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Iran Bans Use Of Any Israeli Technology, Announces “Virtual Embassy” In Palestine

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Iran Bans Use Of Any Israeli Technology, Announces "Virtual Embassy" In Palestine

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On May 22nd, Iran celebrated the International Quds Day and its parliament passed several laws aimed at Israel.

One of these bills was to make illegal any cooperation and “spying” for Israel is forbidden.

According to al-Monitor, “Iran’s parliament has passed a law criminalizing any prearranged contact with Israelis. The punishment, depending on the background of the defendant and the prerogative of the judge, could include anywhere from six months to two years in prison, 31 to 74 lashes or 20-80 million tomans (about $1,200-$4,800) in fines. There are also other less severe forms of punishment at the judge’s disposal that include depriving the guilty party of benefits such as housing, state pensions and state education for a period of six months to five years.”

Iranian media such as Fars News Agency weren’t as specific about the punishments and the sort, so it comes down to speculation whether this is fact or not.

However, in a somewhat questionable move, Iranian lawmakers banned all business with Israel, as well as using any Israeli technology – software or hardware.

“Based on the first article of the bill, all Iranian bodies are required to use the country’s regional and international capacities to confront the Zionist regime’s measures, specially its warmongering and terrorist moves, siege (of Gaza), settlement construction, displacing the Palestinian people and occupation of countries’ lands, including Golan,” Rapporteur of the parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Seyed Hossein Naqavi Hosseini told Fars.

Naqavi Hosseini said that following the approval, “any cooperation or spying for the Zionist regime is equal to enmity towards God and corruption on earth and activities of the Israeli software platforms in Iran and using its hardware and software products is forbidden.”

The new bill also bans transferring the goods produced by the Israeli companies via the Iranian territories as well as participation of the Israeli nationals and firms in the exhibitions held inside Iran.

Another decision undertaken to commemorate the International Quds Day was that Iran would establish a virtual embassy in Palestine.

“The foreign ministry is required to make necessary arrangements to form the Islamic Republic of Iran’s virtual embassy or consulate (in Palestine) and submit the results for approval to the cabinet,” one of the paragraphs of the bill to ‘confront Israel’s hostile acts against the peace and security’ said.

“The foreign ministry is required to adopt necessary measures (to this end) in consultations with other countries,” it added.

The law was adopted unanimously by all legislators present, Fars reported. There was no clarification as to how its provisions would be implemented.

Iran has marked al-Quds Day since the start of its 1979 Islamic Revolution by the late ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Iran says the day is an occasion to express support for the Palestinians.

As described by Fars, “the International Quds Day is an annual event opposing Israel’s occupation of Beitul-Muqaddas. Anti-Zionist rallies and demonstrations are held on the last Friday of Ramadan in Muslim and Arab countries around the world, specially in Iran, as well as a large number of non-Muslim states.”

The decision to ban the use of any Israeli technology, and if the report by al-Monitor is factual, the laws may be rather excessive, but time will show how these will actually be enforced.


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Bobby Twoshoes

Banning Israeli tech is not “excessive” at all, much of their tech includes spyware and backdoors so all countries should be wary, however Iran particularly has the stuxnet attack fresh in memory. For us it is just a matter of not being spied on by evil people, for Iran it is a matter of life and death.


True. Iran is just consequential, in contrast to the Russian stance.
Which may be why SF is trying to spin it like this.

Zionism = EVIL

Iran is a very old canny state that has been the prime power in the Occident since pre-biblical era and its policies have not changed since the Persians lived both Greeks and Romans in terms of sheer landmass and influence. The Zionist cunts know that Iran is a unified state with mass regional appeal and that is why the Zionist cowards want to use the redneck cannon fodder to fight Iran, that is simply not going to happen as Americunts are too weak now and China is going to challenge them, so a shooting war with Iran is the last thing even a moron like Trump can afford as events in Venezuela yesterday showed. Zionists simply can not survive in a region where everyone hates them..

Zionism = EVIL

The Zionist parasitic cunts should be banned from the planet in total. Nuff said!

