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Intra-Kurdish Violence Erupts In Iraqi Kurdistan As Its President Resigns

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Intra-Kurdish Violence Erupts In Iraqi Kurdistan As Its President Resigns

On Sunday, angry protestors stormed the Iraqi Kurdistan Region Parliament after it accepted Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani resignation, and his plan to distribute his powers between the Kurdistan Region Government (KRG), the Parliament and the Judicial Council temporarily, according to Reuters News Agency.

Kurdish sources reported that most protestors were supporters of Barzani and his Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP). The sources added that some protestors were even armed, and reported gunshots around and inside the parliament.

The Kurdish sources also said that some Kurdish MP are still besieged inside the parliament building by the angry protestors. Most of the Kurdish MPs who were attacked by the protestors were from the Gorran Movement that oppose Barzani policies.

The Kurdish-Iraqi news TV channel NRT said that the its reporter Rebwar Kakaiy has been injured severely after being attacked by angry protestors near the parliament building.

Meanwhile, Barzani  stressed in a televised speech that he refuses any extension to his term in office beyond November 1. Barzani also stressed that he will serve as a Peshmerga in the struggle for the Kurdistan Region independence.

Barzani also said that the Kurdistan Region independence referendum was not the reason behind the latest Kurdish-Iraqi crisis. Barzani add that the he still prefers dialogue over war. However, he stated that he is ready to fight in case of war.

“Even if the referendum wasn’t held, there was a plan to attack Kurdistan areas and destabilize the situation in the Kurdistan Region. The culture in Baghdad hasn’t changed … We don’t want bloodshed. We want the problems to be resolved through dialogue. But if you [the Iraqi Federal Government] intend to wage war, we will choose death and won’t allow our honor to be broken,” Barzani said during his speech.

Barzani also called the quick Kurdish retreat from a major part of the disputed areas including Kirkuk city a “treason.” Kurdish sources believe that Barzani was referring to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) that refused to fight the Iraqi Army in Kirkuk.

“The Peshmerga and all the people of Kurdistan were stabbed in the back by a poisonous dagger,” Barzani added.

In a related development, an Iraqi official told France Press Agency (AFP) that the Iraqi Army and the Kurdish Peshmerga force reached a deal during the Mosul meeting that was sponsored by the US.

According to the AFP, the deal would allow the Iraqi Federal Government to deploy its forces in the strategic Faysh Khabur border crossing on the Syrian-Iraqi border.

The timing of the deal suggests that Barzani wanted it to happen after he announced his resignation from the Kurdistan Region presidency. Barzani is clearly trying to avoid the responsibility for the negative results of the September 25 independence referendum that was organized by him and his party.

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Tudor Miron

What a snake! (Barzani)

Solomon Krupacek

fake snake


He is a crypto Jew :)

Zainab Ali

this guy is supported by the devils on earth and should go back to hell avic where he belongs


The offices of both Gorran and PUK parties are set on fire in Zakho, by Barzani “fans”.


Tiresia Branding

honor!? fake people had honor? lol


Good stuff. I would love to have seen the look on Bibi’s face when he found out about the Iraqi government restoring their authority over Kirkuk – he would have been squeezing his little plastic Hassan Nasrallah toy like crazy. God bless the Iraqi, Iranian and Syrian Armies! God bless Hezbollah! Death to the empire of Satan!

Pave Way IV

Nettanyahu’s face probably looked a lot like McCains when he heard about Kirkukcomment image

Solomon Krupacek

the kurdish rulett.

in erbil is an old house. in the old house an old room. on the old room four corners. in each corner is one old chair. in four old chairs sit serious dude, matt, kennethlindsay and durchnational. all four guys, sitting in old chairs in corners of old house´s old romm, is one old colt. in each old colt there are 3 old bulletts. randomly. when barzani sneezes, the four guys in old cahirs in corners of old room in old jhouse start to shot wizh old guns on the neighbour on the left side and the right side. if the neighbour falls, shoot the guy in the opposite corner. the last living wins.

