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JULY 2020

Iran Boeing Crash Theories: Ukraine Claims Missile Strike And Terrorist Attack May Be Possible


Iran Boeing Crash Theories: Ukraine Claims Missile Strike And Terrorist Attack May Be Possible

A handout photo provided by the Iranian news agency IRNA on January 8, 2020, shows rescue teams working at the scene of a Ukrainian airliner that crashed shortly after take-off near Imam Khomeini airport in the Iranian capital Tehran. (Photo by AFP)

Early on January 8, the Boeing 737-800 aircraft crashed after takeoff from the Imam Khomeini airport in Iran. The aircraft belonging to Ukrainian International Airlines was set to fly from Tehran to Kiev. 167 passengers and 9 crew members on board died in the incident. Most of the passengers were Iranians.

According to Iranian authorities, the most likely cause of the crash was a technical malfunction. The country’s civil aviation authority said the plane caught fire when it was airborne. Pilots tried to return to Imam Khomeini airport from which they departed, but to no avail. Reports also suggest that the crew made no distress calls during the emergency because of some issues with communication equipment because of the fire.

However, some media outlets and bloggers impressed with prospects of the US-Iran military escalation generated a vide range of other explanations, including a possible missile strike by Iranian air defenses and a terrorist attack.

The Iranian air defense missile strike version was picked up by pro-Israeli sources and, even the secretary of Ukraine’s security council.

On January 9, Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of the security council, told Censor news outlet (well-known for various fake news that it dissiminated over the conflict in eastern Ukraine) that the versions of the crash include not only the technical malfunction, but also a hit by a “Russian-made” missile, a collision with a drone, and a terrorist attack.

Danilov said that the Ukrainian government is now in talks with Iranian authorities regarding access to the crash site. He added that Ukrainian investigators will search it for any “wreckage of a Russian-[made] Tor missile”.

“…information about the detection of missile debris near the crash site has already appeared on the Internet,” he claimed referring to allegations that popped up on social media.

The Ukrainian delegation of 45 persons that is set to participate in the crash investigation recently arrived in Iran.

The missile strike allegations made by the Ukrainain side is based on an unconfirmed photo of the supposed Tor misile seeker allegedly found near the crash site. The photo was first publsihed by the Twitter account @AshkanMonfared_ (now it’s suspended). The location and date of the photo cannot be confirmed independently. It’s possible that Danilov’s remarks are a clumsy attempt to somehow link the so-called ‘Russian threat’ to the tragedy.

These foolish statements by the secretary of the Ukrainian Security Council emphasizing a possible involvement of the ‘Russian missile’ also discredit the Ukrainian-promoted version of another civil plane crash – the MH-17. Kiev demonstrates that the main motivation of its action is to somehow blame the Russians.

If investigator take into account the version about the Tor missile provided by Danilov, they also should study one of versions provided by well-known Russian yellow media outlet KP. It claims that the Boeing 737-800 aircraft may have been downed by a US missile.

Iran’s minister of road and urban development Mohammad Eslami dismissed the claim about the missile strike as untrue.

Press TV reports (source):

Mohammad Eslami said the Boeing 737-800 aircraft crashed after encountering a technical malfunction.

Eslami said Iran will not hand over the black boxes recovered from the crash site to Boeing or any other countries.

According to the minister, Iranian technicians and experts from the American aerospace company Boeing will recover data from the black boxes in Iran.

“There are rumors that a terrorist attack, explosion or shooting at the plane may have caused the incident, but they are not true. Technical failure has been the cause of the incident,” Eslami said.

“Had the rumors been true, the plane must have exploded up in the air, but that has not happened, because the plane caught fire due to technical failure. That first caused its communications and control systems to stop working, and subsequently resulted in its crash,” he added.

These have been witnessed and confirmed by eyewitnesses as well, the minister said.

It is interesting to note that even mainstream media outlets do not support the Ukrainian version about the ‘Tor missile’. Reuters in its article entitled “Western intelligence agencies see no signs Ukraine airliner was shot down: Canadian source” writes:

The initial assessment of Western intelligence agencies is that a Ukrainian airliner which crashed in Iran on Wednesday was not brought down by a missile, said a Canadian security source.

