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Iran Adopts Flying Wing Combat Drones Based On American RQ-170 (Video)

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Iran has celebrated the 9th anniversary of the capture of a U.S. stealth RQ-170 Sentinel unnamed aerial vehicle (UAV) by sharing new information on domestic copies of the advanced aircraft.

The stealth UAV was captured by Iranian forces near the city of Kashmar in northeastern Iran on December 5 of 2011. The Iranian government announced that the UAV was brought down by its cyberwarfare unit which commandeered the aircraft and safely landed it. Nevertheless, Western sources continue to claim that the UAV fell or was shot down.

President Barack Obama acknowledged the loss of an RQ-170 when the incident first happened, asking Iran to return it. A request that was rejected by Tehran.

The RQ-170 Sentinel, which was introduced in 2007, was developed by Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works as a stealth reconnaissance UAV. The advanced UAV is being operated by the U.S. Air Force for the Central Intelligence Agency, CIA.

Iran has so far managed to produce five domestic copies of the drone:

  • The Shahed-141: a 40% scale copy of the RQ-170 powered by a piston engine with a range of 500 km. This copy is mainly used for reconnaissance, surveillance and combat.
  • The Shahed-161: a 40% scale copy of the RQ-170 powered by a jet engine with a range of 500 km. This copy is mainly used for reconnaissance, surveillance and combat.
    Iran Adopts Flying Wing Combat Drones Based On American RQ-170 (Video)

    Click to see full-size image

    Iran Adopts Flying Wing Combat Drones Based On American RQ-170 (Video)

    Click to see full-size image

  • The Shahed-171: a full scale copy of the RQ-170 powered by a turbofan engine with a range of 4,400 km and a maximum speed of 460 km/h. This copy was designed for reconnaissance and surveillance.
    Iran Adopts Flying Wing Combat Drones Based On American RQ-170 (Video)

    Click to see full-size image

    Iran Adopts Flying Wing Combat Drones Based On American RQ-170 (Video)

    Click to see full-size image

  • The Shahed-181: a 60% scale copy of RQ-170 powered by a piston engine with a range of 1,500 km. This copy is mainly used for reconnaissance, surveillance and combat.
  • The Shahed-191: The Shahed-181: a 60% scale copy of RQ-170 powered by a jet engine with a range of 1,500 km. This copy is mainly used for reconnaissance, surveillance and combat.
    Iran Adopts Flying Wing Combat Drones Based On American RQ-170 (Video)

    Click to see full-size image

    Iran Adopts Flying Wing Combat Drones Based On American RQ-170 (Video)

    Click to see full-size image

Iran used the Shahed-181 and 191 in a series of strikes against ISIS in east of the Euphrates river in Syria on October 1 of 2018. The operation, dubbed “Strike of Muharram”, was a response to the Ahvaz military parade attack the previous week.

The U.S. political, military and economic pressure on Iran has encouraged the country to focus on its domestic military capabilities. As a result, Tehran made major breakthroughs in defense technology in the past few years.


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Lockheed Martin Skank Works to be frank,see Skunks don’t lie,how dare they insult wildlife like that, ASSWHOLES!

Lone Ranger

Good job Iran. I can here Pimpeo and Bibi crying from a distance…

Jens Holm

You are probatly wet all over too :)


Good for Iran, US spent hundred of millions in R & D costs developing it & Iran just copies it!!

Jens Holm

Copying things is no new idea.

The new idea would be Iran as well as Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and others copied production systems for wellfare instead.


“Copying things is no new idea.”

That would be a heartbreak if the Iranians were trying to win a ribbon at the science fair but what they are trying to do is defend themselves. Consider also that the concept of the RQ-170 was ‘borrowed” from the german HO-229 and an overlooked Russian research paper on reducing radar signatures of aircraft.

That being said …. the Iranians hacked and stole a top secret stealth recon drone right out of the hands of the CIA while it was on a mission! …. and the geniuses at Lockmart haven’t fixed the problem because the iranians did it again just last year.

Jens Holm

MIlitary industrial complexes are based on GDP. And as long as its that low, they have no chances.

DEfence is good relations toneighbors and others too.


So money, technology and a sunny disposition are all you need to win a war?

Geography, culture, strategy and tactics have nothing to do with it huh?

The objective of the MIC in capitalist countries is to enrich shareholders NOT to win wars.

Simply on the subject of the MIC ….. Here is a record of Lockheed Martin’s stock buybacks.


