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Interview With Sheikh Al-Senussi: Elections In December Last Chance For Peace In Libya

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Submitted by Piero Messina.

“The elections scheduled for December 24 in Libya are the last chance to restore peace in Libya. If the electoral round does not take place in a regular and transparent way, Libya risks falling again into the chaos of a civil war ”. – This is the message that Sheikh Al-Senussi Al-Haleq Al-Zawi, Vice President of the Supreme Council of Libyan Tribes, sends to the international community.

Sheikh Al-Senussi Al-Haleq Al-Zawi has decided to run for the next political elections at the end of the year. He is the President of the Zawi Tribe Council and Vice President of the Supreme Council of Libyan Tribes.

The same alert on the risks of tension in Libya on the eve of the electoral process comes from the international community. In recent days, diplomatic tensions have been recorded with the Embassies of Italy, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States in Libya, which have sent a note to the Tripoli authorities on the issue of elections.

Recalling UN Security Council Resolution 2570, Western diplomatic offices appeal to facilitate the December 24, 2021 elections and to agree on the constitutional and legal basis for voting by July 1.

“In addition to the provisions on a political and security level, preparations at a technical and logistical level will be crucial”, reads the note in which the embassies say they believe that “this is not the time for disruptive changes in the competent bodies”.

The Libyan High Council of State replied immediately, labeling what is known as “interference in Libya’s internal affairs”.

“The violation of Libyan sovereignty is not only linked to the presence of foreign mercenaries on the ground, but also to attempts at external political diktats that are categorically rejected”, reads the note from the High Council of State, which also states “the need to carry out the elections according to the established times “, or next 24 December,” on solid constitutional bases “and” reaffirms the independence of the Libyan decision “.

However, according to Sheikh Al-Senussi Al-Haleq Al-Zawi, the support of the international community for Libya is needed today.

“The international community must follow and accompany the Libyan elections. We have no other choice to get out of the chaos. We have to get out of the impasse and we can only do it with these elections. Of course, the sovereignty of the Libyan people must be respected. It is important that Libyans are free to decide their own path and that foreign nations do not put up obstacles. But we need the help of the international community, even with technological platforms that guarantee the certainty of fair elections. Elections in December are the last chance for Libya “.

According to information gathered by Sheik Senussi, the risk of irregularities is high.

“The Libyan Electoral Committee must resolve a serious anomaly – he explains – starting from the control of electoral lists, registers and codes that will allow people to vote. To date, there is a frightening number of irregular voters, this situation could distort the elections. We cannot pretend that the problem does not exist. If the elections are not held in a regular and transparent way, Libya risks falling again into the chaos of a civil war. The elections must be true and just ”.

“A strong and clear message must be sent to the Libyan people – says the vice president of the Council of Tribes – explaining that this consultation must be dealt with in a serious way. We must have confidence in the electoral process and ensure correct participation. Whoever wins, the result must be accepted. Of course, if only a few were to vote, a complicated crisis would open up ”.

“It is time to choose our representatives well. We must select the ruling class of the future. I hope that this time the Libyans do not vote on the basis of belonging to a group. It is true, we are tempted to do so historically. There are no political parties, but now we have to close this ten-year parenthesis. This time we must say no to extremism: we are looking for builders of peace and solidarity. And it is also right to give space to young people to lead Libya. We must entrust the future of the country to them ”.

“Historically, these elections can demonstrate that the Libyan people are united and linked. Our nation is based on a tribal organization, but it is also true that the Libyan tribes have become one big family. This is why I am increasingly convinced that the national reconciliation project is the starting point. It is true that Libya’s recent history seems to show the opposite, but this depends not on the people but on some subjects who have aimed at personal power. They have created disorder and chaos, going against the interests of the people ”.

In terms of international relations, Sheyk Senussi imagines that Libya should start from a blank page.

“We must be ready to have relations with all foreign countries without excluding anyone. It is important that our interlocutors work for the stabilization of Libya and that there is a principle of reciprocity and respect. Libya must be a free country and decisions about our future cannot be taken outside our borders ”.

In the recent past Sheyk Senussi had been very critical of Turkey and Qatar.

“We have no foreclosures on anyone, as long as foreign nations do not intervene in Libya’s internal affairs. For sure, we cannot go back in history and we will not accept a new colonization policy. To anyone who thinks of this modality, I say that there can be no dialogue and we will defend our right to self-determination “.


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The Objective

Pretty tough declaration by one of the fake sheikh (where did he get his Islamic education that earns him the title of Sheikh? This guy is pretty irreligious from his biography and grossly lacking in Islamic knowledge. He spent 9 years in years in jail for attempting to overthrow Gaddafi and is now in bed with the hypocrites. Anyway, rant all you can Sheikh. The Muslim World has now decided to pick up arms against dictators and oppressors. Islamic lands will be freed from tyranny. With or without elections in Libya, we are fine and ready for any outcome. It is your friends next door and his allies that have the most to lose.

A Clown like you

He got it from Turk-isis Zion in Israel don’t worry about Trukic Zion shit.


Why does SF insist on this guy, so many articles about Senussi!


He’s one of the Russian puppets ranting against Turkey’s presence in Libya. He’s looking to run for president come december.

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