The source, who declined to be identified, said the agencies believed the Boeing (BA.N) 737 plane had suffered a technical malfunction. The Ukraine International Airline jet crashed shortly after takeoff from Tehran, killing all 176 people on board.

The disaster occurred shortly after Iran launched a series of missile attacks against two military bases in Iraq that housed U.S. troops.

“The initial assessment of Western intelligence agencies is that the plane was not brought down by a missile. There is no evidence to suggest that,” said the source.

The agencies believe the most likely cause of the crash was a malfunction, the source added, saying there was some evidence one of the plane’s engines had overheated.

The investigation is ongoing.




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  • Assad must stay

    May the true cause of the crash be found quickly

    • Free man

      Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau: “We have intelligence from multiple sources, including our allies and our own intelligence. The evidence indicates that the plane was shot down by an Iranian surface-to-air missile.”

      • Brother Thomas

        Yeah, right. Source: Chrystia Freeland

        • goingbrokes

          Yep, quoting two of the biggest globalist scumbags don’t do any favours to anyone’s comments!

        • AM Hants

          Just mentioned Chrystia, and isn’t her idol Bandera? What position does she now hold in the Canadian Government and didn’t mummy, together with Soros, write the Ukraine Constitution, after the fall of the Soviet Union?

      • AM Hants

        John Kerry, after the MH17 went down, was telling all and sundry, they had substantiated evidence that it had to be Russia. Which later the State Department admitted was nothing more than social media reports.

        Trudeau should stick with his fancy dress parties, rather than taking soundbites from Chrystia Freeland. Has she still got her apartment in Kiev?

  • Free man

    Many on Iranian social media believe that Iran accidentally shot down the plane.

    • EveryoneIsBiased

      “Iranian social media”
      You mean like the hordes of Saudi Sponsored bots that push the Neocon+Whahabbi propaganda while claiming to be iranians?

      • namulit emperor

        Or by the MeK base out of Albania…

        • dontlietome

          ……………Now we are approaching the truth. Yes, the plane was shot down by Iranians………….

    • rightiswrong rightiswrong

      So ducking what?

      Many people in European social media believe that EU politicians are bought and paid for by the USA, and that the USA is a murderous regime.

    • John Wallace

      That appears to be the most likely reason. An accidental shooting down of the aircraft which in American terms is “collateral damage” as a direct result if that American war crime killing of the General. No comfort for the relatives but they should be allowed to sue Trump and America .
      Trump got a message from Iran. We can tell you we will fire rockets soon and they still didn’t see them coming nor were they able to stop the, ./ A massive wakeup call that visibly shook Trump noticeable in his speech yesterday. A sudden very quiet Netanbooboo who just realised Israels anti missile defense system is absolutely worthless , like Saudi Arabia recently found out.
      Trumps speech said Americans and the world are very lucky today … Meaning his only option to stop Iran’s counter attacks was to go all out nuclear. He got more than a slap in the face as he now knows he may have the biggest dick on the block but it is not as hard as Iran’s.

    • AM Hants

      NED controlled social media or Iranian Social Media?

      • Free man

        Iranian Social Media.

        • AM Hants

          Via NED

  • Rodger

    With the Ukraine involved it probably was a terrorist operation. They just used the MH17 playbook.

    • John Wallace

      Well it does seem a sort of poetic justice but the innocent civilians again pay the price . None of them deserved this in any way shape or form. There was something like 63 Canadians , some were students , I have no idea the breakdown , the rest Iranians / Ukrainians . A direct result of the bluff and bravado and utter stupidity of Trump and his murdering neo-con scum advisers. All they will do is blame someone else when they should be rotting in a massive pit. Those people did not deserve that.

      • AM Hants

        Why would so many Canadian students be in Iran and travelling through Ukraine?

        I wonder who else was on the passenger list and RIP to the innocents on board.

