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Iran Accuse Saudia And USA Of Playing Role In Wednesday Tehran Terrorist Attacks

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Iran Accuse Saudia And USA Of Playing Role In Wednesday Tehran Terrorist Attacks

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei at graduation ceremony of Revolutionary Guard officers. May 20, 2015. Source: AP

In an official statement, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) accused both Saudi Arabia and the United States governments of playing a role in the Wednesday terrorist attacks in Tehran.

The attacks occurred only a week after the US-Arab meeting in Saudi Arabia that called to fight Iran. It is also worth mentioning that Saudi Defense Minister, Mohammed bin Salman, had promised to “move the battle to inside Iran” just days ago.

Deputy Commander of the IRGC Intelligence, General Mohammed Hussein Najat, said that “It’s not a coincidence that this two operation happened a week after the meeting, meaning that the USA and the Saudi regime ordered their mercenaries to carry out this attacks, and although many citizens and guardians of the revolution were injured or martyred, the terrorists and their masters didn’t achieve their goals.”

From its side, Saudi Arabia condemned the terrorist attack and its Foreign Minister, Adil al-Jubair, denied the accusation of involvement in the terror assaults. He stressed that Saudi Arabia is not aware whether the attackers were Saudi nationals. Qatar also condemned the terrorist attacks and confirmed that it stands against such acts.

The IRGC promised to retaliate against the terrorist attacks, where the official statement of the IRGC assured the Iranian people that “It will not be delayed for a moment in defending national security and preserving their lives.”

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zionist british yank saudi are the Terrorists.

Joe Doe

The biggest americans achievements after WW2 was to convince Arabs to slaughter each other.


So true

Real Anti-Racist Action

And World War two and the First World War was about convincing Europeans to slaughter.
I am seeing the patter now. They just play and repeat. Play and repeat.


Yep, they are still trying to convince Europeans to start slaughtering Russians. Thankfully most people don’t buy into that! Some idiots do though.

Real Anti-Racist Action

I agree. Europe and Russia should have never fought each other. Not when Sweden invaded. Not when France invaded Russia and Germany under Napoleon. And London and NY should have never financed the Red Revolution against the good Russian people.
No one in the world today has any logical reason to wish harm to Russia.
It is only emotionalism for not getting there way on every little thing that some bratty governments want to harm Russia.

gfsdyughjgd .

100%100% True.

Pave Way IV

Is anyone really surprised here? Iran has been thoroughly demonized and more intensely as of late. The Saudi/Israeli coalition has started to issue ultimatums to smaller Gulf states to pick a side – their anti-Iranian side. Qatar is only the first one. Kuwait is next. Any other potential dissenters like UAE members or Oman have been warned: hate Iran and support the upcoming war or you will be destroyed

Israeli-firster lobbyists have been all over the U.S and Trump to ‘convince’ them that the Saudi/UAE-sponsored terrorists are the good guys and the Qatari ones are the bad guys. The hilarious Saudi Global Center for Combatting Extremist Ideology (the glowing orb place) is suppose to convince everyone that the Wahabbi head-chopper nutjob Saudis are serious about combating un-approved terrorists this time. Kind of like how the Saudis were appointed to the UN Human Rights Council to show how they’re committed to human rights. So why all the theater? To disguise the heavy-handed muscling of Qatar and Kuwait to hate Iran more. Saudis: ‘You’re either with us or against us…”

The Iranian terrorist attack is just the next stage of war preparations. Best case is that Israel and the Saudis can provoke Iran into attacking them. That would automatically mean Trump has justification for the U.S. to jump in. Actually provoking Iran to start something is unnecessary though. The world just has to be convinced that Iran is sufficiently pissed at Israel/Saudi Arabia to do something. A simple false flag against Israel/Saudis/GCC blaming Iran is all that is required after that. The war with Iran has already started – the PR part anyway. The hot war can’t be far behind since KSA is forcing vassals to chose sides.


Yip the Saudis played a good game against trump buying load’s of arm’s worth Billions then they said it’s the Iranian government who are the biggest fundraiser for terrorist organisations​over the world,he doesn’t get told Iran hasn’t been behind any foreign terrorist action for along time then I found out Saudi Arabia is behind 96% of terrorist attacks in either manpower or money also they then blame Qatar for being the big donor of Sunni groups in weapons or money they have played a pretty good game don’t you think ,
If you do read this tell me where you from if you don’t mind !!!


Methinks the speed with which the Iranians now blame the Saudis is as ridiculous as the speed at which the West blamed Assad for the chemical attack in Khan Sheykhun. When it suits the Iranians are no different in this regard it would seem. And it probably suits them very well to blame the KSA because otherwise they would have to explain to their own public that they were caught with their pants down by ISIS.

And lets face it, the the words Saudis and actual competence in executing such an attack in the same sentence, that’s impossible.


I beg to disagree. When a foreign ruler announces that they are taking “the fight” inside your country you take notice, you are on the alert. When the attack then happens a week or so later you know who launched it because they announced it. Nothing like that in Khan Seikhoun. It is also worth noting that the crazy knife and hammer attacks in London and Paris came without any announcements, before or after. That is a sign that they are part of the intelligence agency fear campaigns designed to herd people in certain political directions.

gfsdyughjgd .

Qatar issue is expulsion of Turkey.Iran parliment attack was plan by Saudi,USA,m16 and CIA.Imediately after the attack the infor was pass on to ISIS to claim as their own attack.To be honest ISIS have no chance to penetrate Iran Security system.

gfsdyughjgd .

Saudi oil monachies are middle east big terrorist sponsored by British and Americans army.All the middle east countries attack were authorized by Saudi Arabia.Saddam,Gadafi,,sadam,melosevich,taliban,Hosni Mubarak,Assad attacking of Syrian Army troops.Again beautiful and rich Qatar is in their telescope for not dancing to Saudi devils kingdom songs.

gfsdyughjgd .

Iran always help fellow moslim,arab or any oppress country while USA/nato bread terrorism to safe guard Saudi arabia oil for their own benefit.

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