Stock buybacks are a scheme where companies borrow money to buy their own stock which artificially drives up the stocks value triggering bonuses for the executive and dividends for the investors.

So instead of investing money into R&D or production efficiencies which would benefit the taxpayer these companies … and they all do it ….. enrich the investors leaving the company hollowed out and indebted. This practice was illegal … mainly because it’s fraud … until 1982

Lockheed, Raytheon, Boeing, GE …. they all play these games, they’re all hollowed out, too big to fail debt bombs headed for insolvency. The taxpayer got snookered into paying for a $3 to keep companies like these afloat and will likely get hit with another $8-10T of QE before this current financial crisis is over.

So you may see an overinflated MIC as an asset but you can be sure your enemies see these hollowed out carcases as vulnerabilities to be exploited.

The evidence that western MIC companies are bloated money mills is in the relative cost of weapons compared to their equivalent Russian / Chinese variants. $500 M USD for an S-400 while the US patriot costs $1B and THADD costs $3B and between the two of them they cover half of what the Russia weapon does.

Jens Holm

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3063b86e4c60a504d674a3e0a3a7866ac6ebb379eb5ea734e4eecff79f580d52.jpg I never wrote something like that.

Tech is producing anything else too by having tools for it as well as weapon cost a lot of money. and You can pay for it.

There is no instead. Its typical keeper sunni thinking that the cake remain the same, so You have to choose between this and that. But its very visible we can do both and Denmark fx could make much more weapen and have much bigger imiltary forces – If we prefared that.

Our economical and industrial complex are able to produce almost anything – and do. So its a matter of priority. Today we spend about 2% on the military forces. And if we wanted to be bigger we even has the choise to produce or just buy.

I prefare none of that. I prefare the tool named we are not as agressuve as we could be and use the extra to wellfare and upgradings in living standards.

China fx might take some from the rest of the world, but it also makes the cake much much bigger as well as it NOW levels the wellfare for many 100 millions.

I dont care about the rotten things I se You to desciebe. But cleaning them up dont say we need them less. It says we need most of their productions made better and cheeper – and a great hel is the world de-escalate.

Here You are wrong telling USA is the main agressor and we as Kapitalists with socialdemocratic touch are only the bad ones.

If we fx didnt buy oil from ME (Denmark dont), but we are big tranporters there, most of the Middleeasters with oil hardly would be alive. Even today You hardly can feed Yourself.

That certainly includes Iran not even able to feed itself well being in ancinet times in so much having no freedom as well as responsability driven by incompetent religion as well.

Danish women produce 22.000 dollars each and we need foreigner to work in jobs created here. I only has older numbers but Iran and others has a high number of people doing absolutly nothing and among the especialy women kept down and home.

Saudi men only produce 20.700 each, Iran is 5.600 Turkey is 10.500

Denmark is 57.500 pr capita AND we are i the top for % working as well. And dont come again and tell we steal from You. You hardly has anything to buy and steel apart from cats, longhaired goats and like that.

I do have an attitude for Iran now. We were asked in to help the Bagdads up with rheir military forces and in that also fight ISIS. WE HAD LEFT.

So its very strange many danish teacher soldiers and tech helpers now are wounded for life by Iranian ballistics. We even support as Shiit Governess there and pay´to help.

Should lowlives like that have nukes too – I dont hink so.

I dopnt say You should choose Our way, but at least You could take Our usefull parts.

Bobby Twoshoes

Lol, copy the US welfare system? Because US sanctions aren’t causing enough misery? Classic Jens.


Oh because US welfare is such a glaring example of Western social glory. World’s standing superpower and 40 million of its citizen can’t even access basic healthcare. Same with education. Let alone housing. Student debt will be the next exploding bubble, the coming catastrophe is of such prospective magnitude that even die-hard Republicans such as Marco Rubio are starting to ring some alarm bells. Suuuure a nice example to follow Jens.

Jens Holm

I partly agree in Your biased propagandaition, but You never mention most of the poor are rich compared to many others in the world as well as about 165 millions are doing pretty well.

And there we go again. Muslims and Russiand dont understand debt also is the vital for Our growth and wellfare.

But they do need many kinds of reforms to update themself.

And there we go again: Give me some links and lists for, where its better …. THANK YOU.

John Brown

You never mention most of the poor are rich compared to many others in the world as well as about 165 millions are doing pretty well.

