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Iran Calls for Immediate, Full Sanctions Relief

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Iran Calls for Immediate, Full Sanctions Relief

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Written by Jason Ditz. Originally appeared at AntiWar on April 4.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has issued a statement saying they will maintain their enhanced enrichment level until they get full and immediate sanctions relief as required under the P5+1 nuclear deal.

Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said that proposals for a “step-by-step” process had been suggested, and would see Iran reversing its nuclear process, for only a small step of US engagement in the process. He said Iran considers this unacceptable.

With indirect talks coming up, France is urging Iran to avoid any further escalation as both sides try to work out the disagreements and get the process back into good standing, with everyone getting what they believe they’re entitled to under the nuclear deal.

That shouldn’t be that difficult, provided the US returns to the deal and is willing to apply sanctions relief as agreed to years ago. US refusal to keep the deal, and efforts to undermine everyone else’s enforcement of the deal, has been the chief reason Iran feels aggrieved, and why for the past years Iran has been reversing parts of its own participation in the deal, and letting its stockpile grow, to try to get talks on fixing the process.


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Our goal here should be the dismantling of one of these two countries in the near future. Both are trouble makers and won’t quit fukking around. Sawdi is largely castrated, but requires a coup de grace. Once the lizard king is toppled, bringing down the mongol shouldn’t be that hard. Iran/ Russia/ China need to plan this out.


Iran shouldn’t strive for any kind of trade of business dependence on US/EU Ziocorporate terrorists. It should be a principle guiding Iran’s and its allies’ future development. German/French/UK Zioterrorist predators are no better than their US peers, they’ll pull a Gaddafi on you the moment they see the chance to profiteer and gain power over you from it.


The issue is theys got the hard currency……which is readily convertible into whatever. They’ve set up the system. Until Russia/ China/ Iran come up with a counter system, its goin be tough no?…….this is the issue. Remember, Iran/ China/ Russia will be largely barter trading in this EAEU/ BRI system. Which is fine, but it needs to evolve.

Jens Holm

“...they will maintain their enhanced enrichment level until they get full and immediate sanctions relief as required under the P5+1 nuclear deal.”

Is perfect.

Iran has the world record in car accidents too

Jens Holm

UNICEF should send You some baby powder


here we go again the araqchi creature in europe talking nonsense leading nowhere at the end of the day

Alekai Mordechai



there are 2 issues in iran right now which annoy people most first of all automobile industry was owned by the liberals and they pretty much emptied it out as much as they could so iranians have problems with their cars and with getting spare parts and the other issue is certain medizins which are still not produced in iran and therefore have to be imported via grey and black market and i see no reason why iran shouldnt produce this all at home taking industries away from liberals so they can be lead effectiveley without stalling nonstop while he sanctions are like bad weather something one should get used to

Jim Allen

Sanctions, that’s why.

Proud Hindu

50 Bangladeshi muslims drown in the sea

Alekai Mordechai

22 hindu rats sent to hell by PRC’s blessings.

Another 2000 died by the blessing of china virus.

Proud Hindu

Look.100 million Chinese died by the blessing of Mao worry about that so @$$ licker

Alekai Mordechai

Speaking of chinese colony how’s your death rate? Rat worshipper. China literally controls your industrial and tech sector.

More of you rat worshipper filling up my gas tanks for 2 cent euros in Italy.

Let us steal you female and let the rapists male go celebate.

We Euro men sure know how to seduce your female.

Soon you rats will be crying about “Love Crusade”. LOL.

Alekai Mordechai

Those mao boot lickers gonna take your country a km at a time gandu rat.

Proud Hindu

Never gonna happen Bangladeshi rat

Alekai Mordechai

Wrong guess Hindu rat. Modi wants Bangladesh badly for his own sustenance.

Alekai Mordechai

Your Modi ki chodi surely has lot on his thala at the moment’s isn’t it rat??

Proud Hindu

40 Sudanese muslims sent to h€ll in tribal clashes

Jens Holm

Hard ttimes for Allah. Even selfdetonaters are demanded only to detonate themself and Assads are tricked to Rome to get the last oilcomment image

Alekai Mordechai

22 hindu rats sent to hell by PRC’s blessings in North East india.

Proud Hindu

Jesus was banged by Roman emperor🤣

Alekai Mordechai

Them Romans latter turned to Jesus. Talk about irony eh?

Jens Holm

Thats how it was and is. Islam was not even invented 300 years after that. There was not even a single one.

Alekai Mordechai


Do you need an English teacher?

200 Euro for one lesson.

Jens Holm

My english is perfect. Most likely You tryb to transplant from a more primitive language.

Schools and education for english lessons are free here. The price for YUour lessons might be that high, because You are a slow non learner.

I write common engvlish normal for common people and not pidgin english for lawers and doctors.

