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Iran Starts Serial Production Of UAV Armed With Small-Diameter Cruise Missile (Photos)


Iran Starts Serial Production Of UAV Armed With Small-Diameter Cruise Missile (Photos)

Kaman-12 unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) during the Eqtedar 40 Exhibition. Source: Fars News Agency

On February 28, the Iranian Air Force (IAF) officially unveiled the production line of the new Kaman-12 unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV), which was first presented during the Eqtedar 40 Exhibition last January.

Iran’s Press TV said that Vice-President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari and Air Force Commander Brigadier General Aziz Nasirzadeh attended the unveiling ceremony that was held in Tehran.

The Kaman-12 has an endurance of 10 hours and a combat radius of over 1,000km. The UCAV weighs 450kg and can carry a payload as heavy as 100kg.

Iranian sources say that Kaman-12  will be primarily armed with the new Akhgar small-diameter cruise missile, which was also revealed during the Eqtedar 40 Exhibition. The missile weights 27kg and has a range of 30km. Thanks to an advanced electro-optical seeker, the Akhgar can hit its targets with pinpoint accuracy.

Iran Starts Serial Production Of UAV Armed With Small-Diameter Cruise Missile (Photos)

Akhgar small-diameter cruise missile during the the Eqtedar 40 Exhibition. Source: (@iranian_defensive_power) on Instagram

Iran Starts Serial Production Of UAV Armed With Small-Diameter Cruise Missile (Photos)

Akhgar small-diameter cruise missile during the the Eqtedar 40 Exhibition. Source: (@iranian_defensive_power) on Instagram

Iran has unveiled several advanced weapons since the beginning of this year, including a 1,350km-range cruise missile, a 1,00km-range ballistic missile and a submarine launched anti-ship missile.

This boost in the Iranian defense industry was likely encouraged by the repeated threats by the U.S. and Israel, which want the Islamic country to reduce its military capabilities.

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  • verner

    good and make them long distance drones that can nuke tel aviv when it comes to that point. and haifa and and and. just as long as it gets the squatters fleeing the land they’ve stolen from the palestinians. they should try moronistan where they won’t be welcome but since moronistan’s government is bought by aipac and other similar organisations, they can fix green cards for the evicted squatters.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      for that, I think their missiles will be more than enough.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      You need a modern airforce for establishing superiority, Iran really needs to get its diplomacy in gear and approach China and Pakistan, the only countries that may help. The Russians are in Jew pockets and will never sell Iran anything. In any case Russia produces flying junk, shot down by all.

  • Pave Way IV
    • Zionism = EVIL

      Iran needs to test a nuke and get an airforce. It has no professional airforce academy or even modern jet trainers. The T-37 were obsolete 30 years ago. Then the IRIAF converted some tandem seat F-5A into training aircraft and now even that is not working out. Iran needs to approach China and Pakistan for help as it will be left with no aircraft in 4 years as the F-14A become grounded. The Russians are in Jew pockets and don’t even provide spares for their flying junk. The most “modern” IRIAF aircraft are the 1980’s vintage Mirage F1, a gift of Saddam, that were upgraded by the Pakistanis at Kamra in 2000. Iran has no interceptors of 4th generation aircraft. These drones and missiles can not enforce air superiority.

      • Nowruz

        China would be a more realistic approach to Iran. Pakistan closest ally is Saudi Arabia and you can’t forget how much influence the CIA has in Pakistan. Iran is limited unlike many countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Israel, etc. due to economic sanctions placed on them. You can’t also forget that Iran is considered a major threat in the region so getting parts from countries like Russia, Germany, the United States is canceled out. Imagine where Iran and North Korea would be if the US didn’t sanction them. North Korea is in a better position geographically because of China, so it would take nothing for them to receive parts and information to advance their military prowess.

        • d’Artagnan

          I am not aware of what Iran’s relationship with France is these days, but Rafale would be good bet. A few years ago Sarkozy offered Iran Mirage F1, but Iranians due to lack of coherent policies failed to follow through. Even Indian PM Modi today cast doubt on the quality of Russian weaponry and gave a glowing reference for Rafale. India will now also but US F-16 and curtail Russian arms.

          Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has indirectly admitted the
          superiority of Pakistani military in the ongoing confrontation between
          the two countries triggered by the February 14 suicide attack on Indian
          forces in the Pulwama district of Occupied Kashmir and offered a backhanded compliment that if India had the Rafale, the result would have been different.