        • John Wallace

          I don’t know . I heard something about them being on a cultural exchange but I was doing something else and only sort of heard that. May have been children of Iranians who are now Canadians who were visiting relatives over the holidays or even with their parent/s . Why fly too Kiev , maybe the best route for connecting too flights going home. There are numerous flights Kiev-America or were when I went via Vienna to Kharkov and met up with Americans who came in via Kiev. Not good regardless ..

          • AM Hants

            Economics, with regards cheapest route. However, I know I would never, ever fly on a plane from Ukraine. Safety issues, first priority and then the rest. Have a very biased outlook where Kiev is concerned, since 2014.

        • Wayne Nicholson

          My wife talked to an iranian friend about that yesterday and she said flying from Canada to the Ukraine then on to Tehran is the cheapest way to fly there right now and all the travel agents are using that route.

          • AM Hants

            Yeah, but, why is Iran such a popular destination for Canadians, owing to sanctions?

          • Wayne Nicholson

            Lots of iranian expats living in Canada …. they have family / business over there. Unlike the USA we travel wherever we want to and we allow dual citizenship so they may travel on Iranian passports …. no need for visas.

          • AM Hants

            Thanks. RIP to all the innocents involved.

          • Wayne Nicholson

            Just heard on the radio that Canada allows dual citizenship but Iran doesn’t so disregard that bit.

          • John Wallace

            I thought Canada would but didn’t consider Iran’s position on that. Thanks. Still likely they were of Iranian descent visiting relatives but that is of no matter anyway. What a cruel way to go knowing they were going down and time slows down making it seem an eternity with nothing they could do . I do feel sorry for all of them s nothing to do with them and they end up as collateral damage because of a totally stupid situation.

          • BlueHeadLizard

            When the Islamic revolution happened in 1979, many Iranians doing well in the Shah’s western leaning economy fled the country. So today in many western countries you have Iranians and their decendents from that exodus in USA, Canada and Western Europe. Similar to South Vietnamese fleeing after they lost the Vietnam war.

          • AM Hants

            Just find it strange, with regards the closeness of Canada and Ukraine, why so many were in Iran, travelling via Ukraine.

            Again, RIP to the innocent who lost their lives.

      • Rodger

        Those Canadians were Iranians too.

        • John Wallace

          Yes as I thought , Iranians who immigrated too Canada and then become Canadian citizens as dual citizens of both countries as many countries allow . I assume Canada would allow that.

      • Rodger

        Ofc traveling Iranians, or worse Iranians with other nationalities, are the biggest threat to the regime so there’s that.

  • Mehmet Aslanak

    Probably Iranian air defenses shot the plane down. In the darkness pilots didn’t realise entire wing has gone. They just saw the engine fire lamb in the cockpit. Probably engine blew up so violent that it torn the wing apart, so pilot has no way to control the plane anymore.

    • John Wallace

      Unfortunately it appears that is most likely the case .. Trump bears direct responsibility .
      I saw a video of Pompeo talking to reporters joking that who among you believe this terrorist was an ambassador. Well there is photograph and video evidence from a November meeting of Iraq / Iran and Saudi Arabian diplomatic representatives discussing peace proposals after that Saudi oil refinery missile strike , that they never saw coming. He well knew that the General was an International protected person as an envoy of Iran and as such his murder is a War Crime.. Irrespective of what anyone thought of him or what he was ,he was deemed OFF LIMITS at the time of his assassination. As America does not recognise the International War Crimes jurisdiction over American citizens this war crime will go unpunished.

      • Assuming the airliner was mistakenly shot down by Iranian air defence – which seems extremely likely – whoever gave the order to fire is directly responsible.

        • VGA

          Correct, Trump ordered the strike on iranian officials and affiliates in Iraq, not on innocent people going about their business.

          • goingbrokes

            Trump (or more likely israel) ordered a strike on a Diplomatic Mission aiming to look at a rapprochement or de-escalation plan tabled by the Saudis, and killed officials of a country they are supposed to be allied with!!!

