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JUNE 2021

Iran Allegedly Close To Developing “Key Material For Nuclear Warhead”: WSJ Report

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Iran Allegedly Close To Developing "Key Material For Nuclear Warhead": WSJ Report

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Iran is allegedly assembling a “key material for nuclear warhead production”, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Tehran reportedly starting work on an assembly line to manufacture a key material used at the core of nuclear warheads, the United Nations atomic agency said in a confidential report.

The confidential report was provided to member states, but the Wall Street Journal allegedly got access to it.

Iran has told the watchdog that it has started manufacturing equipment it will use to produce uranium metal at a site in Isfahan in coming months.

Uranium metal can be used to construct the core of a nuclear weapon.

It, however, hasn’t produced any yet.

Inspectors with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said Iranian officials notified them that they will begin to install equipment capable of producing uranium metal in the next four to five months at a site in Isfahan, according to the Journal.

Incoming US President Joe Biden signaled a willingness to return the United States to the deal known formally as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA.

Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, however, said his government is in no hurry to see the US return to a 2015 nuclear deal, adding it was not a question of “whether the United States returns or not,” but a matter of it lifting its unilateral sanctions.

“We are in no rush and we are not insisting on their return. Our demand, which is both logical and rational, is the lifting of sanctions” that outgoing US President Donald Trump imposed after quitting the deal in 2018.

Regardless, also on January 13th, Israeli official Tzachi Hanegbi, considered an ally of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened that Israel could attack Iran’s nuclear program if the United States rejoined the nuclear deal.

He said that the incoming US administration must not “appease” Iran, and warned Tehran the Jewish state will not tolerate its military presence in Syria or its development of nuclear weapons.

“If the United States government rejoins the nuclear deal — and that seems to be the stated policy as of now — the practical result will be that Israel will again be alone against Iran, which by the end of the deal will have received a green light from the world, including the United States, to continue with its nuclear weapons program,” Hanegbi said.

“This of course we will not allow. We’ve already twice done what needed to be done, in 1981 against the Iraqi nuclear program and in 2007 against the Syrian nuclear program,” he said, referring to airstrikes on those two countries’ nuclear reactors.

He was also asked if US President Donald Trump would actually call forth a farewell strike on Iran in his last 7 days in office, the Likud official responded the following:

“The [Israeli] assessment is that nothing dramatic will happen during this week,” he said.

The recent airstrike that reportedly killed quite a bit of Syrian soldiers and other Iranian allies in Syria was attributed to Israel, but Hanegbi didn’t confirm anything.

“We don’t acknowledge this or other strikes,” Hanegbi said. “The Iranians want permission from Assad to act freely in Syria, to transform it into the model of Hezbollah [the Lebanon-based Iran-backed terror group]. This is all to deter us from acting against its nuclear program.”

Hanegbi also warned the incoming Biden administration against “appeasing” Iran.

“The most important thing is to convince the incoming American administration not to repeat the mistakes of the Obama administration — to appease the Iranians. This only increased Iranian aggression and defiance. They saw this as American weakness,” said Hanegbi.

Additionally, Likud minister Yuval Steinitz said Israel was engaged in a “tremendous effort against Iran and its attempts to obtain nuclear weapons and establish itself [militarily] in Syria.”

If these reports are true, and the UN and the IAEA have identified the facility, it could be that Tel Aviv actually carries out a strike on Iran’s nuclear program, be it a weapon or not.


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johnny rotten

Wall Street Jew, said so…

klove and light

zionist modus operandi…..

war is inevitable……….the window of opportunity for them satanic zionists is open only for a short period of time……their satanic agenda of a one world government with jerusalem as its capital.

