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“Invisible Hand of the Market”: Google Restricts Huawei’s Access to Android

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"Invisible Hand of the Market": Google Restricts Huawei's Access to Android

Illustration by The Next Web. Click to see full-size image.

Google suspended some business with Huawei, specifically one that requires the transfer of hardware, software and technical services except those publicly available via open source licensing, Reuters initially reported.

A Google spokesperson confirmed to both the Verge and Reuters was a result of US President Donald Trump’s executive order banning business with companies that are deemed a national security threat to the US, in addition to Huawei being blacklisted by the US Department of Commerce.

We are complying with the order and reviewing the implications,” a Google spokesperson told the Verge.

Owners of existing Huawei devices will still be able to use the apps and receive updates, this only concerns future holders.

“For users of our services, Google Play and the security protections from Google Play Protect will continue to function on existing Huawei devices,” the spokesperson said.

“Huawei will only be able to use the public version of Android and will not be able to get access to proprietary apps and services from Google,” Reuters’ anonymous source said.

Up until now, Google provided access, technical support and collaboration involving its own apps and services. That will stop.

Google apps such as Gmail, YouTube and the Chrome browser that are available through Google’s Play Store will disappear from future Huawei handsets as those services are not covered by the open source license and require a commercial agreement with Google.

This is a direct result of US President Donald Trump’s executive order on “Securing the Information and Communications Technology and Services Supply Chain” from May 15th.

In addition, the US Department of Commerce added Huawei to a list of blacklisted companies that can’t purchase parts and components from US entities.

Huawei, on May 16th, Huawei released a statement saying that the US actions were in no one’s interest and they would ultimately backfire.

According to the company, Washington’s decision would only weaken competition, slow down 5G innovation and actually be to the detriment of US users and companies.

On May 18th, Reuters reported that the US Commerce department was planning on scaling back some of the restrictions on Huawei.

It is considering issuing a temporary general license to “prevent the interruption of existing network operations and equipment,” a spokeswoman said.

This is to avoid the possible repercussions the US decision may have on global and specifically US supply chain.

Out of $70 billion Huawei spent buying components in 2018, some $11 billion went to U.S. firms including Qualcomm, Intel Corp and Micron Technology Inc.


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Jan Lavicka

uSS leftie nazi in charge

All your base are belong to us

Huawei, now you donate 1 bilion euro to the e.foundation (https://e.foundation/) that produces the /e/ (previously known as Eelo). Google’s (and the NSA’s) grip over the masses and countries outside the US will crumble in no time.


Huawei will now use their already available mobile operating system, and hopefully make it available to other manufacturers free of charge. This is one of the main pillars of alphabet, and I bet that Alphabet will raise the pressure on Trump to get this thing sorted out within weeks.

Joe Kerr

U.S. tech companies are already imploring Bibi’s orange buffoon to withdraw his Huawei sanctions. Nasdaq is now in free-fall.

Jens Holm

That incorrect. More like Your oxygen intake is in free-fall.


Much like someone catch cold and You hope they die. Pathetic…

Jens Holm

You are a little upside down. Trump is the agressive one in those matters, because China systematicly are cheeting the whole world and chnages are neeed.

We didnt open up for China to get plundered. It also was a part of that deal, we could go into the Chinese markets as equal as the Chinese can do here. We cant.

Very much as when germans was here in 1939 to 1945. Every time we sold them for 100 kroner, we got only 80 kroner back and we only could get, what they dont needed. The result was we xouldnt get advanced things and only got coal. By that a lot of the 80 kroner was used at all. In stead we got papers, so we later on when the germans had won WW2 could get, what we needed – maybee.

Jens Holm

Most of the world I know dont want Google to crumble. We want systems like that better regulated incl. taxpaying.

And if Google should should be reduced and others would take over, they should be restricted much better then Google, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger and the other ones does now as well.

I am very happy for what those systems are and do remember my first PC as well.

The same goes for, what muslims often name as Jewish ecomies with interests. Muhammed Economics anytime is crap compared to that.

Lazy Gamer

Cmon china, make your own os. Make it free, non surveilance, and intl language. Go and take that first step. There’s a monopoly waiting to be broken. You would be saving a lot of money from buying or using existing OS. If the US always get a cut in intl trade because of its currency, it also gets a cut in all cyber transactions because of OS intellectual property, and platform usage


Android is free, Huawei can still use it.