          • VGA

            Diplomatic mission my butt … bottom shelf propaganda. Soleimani was there to coordinate with the head of the PMU for further strikes against US troops.

        • John Wallace

          All responsibility lies with Trump and Pompeo and the rest who made up the bullshit , knowing it was bullshit , too murder an Iranian diplomat on a peace mission to create peace between Saudi Arabia and Iran. It is highly likely but it is not the ONLY possible cause that it was a missile strike. The engine may have blown up but until the investigation is honestly completed we will not know for sure.

          • John Wallace

            Collateral damaged caused as a direct result of the bullshit Trumps killing of an Iranian diplomat on a peace mission. Collateral damage unforseen , unavoidable unintended death and maiming of innocents as a result of of actions taken. Just like over 3 million Vietnamese were collateral damage from the bullshit Bay of Tonkin lies pretending American forces were attacked by North Vietnamese forces when they were reall fishermen fishing.

          • The first rule of pulling the bang switch of any weapon, whether it’s a BB gun or a SAM system, is to know your target and know what’s behind your target. If the missile crew was negligent in this regard, then one or all of them are responsible.

            Look, I don’t support what led to this, or the ongoing US siege of Iran, but if some Iranian air defence crew did this, they need to be held accountable.

          • John Wallace

            If they are I am sure Iran will deal with them as I am sure they didn’t want this as it will reflect badly on them. If it was a mistaken missile then it wouldn’t have happened if Trump hadn’t created the situation but I am hoping it was an engine failure or something else as Iran doesn’t need this at the moment especially.

        • John Wallace

          It is likely it was a missile BUT there are other possibilities such as an exploding engine so until a proper investigation is carried out we will not know for sure.

          • AM Hants

            Just reading an article over on Moon of Alabama, and this section, ties in with what you say. Do hope the investigation into the plane, does not end up like the MH17, there again, Iran fully understand who they are dealing with and who they can trust, so hopefully they will get to the bottom of what happened, asap.

            ‘…The Ukrainian plane had CFM 56 engines. These have in past years experienced uncontained failures. In April 2018 BBC reported:

            A female passenger died after she was nearly sucked from the cabin of a Southwest Airlines flight travelling from New York to Dallas on Tuesday.

            An initial investigation found evidence of metal fatigue where a fan blade had broken off, according to the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).
            A similar incident was recorded in 2016 involving a Southwest flight that landed safely in Florida.

            Uncontained engine failures can damage the tanks of an airplane and can set it on fire. They can also lead to all kinds of other damage. Any plane that survives such an incident is very lucky…’ https://www.moonofalabama.org/2020/01/pentagon-accuses-iran-of-shooting-down-a-ukrainian-plane-but-its-evidence-is-flimsy.html#more

          • John Wallace

            I know it sounds awful but I do hope it was an engine failure that caused this. Since you mentioned it I do recall watching one of those seconds from disaster Nat Geo doco’s that had something like that ..where the fuel tank was pierced and went on fire. I thought they implemented something to prevent that.. An independent investigation is the only way no matter the result. Ukraine didn’t prove to be honest or reliable in the Dutch investigation but as it is ther aircraft ??

          • AM Hants

            Iran has stated they will include Ukraine. Must admit, my first thought was keep them out, but, then I realised I was being hypocritical, because Ukraine and others kept Malaysia, who owned the aircraft out of the investigation.

            Strange, how besides the crew, there were only 2 Ukrainians on board and a lot of Canadians flying from Iran to Ukraine. Seems weird, considering the sanctions in Iran, why Canadians would flock there and via Ukraine come to that?

            Just hope they have all the facts and the investigation is completely independent, based on getting to the truth.

          • Kananda
          • BlueHeadLizard

            “….why Canadians would flock there and via Ukraine come to that….”
            as per previous posts:
            1. Dual national Canadian / Iranian. Many Iranians immigrated to Canada over the last few decades.

            2. Ukraine Airlines with Kiev as a hub very good prices for West / East travel; check out skyscanner.

          • AM Hants

            Does Iran accept dual nationality?