          “Today, we badly felt the absence of Rafale fighter jets [in our air
          force fleet]. If we had Rafale, the scenario would have been different,”
          Modi said while speaking at the India Today Conclave 2019 in New Delhi

          The country today has felt the need of Rafale: @narendramodi #LetsConclave19 #ModiAtConclave19
          Watch LIVE: https://t.co/d03xPxVC10 pic.twitter.com/W53sajSEAM

          — India Today (@IndiaToday) March 2, 201

      • Allan Greedspoon

        Iran may be lacking in equipment, but the Iranian air force is very professional and well-trained, originally by the Americans under the Shah. They had a disproportionately high kill ratio against the Iraqi air force during the Iran-Iraq war and Iraq, with its vast supplies of Western and Soviet equipment was never really able to outmatch, except in quantitative superiority towards the end of the war. Iranian expertise with attack helicopters was also legendary . .

        • Zionism = EVIL

          Both of you right. IRIAF pilots are second to none have the world’s combat kill records on both the F-14A and F-4E, but the problem now is that their is technology lag as the world has moved on. The mullahs are scared of the airforce since pilots tend to be more educated and harder to control. After the Nojeh coup the mullahs cracked down on the IRIAF and that still on going today.

          The highest-scoring pilot in the history of the F-14 Tomcat is the

          Iranian ace Jalil Zandi, credited with shooting down 11 Iraqi aircraft

          during Iran–Iraq War making him the most successful F-14 pilot. He had a legendary mustache to match his aggressiveness. The poor old Indian geriatric pilot that was downed by the PAF did also have a somewhat impressive mustache, but that was all he had :)


          Major, later Brigadier General Jalil Zandi, the world’s top ace on F-14A Persian cat. The mullah regime treated him badly even after the war and he unfortunately died in a car crash his wife Zahra Moheb Shahedin in 2001 in a car accident near Tehran . He has been reliably credited with shooting down 11 Iraqi aircraft (8 confirmed victories through examination with US intelligence documents https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5b42a2b5dc8c9cc824f0d9a88244f12e929a6e0f2ca2b6cc06af72bb6b6b04c2.jpg released according to FOIA inquiry and 3 probable victories

      • Hisham Saber

        Why attempt to build a 4th generation air force, which would be years to build up and be enormously costly. All the Iranians need to focus on is expanding their ballistic missile capabilities, which serve as a very effective deterrent. Its simply makes Iran too costly of a country to attack, when they have hundreds of thousands of ballistic missiles of various types and kinds. And thanks to the Chinese, Iran has gotten a hold of, and replicated en mass , very , very accurate guidance systems for said ballistic missiles.

        Within minutes, Iran could crash the Petro-Dollar and send the world economy crashing. All the infrastructure of oil and gas of the Arab Gulf states are targeted for annihilation as soon as Iran is attacked. All U.S./NATO bases within 2000km are going to be bombarded beyond all recognition.

        Thus, in effect, Iran will not be attacked, unless the western world want to sink into a very deep economic depression they will never recover from. That’s why China and Russia are the worlds biggest purchasers of gold. In case such an attack comes. But it wont.

        The Penatgon has these war games where Generals play the U.S. /Israel coalition vs. Iran. In Every single war game, Iran came out victorious. There will not be a war on Iran. Iran has been preparing itself for such a scenario since 1979.

  • Jacob Wohl

    too bad IDF will easily destroy the command centers of these UAV’s making them useless.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Even though you are in dire need of nose job at US taxpayers expense, I would tend to agree, a country without a modern airforce is at the mercy of its enemies. Iran needs a modern airforce and a nuclear capability. The Pakistanis have now set the bar pretty high for all nations on how to protect their airspace and retaliate in a professional manner and then not gloat. The Zionist chickenshit cowards can only attack Syria and not Lebanon is the fact that Hezbollah will turn your nose into cinders. Occupied Palestine has 2 million Russian welfare “Jews” and Putin is a Zionist shill so the S-300 flower pots will never be used. Assad should take a leaf from Pakistan and next time unleash hell on Zionist hovels, whatever the consequences. HE WHO DARES WINS!

      • Joe Kerr

        Hezbollah has done ok without an airforce, and it now has 10x the no. of missiles it had in 2006, with longer range and greater accuracy. It could turn Israel into ash now without a airforce, the ONLY reason Israel hasn’t attacked Lebanon again.