Daniel Castro

Wins the one who bribed Barzani more money to arm the pistols of others with faulty ammo…


Barzani Must Go!

jim crowland

We in the Christian West must have never surrender the Middle East after WWII. We must have organized the area. The Shia with their country in the south of Irak , A Sunny country with parts of Syria and Iraq. A Secular State with Palestine and Lebanon: Muslims Christians and Jews living together. The Kurds with their homeland,Constantinople and Esmirna and other regions to Greece and minimize the ottomans to their pure Turkish area. We must convince Christians Russians to help re organize the whole area and stop all these crazy people from killing themselves……………..

Pave Way IV

So, a region of religious apartheid states… just like Israel and Saudi Arabia. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

Jonathan Cohen



Abortion is for children. Children in adult body that refuse to be responsible to their action.

Rodney Loder

Allah is often forging don’t forget, Muslims believe in a 90 day cooling off period where abortions are acceptable, the poor little baby just has to go back in the queue.

Daniel Castro

But Jonathan probably supports aborting rights all the way to the eighth month… that’s the way of satanic SJWs, they claim the right to be evil.

Rodney Loder

China was bad, and is bad like that, it wasn’t so bad before when Mao Zedong was in charge population was seen as a blessing, the more the better, however automation will replace the need for workers in China so 2 child policy will probably stick, compared to India it makes sense, where is Allah coming from does He want us to become cannibals, for the sake of a moral principal, there is no Hadith to cover this and it’s not mentioned in the Qur’an, there are two explanations for this occurrence.
End time comes before the culmination of Capitalism.
The other one is that Allah does not want to be existential, which for all practical purposes means that He doesn’t exist.
Fortunately I am in a position to solve this riddle before it’s too late.

Daniel Castro

“The other one is that Allah does not want to be existential, which for all practical purposes means that He doesn’t exist.”

This reminded me of Omar Khayyam… lol

Rodney Loder

I’m really not clever like Omar Khayyam, I think your laughing at me but it may not be the case so I’ll take it as a compliment thanks.

Daniel Castro

It just reminded me of how he would rationalize some form of atheism when in his heart he couldn’t stop believing.

Rodney Loder

I did that rationalised thing and it didn’t get me a God dammed thing, after promising everything, so, how about this,in honour of Comrade Stalin and his bimbo daughter, Svetlana Alliluyeva,
I wondered too at first but then when I saw that lead and sawdust wouldn’t combine to be stardust rising out of the furnace of time being driven by a cold hearted audience that had to be pampered with milk from the cow in my head and that also I was suspicious but I didn’t notice that they called on me to console the night which was missing the day and both were apart from me in lala land all that was left was a quote from Stalin’s Daughter, page 218. (Yuri Tomsky marries Svetlana), Shortly after they married, Svetlana put him in her car and brought him here to the sea.However, the house of arts did not allow them to stay there without a vacation package. They spent their honeymoon in her car-and what could they do- they had to carry out basic tasks. Svetlana tried to cook something. And a rumour started going around the House of Arts which quickly gathered lots of onlookers on the shore: a Princess doing chores’. How did I do rate my poem ?.

Daniel Castro

Cool, keep on writing man.

It’s hard for me to compare you to the great Khayyam, as I don’t speak arab, you probably can enjoy his poems much better than me, however even his translated version I have here on my shelf is one of the better works I have read in my life.

Rodney Loder

OK thanks man.


I’m atheist but i wouldn’t deny the good people that having been practices their faith in their upbringing.
Very few of my atheistic friend lived modestly as opposed to the one who practices their religion seriously.

Back to the topics of abortion did you know that there’s an abortion method that can be pursued in legal way even before all this abortionist issue commotion ? It enable the women that is unfit or too weak physically to bear children that at risk or with special circumstances such as rape victims to abort in hospital. The procedures can be taken if the pregnancy is still early that the women can safely abort without lasting damage to themselves.
The point is there’s no need for ridiculous abort at will things had we’re all responsible adults with all pregnancy prevention and early detection is available considered.