          • BlueHeadLizard

            I don’t know, but judging by the news mentioning dual citizen Iran / Canada citizens I guess so.

          • AM Hants

            Allegedly they do not, but, Canada does.

          • אהרון
      • Mehmet Aslanak

        War crimes were never committed by the winners, only by losers. Kindly read the “Bombing of Dresden in World War II” story where thousands of civilians bombed with incendiary bombs & the city was not even on the path of allied troops advance. It was totally irrational to bomb a city with full of civilians, but it was never considered as a war crime.

        • John Wallace

          History is written by the winners and as such the children are brought up with the text books written by the winners. Had Britain / America lost the war then many would have faced a war crimes trial run by the Germans. Yes the second world war made it acceptable to murder civilians. The next war will make it acceptable too obliterate countries and all within .. An interesting point is if a civilian is actively assisting the war , making bombs or weapons and all manner of assistance , are they a legitimate target .

    • Issam

      Why would they shoot it down, do you know where the Tehran airport is located? Why would they shoot it down if it’s close to an airport while the plane going in the opposite to the airport. As far as I know if the plane arrived to the airport then it’s already identified as “friend” which mean when it took off it’s already been marked.
      too many rational questions to ask before twitter propaganda… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9927ff440fa9b258b884e13e2d17373892fbbfdd2085a23a891a3d9072ad11cf.jpg

      • Kananda

        do not look for rational answer. shortcut in command system, in thinking …

        tor is automatic system. too short window for reaction. such things happen. :(

        • Issam

          “do not look for rational answer”

      • Dick Von Dast’Ard

        Hmmm, airliner was at MANPAD height.

        • BlueHeadLizard


        • Issam

          I guess we will have to wait until we get the full story. IMO, it’s either an accident since boeing 737 i notorious for it’s malfunctions or it was hit by a MANPAD and that would make the video which claim that a missile hit the plane very suspicious and this accident was planned.

    • Peter Jennings

      It’s far more likely that the plane crashed due to its many design faults.

  • TruthSeeker

    Iranian EW systems were operational incase of US retaliational strike. Could have interfered with the aircrafts electrical systems. Accidental failure.

  • Rhodium 10

    Could be an engine explosion!..Remember TWA 800 B 747 that explode on air and everybody believed that it was a terrorist attack or a Manpads missile….but it was and explosion of the querosene depot

    • That would be believable on any other day at any other time in any other place.

  • BZ

    It is difficult to know exactly what happened as we will now be exposed to propaganda from both governments. My question is why was the plane even allowed to fly at all on the same night that Iran was directing missiles at Iraqi military bases where U.S soldiers were stationed…as afterwards you would think that Iran would have been prepared for a strike from the United States. At this point I would blame the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization for letting the plane fly in the first place..and I assume in a few months we will know more of what really happened.

    • BlueHeadLizard

      Also Ukraine Airlines and the plane pilot. People just do not seem to take near war zones seriously. Business as usual and money are the priority so the cost of delayed flight has to be avoided, no matter what the risks are.

  • AM Hants

    MH17 all over again, with more questions than answers.

    Does Igor Kolomoisky own a large share of Ukraine International Airlines? The same Kolomoisky who is mentor to Zelensky and apologised for taking down the wrong plane, when the MH17 went down?

    Kolomoysky: Sorry about the MH17 – but it is a trifle – ENG SUBS… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrfKZUttEwE

    Boeing ‘fly by wire’ technology.

    John Kerry, who stated right after MH17, that they had conclusive proof that Russia took the plane down, but, then the State Department admitted their conclusive proof came via social media.

    Elliot Higgins – Belingcat – was the main supplier of social media, falsified evidence, with regards MH17, but, for some reason, he is distancing himself from Trump’s claims that Iran took the plane out. When did Trump become an aviation expert, specialising in airline accidents?

