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Interrogation Of 2nd Arrested US Mercenary In Venezuela, As Maduro “Advises” Pompeo To “Give Up”

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Interrogation Of 2nd Arrested US Mercenary In Venezuela, As Maduro "Advises" Pompeo To "Give Up"

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On May 7th, an interrogation of the second Silvercorp USA mercenary who was arrested by Venezuelan authorities was also released on social media.

His name is Aaron Berry, he is 41 years old, he does not remember the address of his place of residence, since he moved recently, but it’s for sure in the USA.

He served in the infantry, left the US army in 1996. He met Jordan Goudreau the army, who later proposed to go to Venezuela and provide some support.

In January, Berry traveled from the United States to Colombia. He, Goudreau, and Luke Denman (whose testimony you can see later in the text), as well as another individual referred to as “Alex” went there together.

And this is all Silvercorp, as far as Berry knows: according to him, it’s a private company entirely controlled by Goudreau.

Aaron went to Colombia for two weeks to teach locals what he knows. He had no idea how much he was supposed to be paid; he didn’t know about the fact that the group of 50-60 people that he trained was to go to Venezuela.

In Rioache, he lived in three different houses, a certain “Leo” was in charge of everyone there, he also seemed to see people in uniform.

He didn’t know how exactly to get to Venezuela, or who the liaison person was to be.

Likewise, Aaron did not know about the contract between Goudreau and US-proclaimed President Juan Guaido and does not know if there are Americans in Venezuela.

He believes that the objectives of the operation were to capture several people, including Maduro. He had to get to the airfield for extraction separately from Luke Denman’s group.

In the final part of the interview, he shows a long-suffering printout of a photograph of a contract between Silvercorp and Guaido (which has been surfing the Internet for a year now) and obediently admits that this is all directed against Venezuela and its citizens.

The testimony of Luke Denman was released on the previous day, and it covers largely the same topics.

The entire situation is turning into a, and pun entirely intended,” Latin American soap opera, with even Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro giving an interview to TeleSur.

The head of state reiterated that Trump was aware of this operation since he is informed about international issues and Venezuela is a focal issue of first interest, “it is one of Donald Trump’s obsessions”.

The armed incursion “is a covert operation ordered by Donald Trump, outsourced to Silvercorp (…) supported by Iván Duque (President of Colombia), and with a contract signed by Juan Guaidó (…) that aimed to assassinate the President, ” said the Venezuelan leader.

Maduro also gave some personal advice to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo:

“Stop your arrogance and recognize that you don’t have what it takes to take our government down. We are millions and we have a project, and you just can’t stop that.”

Maduro also criticized that U.S. authorities waited 48 hours after the armed incursion to give a statement on the events, saying that Trump’s reaction “is incredible and nervous, which initiates a set of strangely late responses.”

Meanwhile, in the US, unnamed officials told AP that an investigation was on-going into Jordan Goudreau and Silvercorp and it was unclear if it would result in charges.

“The probe stems from a frenzy of contradictory comments Goudreau has made since a small cadre of volunteer combatants he was advising on Sunday [May 3rd] launched an impossible raid aimed at overthrowing Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.”

The cadre of “volunteer combatants” went so far as to even tweet, tagging US President Donald Trump that they were invading Venezuela.

The US maintains that it had no knowledge of the situation.

The State Department reiterated Trump’s comments that the U.S. wasn’t involved, accusing Maduro of launching a “disinformation campaign” to distract the world from recent events, citing a prison riot that left more than 40 dead and dozens badly injured.

“Nothing should be taken at face value when we see the distorting of facts,” a State Department spokesperson said in a statement. “What is clear is that the former regime is using the event to justify an increased level of repression.”


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Ashok Varma

US economy is in ruins and it is a laughing stock of the world and it still does not refrain from delusions of global hegemony. Such arrogance and hubris will lead to a collapse of US quite rapidly.


(..Such arrogance and hubris will lead to a collapse of US quite rapidly…)

Can’t wait…

Lone Ranger

Bay of Pigs, Part Deux…

Assad must stay

bay of morons lol

Zionism = EVIL

Worse than that, as their own Agriculture Dept just released figures on the critical malnutrition situation as 180 million of the dumbass brainwashed Jew fleeced cunts are dying of hunger. But the evil bastards still want “full spectrum hegemony” ROFLMAO, the idiots are so stupid that you can’t even make this stuff up. They have bankrupted the Arab petro-pimps and are also abandoning them to their own fate. The Persian Gulf is going to its Persian owners in full as the Americunts have withdrawn all their Pimpeovirus infected ships from the region.


