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Interrogation Of 2nd Arrested US Mercenary In Venezuela, As Maduro “Advises” Pompeo To “Give Up”


Interrogation Of 2nd Arrested US Mercenary In Venezuela, As Maduro "Advises" Pompeo To "Give Up"

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On May 7th, an interrogation of the second Silvercorp USA mercenary who was arrested by Venezuelan authorities was also released on social media.

His name is Aaron Berry, he is 41 years old, he does not remember the address of his place of residence, since he moved recently, but it’s for sure in the USA.

He served in the infantry, left the US army in 1996. He met Jordan Goudreau the army, who later proposed to go to Venezuela and provide some support.

In January, Berry traveled from the United States to Colombia. He, Goudreau, and Luke Denman (whose testimony you can see later in the text), as well as another individual referred to as “Alex” went there together.

And this is all Silvercorp, as far as Berry knows: according to him, it’s a private company entirely controlled by Goudreau.

Aaron went to Colombia for two weeks to teach locals what he knows. He had no idea how much he was supposed to be paid; he didn’t know about the fact that the group of 50-60 people that he trained was to go to Venezuela.

In Rioache, he lived in three different houses, a certain “Leo” was in charge of everyone there, he also seemed to see people in uniform.

He didn’t know how exactly to get to Venezuela, or who the liaison person was to be.

Likewise, Aaron did not know about the contract between Goudreau and US-proclaimed President Juan Guaido and does not know if there are Americans in Venezuela.

He believes that the objectives of the operation were to capture several people, including Maduro. He had to get to the airfield for extraction separately from Luke Denman’s group.

In the final part of the interview, he shows a long-suffering printout of a photograph of a contract between Silvercorp and Guaido (which has been surfing the Internet for a year now) and obediently admits that this is all directed against Venezuela and its citizens.

The testimony of Luke Denman was released on the previous day, and it covers largely the same topics.

The entire situation is turning into a, and pun entirely intended,” Latin American soap opera, with even Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro giving an interview to TeleSur.

The head of state reiterated that Trump was aware of this operation since he is informed about international issues and Venezuela is a focal issue of first interest, “it is one of Donald Trump’s obsessions”.

The armed incursion “is a covert operation ordered by Donald Trump, outsourced to Silvercorp (…) supported by Iván Duque (President of Colombia), and with a contract signed by Juan Guaidó (…) that aimed to assassinate the President, ” said the Venezuelan leader.

Maduro also gave some personal advice to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo:

“Stop your arrogance and recognize that you don’t have what it takes to take our government down. We are millions and we have a project, and you just can’t stop that.”

Maduro also criticized that U.S. authorities waited 48 hours after the armed incursion to give a statement on the events, saying that Trump’s reaction “is incredible and nervous, which initiates a set of strangely late responses.”

Meanwhile, in the US, unnamed officials told AP that an investigation was on-going into Jordan Goudreau and Silvercorp and it was unclear if it would result in charges.

“The probe stems from a frenzy of contradictory comments Goudreau has made since a small cadre of volunteer combatants he was advising on Sunday [May 3rd] launched an impossible raid aimed at overthrowing Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.”

The cadre of “volunteer combatants” went so far as to even tweet, tagging US President Donald Trump that they were invading Venezuela.

The US maintains that it had no knowledge of the situation.

The State Department reiterated Trump’s comments that the U.S. wasn’t involved, accusing Maduro of launching a “disinformation campaign” to distract the world from recent events, citing a prison riot that left more than 40 dead and dozens badly injured.

“Nothing should be taken at face value when we see the distorting of facts,” a State Department spokesperson said in a statement. “What is clear is that the former regime is using the event to justify an increased level of repression.”




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