    Pentagon Accuses Iran Of Shooting Down A Ukrainian Plane But Its Evidence Is Flimsy…

    ‘…Elliot Higgins, the founder of Bellingcat, the digital investigation group famous for their investigation into the downing of MH17 over eastern Ukraine in 2014, confirmed that the photograph of Tor missile debris were new images as far as the internet was concerned. But writing on Twitter, he suggested independent verification may prove elusive.
    “There’s other examples of this type of debris documented in other conflicts, so there’s no way to know this is in Iran,” he said…

    …There are also many Farsi/English Twitter accounts that are operated by the anti-Iranian MEK cult known for its cooperation with U.S. intelligence services. Whoever provided the pictures might have done so to falsely accuse Iran…

    …But there were several flights out of Tehran in the early hours of January 8. The departure of flight UI 752 was delayed. It took off at 6:12 local time. The airplane climbed out of Tehran airport in a rather straight line. The teams that man the Tor systems around Tehran must be used to the regular radar track of civil planes coming out of Tehran airport. That makes an accidental launch somewhat unlikely…

    …The Ukrainian plane had CFM 56 engines. These have in past years experienced uncontained failures…

    …But there is one thing that we can say for sure. Two pictures of missile heads taken at an unknown location by unknown persons are not sufficient evidence for any accusations against Iran…’


    • Jake321

      The wonderful Islamist Iranians should take credit were credit is do. They proved to the US, Israel and the world that they know how to shoot missiles and sometimes hit things. But now they can say they got the blood revenge demanded by raising their Red Flag. Hey, since they got no US blood, I guess their own students blood will have to suffice.

      • Gary Sellars


        • AM Hants

          I have blocked him as he never has anything of interest to say.

      • Bruno Giordano

        Hey Jake, your comments often make me smile. This time I do not recognize the irony. I disagree, in particular with the last sentences. Sorry.

  • Jake321

    First world weapons in third world hands. What could possibly go wrong?

    • John Wallace

      Especially since America has third rate weapons incapable of mitigating them.. No wonder Trump was visibly shaken given that speech yesterday.. oops sorry Iran we didn’t realise you could wipe our arse all over the ME and we couldn’t do a thing about it .. except try and nuke you off the map..

      • BlueHeadLizard

        True Trumpie’s voice was definitely hesitant in the ‘Iran appears to have stood down speech’.

        But on the campaign trail speech back on bombastic ganster form boasting about murdering a top general. Very repetitive though, like an old casette playing over again and again; we are already playing out that movie; “Idiocracy”, but scarily with a more violent president.

        Idiocracy Trailer:


  • John Wallace

    Is that article ” Strikes On Military Bases In Iraq Is First Stage Of Wider Operation Against United States: IRGC” gone as I can’t access it. ? The one showing the bombed American base and I think there was talk of second and third strikes lined up by Iran had America come back for more..

    • Kananda

      “and I think there was talk of second and third strikes lined up by Iran had America come back for more..”

      such talks were for stupid people…

      • John Wallace

        I didn’t ask if it was stupid talk I asked about accessing it as it appears to be 404 but thanks for your help.

  • Kananda

    4:1 the chance, that was shot down.

    • Assad must stay

      why would someone want it down?

      • Lazy Gamer

        911 or reverse 911. Seems like a good tipping false flag for either side.

      • Kananda


  • John Wallace

    A new video on NYT saying it appears to be a missile hitting the plane. All you can see it an explosion

  • hvaiallverden

    Same procedure as last year, madam, yes james dear, same procedure as every year, james.
    Yup, lets back track again a little.


    And take the twittering twatt image first, it shows nothing else than an streak of light, and then a echoe of an bang, witch very well may be acurate, with that I mean showing an Flying death trapp…. sorryyy.. an Boing witch is going upward with their pedals to the metal, aka full speed and then we have the case of engine failure, witch I see as much more….. uh… to use an word whom is been populare in certain cults, aka highly likely to be exactly what we see, the sound is moving aprox in the range of 360 m/pr. sec. and confirms the altitute, the only dont forget, that Teheran is high altitute and sound bears faster since its thinner air but the time frame fits, and this one in the article above shows nothing other than an plane(?) going into an down ward tradjectory but again, since we have nothing to mesure that against its difficould to be certain on what we indeed are seeing, in MoA witch is the one I refere to when I talk about images, is the one witch shows the explosion, and dont be fooled by the “streak”, that is the camer/phone/whatever that reflects on its lince, and if you go frame by frame it shows that there was an expl. but it will again be more acurate to point out that this must be something confiend to the plain it self not something imposed from an external force.