        • Zionism = EVIL

          All true, but Hezbollah is not a large sovereign nation like Iran which is under constant threat. What Hezbollah has achieved is almost mutually assured destruction and that is what the Zionist scum are scared of. Iran on the other hand is rising power and needs to keep up regional states in terms of technology and aircraft. For example, China needs technical superiority over Americunts in aviation and high tech so the PRC is investing heavily in new 5th generation fighters and they are very good. The Pakistanis are smart that they allied themselves with China since 1950’s and even gave China a part of captured Indian Kashmir in a land swap in 1962 to cement their all weather alliance. Iran has made some bad foreign policy choices and needs to lift its game. It should be approaching China and coordinate more in military, technology and economy. Russia is a dead loss.

          • Joe Kerr

            China has already helped Iran with its missile development, so partnerships in other areas wouldn’t surprise. Iran, however, seems singularly focused on missiles rather than aircraft (except for drones), for better or worse.

          • Zionism = EVIL

            J-10 is ideally suited for Iran’s immediate needs. If Iran had a proper FM and not the drama queen Zarif, this is the time to approach China.

          • Joe Kerr

            The China/Pakistan joint venture JF-17 would be ok as well, as it showed last week against the Indian airforce.

          • Zionism = EVIL
          • Zionism = EVIL

            This is a shorter video with some good flying. The PAF is very professional. It is good that Iran has started training with them again.


    • H Eccles

      Is that how you squatters comfort yourselves.. by fantasising..?

  • Zionism = EVIL

    After the textbook Indian humiliation at the hands of the PAF, Iranian illiterate mullahs need to invest in a proper airforce instead of these plastic alien looking toy drones. The attention seeking showboat Zarif should now approach China and Pakistan for some modern jets. This is how successful diplomacy works. The Turks and Chinese immediately backed Pakistan in its one sided victory over India, Iran should have taken advantage a voiced support as the Shah always did with both material and moral support. No wonder Iran is isolated and has no friends. IRIAF is left with a total of 40 F-14A at the end of their airframe life, of the which only 22 are combat capable. The 68 F-4E are already museum pieces. The rest of the Iranian airforce is third rate hodge podge of Russian 1960’s junk and toyed and tinkered F-5E. A country without an airforce is at the mercy of its enemies. These are hard facts.

    • peacelover

      What a match, showbaz Sharif in Pakistan and showboat zarif in Iran.
      And please my friend have some research on those illiterate mullahs, because I had read that more than ninety percent of those have PHDs.

  • Justin

    Iran did not invent this tech by themselves!
    This tech was given to them!

    • Zionism = EVIL

      By whom? please explain!

      • Justin

        Im not going to go into WHO gave them this tech because this website goes crazy when i tell them the answer!

        but the easiest one for u to believe is this….

        Their drone tech comes from bought, captured and copied drones!
        Their newest aircraft is a copy of the american F-5 (exact copy)
        China did the same with the SU-27 and the J-10

        This is what nations do who are not beholden to copyright laws or national pride!
        They copy!
        Everything iran has bought from Russia they copied!
        They copied the US TOW ATGM!
        the F-5 and the F-4
        Russian anti air missiles etc etc!

        • d’Artagnan

          Credible comment. Chinese are the masters of cut and paste technology.

          • Justin

            Even in clothes! Even fake drugs or drugs that have similar effects but can kill u!

            China doesnt give a fuck!

            yet some people on this site have their tongues in China’s ass!

          • Joe Kerr

            GFY, or die trying.

          • Justin

            China copies!
            PROVEN FACT!!!!!!!

            Dont cry about it! Be a man and admit to it!

          • Joe Kerr

            Like gunpowder and the compass? Whatever China has copied is justified payback for what the West copied, and then used in the Opium Wars.

        • Zionism = EVIL

          All technology is based on plagiarism and incremental improvements.

          • Justin

            Some seem to copy much more than others!
            But Sinbad said “The Iranians have proved in many ways that they are more advanced than say Israel.”
            Yet Iran sits on a huge oil and gas reserve!
            I dont think his comment Qualifies!
            (note: i hate israel too)

          • Sinbad2

            “(note: i hate israel too)”
            So your a self hating Jew like Kissinger?