You can call me Al



Yup, they have gone rough. To Huawei, of course this sucks, and for whats left of Data chips/dips, prouced inside the banana republic, will evaporate, and die is silence, like their other uh….. large one, the despicable rotten and corrupt BoingBoing, certifyed even crapp, aka same shit, new wrapping, and thats not even an lie. Like Russia, this will force you to do something, and forget the Imperial banana republic Moronika.

Goolag, well, again, the wankees drools something about security threats, hell yeah, when Amazon vibrant ears and eyes, just to give you an ex. convers the entire neighboor hood, Cencuring, chips with f…. wide open barn doors built into them, and then we have Windows, all of them, run by Al-CIAeda, yup, of course, they got cranky because of reduced acsess, unlimited befor now, slipping inbetween their fingers, pathetic really, and this Huawei is an wurthy challange, once you do it your self I am certain, uSSa willl decline even faster, to be an nation run by primitive knuckle draggers camuflaged in Armani suits. I cant help it, to think in the long run, this, China and Huawei, is an gift. Yup, to be honest, based upon others expirience, my next phone will be Chines, and I thank the lord I can kick the wankeedoodles where it hurts, in their walets.

Boycot the terrorstate UssA to oblivion.


Toronto Tonto


Joe Kerr

Well then, show the way and get lost… Southfront is Russian in case you didn’t know, fart-brain.


He knows, it’s his job to be a dumb ass.


Internet is American you dumb ass

Joe Kerr

Last time I visited China, its net (including upcoming 5g) is all Chinese. Learn facts before posting, moron.


They have the big firewall of China and hopefully soon Russia will follow the example and we won’t find each other anymore :)


Need a firewall to quarantine american parasites like you.

Jens Holm


Jens Holm

It was invented by them. A lot has happend since then. The good as well as bad ideas are world spread.

The same s goes for naming western economics as jewish just because some Jews in the time of Muhammed had some very innovative ideas using interests.

It had and has very bad sides, but tsince then it has develloped a lot a a great succes even bad things are in it as well – and even new bad ones.

Tempting to compare with Comecon, China and India. Maybee its too complicated for arabs even one of them invented the zero.


The iternet is the world yankee shitstain.

Jens Holm

I dont think thats his point at all. He will think, say and write that anywhere he can – if it is a he :)

I have written to him, that I think better regulations & adjustments are needed. The he knows there are more then his oppinion – and the russians already knows that too.

Thats how free debate should be.

China sure. But Russia is Americans greatest ally! American Patriots (The Founding Fathers) got their loans and supplies from our Russian allies. Without Russia, there would have never been America. Russia is flesh of our flesh, and bone of the same bone. We are one tribe.

Joe Kerr

Don’t kid yourself, Russia’s with China on the BRI and the SCO, and currently in joint military exercises with China in the Sea of Japan. Its subs are currently stationed on rotation in the western Atlantic, ready to vaporise Israel’s U.S. slave colony into oblivion should your demented leader press his big button.

Jens Holm

Its a very wrong attutude. We do need them too, but regulations are needed.


Ban all ukrtanian rats and candian fags.

Jens Holm

I see no peace in Your comments.

Actually parts of the world works very hard in a lot of ways around bad things. One of the is to make those big companies pay tax as everybody else.

It cant be that companies fx here in Denmark make many millions in profit and not a single kroner in tax. My economy would be improved a lot, if I didnt pay tax.

Toronto Tonto

Excellent news EH .

Rhodium 10

Canada and Great Britain…2 little puppys dogs of USA owner…poor canadian now in jail in China as consecuence of Canada Govern being a US dog…

You can call me Al

“Canada and Great Britain…2 little puppys dogs of USA owner”

Oh bless you, you really have no idea who rules the roost do you ?.


EH. That’s how someone who visited the US a few times mimics Canadians, based on what he or she hears from Americans, eh? me’eyfo at?


Canadians are pathetic wannabe Americans, who are infected with to much Ukrainian vermin.


Also Canadian men are the most pathetic lot of manginas I have ever met, no wonder why you a bunch of pathetic passive aggressive alcoholics and drug addict. Your a servant culture and you have no real identity.

Joe Kerr

The U.S. is getting desperate. China needs to understand that Israel’s bankrupted U.S. mafia run slave colony is interested in one thing only- domination by any method. Either you stand up and fight or lay down and surrender. Banning Boeing (on security grounds), dumping U.S. T-bonds and stopping the export of rare-earths to the U.S. would be a good start.


or preventing exports of electronic goods with final destination US would do the job.