    Nothing so far I can judge, shows any kind of missile or whatever other means, nothing, the images of this missile head means jack shit if it can be verifyed to be taken on the spott, otherwise its just to ignore, proves nothing, and this kinds of images can be from anywhere else and is an close up, where no other items or physicality can verifye anything in particulare.
    The next is the plain it self, and here we have the crusial issue, whats mostly plausible and probable, and whom benefits from disturbing the case if it was indeed, and so far everything I can judge points to it, was something on the plain that created the explosion, engine, yes, if it puncktured the fuel tanks witch is integrated into the wings, tonns of high octane cerosine, and what imidiatly happened is that this engine was running on fuel, the reason for both the explosion and the flames when the engine isnt pushing air anymore, but burning fuel, and dont forget, an jet engine is practically by the construction and functionality the same as an hair fan, and then the lift was gone and the plain stalled/dived straight down, of is the crew was expirienced tried to level it but didnt make it since the entrie plane disintigraded because of the rapid destruction of the engine and the explosive was fatal, and the crew couldnt do anything about that.

    To me, after the MH17, I cant see any reason for Iranians to trust anyone, lest the Orcs of Ukraina, whom had one of their head hunchos drooling something about not going into conspiracys, huh, yeah, didnt take long did it Orcs, and the Canucs, urg…. have an credibility rate somewhere inbetween the Catholic Churchs pedo investgation groups and a Paki Used car saleman, witch means, in the realms of sub-zero, and remeber the MH17, where the Douch…. sorry the Dutch even told the owners of the plain, the Malaysians to go and f…. them selfs and the Malaysians never even got close to anything even when they where the owner and user of that plain, the entire investigation was as f…. joke and an insult to any thinking at least independent human, and the spinning this time is more than suspect, its an bloody shhit show of idiot propaganda, when they have nothing, they take anything that they can find and spinn it to be something, and we got this.

    And since the knuckledragging chimp in the WH is on this sherade I guess its to cover up the fact that this was an Boieng plane and we all know they are an corp that is going down in flames, all by them self, and I dont bother to go further, others may do that, and if anything I would recomend the people to sue the scums off this f….. joke of an airliner producer, and hang the Board.
    Hang em all.
    This is an pathetic coverup done by the west, nothing else, to take/fake the blame onto something else.
    Untill I see otherwise, I stand with this.
    May the lord have mercy upon this souls, and curse the mofo in the banana republic UssA.


    • John Wallace

      same as we have in the news but even blowing it up on the big screen it is pretty hard to say it is a missile or the plane . Don’t planes have flashing colored lights to show other aircraft where they are. I can’t see anything like that but it needs experts with the right gear to see if it is real or just the plane . Remember when that novichok incident happened they showed the two men coming through customs through the same gate at exactly the same time stamp but in neither photo was the other person present so made up photo’s to use as proof. That was debunked by photo experts who could show small markings on the exit gates as being the same gate and not different ones. The men were photoshopped in but they used the exact same blank photo to do it with.

      • AM Hants

        Your comment, with regards the Skripal case, also reminds me of the MH17, when Ukraine uploaded a video the night before, that was proven to be 3 merged videos, put together, trying to claim that the Donbass fighters were responsible. They never thought that posting the video, 24 hours prior to the tragedy, that nobody would notice. The same with the BBC reporting Building 7 being taken out, 20 minutes before it happened on the 11 September 2001.

        Weren’t Ukraine also involved in the Russia Gate/Steele dossier and wasn’t Skripal involved in the dossier?

        • John Wallace

          How easy was in before widespread use of the internet all this sort of stuff was given out to an unsuspecting public to be swallowed without the ability for it to be debunked or the debunking widely disseminated.

