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Intra-Kurdish Tensions In Iraqi Kurdistan Region Leave 16 Protestors Killed, 90 Injured – Reports

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Intra-Kurdish Tensions In Iraqi Kurdistan Region Leave 16 Protestors Killed, 90 Injured - Reports

Clashes between protesters and security forces of the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in the area of Ranya left 16 protesters dead and over 90 injured, according to local sources covering the tensions.

On December 19, the riots entered the second day after with a demand to pay delayed salaries and to provide enhanced services. According to reports, KRG security forces opened fire at protestors in response to the riots.

However, the number of casualties among protestors still has to be verified because the both sides use social media to spread propaganda.

On the same time pro-KRG media reported that demonstrators opened fire at a local office of the ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) loyal to former KRG President Massoud Barzani.

Demonstrators also reportedly torched some offices of the KDP.

A curfew was also declared in the areas of Chamchamal and Kafri after demonstrations had erupted there.

The KRG has been facing a significant pressure since the illegal independence referendum held in the KRG-held area in September. The KRG was not able to use the referendum for its own interest. In turn, it lost a number of contested areas and faced an additional pressure on the regional and international levels. Then KRG President Barzani resigned.

Now, the region is facing an internal political crisis.

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Expo Marker

The Iraqi Kurdish government used to recieve lots of money from the national budget, but ever since the prime minister Haider al-Abadi made the move to push the Kurds north, he also stopped giving bonuses to the KRG.


Barzani used to hold Kirkirk, 40 % of Iraq’s oil . Problem was it was not Kurdish territory by law .
When the Iraqi government reclaimed it , Barani’s illegal hand was exposed .

Jonathan Cohen



Do you remeber south-sudan. South-sudan was pushed to independence bu israel and USA to cut oil from Sudan. Then, south-sudan suffered and is suffering from starvation, muredering, violence, …..

That’s was will happen to every american and israeli slaves. Slaves don’t understand that israelis even don’t consider them. They just use them.

You like israel. You like USA. Pay the price, it’s not free.


And Saudi Arabia did nothing for stop south-sudan independence. But now, Sudanese are helping Saudi Arabia for Yemen. I don’t why people like their ennemies.


The traitor Barzani fled with the kurd’s money. They will now be vulnerable to Extremists recruitment.
The US is probably behind this.
The last thing Irak needs is trouble up north.
You gotta hand it the us-israeli coalition, they stir up Sh!t whenever possible, creative chaos they say.


The ordinary Iraqi Kurds don’t have anyone to blame but themselves. The vast majority of them openly and willingly went along with the Anglo-Zionist terrorist project and aligned themselves with their interests. Despite repeatedly warning from all their neighbors and the open secret that Barzani is a Zionist agent they still rallied behind him.

Part of this is due to the false Zionist created Kurdish identity they have been brainwashed with. Kurdish nationalism is an entirely modern concept similar to Ukrainian nationalism, it simply has no historical roots and requires a tremendous amount of re-writing of history and ignoring the vast majority of actual Kurdish history to become legitimate. Most ordinary Kurds in Iraq (And I assume in Turkey as well) have latched on to these fake Zionist created faery tales and believe themselves to be some legitimate ancient nation with its own unique history, etc. Removing themselves from these delusions is the first step toward a more sane and logical approach to their political life. Kurds need to pick up a legitimate history book and stop watching Zionist created Jewtube propaganda lies that just makes them feel good.


The Israelis have been creating false history for 70 years trying to fabricate their claim to Palestine.


A phony ‘nation’ with a phony history occupied by phony European Jews with a phony history.

Tudor Miron

Assad is a butcher? How about this freedom loving deomocracy guards? It seems that Kurdish security forces know how to please their zio masters – kill more goyim.

Solomon Krupacek

Assad IS bloody dictator. But better 1 Assad than 5 jihadist leaders.

jason sixx

Lol solomon jewchek has something dumb to say for a change




Yeah, now that the US are doubling down on Kurdistan there is no longer any reason to make to trap look good and the Kurdish internal differences small. Pretty soon all of it will be quicksand with uncle Sam stuck in the middle.

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