Jens Holm

Its very complicated USA as well as other countries also need a lot of reforms. USA fx educate less then they should and gets too few to the middle class, which is the base for US welth.

The USA is growing wrong by low educated doing low educated things by import of low paid labour. I agree with Trump about that.

But he forget they have more and more lousy and even so bad school systems for upgrading USA to the good old days of silicon valley. More like tomuch ends inthe pockets of people doing too little for the country.

Jens Holm

Trump is not USA.

Boing is not banned. They today fly close to 10.000 airplanes every day. Its only the new 737 version which seemes to have had a very bad system.

Even Iran mainly flies boing 737s.


Google security…is that a fucking joke or what?

Jens Holm

True, but I think we will handle it and take the bad things away. The miracles are there according a lot of things,which are very good.

I kind of compare it with open borders inside EU for trade as wellas people. Its a vey good thing and makes thing grow.

But we also see crime pass those borders hiding much easier. We therefore has to pay the price having another kind of police and fx taxsystems.

Free speeach in Democrasy is kind of same thing. There are limits, but You actually has much more possibility to debate things and say things, which offend others. Thats one of the problems with Facebook, Google a.s.o. as well.

Things which are allowed and normal here is strictly forbidden and taken away seen as crime in other countries. Its seen here at these sites. A lot about us is totally as we are mad ones. A lot cant be mentioned with one word, because its tabu. Even our art in museums, churches and as world famous photos are filtered.

So we have to handle Google but not only the socalled security part. Being open about a lot of things has to be handled much different and much better as well.


I don’t see a big lose for Huawei other than Google Maps. Has anyone a smart answer for that?


Goofle maps is not something needed, if better map application like herewego exist. Noone need the tracking through google maps anyway.


No, I need google maps pretty often in order to find pubs and dates, I’m one of those who walk on street looking at google maps. But I suspect that Huawei users will still be able to access G maps since H will still use Android

Jens Holm

Yes,I use google very much as well as Wikipedia as first choise often crosschecking.

So far android seemes to be the best. As for Google and fx Facebook and Twitter I do expect them replaced or improved.

Jens Holm

Google and Google maps is the best we ever has and has the great majority by Gmail as well.

Telling we dont need it is very strange. Its only true, that parts of it also is a generation thing, which like fx mobile phones going from G4 to G5 is.

I remember music in single and LPs, then big tapes and then small ones. I remember everybody, which could effort is had an walkman. And what do we have now.

So I see a Google of today being improved or replaced. We do have a lot of others, but we dont have searchmachines better then that. The chines ones has many members, but they also are very censured as well as the rest of the country.

Jens Holm

Huawei has succes expanding in the whole world. Restrictions about that will as a minimum delay that a lot.

If the restrictions remains Huawei willbe treated as We and Google does in China. Thats fair trade even slowed down – isnt it.


Google apps such as Gmail, YouTube and the Chrome browser that are available through Google’s Play Store will disappear from future Huawei handsets…

That’s true, as evident by the overnight “disappearance” of some Iranian apps from the users’ devices, without any kind of consent, warning or notification (neither to the app developer nor the user). As simple as that.

I hope that manners such as this one give birth to a truly open source, espionage-free and popular operating system for hand-held devices, something like the Linux-based firmware for routers or STBs. There currently are a few Linux OS versions for handhelds, but in reality nobody knows them except a few geeks or the people who really, really care about their information. With a few Chinese giants like Huawei and Xiaomi (and even better, with participation of the Russian newcomers like Yotaphone) it may change.

Google is proving everyday that it’s just another tool of oppression, the exact opposite of what it presented itself in distant years, when they started to confront Yahoo, MSN and AltaVista (RIP!). Now they are even in the business of hiring mercenaries and regime change!


In CZ, Seznam quickly replaced GOOGLE as main search engine for Czechs without such duress. I would expect similar developments elsewhere as GOOGLE loses market share with such shinanegans.


Exactly they don’t use Google in China anyway. This is just more American propaganda.


Well, I found out today Google is just the tip of the iceberg. All the Chinese phones use American chips and a very small part in China but with semiconductors purchased from Taiwan.

Jens Holm

Thats right. We are in a world market even for very advanced things.

EU is angry too.

Parts of it reminds us about USSR and Comecon, which likes to sell us products cheeper then we could buy the rwmateriels for. China is better then that, but its unfair trade with subsidized products in the worst kind of way.