          • AM Hants

            Thank goodness there are many who question the official versions.

  • Kell McBanned

    I wouldnt be surprised if an Iranian operator shot it down, they are on Red Alert and awaiting an American response – there shouldnt have been any civilian aircraft taking off under such conditions.
    The missile crews would have be jumpy and their fingers on the trigger – a tradgedy but wtf are they doing kletting civvy aircraft take off under such condition?

  • UncleBourbon

    Iran bulldozing the crash site just like the FBI after Waco Siege.
    Really makes me think.

  • Brother Thomas

    I think the Russians did it by using Novichok. It was in a duty free perfume bottle.

  • MH370

    surely this will be use to further isolate Iran

    • BlueHeadLizard

      Absolutely. After the nuclear deal was signed tourism to Iran picked up dramatically. A work colleague of mine had a fabulous 10 day tour she said when back. Everyone wants to go to a new destination. That tourism will stall now.

  • BlueHeadLizard

    One way of looking at it is who benefits from the ‘accident’? People and airlines will be more scared to travel to Tehran so Iran becomes more isolated. Tehran tourism was picking up; a work colleague who had a fantastic 10 tour Iran a year back.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Iranians dont kill innocent people example their spare USA soldiers.When their down USA drone last year their were having chance to kill reconnaissance crew but avoid it.This is opportunity for Israel to blame Iran and instigating USA against Iran.Supported by France and Britain.

  • Luke Hemmming

    Can Southfront please publish an article that clearly outlines the time
    that Iran launched its missiles, where they fired from, type of missile
    and its range. Why? Because Im reading western reports that say the
    supposed missile that hit the Ukraine passenger plane was launched only
    minutes after the Iranian missile attack happened. Am I wrong but wasnt
    the missile attack against the US a couple of hours BEFORE the plane got
    shot down? Can someone please help me here. I have tried to do some of
    my own research but it is from fragmented sources and hard to correlate.

  • dontlietome

    Hey everybody;- C’mon now, who in their sane mind , would murder 160+ innocents when most of them are your own countryfolk ?????????????? My logic and intuition combined tell me that after losing a supreme General who was murdered by a psychotic American President……………………..who would not hesitate in lighting the Blue-touchpaper and watching the globe disintegrate……………is as sure as hell more likely to murder 160+ Iranian innocents…………..because he doesn’t fucking care, in fact he’d probably break dance on his greasy orange bonce to celebrate !!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the MEK, helped and aided by the evil septics and their fawning yiddischer cohorts. To all the doubters out there;- If you cannot understand this, then get your dumb head examined, because its soooooooooooooooooo fucking obvious.

  • dontlietome

    Kevin Barrett
    January 8, 2020 at 6:04 pm

    This is the second time that at a
    moment of crisis involving Iran, Iraq, and the US — more precisely, a
    moment when Iran was poised to do something militarily that the US
    REALLY didn’t want them to do — suddenly a civilian airliner taking off
    from Tehran gets shot down. On July 3 1988 the US deliberately shot down
    Iran Air Flight 655 to head off Iran’s immanent military move on
    Baghdad. The message was clear: “Do this and we’ll shamelessly mass
    murder your civilians.” Is this another US-sponsored state terrorist
    act, perhaps carried out by Pompeo’s MEK thugs, to head off Iran’s plan
    to retaliate for the Soleimani assassination by leveling Israel?
    If so, it may save Israel for another few years, max.

    Ian Greenhalgh
    January 8, 2020 at 6:19 pm

    Cheers Kevin. I was aware of the USS
    Vincennes incident in 1988 but didn’t know it was done to head off a
    military move on Baghdad. I expect this is a simple repeat of that
    scenario, the people who plan these things are known to return again and
    again to the same plots if they have worked in the past.

  • Nancy Nelson

    Does anyone else wonder at the incredible coincidence of Putin arriving in the region at proximal time to the likely bombing of a Ukrainian plane by Iran? I haven’t really heard any reactions to that, but it does make me go hmmmmmm.