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JUNE 2020

Iran Calls For ‘Elimination’ Of Dollar To Stop US ‘Economic Terrorism’


Originally appeared at  ZeroHedge

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Sunday that America’s economic influence would be eliminated if countries halt the use of dollars in their international transactions, reported Sputnik.

“America’s power rests on the dollar; a great part of America’s economic power will go away if countries eliminate the dollar from their economic systems,” Zarif said at a school even in Tehran.

President Trump has waged economic warfare on Iran ever since Washington withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (Iran nuclear deal). Washington has forced Iran’s trade partners, who use dollars, to halt trade with Iran.

“It amounts, by definition, to economic terrorism because the US is putting pressure in terms of what its president calls warfare on normal ordinary Iranians in order to change the policies of their government,” he told reporters.

Zarif isn’t the only senior official in the world who has spoken about to dollar’s demise; we reported last Wednseday that Russia and China are set to sign an agreement which would boost the use of their national currencies in bilateral and international trade, in an attempt to move away from the dollar.

“It is planned that Russia and China will be developing bilateral payments in national currencies, encourage and expand the use of national currencies, particularly through the promotion of their use when signing international trade contracts. According to the draft agreement, the sides will also assume the required measures to lift barriers for payments in national currencies. -TASS

De-dollarization efforts in Iran come against a new tranche of US sanctions on Tehran’s petrochemical sector, targeting Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company.

Iran Calls For 'Elimination' Of Dollar To Stop US 'Economic Terrorism'

In response to worsening relations between Washington and Tehran, the US Navy’s USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier strike and bomber groups were deployed to the Gulf to send Iran a powerful message.

Iran has been preparing for de-dollarization for quite some time. Earlier this year, Iran announced that four of its banks had developed a gold-backed cryptocurrency called PayMon.

Iran is also escalating its de-dollarization effort by seeking a bilateral rial-yuan agreement with China.

The writing is on the wall for dollar hegemony: Iran is leading the charge, intending to eliminate the dollar from its trade, a move that could potentially lead to a shooting war with the Americans.



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  • Tommy Jensen


  • Zionism = EVIL

    It is only natural and essential that a post Americunt and Zionist global financial system be introduced. The Bretton-Woods Jew plunder of the world must end as power shifts to Eurasia.

  • Rob


    For this Iran should have to introduce new currency of which value is double than US dollar. I mean US$2 = IRR1.

    Then Irani banks will see that how fast Irani population dump US dollar in banks.

    Any way, very good decision of Iran. Other regional countries should learn from Iran.

    • Sinbad2

      The US controls the value of all currencies except the Yuan.
      The reason China keeps a Trillion US dollars is because when the US sells down the Yuan, China sells down the US dollar. They are the only nation on earth immune to American acts of currency terrorism.

      • Rob

        This is a great achievement. At least some nations have took the initiative.

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    iran is not scared of US one bit, it has God as its mightiest defender

  • Sinbad2

    Yes, it needs to be done, but the world or at least a big part of the world would have to act in unison.
    Look what happened to Libya and Iraq when they tried to bypass the dollar.