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Iran And IAEA Yet Again At Odds Over Nuclear Monitoring

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Iran And IAEA Yet Again At Odds Over Nuclear Monitoring

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Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are, yet again, in disagreement over the contents of an understanding reached earlier in September.

Iran decided to restrict international inspections of its nuclear sites in 2019 agreed as part of the landmark deal after the United States withdrew in 2018.

Iran and the IAEA, after long negotiations to salvage the deal, agreed on monitoring, but then something went wrong.

On September 26th, the IAEA said its inspectors had been denied access to a centrifuge manufacturing site in Karaj, near the capital Tehran. Iran has boosted its nuclear activity in the wake of the US withdrawal from the deal.

The agency deemed the Iranian move counter to a joint statement its director Rafael Grossi agreed on in Tehran with Iran’s nuclear chief Mohammad Eslami on September 12. The agreement allowed access to several unnamed sites so the agency could replace its cameras’ memory cards and repair damaged equipment.

“The Director General reiterates that all of the agency’s activities referred to in the joint statement for all identified agency equipment and Iranian facilities and locations are indispensable in order to maintain continuity of knowledge,” the agency said.

The IAEA said Iran had granted access to all other sites subject to the agreement.

The site in Karaj was targeted by a sabotage attack in June, the third such attack on Iran’s nuclear sites since mid-2020. Iran has accused Israel of orchestrating all these attacks.

On September 26th, in a series of tweets, Iran’s IAEA envoy, Kazem Gharibabadi, criticised the agency for staying silent on the “terrorist” attacks and not issuing a statement even for the threat they posed to its own inspectors and equipment.

He also said the agreement earlier this month was for “identified equipment” and Iran informed the agency during discussions in Tehran and Vienna that the equipment related to the Karaj site are not included since the site is still under security and judicial investigations.

“Any decision taken by Iran on monitoring equipment is only based on political rather than legal considerations and the Agency cannot and should not consider it as one of its entitlements,” Gharibabadi said, also saying the agency’s latest report “isn’t accurate”.

Six rounds of talks in Vienna to restore the Nuclear Deal concluded on July 20th, when new Iranian president entered office.

Ebrahim Raisi’s administration said it is reviewing the negotiation records and will come back to the negotiating table “very soon”.

Raisi told the United Nations General Assembly last week that any talks to restore the deal must lead to the lifting of American sanctions imposed by former US President Donald Trump.


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Iaei is headquartered in austria. Kick these gayropa clowns out of your country.

Why are they not busy inspecting zionist terrorist nuclear facilities producing weapons?


Israel unlike Iran, is not a terrorist state. So to answer your question, we do not threaten to destroy another country unless we are attacked.

Just today Bennet talked at the UNGA about Iran and said to the world we will not allow a nuclear Iran, and he is a man of his word not like Bibi. The mullahs can still back down, or face the consequences.


“we will not allow a nuclear Iran”

Arrogant fools. It is not up to you. Deal with reality, paranoid clown.


The reality is that there will be a new nuclear deal, which adresses our security concerns regarding Iran, or there will be a war that both countries can not predict how it ends. But rest assured, the mullahs will not remain in power if it comes to that.


Man, get real no? How the fuck can you tackle a country 100 times your size, fukking 1000 miles away? Come on no?……lol


Your assumptions are based on dreams, not strategic reality. Iran can annhilate your pissy state without nukes. Iran will obtain nukes, like it or not. Regardless if a war begins before or after Iran gets nukes, Israel’s fate will be the same. It’s the Elephant in the room – everyone in the West knows it but no-one’s talking about it. The US will not help Israel – they will abandon you like they abandoned their puppets in Kabul – THAT, in a nutshell is the reality kiddo – besides, Hezbollah alone will be able to accomplish the military defeat of Israel. Hamas will be selling Jewish slaves in downtown Jerusalem soon LMFAO

Last edited 29 days ago by YankeeGoHome
jens holm

Yes it is too. And they certainly are not alone at that level of warfare and terror.


they can’t do shit to Iran sitting pretty a 1000 miles away running semitic gypsy as its minions. Get real fool. Iran plays a tight game.


Fucking clown zio terrorist Gay jew scumm again… Bullet to you head, just come to Miami


Israel is the ULTIMATE terrorist state -its LEADERS have even stated that it was Israelis that brought terrorism to the Middle East. This is not the 1960’s – no-one in the world – even children , believe that Israelis are the innocent party in palestine – The world knows your terrorism – and there is FUCKALL Bennett or any other Khazar Settler can do about it. Your fate is sealed. Israel will be annihilated.

Last edited 29 days ago by YankeeGoHome
jens holm

They dont use them as iran and a few other countries does.


The iaea spies just wanted to see and get a status report for their masters in isrealhell

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