All nations that recognize the illegal satanic entity named israel are part of the agenda.this includes china,russia,usa,uk, etc…

Quantum internet of things….5G connection…total population control

the Quantum Dot Tattoo is the sign of the beast………..in summer of 2021 introduction world wide…….digital vaccination control

Fog of War

” All nations that recognize the illegal satanic entity named israel are part of the agenda.this includes china,russia,usa,uk, etc… ”
If this is true, which it seems to be, then the PTB seem to have all the time they need.

Just Me

However, the Zionists have been boasting of “stopping” Iranian nuclear program and “expelling” Iran from Syria for the last decade or so, however the opposite is happening. Am I missing something here?


good if that is what it takes to be able to live a peaceful life on this earth, without meddling criminal jews in palestine or meddling paid and bought criminal morons from the disunited states of A, then it is advisable to get hold of as many nukes you can lay your hands on and a sufficient number of missiles to deliver said nukes to whom are best deserved, like the jews in palestine times 100!!

Just Me

The Zionist regime is petrified of the growing power of the Axis of Resistance and a weakened US embroiled in domestic unraveling and economic collapse.

John Wallace

Does the bullshit never end. Of course it can only get worse . In 2012 Netunbooboo showed his cartoon of a petard with a lit fuse showing Iran was at 80% ready with a nuclear bomb. Very very soon he claimed Iran would have the bomb unless stopped. Seven years later when Trump pulled out of the agreement Iran was at 3% enrichment , as allowed , which is still years away from a possible enrichment to the 80% enrichment ( different 80% from Booboo’s horseshit) required to make a bomb. Iran has increased enrichment to 6% which is to be used to generate electricity because that agreement is now null and void. You can’t expect one side to abide by an agreement the others don’t. The source of the latest information is so secret we don’t even know where it came from but we will publish it as absolute fact so we can go to war and maybe this time we will find weapons of big bang ability.


It’s not a secret.
Iran’s parliament passed a law to do that. Then Iran’s Atomic Energy Agency formally informed the IAEA about the whole process of producing %20 fuel which includes producing metallic Uranium and transferred the technical data. The inspectors will inspect all the process once the construction begins.
This process is completely within Iran’s rights as an IAEA member and a signatory of NPT, nothing illegal about any of it, but it’s not compatible with JCPoA. And of course IAEA informs its members about the development. Naturally the US receives a copy.

What they don’t tell is that a nuclear weapon needs metallic Uranium with >%90 concentration, not %20.

If Americans don’t want Iran to produce it, maybe they shouldn’t have breached the deal in the first place. The European countries also have no right to preach us about what we can or can’t to according to a deal that they didn’t honour.

We also need higher degrees of enrichment for our marine propulsion program which is also perfectly within our rights.
Israelis can huff and puff as much as they want, but if they actually move to act what they threat, we shall see who has the most to lose.

Honestly, how hard is it to honour your part when you sign a deal? We did much more than we should. We should’ve done it the same day Trump breached the deal, not now.


It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong here Garga, I agree with you that you should have a nuclear energy for civilian purposes. But, we are talking about an Islamic regime that is actively trying to hurt us for the past 40 years, we can not take the risk of you having a nuke. So yeah, sadly we are going to fight each other, as I’ve told to gryzor it saddens me it came to this point. Two ancient people with a long history in this region, but from our side we have never stated we want to destroy iran, it has always been one sided. I hope your regime is calculating their moves very carefully Garga, or else we won’t get the chance to sit on a cold beer and laugh all about it.

Emad Irani

this is full bullshit. Israel betrayed even Shah before the Revolution took place in the “Project Flower” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Flower

Beside that Jews celebrate Purim because they believe they killed 70.000 Iranians and an Achaemenid vizier called Haman. That is why they make “Hamantaschen”. Of course this all Jewish fake history written in some books without any historical evidence, but it shows that Jews have a 2500 years problem with Iran. No matter a monarchy or theocracy or something else.

We have many low yield nuclear devices, enough for a small country like Israel. Beside that works with North Korea and China are also ongoing. We will the Zionist to South America or New Zealand. Middle East will be free

Zionism = EVIL

The Zionistcunts created the SAVAK and taught the torture techniques.