I hope they get taxed as much as possible because I’m sick of buying new flip-flops every time I forget to take them off at the shower

Jens Holm

Good tax and enough control especial for the big incomes are important for flip-flops too :)

If I decided long time used things should be produced for used for many years. I only use flipfloppers a couple of months in summertime.

But I shave everyday. They can produce electric as manual shawers with steel which not has to be changed and changed again and again. My head and beard dont change much aprt from I have some few grey hairs here anbd there.

I dont need to buy a new model and even spareparts for the electric shawer is very expensive. Bad productions like that should not be allowed.

I also have problems in cars. Its much more important to ,e it drives more km pr liter and dont get rusty then most other things. Denmark often has a lot of water in the air.


It needs cheaper alcohol and bang! perfect country

Jens Holm

Thats the whole point. Welet the Chines in, but we are not allowed to go into their very protected markets.

Its no propaganda but facts and they send us things produced by them supported by the Goverments.

EU see the same, and we now tax them and probatly will tax them even more.

Brother Ma

Sorry friend ,I am a technophobe . What is an example of a” linux based firmwear for routers “? How do i get it? What can i load it on? How does it help me for privacy? Also “There currently are a few Linux OS versions for handhelds, but in reality nobody knows them except a few geeks or the people who really, really care about their information…”

Have you seen the post put down lower by USER( All your bases are belong to us)? Can you comment or add to what they have said please? I would appreciate it.


For routers I have experience with DD-WRT and Open WRT. They can be installed on WLAN routers (Cisco, Linksys). I didn’t have much success on using them on Modem/Routers. They offer and unlock a good deal of features with increased security on the supported devices. DD-WRT website OpenWRT project Lookup your device’s brand and model in their list of supported devices. There’s good documentation on both sites which helps you through installation. My advice is if you have no experience in flashing devices such as smartphones or other electronics, get your hands on an older supported model and use it to gain confidence. To my knowledge, “All your base are belong to us” is right. Currently the supported devices are very limited and installation is not without it’s problems. Even if you manage to flash your device successfully, there’s the problem of applications. You device will function, but will be limited in functionality. The most successful of them all is Tizen but instead of Smartphones, it’s primary developer (Samsung) aside from a few phones chose to use it in smart watches and TVs.

I’ve been waiting for some time for Librem 5 to be released and it seems I have to wait some more.

Ubuntu Touch seems very promising (although with some weird anomalies on some devices), it supports a number of devices and theoretically can be installed on any device, given the user has some experience. In short, no commercial or headache-free option for smartphones yet.

The biggest problem for developing an open source OS for smartphones is funding. Such projects need money to continue and get results. Sometimes a funder appears, injects money but steers the whole project in a direction away from what the original founders envisioned.

My personal opinion is gathering data is not inherently a bad thing, if the user has control over what to send and what to keep. Unfortunately the greed kicks in and changes everything. This manner opened it’s way into computers too, we’ll see how far Microsoft and Apple will go.

Brother Ma

Thanks Garga.


Bad news for you, both Yotaphone and Huawei use American processors. If was easy to make their own they would have made them til now.


The newcomer Yotaphone uses Qualcomm processors, correct, but Huawei manufactures it’s own HiSilicon processors. So far they licensed AMR designs (British) and some from Vivante for older graphic cores (HQ in the US, R&D is in China), who knows what will happen in the following years?

If USG had access to Huawei tech, there wouldn’t be such hysteria to ban it all together. What I hope is the Chinese act better than the Americans, meaning less espionage from the users. Time will tell.


HiSilicon manufactures a smaller part of the Huawei phone components, the CPU’s are made by Qualcomm. HiSilicon is years behind Qualcomm and it imports semiconductors from Taiwan – which in case of escalation can stop that too. All good phones CPU’s are made by Americans.


Dude, ever heard about Kirin? It’s used in almost all their handhelds. They are still need some US components but there’s nothing like “need”. It forces you to do things you thought were impossible. With this attitude from the US, Huawei and other companies, any entity that makes the US feel threatened must innovate, adapt and find a way or die, guess which one will they choose?

