft carrier. Even a WW-1 torpedo would have sent that thing to the bottom within 18 minutes.


Dick Von Dast'Ard

I think you missed the word “inert”, however please do continue with your little tirade.

Promitheas Apollonious

and if your grandmother had balls, your grandfather will be shitting easier and speak funny. did she?

Dick Von Dast'Ard

and she would still be prettier than yours.

Promitheas Apollonious

defective dna as yours may think what ever your programming is set to say but I very much doubt it, that any of you can be better than the slugs all of you are.

Lazy Gamer

The problem with Iran is because they are so provoked by sanctions are forced to compensate with threats about blockading the flow of oil. This opens up an option for the opposing party, or even third parties to conduct the very threat they have been uttering. What were those boats doing offshore anyway? I would have imagined they would have stuck to coasts. Is that SOP? Right now, there are a host of suspects possible. We would have to wait on the report on the cause of damage

Toronto Tonto

Or putin trying to drive UP the oil prices because he is desperate ?????.

David Parker

Putin is not “desperate”. He knows very will the US cannot dominate the world anymore plus he can sink all the US carrier groups at will right now and he has nukes that even the demonic Bolton knows can hit DC at will.

David Parker

I think all the terminals are offshore so the ships can stay in deep water. There is a pipeline run offshore. My nephew is a hardhat diver and builds those and my brother was an engineer on a tanker. it is safer to keep the tankers off shore to prevent thieves from boarding the ships as when they are tied up to a wharf or jetty. The crew doesn’t get laid, which pisses them off, but the ship’s medic doesn’t have to deal with STDs either which keeps the tanker company more profitable.


“Limpet mines suspected in Fujairah attacks”



Real Anti-Racist Action

Just another false flag attack like the Lusitania false flag attack. https://steemit.com/false-flags/@troonatnoor/49i5v6-100-years-after-that-false-flag-called-the-lusitania-we-have-learned-nothing-and-are-being-lead-to-war-once-more

AM Hants

Reminds me of what happened to the USS Liberty, and who was behind that False Flag. Funny how the President of the US, had no problems with them taking out the US Forces. Who would wish to serve a leader like that?

Promitheas Apollonious

brain dead americans grown on ritalin, prozac and video games, with two second thinking spans?

Tommy Jensen

The sheeple are only interested in one thing and any leader can call it whatever he want. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/059f68e339202c281c333bec7831690898be946399f2b99991d38750ec876c67.jpg


Well that’s suspiciously convenient for them. And why would they do this? And how would they know but not the UAE?

Joe Kerr

Cui Bono? Schitrael.


They lie about everything.


klove and light

State Department Orders Non-Emergency US Gov’t Employees to Leave Iraq © Sputnik /

The order comes just a day after the US Central Command stated that the coalition forces in Iraq had been put on “a high level of alert” due to possible imminent threats to them. The US State Department ordered the departure of “non-emergency government employees” on Wednesday, the embassy in Baghdad said in a statement, recommending those affected “depart by commercial transportation as soon as possible”. “Normal visa services at both posts [the embassy in Baghdad and consulate in Erbil] will be temporarily suspended. The US government has limited ability to provide emergency services to US citizens in Iraq”, the diplomats said. DETAILS TO FOLLOW

and the dice Keep rolling

klove and light

the dice keep on rolling…………………………

remember the MURDER of VICE ADMIRAL Scott Stearney in Bahrain just in December 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was leading naval operations in the entire middle east!!!!!!!!!!! AND HE SAID NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! so he had to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Parker

That Andrea Victory is not even a tanker. Those idiots backed into a jetty or something, it’s a wonder they didn’t damage their rudder and propeller while they were preparing their false flag “attack”.


USA can easily fabricate some type of “Iran aggression” in order to justify its attack and destruction of Iran.

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