There are Islamic regimes and there are Islamic regimes.
The current government system of Iran is much more mature, sane and calculating than most countries on earth, certainly more than Israel or the US.
I explained to you before what does “wiping Israel” mean and if the past deeds are any indication for future actions, Iran never hurt average Israeli civilians while Israel did. Iran never attacked any other nations while it’s Israel’s everyday story.

I don’t blame you for thinking the way you think, it’s in your educational system and you grow up learning this one-sided story from early years of childhood until it becomes your nature to think you have all the rights and everybody else must listen to you.

Rest assured that even your insane PM knows these stories are all bull$#it and won’t dare to act on his 20-something years threats against Iran if the US is not fully onboard and even if the US is willing to do it along with tinpot dictators of the Arabian peninsula, the hypothetical attack’s only result will be to giving Iran an excuse to actually develop nuclear weapons for real and a burnt ground larger than the whole western Asia.

The irony is the whole Iranian nuclear program was started because the west refused to honour their deal about construction of 4 nuclear power plant and sell Iran the fuel needed for Tehran nuclear power plant (despite Iran having a large share -%25- in Eurodif) under Israeli pressure. Just like our defence programs started because they (both west and USSR) denied supplying Iran the defensive weapons while arming Saddam to the teeth. They could sell us on both counts and if they did, we’d still be dependent on them for our military and industry.
Thankfully, they were and still are myopic.

It’s a pity, we could be brother in laws, don’t be so short-sided to send me to Wales!

Zionism = EVIL

HUSH you stupid JEWCUNT, blabbing retarded BS 24/7 from mommy’s basement.

Just Me

Frankly, you are a WANKER!

Ashok Varma

Silly chit of a boy.

Proud Hindu

Teri maa chodunga bhadve mulle communist


You can cry, threaten, beat your chest, have bedouins as BFF, blackmail uncle sam etc etc but there is NOTHING you and your fellow zionazis can do anymore.

Any miss-step and Hezbollah (nor Iran yet) will give you a bitch-slap and you’ll obviously, as usual, sue for peace once you diaper wearing ‘most moral army’ has filled their diapers from fear.

A more appropriate moniker for you should be <>. Your endless threats, like Nitan’yahood, are childish irritants. A good snot-smack will correct that.


I don’t make the threats, I execute them. Please tell it to Hezbollah, they were not so brave when we almost entered Lebaanon. Regarding Iran, just wait.

Zionism = EVIL

This is hardly news, Iran is an defacto nuclear power. What is more important are the growing military links with Turkey and Pakistan. Iran and Turkey have formed a rapid response Kurdish, Turkish and Farsi speaking joint special forces brigade.

Iran reveals new military step in coordination with Turkey

comment image

Iran naval marines guarding IRIN Makran helicopter carrier. The kit and weaponry is first rate. 20mm CIWS in the background.

Icarus Tanović

So, Hassan rouhani still no good? All that corruption, and the city of London, Ali Larijani and bulldozer company.
If so, Iran wouldn’t be here any longer.

Ashok Varma

Rouhani and Zarif are considered ineffective and weak and are not popular in Iran. The country will swing towards hardliners in May as I felt the mood in the streets a few weeks ago.


That’s right. Rohani broke the record in unpopularity of any president after 1979 (and possibly the world).
2 years ago his popularity was in 40’s. The latest poll a few days ago says it’s just %4 now!

The west calls them hardliners. They aren’t, but since they won’t take a step back when Iran’s interests are on the line, they won this title.


I’m sorry if I burst your thought bubble about Iran. I explained just a small part of their treachery for you, you are welcome to take my word or leave it. I respect you and your decision either way.

Icarus Tanović

Ali Larijani was at least good in my vho.
You didn’t actually, but there are still 90% of Iranians that are okay.
And that treachery doesn’t represent all Iranians.