All your base are belong to us

There are no viable Linux alternatives for smart phones and tablets at the moment. Those Linux versions that “work” only do so partially without propper touch screen or other partially working functionalities and only for older smart phones. Even the commercial Ubuntu and Firefox which hardly do any better than Android on privacy level were not able to deliver or compete with Android. Tizen which is not that good seems to stall leaving only /e/ which is already in an advanced stage and Librem (Linux) which keeps postponing it’s go live date but from what I get will only work on specific devices as opposed to smart devices in general. There are some other systems but these are rebranded Android’s using all the Google services and/or act in the same way as the “free” Android does and sell you out 24/7 pinpointing your exact location to the meter every second and feeding your personal data, conversations, pictures and thoughts to Google’s databases under the watchful eye of US government agencies. I bet Dilma Ruseff is too retarded to understand what exactly hit her just as most career politicians.

About /e/ which is in beta now and for now can only be installed by flashing your smartphone:

“This will probably be the first fully ‘un-Googled’ Android-based smartphone to hit the market ever,” writes Slashdot reader getupstandup1: The /e/ smartphone will start to ship soon, on high-grade refurbished smartphones. While more and more people are concerned about privacy, it’s interesting to see such initiatives, especially considering that it was started by someone who is coming from the Linux distro world.

Gaël Duval started this non-profit project after realizing “he was more and more using proprietary software — Apple and Android,” and “felt trapped inside those Internet giants’ ecosystems that use personal data to fuel their business models,” according to the /e/ web site.

“We think that /e/ can have a global, worldwide impact as a major open source project in the public interest. It will help by freeing users from personal data spying and advertising. /e/ is about freedom and privacy in the digital world.”

They’re now asking interested phone-buyers to “register” their interest in one of their high-grade refurbished (Samsung) smartphones “by clicking on the button located underneath your smartphone of choice, and leaving your contact details so we can come back to you when these phones will be available.”

Let’s hope the Chinese don’t go begging on their knees before Trump’s feet (for Android, the Huawei CFO, no more South China sea provocations and trade tariffs) but instead show some ball’s and amongst others come with some descent (Android-free) solution.


“I bet Dilma Rousseff is too retarded to understand what exactly hit her just as most career politicians.”

I but your too retarded to understand that Android is open source? Google can only restrict usage of their commercial apps.


The major problem with the linux based os for smartphone is the driver avilability. Given china actually manufactures many parts for smart phones, its only a matter of diverting their resources to write drivers for different os, and building chinese indigenous hardware and software without reliance on foreign technology. Still this might takes at least half a decade for the result to mature.

I agree though this will be painful for chinese tech industry, but in the long run, this trade wars and sanction will only accelerate chinese indegenous r&d further. China might be able to get some assistance from a friendly country in western europe, ie: germany

It is interesting to see whats China response going to be

Brother Ma

Exact locarton to the meter? Isnt that an exaggeration? Or a joke? If i switch of location and gps ability ,will they realy know me to the metre or just to within maybe a circle between let us say three or more cell towers ie maybe 300 m?


Forget the toys, on a serious note, it seems China might ban exports of rare earths to the US?

Joe Kerr

It’s being discussed. Initially probably not a blanket ban, but a stepped process e.g. price hikes followed by restrictions etc. Similarly with U.S. T-bonds, which China reduced/stopped buying in March. It’ll be death by a thousand cuts for the U.S. economy, not an immediate decap.

So what. Each nation needs to know how 100% to implement their own stuff. Nothing from China belongs in the US. And nothing from the US belongs in China. Americans are not slaves to China and we can do within our own borers whatever we want to any time we want to, and we are not sorry.


As it shows Americans are not anymore able to to within their own borders, what they want. Through all these fake shootings, fake bombings and hidden removal of their constitutional rights as well as the cancellation of the Magna Carta as the key principle in the juridical system, US is a unfree country with less democratic freedom then e.g. Syria.

Joe Kerr

Ever since Lincoln was assassinated, the U.S. has been a slave for zion… 9-11, the USS Liberty and your President’s cowering to Bibi is all the proof required.


I have the impression of a drowning person, unable to swim, which kicks and beats the water to stay afloat, and harms potential saviors. With all announcements coming from US towards China, Iran, Venezuela, Arabs etc. recently, it looks like that US is struggling to keep afloat

Jens Holm

I dont see that at all. I see Trump do rocking the boat and some water comming in. Most can see he pretend he is some mad scientist in a bad populistic way for Internal use.

After him I will expect some President not many like, but we can rely. I fo have hopes for,it could be a little better for them and us too. Well us is not the usual enemies or non friends of ours :)

My best hope could be some Hillary mild as Sanders haha. Sanders as Vicepresident for greta parts of Internal affaires could be fine.

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