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Investigation American Style

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Investigation American Style

Originally appeared at Kerb, translated by Carpatho-Russian exclusively for SouthFront

At the beginning of October occurred something inconceivable – military airplanes conducted a bomb attack on the hospital of the international organization Doctors without Borders in Kunduz (Afghanistan). People were killed. Let us see how the investigation is proceeding.

It wasn’t possible to keep it quiet, and the bombing attack to hospital evoked widespread public outcry. As a result, the affair was not concluded by Obama’s desultory apology, and even the head of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon, demanded an investigation.

Next day, helping to justify the USA, the governor of the Afghan province of Kunduz declared that the territory of hospital was used as a base by Taliban fighters.

It turned out that this is not very true. Immediate reaction of the head of the Doctors without Borders organization, Christopher Stocks, followed.

First, Stocks indignantly rejected the charge of the disposition of a Taliban base on the hospital grounds. And secondly, reasonably noticed: “These statements mean that the Afghan and American forces operating in common, decided to raze to the ground completely functioning hospital with more than 180 employees and patients”.

The affair began to smell of kerosene!

In rapid manner, a team composed of officials of the USA, NATO, and Afghanistan was formed, with the task of conducting an impartial investigation.

It is a little strange, of course, that the impartial investigation is conducted exclusively by the persons involved in a crime. There is a persistent feeling of deja vu … I already saw this somewhere …

Ah, I remember! The investigation of the Malaysian Boeing catastrophe , brought down over the territory of Ukraine. The commission conducting the investigation is created exclusively from anti-Russian oriented countries that support the criminal clique which seized power in Ukraine. The countries which prior to the beginning of the investigation contrived to accuse Russia, and subsequently undertook to ignore the facts provided by Russia.

But I digressed. Let us return to to the investigation of the tragedy in Afghanistan. The group that was set up is boldly conducting the investigation !

A team of officials of the USA, NATO, and Afghanistan, breaking on a tank through a hospital gate, burst onto the territory of the hospital complex!

Such delicate methods of conducting the investigation can serve only two purposes — intimidation and destruction of material evidence!

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