Only the group called “reformists/moderates”. We’ll root them out.

The rest are patriotic.

Icarus Tanović

Moderates? Really, like Wahhabi moderate headchoppers, that’s what first comes to mind.


Moderates are the group Rafsanjani formed. Now includes Rohani and some of his cabinet. 10 years ago they were different with reformists, today their separation line is blurred or nonexistent.

We recently (after declassifying some documents a leak) learnt 2 items weren’t originally in JCPoA and added not by US or EU troika but at the insistence of our negotiating team (Headed by Zarif) while the Chinese and Russians were opposed to doing such foolish things:
1- Voluntarily adding 5 years Iran’s arms embargo. Meaning it should’ve ended 5 years ago (after signing) not last October.

2- Adding the part in regard to development of the missiles able to carry nuclear warheads. There was no mention of missiles in JCPoA before that at all.

Try to find a logical explanation for them.

Icarus Tanović

Ali Akbar Rafsanjani? I’m not sure do we have same person in mind? Who opposed that? And they tell that to Iran, yeah? They should have listen to them, then.
I’m not sure is it. Maybe, Iran got some serious trillions because of that prolonged embargo (which is bursted balloon, do you really think Iran obeyed?) and that added paragraph in JCPoA about missiles.
Two things Iran needs asap.
ICBMs capable of reaching London and America. AND Nuclear bomb.
The bottom line.

As for Rafsanjani he did great job in here. Helped as enormously. That can not be forgotten, nor it will be, as I said as soon as we get rid of corrupted pornocrats, money loving gangsters (Izetbegovic and co.) Wahhabis that devide Ummah, and doing all Satanic carnage monstrosities you can think of. Stop influence of Saudi criminals. And some other things.
Why don’t we have, say here and indeed we have infrastructure that bulldozer Larijani stuff company to produce those and sell them? You know the answer. So we have super glamorous Iranian residence in here, in this city, and hurma (dates) and peanuts stores! And that’s it! Only that.
Rafsanjani is super über good, and every single one of them, compared to these that rules over us, that saled us for haram oil money. Common people know all, but they DO NOT CARE. And therefore it is gonna end very super bad for them.
And one more funny thing.
Do you know how Saudi wahhabi shahhadat sounds like?
I’ll tell you next time.


It must be awful there if Rafsanjani seems good in comparison (he believed and say repeatedly, we must give up our missile and other defence programs because “this is the world of dialogue, not firing missiles”.
Imagine if we listened to him.

If by shahadat you mean shahadatayn (testify that there’s only one god and Mohammad is god’s prophet) I know that if someone (say a Sunni) wants to convert to Wahhabism, in addition to Shahadatayn they must confess that they were infidel before and their parents died as infidels. The new convert must redo all the prayers and even Hajj again, because he prayed and went to Hajj when he was infidel and all those arr null and void and must be done again.
If by shahadat you mean martyrdom, please do tell.

PS. One important aspect about Iran is, some parts of domestic and foreign policy is dominion of the leader. Some things may happen during the presidency of Rafsanjani, but in fact they were the decision of the leader (as commander in chief, armed forces answer to him). Sending military help to other countries is one these things that is not the president’s decision.

Icarus Tanović

This is Iranian investment! Harlequinade, isn’t it? Yes, they’ve got the best place in the town, but who cares?
Rafsanjani must not be serious about that, I truly doubt it.
No, I haven’t heard of that Wahhabi Satanic procedure and BIG thanks for that, even dough I know A LOT about them.

Yes, I was talking about sahadatayn, meaning: ‘There is no God besides Allah, and Muhhamed is his messenger.’

Honestly, brother do you think that I, because I’m of Slavic-Saxon origin, that I’m not good in the eyes of an Persian, Iranian?

Gonna post you some links, will tell you some stories on those cowards, little wahhabised pricks, Imams.
Sorry for the late answer!


