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Iran Begins “Nationwide” Air Force Military Drills

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Iran Begins "Nationwide" Air Force Military Drills

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It’s military exercise season in Iran, as the country’s air force began nationwide drills on October 21st.

These come after Naval drills in the Caspian Sea, combined drills along the Azerbaijan border, as well as air and missile defense exercises all in the past weeks.

Iranian Army’s Air Force has showcased its capabilities during a large-scale aerial exercise, which included hitting targets with homegrown Yasin-90 standoff missile and domestically-produced rockets.

The Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) began the nationwide drills, codenamed Fada’eeyan-e Harim-e Velayat (Devotees of the Velayat Sanctuary).

Commander of the IRIAF Brigadier General Hamid Vahedi said all IRIAF units had taken part in the drills, noting that aerial targets at different altitudes as well as ground targets were destroyed using smart and upgraded versions of the country’s indigenous heavy and semi-heavy bombs, laser missiles and rockets.

“Prior to the operational phase of the exercise, RF-4 reconnaissance aircraft equipped with homegrown and advanced ‘Samat’ cameras, Kaman-12 (Bow-12) drones, and P-3F sea patrol aircraft collected signal data, engaged in electronic eavesdropping and photographing the area of the exercise,” he explained.

Vahedi said that F-4 and F-5 fighter bombers equipped with precision-guided missiles and the F-7 fighter jet equipped with homegrown Yasin-90 standoff missile and domestically-produced rockets successfully destroyed vital mock enemy targets on land and at sea.

“The IRIAF’s strategic Sukhoi Su-24 bombers also carried out surprise long-range operations, hitting vital targets as well as ground radars of the [hypothetical] enemy using optimized laser and radar-equipped missiles,” he added.

According to Vahedi, Mirage F1 fighters and F-4 bombers flew at low altitudes and successfully practiced air interception operations while accompanied by F-14 fighters.

“Also, F-5 and MiG-29 fighters conducted air combat operations … during which the missile fired by the mock enemy aircraft was tracked and destroyed by air-to-air missiles,” the commander added.

Just a week earlier, Iran tested its air and missile defense systems in a military exercise.

The commander of the country’s Khatam al-Anbia Air Defense Base said building a strong and multi-layered defense against cruise missile attacks was one of the goals of the joint specialized air defense drills, which were carried out by different defense systems of the Army and the IRGC.

The air defense systems are “fully prepared to protect the country’s sensitive and vital facilities by forming safe layers of defense,” Brigadier General Qader Rahimzadeh said on the sidelines of the drills.

Rahimzadeh also said that the Army’s indigenous Joshan and Khatam air defense systems shot down targets during the exercise.

“Continuing the main phase of the exercise, the Joshan and Khatam indigenous air defense systems of the Army Air Defense Force destroyed hostile targets that intended to infiltrate the exercise area at low altitude,” he said.


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As of today Iran’s got 70 or so F-4E’s and 20 F-4D’s operational. Added to this are no fewer than 100 F-5 and local clones. 50 or so F-14AM’s and another 38 Su-24M’s. Complimenting these are 40 or so Mig-29 9-12’s and another 28 Mirage F-1EQ’s. The IRGC-AF operates no fewer than 40 Su-22M3/4’s. The Army (Artesh) operates more than 1,000 helicopters including more than 200 AH-1 Cobra’s and CH-53D’s and CH-47’s and AB-212/ 214’s, Mil-17’s. I’m not even goin bother listing the support types like IL-76’s and C-130’s. Well over 2,000 aircraft! These figures are from flight international, AFM and WAPJ.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ahson

Well listed indeed.

Some sources push the F-14AM at more than 65 planes as the IRIAF’s industrial and engineering capability has greatly evolved over the past two decades have made it possible to rebuild and reservice entire “dormant”airframes of that type, that were grounded sometimes for 30 or 40 years ever since being cannibalized for parts during the Iran -Iraq war. Not to mention major overhauls to their engines, avionics, radar suite and weapon systems. Data link between planes and GCI along with use of the Fakour-90,a digitized and ECM resistant version of the older, analogue yet deadly and legendary very long range AIM-54 Pheonix.

These elite squadrons would be the first line of air defense against incoming Israeli strike packages , and would take on them in tandem with the Talash,Bavar-373 and 3rd/15th khordad mid and long-range air-defense quadrants will litterally rip through F-16I formations long before they penetrate mid-way through Iran’s huge strategic depth,especially considering they would have Mig-29s upgraded to the SM standard as escorts.

Surprise attacks are not a option anymore, as everybody now knows that any plane taking off in numbers from any place in Israel would be under direct coverage from Iran’s OTH radars such as the Sepehr,and soon the Nebo-derived early warning VHF surveillances radars and on to AESAs from Iran’vast and complicated net-centric C3I sharing data through microwave ,troposcatter and fiberoptic vectors.

And I will not even bother mentionning Iran’s ballistic and cruise missome retaliatory capabilities that major Israeli airbases are totally exposed to .

