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Iran And Yemen’s Houthis To Boost Military Cooperation

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Iran And Yemen's Houthis To Boost Military Cooperation

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Yemeni ambassador to Iran (appointed by the Houthi-run government) Ibrahim Mohamed al-Dailami and Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami have met in Tehran to discuss military and security cooperation between the sides, Al-Masirah TV reported on December 22.

This became the first ever official confirmation of the military cooperation between Yemen’s Houthis and Iran. According to pro-Houthi media, Dailami discussed with the Iranian minister joint military cooperation and praised relations at all levels.

The sides allegedly discussed ways to enhance and enforce relations between the Iranian military and Houthi-led forces, which is referred as “the Yemeni Army” by the Houthi government and its allies.


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Wolfgang Wolf

give some air defense systems and the naZionists will be crying…


That is in the works :) One of the two Apaches destroyed by Misagh 2 in Saada.

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This is good news, i hope this alliance stop the US-Saudi coalition…This reminds me of the evolution of Hezbollah with the Iranian support.comment image


Hezbollah has set the resistance bar very high and is without exception a unique resistance movement with mass appeal and in a class of its own. A French author with close links to French intelligence has painted a somewhat realistic picture of the massive capabilities and popularity of Hezbollah.

Almost thirty years after its foundation with Iranian support, Lebanese Hezbollah remains an
organization difficult to understand for an average brainwashed westerner. A uniquely Arab and Shia resistance hybrid group dedicated to destroying Israel or the first Arab national Resistance to have ever defeated Zionist troops in sustained combat, a patriotic and respectable party with a global network having managed to control all levers of Lebanese political life… what exactly is Hezbollah? How did it acquire such an important role in the Middle-Eastern game and in Lebanese politics?

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Jimmy Jim

Dude some KIKER ain’t happy…lol


and the ultimate goal must be to rid the world of the hymies in tel aviv for good, never to be seen again. the hymies have forfeited any rights and deserve no mercy when push comes to shove and it will be the best day for mankind when the tel aviv filth is cleared off the deck.

Icarus Tanović

Why don’t you call them just Yemenis instead…


Actually you are 100% correct, the Ansarallah are now a combination of Zaidi Shia, the Yemeni military and many Sunni tribes, all united in their hatred of the Saudi cowards.

Hasbara Hunter

Yeah Great News…Iran you have been doing an Excellent job in supporting them Houthis…Thanks a lot…they deserve every inch of it…Brave Warriors…they won’t disappoint you…Kick that Jewish House of Saud out off Wahhabistan


The Yemenis are very ingenious people who have created a very robust domestic weapons manufacturing and are now producing and repairing everything from SA-6, SA 2 missiles to mortars and anti-material rifles. They have captured over a $1 billion worth of Saudi weaponry and can now continue the war for decades. Couple of months ago they captured three Saudi brigades and the haul of captured weapons was quite impressive. Most of the Saudis simply gave up and had no stomach for a fight.

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Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all, even though Orthodox Christmas is on Jan 7th hoho…..

The Iranian hybrid model of supporting localized resistance in majority populations has proven very successful since the early days of the revolution. Hezbollah set the template after successfully defeating the Zionist criminal invaders of Lebanon and finally expelling them from the country after inflicting very painful lessons. The Ansarallah are basically now a united Yemeni population that hates the Saudi cowards and their western masters who have deliberately targeted civilians and infrastructure of the poorest nation in the Arab world. The Zaidi Shia are now an majority is Yemen, just like Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Shia in Iraq and Bahrain. The Iranian model is to provide political, social and military support by building local capacity, the Shia being a persecuted moderate minority in a sea of Wahhabi headchoppers needed no lessons in how to fight, since they have successfully defended their faith for 1400 years, but just needed a global Shia diaspora perspective which Iran and Hezbollah bring to Yemen. The Saudis have failed miserably in Yemen and far worse is yet to come.

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