          • Justin

            lol im more Aussie than u are!
            u love China! Guess who else loves China?? ZIONISTS!!

            ive told the story of Jews not allowing me to use their gym! i even gave the location on a map! u even communicated with me when i told the story!

            so i have more reason to hate jews than u because i actually had first hand experience with their racism!

            The note i make on this site is about people who like China!
            People who dont realise that Iran was building their missile and Nuclear tech in Syria!

            If i was Iran, id build nukes too! because we all know israel has them! So i like iran also! But lets be honest! If they lied to us saying “they arnt building nukes” then they are almost as bad as israel!

            but like i said, u wont read about Iran’s dirty deeds because u have camped out on southfront!

            i read both sides of the story! u only read one side!
            The only time u knew about Iran’s missile bases in syria was when southfront reported on it (after they had been destroyed)! Yet i already knew about them!

            So i knew before YOU!

            if u think u are a smart person, then start reading more! u are biased! u wont research nor will u believe in anything China or Iran does that is considered “bad”!

        • Sinbad2

          “Their drone tech comes from bought, captured and copied drones!”
          Iran started using drones in combat in 1986.
          The first US use of drones in battle was 1995.
          It was Iranian drones buzzing US warships in the Gulf that prompted the US to develop combat drones.

          The problem is you just invent this stuff no sources apart from the voices in your head.
          Get an education, then you will be able to debate rather than just ranting and raving.

          • Justin

            “Iran started using drones in combat in 1986.”
            So fucking what! Their drones are shit unless the copy! FACT!

            “The first US use of drones in battle was 1995”
            So USA builds stealth in the 1960 and 70’s and drones in 1995! (first time they used stealth was 1990!
            US had cruise missiles being used in 1990!

            Id say a drone is far less technical than stealth and cruise missiles!

            But u want to brag about this point?


        • Sinbad2

          “They copied the US TOW ATGM!”

          Yes they did, and then they gave them to Hezbollah, who used them to blow big holes in Israeli tanks when Israel invaded Lebanon in 2006.

          Poetic justice.

          Everybody copies, the US B2 bomber is a copy of a Horten HO-229.


          • Justin

            hey, i didnt say i hated what Iran did (copied and used against Israel) i just said, they arent so super smart to out invent israel!

            BUT I WISH THEY WERE!

            But they’re not!

    • Sinbad2

      The Iranians have proved in many ways that they are more advanced than say Israel.
      Israel would not keep trying to kill Iranian scientists if they did not fear their intellect.

      When you are in constant fear of attack, it sharpens the mind. Iran and Russia both live in fear of America, so they build very good defensive weapons. The US because it is an aggressor builds very good offensive weapons.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Despite 40 years of the harshest sanctions I may add.

      • Justin

        “in many ways”!
        As far as i know, the only thing Iran makes better than anyone else is Concrete!
        As for drones, anti-air missiles, tanks,, aircraft, drones etc etc etc They either capture and copy, buy and copy, make inferior (but still not too bad) stuff!
        Nothing they make is better than anyone other than concrete!
        U will need to prove to me what they make better “in many ways”!

        Their drone tech comes from captured and copied drones!

        • Zionism = EVIL

          Quote “Everyone is sucking each others dick on this site!”.

          That is a very bold statement about the large number of homosexual cocksuckers we have on this site! Bit concerned as to why so many Zionists have logged in :) perhaps the Tel Aviv Gay Mardi Gras is over and moved on to Sydney.

          • H Eccles

            re.. “Everyone is sucking each others dick on this site!”

            .. actually Justin is feeling left out..

          • Justin


          • Justin

            i hate israel more than most!
            But the cock suckers are the ones who LOVE China and LOVE Iran!
            China has done NOTHING!
            And Iran isnt so innocent! (they have been building (hiding what they couldnt build in Iran) certain military bases in Syria!

        • Parisa Zoorgoo

          yup by simply praising and siding with iran and putin we counter the effect 911 was supposed to have and thus take revenge ontye perpatrators that reveal the mselves verytime they push for the looting of venezuela nkorea or iran.
          ziochitts and dancing child burners will not survive justice!

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    My brothers and sisters… We live today in a world where only Jews are allowed to own nukes, and operate information on the web without censorship.
    Because according to the Talmud, they are the master race. Now I see what the indigenous Suebian tribes where up against when the Jews decided to colonize them. The placed the Suebian, tribal people as sub-human, when controlling finance and news organisations for te squatting Jewish population of colonialist.