Bottom line :Israel will NEVER attack Iran in a solo strike.

Last edited 1 month ago by Gryzor

hmm our missiles today are better in fact america has no long range air to air capability as iran has so much so that iranian f14 can take down most american planes before they are even sighted its a reality america has brought on itself by bad governance and management they have alot of fine equipment but it all is useless against iran at the end of the day america will be the one losing in any conflict it started except it launches nukes because that would ruin the planet and mean all lose specially in the south a nuke detonated would detonate upon the biggest gas reserves on the planet what do you think would that end up doing

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

the zionists arent serious they can try but it will only mean their end so i dont take them as a serious threat as much as america was in the past 4 decades the zionists cant even be troublesome for iran for a single day even if they wanted to

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

True, most around the world don’t realize that at least half the IRIAF inventory has been upgraded in the last decade or so. The Phantom II’s have newer radars slaved to fire most of the Air Launched smart munitions. The Iranian manufactured F-5’s have totally new avionics and the Same on the F-14AM’s to integrate the Fakour. The Mig-29/ Su-24’s/ Su-22’s upgrades I am not so sure about. Perhaps because both sides keep any deals under wraps to avoid sanctions. What is your take on the new deal that Gen Baqeri/ Gen Shoigu discussed in Moscow 3 days ago? I don’t think it is worth it for Iran to by the Su-35. Only the Su-57 IMO is worth acquiring in a TOT type deal. Maybe replace the Hendi on the FGFA program no?…….this is the only thing that makes sense. The Su-30/ 35 category capability Iran has in the F-14 since 1977.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ahson
L du Plessis

when israel and the US gets stupid…Take the war to your enemies soil.


The Iranians could use Su-35s and MiG-35s for various mission roles. Perhaps idiots like farbat can remember where much of Iranian technology is derived from.

Iskander missile systems with tactical nuclear warheads would be an added deterrent.


derived it can be from a monkey for what i care so if it is russian or american originating it doesnt matter iranian technology is still iranian and i never claimed russian military tech is trash neither with the usa i just claim they are trash if they seek to use it against iran because in a normal conflict between only the armies it would even end up bad for them let alone sepah included that is the iranian approach which i mean is powerful the technologies are just an extension of it

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat
Karl Wolfe

Yes us brave Americans can’t even stand up to the illegal FORCED Genocide jabs that are killing our own children and 47% of ALL the US dollars on Earth have been PRINTED in the last 10 months because we are so financially bankrupt, but “we care about protecting the world” . My Ass. We are run by the Eugenicists who are busy exterminating our own Military and nobody will dare do anything about it either. Cowards one and all. I can’t wait until our Creator decides enough is enough and these Eugenicists meet their maker and enjoy Eternity in Gehenna.

The Objective

I wonder if Iran smells an attack from the U.S/Israel. After what Bidden is doing to Turkey, there should NEVER be any help from Turkey even if things go bad for the U.S. I hear they art talking about a new plan to strengthen NATO against Russia. It’s only when they are in trouble that the Europeans and their American masters remember that Turkey could help. Not anymore. Thankfully, Erdogan has proven a really smart leader. He doesn’t give without taking as much or more.


pffttt…..lol…..like any of it affects you living as a jihadist Somali refugee?……lol…….ya stupid fuck turkey is a western slave, just like pakistan is. Get real foo.

La Rata

Nice for a museum air force …


that is what i say about america as the soviet union is it also belongs into a museum


Wonder what else is in Iran airforce they’re hiding from us


you asked me about a scenario it basically took kind of place but low altitude interception in this case was done by f1 and f4 while the taking out of support and backup was done as suggested by f14 no drone use in this scenario for such interceptions in this case but instead modernized and upgraded stuff by the airforce was used but the scenario didnt change much f14 are still sniper support role so to say because they dont dog fight its a super heavy fighterjet made for long range engagement specially over the sea its hard to beat but its not for dog fights


this here was a serious wargame so more than hypothetical a real world scenario was tested and as usual the airforce rather sits inside a plane rather than behind a computer so this is what irans army airforce does its different than how sepah does things obviously since sepah considers missiles to be its long strike capability while army does still consider airforce to be its but interesting is how they use more drones nowadays for recon and targeting instead of larger spy planes and such its actually exactly the difference between the shahs army and the army after the revolution aiming for cheaper and more efficient methods and being basically homegrown in their approach is the different from today and the past

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

these filthy zionists must be joking all the way right we will cut off your hands and throw you into the sea stop lying to yourselves nonstop this has become boring in fact so much so that iranian allies itself will be bored while they wipe you out iran meanwhile will not even take notice domestically if you zionists get wiped out truth of hte matter is that you filthy jews are clawless and toothless kitties you are fighting against entities many many times smaller in their funding than what you got yet they are many many times more powerful than you and airforce is your only hope but it doesnt win you anything when there are no airports to use and when every plane in the air gets downed so try to stop the masses from punishing you with your feeble soldiers

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat
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