Rodney Loder

I sort of assumed that option was available for some women, it was a medical decision I believe not a moral one, that takes me back even further when people didn’t know how conception took place they believed both male and female had to have an orgasm at the same time for conception to take place, so if woman was raped and became pregnant she was not raped at all.
None of this is relevant today I think only two things are, abusing Allah’s gift to humanity which is to be able to choose sex and fertility.And second is the Civil Society ramifications of Allah’s gift which is humans being able to have laws based on instinct “not” having anything to do with sex, well TR Malthus saw it that way and I agree with his analysis, it’s a pity he didn’t really give an opinion on the contemporary abortion issue although he certainly did understand that abortion was a solution to a problem by wicked people.who the wicked people are he didn’t say, it could be the Neoconservative Globalists.


Christian told Muslims to do that Muslim told Christian to do this. Back and forth back and forth.
The truth is none have the right to impose their own value or ideals towards other especially people residing in their own homeland much less by force.
By the way if you still believe Christian value of the west which pretty much dying or already nonexistent you should taken action to stop the west coalition ongoing invasion and condemned such act.

Daniel Castro

You forgot the 600 pounds red gorilla on the historic room… europe was in shambles, how could you organize anything at that point?

Best thing you can do is leave the area for good and never again meddle, never again return… stop this imperialist mentality.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Actually it is not our problem.
We just need to force all Western forces out forever.
The ME invented Math and Science and Astronomy.
Let them figure it out. It has nothing to do with you aside from your government interfering.
Live and let live, we belong messing there no more then the Arabs have a right to mess in ethnic indigenous Irish affairs.


This is the best way this shity proxy war Kurds to kill each other and eat each other will be the best

Michael Qiao

@South Front, is info@southfront.org the email address of this website?


They’d think the US and Israel unofficial promise can get them through against objections of their neighbors. They were wrong.
Another cases of people that deluded themselves with propaganda. Their own propaganda no less.

Rodney Loder

Brazani’s father was the architect of this mad man’s career, I Prophesied he wouldn’t survive, I know I wasn’t Robinson Crusoe, but my informants in Heaven told me about The DPRK 2012 when their missiles were crap, ever wondered just how hard it is to manufacture a single stage missile motor or multi stage come to that,? I eventually broke out from total containment as an incestuous peadophile paranoid schizophrenic, incarcerated at the Governor’s Pleasure, hay get this, now these creepy little Christian grubs are begging to be my friend, there are many reasons for the turn around one big one is North Korea.


Give him death. Kurdistan is a dream. A bad one.

Rafik Chauhan

barzani trying to create sectarian nature before he leave presidency . Many kurds doesn’t want independence its only KDP run by barzani thugs want independence. which is only 20percent.KDP has already shwn their true nature by attacking other party who don’t support independence from Iraq and choose to stay with Iraqi brother.


“Even if the referendum wasn’t held, there was a plan to attack Kurdistan areas and destabilize the situation in the Kurdistan Region. The culture in Baghdad hasn’t changed … We don’t want bloodshed. We want the problems to be resolved through dialogue. But if you [the Iraqi Federal Government] intend to wage war, we will choose death and won’t allow our honor to be broken,” Barzani said during his speech.”

Which is laughable. They never heed Baghdad calls to enter talk and halt the referendum and especially want a bloodshed to occur in the dispute. Even decided to use fake news to fan the sectarian division.

The Farney Fontenoy

Like a true politician, he’s walked away from any responsibility and the place can go to hell for all he cares, leaving the squabbling masses at each other’s throats. This is good in a way, as it’s crystal clear there is no consensus within the Kurds about the leadership or even politics in general, they are a group of petty tribes who prefer to fight with each other rather than addressing external issues.
They will never progress to statehood.


While the Kurds may deserve freedom, they should 1st try and achieve democracy amongst themselves.

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