I can’t confirm with Rafsanjani anymore since he died a few years ago, but believe me. Even when Ayatollah Khomeyni (the first leader, who overthrew Shah) was alive, he went behind his back and tried to negotiated with Americans. Today known as: “The McFarlain affair”.
I assure you he was dead serious and did what he could to do that. His followers, Moderates have the same philosophy.

No, what did you make to think someone (me of all) might think less of you because you are Slavic-Saxon? I don’t do that but you made me curious. By Saxon do you mean south Germany or Britain?

Icarus Tanović

Even with that traitor Rafsanjani, we got some VERY serious help from Iran. No other countries wanted to do anything, even Turks (who nowadays claims to be our brothers) which is utter stupidity said that’s not our business. And Bush administration employed arms embargo to Bosnia, even dough we were between two fires, eastern and western neighbours, croats and serbs who commited such horrendous crimes against us. We only recieved real help from Iran even dough Iran is traditionally with Russia, that was, but only rhetorically against us. Also, we got support from western Europe also rhetorically, only rhetorical help. Iranians are those who came and fight along side us in the worst days. No saudis, no Kuwaiti, etc. meaning nobody. It isn’t just Rafsanjanis failure, because America pressured those aforementioned cowards, after War and genocide to stop Iranian program of revitalization and help. Wahhabis and those, mind this and don’t mind me swore “Saudi high comity” came after War or they haven’t been in the place where’s heavy clashes and fighting. After some time people figured out that they’re worst enemies, CIA employees.
They come to get us, to get our kids, to recruite them and brainwash them for what you can see today in Syria.
But all of them feared Hasan Čengić, so they kinda get easy on Iranians, nevertheless Iranians are very here, so I feel pretty much comforted with that. Gonna continue on this later on. And kne more thing. Iranians helped us to liberate most fortified positions, but as I said talk about that later. But there are cowards who run to Iranians, when that was “in” and then turn theirs back to them. Some superstitious, primitive, idiotic, stupid people.

About Saxons. They came here in the old Bosnia days, when king Tvrtko the 1th Kotromanić ruled in Bosnian kingdom. He was neither ortodox nor chatolic, but member of Bosnian church, a Bosnian heresy as they addresses it. Check out the book on Bosnia from Noel Malcolm.
Yes, Bosnia is pretty, but Americans are working to destroy the very name of the land and hides behind those two aggressors, and many masks, that inshallah will fall.
I would say same for Iran, that Iran is the most beautiful country place in the World.
Whay I said that because many Persians, Iranians some of them are having hubris and claiming that they’re übermentsch, while others are of lower sort.
I’m running out of time, so I’m gonna be brief right now, and will countinue in next post.
Yes, I am for Euro-Asian integrations, (Russia, China, Iran, PrNK), and so on, rather to Euro-Atlantic integration, meaning EU, Nato, etc.
So, cheers for now, and have a nice day.

Emad Irani

nothing new, Iran is working with North Korea/ China for over 3 decades. Western observers even said that one North Korea nuke test was an Uranium made one…

Ashok Varma

India and Pakistan have demonstrated that a country masters the nuclear reprocessing cycle and can produce its own centrifuges, enriching to 90% grade is a matters of days not months. Iran had reached that threshold under Dr. Ahmadinejad and it is no accident that US or the crying Zionists have not attacked it militarily, despite incessant barking.


I’m sure I read this exact story every few years… just leave Iran alone.

Ashok Varma

US is not in a position to alter Iran’s nuclear program which according to Indian Atomic Energy Commission is more advanced, better funded and diverse.

Potato Man

ahhh where did I heard that again…X country host terrorists, X country making nukes, X country bad because they ignore Zion gay right human rights, X country bad because it is not banana republic.

If Iran would have “breached” JCPOA, Russia and China would have said something… if there is no word from those two countries that following the Iran deal…it BS from MSM of banana republic of apes.

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