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Iran Builds Region’s Largest Warship


Iran Builds Region's Largest Warship

A model of the training ship Khalij Fars training ship was displayed on Iran’s Navy Day. Source: Defa Press

Iran’s Navy has unveiled a range of newly-developed equipment, including the Middle East’s biggest training warship and indigenous torpedo fuel. They were demonstrated during an unveiling ceremony in the presence of Brigadier General Mohammad Hossein Dadras, the Army’s second-in-command on November 29.

The new Otto fuel is combustible in the absence of oxygen, enabling the underwater propulsion of torpedoes. Thanks to this Iran’s torpedoes can be extended in range toward higher operational capability.

Iran also unveiled the design of the biggest Persian Gulf training warship during the ceremony. The 135-meter-long and 16-meter-wide vessel is to be outfitted with the Navy’s latest technologies and equipment and will carry as many as 230 trainees. It will reportedly be be the largest warship in west Asia.

The Mersad Project was also demonstrated, featuring the design and development of a comprehensive system needed for the testing of lightweight anti-submersible torpedoes. The Ra’d missile system’s testing mechanism, a sea-based missile system that can be used against all types of floating and flying targets, was also shown at the ceremony.

Iran also showcased the Damavand remote-controlled vessel, fitted with anti-electronic warfare equipment, which allows it to be released from its naval unit and used to jam enemy radar, sonar, and fire control systems during combat. A new nano material used for the covering the surface of vessels and naval equipment was also showcased.



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  • Garga

    This is the first large war vessel which is fully Iranian. Design, superstructure, propulsion, systems.
    So far, the vessels built by Iran were reverse-engineered from British or French ships, the last one was IRI Jamaran which it’s superstructure is not so different from the original.

    It’s not an easy task for a country to build everything it needs while being under 40 years of sanctions. What Iran is doing is like reinventing the wheel. If the sanctions ceased, Iran would easily become one of the top 20 economies in the world but if they never existed, perhaps Iran never forced to rely on itself.

    • Rodger

      The same isolation that has made Israel tough and self reliant is now making Iran tough and self reliant.

      • BL

        Israel gets all of its tech from the US in addition to the EU. Please don’t make us laugh by claiming Israel is even close to being “isolated”. On the other hand Iran literally has only a handful of countries willing to exchange any type of tech/military equipment with it and that has never been reliable and stable in the past.

        • Rodger

          Sure there are differences. No argument there. Still Iran keeps selling its oil and not one of its neighbors really wants to take it out. Also Iran has everything to be totally self-supporting. Big country, 80 million people, natural resources. Those mountain valleys can be turned so green once you get the water in and the mountains keep most of it in after. If only their operating system wasn’t so outdated.

          • This “keeps selling its oil” is a recent development. Moreover, the US Congress has decertified Iran on the nuclear deal, which is only a dirty trick on the part of the US. And all of this is thanks to Israel precisely.

          • Rodger

            It’s not like they need US goodwill. The move won’t cost them a thing.

      • Garga

        I don’t think they are comparable. Israel never was in Iran’s situation, received (and is receiving) all kinds of help and aid since day one and by no standard is self-reliant. Without foreign help, Israel is unsustainable.
        Although it might face the isolation you talk about in the future, as day by day more people wake up to the ugly truth about Israel.

        • Rodger

          Recently I’m not liking Israel much. But Golda Meir was probably one of the best politicians to have ever lived. They seem to have forgotten her rules. Also Iran does have more support than is obvious. With certain enemies you also get a lot of friends that don’t want to be seen but are there.

    • Good for Iran.

    • Justin

      I would say top 5 economies! It has so much gas and oil and can build its own weapons! Imagine what they could do with all of that money and what kind of brains that money can attract!

    • Solomon Krupacek


      • Garga

        I’m coming to spank you, you naughty, naughty boy!

        • Solomon Krupacek

          you also wrote, the yanke fleet is zero, because there are perfect missiles, which destroy them. so, according to your argues only stupid country builds warships :P

          hah, how do you like your argues? :DDDDD

          • Garga

            Please show me where I said that. I remind you again that my history is public. All it takes is you give me a link to my own comment and I’ll be quiet to the end of the world. Fair?

            You are mixing different things together to reach to the conclusion you want. Everybody says that “aircraft carriers” are easy target, not every kind of ship. The reason for that is in addition to enormous size and low speed, the carriers are a tool for attack (or because you’re so sophisticated, power projection), so they operate away from it’s own country’s borders.
            IRI Persian Gulf is nowhere near that size and it’s not designed to put pressure on weaker countries. It’s about 150 meters long and as the article says, is a training vessel. It’s most important role is troubleshooting the design and all the domestic systems. It’s quiet priceless for Iran in that role, as no other vessel in our navy can play that role.

            BUT, if you’re going to compare these two very different vessels anyway, whatever floats your boat (pun very much intended!)

            Solomon, I feel goooood arguing with you. I think it’s because of your “special” method of arguing (no, it’s not a complement!) ;)

          • Solomon Krupacek

            the carriers have no slow speed. btw., they have own aa/ad systems, plus fleet of other ships and submarines. the size in era of modern missiles does not play role. i am sure, each cerrier is able to defend itself against several anti ship missiles.

            i am also sure, that each american carrier is better defended then this persian ship.

          • Garga

            They are slow, even in naval terms.
            Did you recently read an article named “5 reasons why carriers are awesome? OK. We just have to wait and see.

            You are right about the defence. A training ship doesn’t have serious defence.

            Persian is used for language, cats and carpets. Iranian for nationality and other things.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            persian is higher term then iranian.

            the velocities of different surface ships are between 40-60 knots. do you think, this plays any role for missile with mach3-5?

          • Garga

            Persia was xenonym for Iran. Pars is a province in Iran and the country today, itself a fraction of greater Iran. I noticed a lot of things are backwards or upside down or inside out for you. Persia is NOT a higher term for Iran.

            Solomon, you mixed up km/h with knots. 60 knot is about 110km/h. They are ships, not landspeeders!

            Carriers speed is lower than 50km/h, it’s normal speed is about 20km/h.
            And yes, ship’s speed and maneuverability plays an important role to evade torpedoes (and missiles, if they are fired from a distance).

            Do you seriously believe a carrier’s size (>300m long, 20m height of deck above waterline, 11m draft) doesn’t make it easy to target? You think chances for a torpedo to hit a fast and small corvette and hit a carrier are the same?
            Now if you want to start a rant about it’s active defence systems, don’t waste your breath. It’s another matter.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            no, i am not mixing. check the newist american destroyers ;)

            look, if for haarp 1 little missile is no problem to hit it, why should be play the dimenson big role? i understand your logic, but in era of newest weapons it does not play role.

          • Garga

            surface ships are between 40-60 knots

            That “newist american destroyes” with an speed of 60 knots is an exception, not a rule. For most ships, the top speed is half of that.

            It seems by haarp you don’t mean High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, then I have no idea what you mean by haarp. What is it?

            The combination of large dimension, low speed and lack of maneuverability is the carriers’ disadvantage, not just the size. If you think otherwise, good for you.

            Now tell me, is your copy of Mein Kampf signed by any chance?

          • Solomon Krupacek

            no, the submarines on surface has speed 30 knotes. and they are the slowest.

  • testera

    The name of monopropellant is Otto fuel II.

  • Solomon Krupacek

    Iran Builds Region’s Largest Warship

    for what?? here the haters taught me, thatus carriers, aegis are shit, ćause one onyx ddestroy them. what everything can des then with this persian shit, pardon, ship?