Jens Holm

Educations are investments, If there are structures for advanced productions in services in services and logistics too. You also has somehow to be rewarded.

Thats why western econmics works.

You of course can have free or partly free schools in low and high levels, but they have to be there and fx include help for housing, free bus and for a period taxreduction.

I allow me to copare with income levels and living standards. And You are wrong.

Here we also are all and not only men. It includes the LGBTs and You even can get education in prison, so You after that is quilified for a possibility for a descent life.

We include people. All has the same possibilities, but they also find their level and ilimitations.

Denmark GDP pr capita s estimated to more then 60.000 dollar pr capita.

…And again: My not perfect english is what most people in the english world speak. Ill never reduce it into simplified understand fx by Haram and censurship from Arabic, Urdu, Farsi or Russian.

Tha language is advanced and vital for vital devellopments and understanding. Sure mine is a mix of verbal and wriiten too.

So if and when You dont understand, its because You dont have it in Your own world. I dont blame You for that, but I blame You for not having learned to ask and get explanations and answers – as well as most of my writing in support by owen knowledge and the whole internet.

So I mainly write back. I want my messages and comment to be understood. If not its a waste.

In the other hand Im sure most people understand and by that makes no complaints and comment

Jens Holm

Actually it was the Vasal King Herodes, which was the main actor to this. He was a Jews killed all his family including children.

He gave Jesus to the local R oman administrator, which executed.

Proud Hindu

You muslims lost a 100 people today 🤣🤣

Alekai Mordechai

I am no Muzzie you hindu rats. How’s the female infanticide going ?

Gotta say my indian girlfriend already fell for my italian blood line and brood.

Proud Hindu

You Christian and communist rats will soon be exterminated just wait and watch the game.

Jens Holm

Very optimistic. Now go and make landreforms on Your balcony. You also should spread out free contraseption better.

Soon India has only space for stand up comediens – so to speak.

Jens Holm

The ones making wars should be killed first.

Alekai Mordechai

Then get into the line and call Bush Sr and Jr.

Jens Holm

I already has for many years.


This is all you need to know:comment image

Jens Holm

I have pictures of gloabel research comment image


as i hear several turks and imposter azerbaijanis were arrested over the last months


over the last days iran closed the border with turkey to make it impossible for the turkish operations to flee to turkey and they all get right now flushed aswell


turkey seeks to start another war in the caucasus soon meaning around june but it will fail badly this time around because neither russia nor iran will allow any more change of territory to happen and this time around turkish forces will face direct opposition and they will probably flee from the caucausus in failure if they dont want a direct confrontation with russia iran and an indirect one with china considering that turkeys actions are a direct threat to bri


the jews’ flag is not a part of the middle east and should be banned right away – never ever to be shown in the area or anywhere else for that matter.

Shia man

Ali you can’t blame rouhani administration because they keep pursuing the nuke deal it’s the main thing his administration was working hard on and failed to achieve the lifting of sanction the way this deal went it should open the eyes of many Iranians and finally understand they won’t get anything out of the west and that the west is not trust worthy I believe this is a good thing I hope Iran gets nothing but hardliners after rouhani is done.
in my opinion rouhani served his purpose.

You can’t blame anyone for saving erdogans life they tired to bring him to their side it failed don’t hate anything it’s probably good for you. “But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not”

I personally don’t believe we need nukes if they want to use nuke they will have to nuke all Iran Lebanon Iraq Syria Yemen And everywhere a Shia lives trust me. It’s by no means a easy thing to accomplish if they dare to act stupidly and use nukes Israel will be flatten in less then half a hour you have to understand the US is in the Middle East to provide security for Israel launching nukes will put Israel in harms way I tell you this like I tell everyone else what is stopping the US and Israel to use nukes on Iran tell me is it the UN? what public outcry trust me Ali majority of the world would rejoice if they hear Muslims got nuked.
So what is stopping them Ali?
It’s the fear of retaliation. They are not used to fighting someone who can actually fight back and deliver a strong blow. They fear death.

I believe Iran needs to create a weapon which has the ability to silence all weapons. I’m talking about imam al mahdis(A.S) prophesied weapon.
If Iran can create a weapons like this to be used in a large scale battle I believe only then will we see peace not just in the Middle East but the whole world.

Shia man

I agree about getting rid of al Saud but I think erdogan is better off staying in the long run you see erdogan ambition is to return the Ottoman Empire something neither we or the west agree with.
yes he might cause us trouble in the future but he will also cause the west even more trouble Trust me brother it’s better to have this backstabber in power then some obedient puppet for the west.

It could be a emp or some other form of electronic warfare or even cyber warfare technology it could even be something the world hasn’t seen yet or all the above.
you never know when it comes to the Iranians they are too unpredictable top it off with a people who are also educated and wise. Dangerous combination.

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