Completely wrong. There is no middle income group in the USSA anymore. Just a criminal wealthy elite mostly Jewish. With a vast underclass of poor and the rest starving. Many of the third world are better off then the 40 plus millions starving in the USSA.

The USSA is no longer a first world country, its much like India except India has a rising economy, while the USSA economy is in free fall.

Maybe you are one of those left of what was once known as the middle class. Very hard to find in the USSA today.

The speed of the USSA collapse is rapidly accellerating. Biden and Harris should be able to destroy what is left of the USSA very quickly just like this footage below. Starting many new wars wasting trillions and trillions of dollars should collapse the Zio dollar and the USSA before the end of the first Harris term.

The Arecibo Observatory Collapse historical footage



Jens Holm

Infantile lying grap from You fx by internet:

As of September 2018, though, Pew reported that 52% of American adults were in the middle class, according to 2016 income figures. There were 19% in the upper class and 29% in the lower class. According to Pew, the data suggest that the middle class has stabilized in size.20. nov. 2019

And the same crap about Jews. You are a filthy dirtbag having no idea about the good and bad sides of USA and only use propaganda.

Your version odf wasting money is far out too. They have produced those money themselves by own school, education, skills, hard work and paid pr hour, so You certainly dont decide, what they think is waste or not.

John Brown

As of September 2018, though, Pew reported that, according to 2016 income figures. There were 19% in the upper class and 29% in the lower class. According to Pew, the data suggest that the middle class has stabilized in size.20.

The same garbage use to come out of the Soviet Union about the workers’ paradise.

I have been to the USA and it looks like they lost a big war with collapsed bridges burned out houses, buildings etc., everywhere. Total devastation with small islands of fabulous wealth where the criminal elite live surround by big fences and armed guards a lot like in many third world cites like in Brazil and India etc.

How aabout the poisoned drinking water in Detroit to name one of 10,000 examples. Its ok with you and does not count because they are African Goyims and not part of your master race


The American Economy RIP Paul Craig Roberts

“Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.” —Mayer Anselm Rothschild, 1790.

What America has is an economy stagnating in debt with a growing amount of consumer income diverted to the service of debt. This is not Trump’s fault. It is the fault of corporations moving middle class jobs offshore and filling many that remain in the US with lower paid foreigners on work visas. It is the fault of the Federal Reserve’s policy of saving the banks rather than the economy. It is the fault of the policy of supporting aggregate demand by substituting consumer debt for the missing growth in consumer income. This is a huge problem, and a president alone cannot correct it.

Paul Craig Roberts is an American economist and author. He formerly held a sub-cabinet office in the United States federal government as well as teaching positions at several U.S. universities. He is a promoter of supply-side economics and an opponent of recent U.S. foreign policy.

John Brown

A voluntary confession from a good Jew not like you.

Jewish Activist Reveals How Jews Use Worldwide Network Of ‘Sayanim’ To Silence Their Critics



Jacob Cohen, an anti-Zionist Moroccan-French Jew, explained in the following interview how world Jewry uses a network of tens of thousands of highly placed Jews — or sayanim –around the world to help promote the Jewish agenda while silencing anyone who opposes 1it:

The sayanim are tens of thousands of people — Jews, Zionists — who are members probably of the B’nai B’rith, for instance. B’nai B’rith is the jewish masonry who occupy high levels in all the societies. I mean, you can imagine five thousand sayanim in New York only in the business area. Five thousand sayanim in Los Angeles in the production area, in the artistic area. And in France, in London, you can imagine a thousand sayanim in the medias.

And they receive orders from the Mossad, from a department in the Mossad called the War Department. They work for the Mossad. It means that all these people who work normally. The work in a bank. They work political. They are publishers.

But when the Mossad calls them and tells them, ‘Look, I need information. For instance, I need all the sayanim, all over the world, say that this person — for instance, the Secretary General of the United Nations — has said something antisemitic.’ And you see all over the world — in Europe, in New York — the medias….When I discovered that, I understood. It’s like when you turn the light on, you know?

Because suddenly you open a newspaper, you listen to the radio, you hear a politician, everybody says, ‘The Secretary of the United Nations said something antisemitic.’ And the poor guy….why? Because the Mossad gave the order to do that.

