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Iran Begins Large-Scale Air Defense Drills

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Iran Begins Large-Scale Air Defense Drills

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On October 12th, Iran’s Armed Forces launched a large-scale military exercise, involving air defense units and domestically-developed military hardware.

The joint aerial maneuvers, attended by air defense divisions of the Army and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) and codenamed Modafean Aseman Velayat 1400 (Guardians of Velayat Sky 1400), kicked off in the country’s central desert areas.

During the exercises, domestically-developed, air defense missile systems, radars, reconnaissance equipment, electronic warfare devices, communication systems and a visual surveillance network were put to test.

Commenting on the first phase of the drills, Brigadier General Qader Rahimzadeh, commander of the country’s Khatam al-Anbia Air Defense Base, said the deployment of air defense systems was carried out, with a special focus on mobility and rapid reaction of operational forces and in accordance with principles of passive defense to deceive the mock enemy.

Rahimzadeh added that manned and unmanned aircraft of the Army and IRGC conducted reconnaissance sorties over the area, before detection and combat systems carried out tactical and defensive operations against hostile aircraft. All stages of air defense, up to the phase of electronic impact (EI), were performed.

The senior Iranian military official said deployment of IRGC Regional Command and Control Systems (ROC), and operation of indigenous Me’raj, Fath-2, Bashir and Quds radar systems, tactical detection and reconnaissance systems, electro-optical systems in addition to electronic warfare systems were among other measures taken at the first stage of the war game.

“Formation of secure layers of air defense in order to protect the Islamic Republic of Iran’s airspace, besides comprehensive defense of sensitive centers of the country are among the objectives of the exercise. Air defense units and operational forces of the Army and the IRGC are skillfully and intelligently undertaking their tasks round the clock under the operational auspices and control of the country’s joint air defense base,” Rahimzadeh said.

Iran’s Armed Forces regularly hold military maneuvers to elevate their preparedness and military prowess.

It’s been a busy month for Iran’s armed forces, as both the regular army and the IRGC have held several military exercises, especially near the Azerbaijan border.


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Don’t laugh too much guys ^^


what successes can your air defenses show compared to irans air defenses who downed all the highest tech of zionists and america already in different arenas


what good did the iron dome do against the metal pipe rockets of the gazans or what good did the patriot do against the scrap metal drones of yemenis


primitive muslim, you don’t have a scientific analysis of what the iron dome did, use statistics and count missiles knocked out on the sky, idiot of idiots, Iran can only hack and reverse engineer, no innovation.
let me tell you why Iran is still there, they need to keep saudis and allies on toes for such things as Abraham accord, which will help in penetration of their security system, before they are eliminated.


The Americans got their technology from the nazis and the zionist filth stole the technology from the Americans.

Dennis Kovac

You are right. Wernher von Braun helped USA and several other engineers from Germany. Please google his name and the whole story will pop up


Last edited 15 days ago by Dennis Kovac

Braun was not the key asset, it was Hans Kammler.

Dennis Kovac

Thank you. Germans did the whole work to build first USA rockets after WW2… All Apollo projects “Made by Germans”


Agreed minus “google”. Stop supporting zionist garbage.


Dennis Kovac

Sorry my friend. I do not support Zionist and I h_a_t_e them more than Palestinians. Do we have other options than google?


The irondome let 10% of the bottle rockets into your country. What’s going to happen if 4000 advanced missiles day into your airspace? Israel only tests its Iron dome during conflicts, Iran has successfully tested a lot their weapons in actual war. Is Israel going to wait for the next war with Hezbollah to see if their iron dome can take all their missiles, because it seems like it.

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Iron dome is pretty subpar, it had a 70% hit rate against home made rockets that were at WWII era level.


Let’s hope these dumbasses don’t shoot another passenger plane.


Wow … shitty diet, booze and mexican street drugs have sure done a number on Americans memory … you forget the 1988 Iran air flight 655 vs USS Vincennes incident. maybe you should give medals to the pilots of the Global Hawk drone the iranians shot down for destroying an Iranian SAM with their aircraft the same way you gave Cptn. Will Rogers III of the USS Vincennes a medal for bravely shooting down an unarmed airliner in 1988.

Last edited 15 days ago by HB_norica
Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Like Iran Air 655 or TWA-800…?

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Mossadfaglets are crying and raging 🤗


They need a network of acoustic mirrors.


Excellent progress from Iran, Bavar-373 shown in the image. Without a doubt they are working on the next generation for this system.



Gentleman Jim

Iranian air defences are quite formidable. Iran should now invest in new aircraft from China.

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