Lazy Gamer

This is parallel to Trump’s embassy move. At the same time growing Iranian clout would legalize bds on its country and indirectly sanction Israel. Future moves could expand this to oil in the gulf. Iran will be thriving with trade from countries like Venezuela and others.


bunch of mullah losers.


only one loser party in the middle east and that is the 8 or 9 million jews illegally occupying palestine waiting to be evicted the very hard way (and they will be).


and then they should round up the friggin jews in iran living like any iranian but with the loyalty not with the tehran government or the iranian people and makeshort shrift with them, thereby eliminating a group that spies on the iranian society and pass it on the the friggin jews illegally occupying palestine (waiting to be evicted the hard way).


Useless frauds, if someone is not aware, they’d think Iran and Israel have a thriving relationship. Many of these things has been in effect for decades already. To tell you a secret, nobody here pays any attention to this last act by PMs in the final day of this awful parliament. They did a lot of crazy things in the last days, from changing the national currency and change in the election law to this one.
The 10th is finished, good riddance!

The next parliament (11th) will have its first session tomorrow and we are hopeful they do what they are supposed to do. Let’s see who they elect as the speaker first.

chris chuba

Wasn’t there an Israeli cyber attack in an Iranian port that shut it down for at least several hours? The point is that Iran would have to be crazy to use any SW / HW from either the U.S. or Israel. I’d stick with Russia and China as much as possible.

I wouldn’t even trust the Europeans unless they have you really mechanical stuff that was impossible to hack. There is something to be said for mechanical, non-digital control systems.


Correct, correct and correct. I fully Agree Chris.

After the Israeli cyber attack, “someone” counter attacked by hacking a lot of their websites and god-knows-what-else. I mentioned it a few comments ago (accessible through my history).

There is no Israeli product in the Iranian market and if there is any, it definitely came by smuggling (a few years ago a friend of mine bought a few motion detector sensors for one of his warehouses, showed them to me for an opinion and when I opened it turned out it was made in Israel. What happened after that is another story). ;-)

Sensitive Iranian sites use Iranian developed OS (a version of Linux) and specific HW. We learned our lesson more than a decade ago and even before Stuxnet (even then they couldn’t infect the systems online, they used a mole to do it offline which was another lesson learnt).

Traiano Welcome

Smart move. If the US can ban Huawei, it makes even more sense to ban backdoored Israeli technology.


Please list Backdoored IsraHelli Technology. I’d like to know so I can remove it and seek alternatives.

Traiano Welcome

Krebs does a nice analysis here:


For starters, avoid anything by NICE systems. That companys products are so full of holes one can’t tell if it’s intentional or just plain poor quality …

Avoid anything or any suppliers linked to NSO group:

“NSO Group Technologies (NSO standing for Niv, Shalev and Omri, names of company’s founders) is an Israeli technology firm whose spyware called Pegasus enables the remote surveillance of smartphones. It was founded in 2010 by Niv Carmi, Omri Lavie, and Shalev Hulio.[2][3][4] It employed almost 500 people as of 2017, and is based in Herzliya, near Tel Aviv”

Actually, let me make it easier: Avoid any electronics with core networking components developedb n Israel …

… Good grief, come to think of it, a large chunk of Itel’s stuff is developed in Israel … Huawei is actually staeting to look TRUSTWORTHY!


EXCELLENT. Thank you. Always wanting to know about this. Post more if it comes to mind. Reading now.

good american

BDS of Israel for everyone!


better wipe them off the face of earth and then the palestinians won’t have to bother with the BDS-movement.


Iran should outlaw Judaism so that Iran becomes Jew free.


“However, in a somewhat questionable move, Iranian lawmakers banned all
business with Israel, as well as using any Israeli technology – software
or hardware.”

Don’t see why that is questionable. Has the author heard of ‘Stuxnet virus’?


I’d like to know how to ‘remove all IsraHelli technology’ from my home and life too.

Any tips? We should start a HowTo page or something so that everyone can ‘unplug’ IsraHell from their lives.

Pointers..? Can’t be that hard. We just need to know what is IsraHelli Tech and products. Isn’t ebay jewish?

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