And I can say for instance Gilad Shallit, you know, the Israeli soldier kidnapped by Hamas. In 24 hours, his name was known all over the world. I mean, even if it was an American general who was kidnapped, his name would never have been mentioned. Gilad Shallit, in 24 hours celebrated in the universe. And this is the work of the sayanim.

jacob-cohen-explains-the-sayanim-mossads-volunteer-agents.mp4 Of course, Jews bristle at the idea that there is any kind of worldwide “Jewish conspiracy“, but that’s exactly what Jacob Cohen here is describing. Jews would like us to just see this “hidden hand” as Jews helping out other Jews “in need”.

It reveals why it is absolutely essential to Jewish Power that they exercise a stranglehold on all major media and social networks.

They literally have an army of sayanim monitoring the internet 24/7 that is ready to attack anyone, especially politicians and public figures, who says anything remotely unflattering to Jews and Israel.

And they are working feverishly to enact new laws that make ‘antisemitism’ a prosecutable ‘hate crime’ that will land you in prison facing the death penalty.

If you follow the Jewish news outlets, they literally all carry the same stories about ‘antisemitism’ regardless of how trivial, like a high school teacher in rural New York who said something complimentary about Hitler.

Abe Foxman, the ‘former’ head of the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish supremacist organization with deep ties to the Mossad, once claimed the the “Holocaust” allegedly started with an antisemitic statement that went unchallenged — that a comment about Jews set the whole thing in motion.

Of course, the Holocaust never happened, but it’s essential for the Jewish supremacists to pretend that it did so as to keep their legions of critics at bay — Jews themselves have admitted it’s part of a trick to silence their critics.


The only propaganda I see is yours selectively disregarding every single structural shortcomings of the US welfare system (ranked 15 to 20 seats below most western countries by the UN) and pushing that doctrine as far as to present the middle class not being entirely poor as some sort of inherent quality for the world’s first economic power. And this is pathetic. And your credibility is furthetr aggravated when comparing it to a country many times smaller and with a population a third of its own, historically incomparable and anyway shaken repeatedly by nepotic authoritarianism,direct aggression on its once burgeoning democracy,followed by constant geopolitical instability and wars and now doubled with massive illegal sanctions that hamper every bit of its devlopment. The current regime has its own faults and abuses no doubt, I’m first to point them out while opposing Iran’s enemies as well,but it’s far from explaining in itself alone the dire level of distress its people are going through,contrary to what your ideological bias tirelessly tries to distort and push forward as fake news.

John Brown

Copying things is no new idea. Everything Israel sells and has are copies of what they steal from their USSA slaves.

Jens Holm

Yes, them too. Ha ha.

Many country cant even do that but are able to copy tomatoes and potatoe from South America.

Steve Standley

Both the Russians and the US have been working on drones in drone swarms. So are the israelis. In fact, the Marines are working on replacing their armored battalions with UAVs and UGVs, perhaps not drone swarms, but drones nonetheless. Swarms have obvious advantages. With advanced software, they can cooperate, deconflict, identify targets down to individual soldiers, and saturate every anti-aircraft defense system on the battlefield not to mention every other military asset, all without putting a single soldier in harms way. In particular, the US army sees drone swarms as an asset uniquely qualified to address the complexity of urban combat. If you don’t see drone swarms coming as a major battlefield asset, you’re not reading enough.


I take this opportunity to ask about fighter jet design. China is now able to produce its own modern jets and India is making progress. Is there any potential for collaboration in this field between Iran and China ? (just like forJF17) ? Thanks a lot Trolls are not required to answer

Ivan Freely

Absolutely there is potential. I don’t believe the Iranians want the JF-17. They’re probably eyeing on the J-10 and FC-31/35. Pompeo publicly lamented about China selling the J-10 to them (and probably with Transfer of Technology) in the Sino-Iranian security and trade deal (which have yet to be signed).


Apart from J-10 Iran is interested in heavy, new SU-30SM2.

Furkan Sahin

i hope Iran buy J-10 50 jets from China


Not just buying,… but transfer of tech and licensed local production of the jets, is the most important part for Iran.


What “collaboration”?! Producing “fighter jets together”? No. “Collaboration” based on what? China doesn’t need Iran to produce jets. Iran has only one reverse engineered 4th generation jet produced while China is whole level above that now. Chinese needed only Russian help (“Saturn”) in producing domestically made engines based on reverse engendered Russian engines. They had to make them more reliable and prolong their durability. To master single crystal turbine airfoils. Those things are done for lots of money not for “collaboration”.

Icarus Tanović

Just gotta love those guys. One can learn few tricks from them.

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