    • Joe Kerr

      For an explanation of anti-Jewish pogroms, and the certainty of another one occurring, one need just read the Talmud. Putting such racist filth in writing wasn’t the smartest of moves.

      • d’Artagnan

        Jews generate hatred and resentment against themselves due to their arrogance and lack of empathy for gentiles and financial manipulation. The pograms were a manifestation of this.

    • Davki

      Complete bollocks… those who suffered from Nazi prosecution were Jews that had nothing to do with *alleged* racial superiority theories. In fact, the notion of what “a Jew” was got really weaker… . For Germany, the deportation of Jews was a desaster which weakened it noticeably… whoever, it was a pre-condition for establishing the state of Israel. Go figure. Both aims of the Sea Powers. Still, Jews didn’t do anything “to” Germany; they were simply Germans which benefitted the country, like her other citizens too. The so-called progroms in Germany were staged by professional hooligans (mostly SA). It has been long shown that the German public participated very little in them. And why would they?

      • Hisham Saber

        You must have forgotten that international Judea declared ‘ war ‘, mostly economic, on Germany in 1933. As typical, the Jews the world over act as one body, except for a handful, you can count on one hand.

        There was no Holocaust. There were work camps occupied by Gypsies, Russian POW’s and Jews. At the entrance to one of these camps, was the phrase ‘ Freedom through Work ‘ . There were no gas chambers, but de-lice rooms where Zyklon B was used. This has been proven by so many people, who have come under a vicious campaign of terror.

        Towards the end of the war, with millions of Soviet soldiers bearing down from the east, and a murderous area bombing campaign by the U.S. and Britain, railroads were targeted and most knocked out of action. The Germans were barely able to feed themselves let alone train in food to these said work camps. So diseases and starvation set in. Folks started to die en mass. In order to stem the diseases, the bodies of the dead workers were cremated, naturally.

        The odd, ridiculous stories of shrunken heads and lampshades made of the skin of Jews were all proven to be preposterous and ugly, sick and twisted. It was pig skin, and the shrunken heads were taken from a museam and they originated from South America and were hundreds of years old.

        After WW2, the number of European Jews actually increased by much more than before the war. So the holohoax number of 6 million was a sham.

        Too many scientists have disproven the so called Holocaust to mantion here, only to be silenced by the organized Jewish media and influence they have in the U.S. and Britain.

  • Patriotic_White_American

    They meant cereal production with photos of UAV’s on the box

    • Zionism = EVIL


      NEW DELHI: The Indian government has removed a senior air
      force officer reportedly after Pakistan’s successful strikes and
      capturing of a pilot on February 27.

      According to Indian media reports, Eastern Air Command chief Air Marshal Raghunath Nambiar has been appointed as the new chief of Indian Air Force’s Western Air Command (WAC) on Thursday in place of Air Marshal C Harikumar.

      The decision came after Pakistan’s surprise and decisive response against Indian aggression on Wednesday when two IAF fighter jets were shot down and a pilot was arrested for violating airspace and later released as a “gesture of goodwill”. The Indian airforce poor performance has started an extensive witch hunt in the service and promoted calls for reorganization.

      The WAC is headquartered in New Delhi and controls the area from north of Bikaner in Rajasthan up to Siachen Glacier and controls almost 40 per cent of the air bases of the Indian Air Force

      • Patriotic_White_American

        India has been launching heavy artillery barrages since the release of the pilot along the LOC, they’ve caused significant casualties. Many Pakistani sources can be found on twitter that corroborate this. It’s escalated in the past 24 hours but the media at large is publishing very little reports

        • Zionism = EVIL

          They have been shelling each other since 1947 and mostly civilians have paid the price. India would not be that stupid to take on the PAF again after such humiliation. Even the idiot Modi has gone to ground. Good thing that for 2 days while they were getting whacked, no phone calls from Indian call centers :)

  • Sinbad2

    Syria has been great for Iranian and Russian weapons development.
    The US has always had an advantage, because being constantly at war allows them to test their weapons in battle.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Iran’s President Rouhani due in Iraq on March 11 to coordinate defence and economic policies.

  • Parisa Zoorgoo

    at this point i support iran , palestine, syria , putin and rt. and i boycott everything else, not because it’s right and just to do so, but because we can make life impossible for the 911 perpetrators that are feeding us gmos and every kind of zio-poison possible!