Unfortunately, they do not give a shit about ‘their peons’, they are nothing more than grist to be ground. I feel sorry for them because they have been abused from the day they were born. A clipped education enforced with relentless propaganda


Zio-media gets the Seppos in the kindie mate.

Assad must stay

haahahaha yes pompeo listen to mister maduro just give up!


If the latest stream of news can be believed, this has to be a really badly managed and ill advised coup attempt for a country which has the resources and experience to get it right, the first time.


if you offer a bounty of 10 million bucks for the arrest of maduro, this is what you get – number of idiots trying to collect the bounty and in fact even if its coached as an arrest order it is really just an ordinary ‘dead or alive’ bounty but since american law prohibits the various government agencies arranging assassinations fat pompeo found a way around it. it really is most shameful but the moral turpitude of the morons in the white house is most troubling.

look at moron dunny the dunce, commander in chief, trying to put the blame on china for the covid 19 debacle when it in fact is his own headless acts causing the disaster it turned into in the disintegrating states of A.

Ashok Varma

US economy is in such bad shape that it can not recover now and that is why there is no much malnutrition and unemployment. Even India is looking at China and a summit meeting is scheduled soon to strengthen trade and economic ties.


A US invasion of China should go really then.


There’s a BIG difference between China and Venezuela. Even I know that.

Bobby Twoshoes

What do you mean “… a country which has the resources and experience to get it right, the first time”? If that were the case then the 2002 coup would have worked out. Just accept that Hollywood USA and actual USA have little in common and life will be less confusing.


Far from equating US Hollywood with actual reality , im making a statement based on past history. Both which encapsulate succeses and failures.


CIA agent…

Zionism = EVIL

Dumbass Americunt morons are dying of the Pimpeovirus in the streets like rabid dogs and over 180 million have no food, 150 million no jobs and 35 million kids suffering malnutrition and the Jew controlled dumbass motherfuckers want to overthrow legitimate popular foreign governments ROFLMAO.


The real funny one was trying to overthrow the legitimate voted in president of usa!
I wonder will Trump get to use some of his jokers he keeps in hand,help along with their demise!


Insane US should invade China next, and see the outcome.

Ashok Varma

Please don’t give them ideas, dying empires tend to lash out, and we have had experience with British decline and their crimes and plunder of India.


Corona labbed + prepped?
You won’t even think it!
just saying:


It looks like it was designed to fail, with a low probability of achieving it’s objectives. The question is why was it even launched in the first place? To harass the Venezuelan government? It paints a very negative picture of Silvercorp as an organization not to work for.


Now that Israel is implicated in election meddling in the United States, Netanyahu ready for face corruption charges, and the weapons embargo against Iran ready to expire, the “powers” that be are having to expedite their plans, and when you rush things due to a dying monetary and economic system, as well as losing hegemony all over the world, it’s easy to see how these things happen.

The Bay of Pigs was the result of an internal power struggle within the government against the CIA… This was most certainly a non-sanctioned state sponsored overthrow attempt with built-in plausible deniability, with so many strings that attach back to the Trump administration that there is NO rational way to deny it. If there’s even a shred of dignity left in the UN, this won’t go unpunished.

My belief, however, is there was NEVER any dignity in the UN, given who founded it.

El Mashi

Another Zionist trol.




One question that I have is is the SCO part of the Jew world order omnicide plan that Alex Jones and others talk about? The plan clearly exists. The Russians look like they’re preparing for a bio weapon attack. But they’re also locking down their population, which is part of the omnicide plan to exterminate humanity. The Chinese are rolling out 5G, which is purportedly part of the energy weapon enslavement and extermination grid. The Indians are locking down their population, and probably starving to death more than they’re saving from the virus.

I think that the SCO can be the path to a better future. But if it’s being co opted by the Jews and Zionists to exterminate humanity. Then the SCO is part of the problem, not part of the solution. If it is, then counter measures to deal with both the NATO and SCO human extermination plan need to be developed as contingencies. It’s to early to rule in or out SCO complicity in the extermination plan. As much as I support what the SCO has done. There are troubling warning signs.

Bobby Twoshoes

I’m all on board with the vaccine plandemic theory but I remain very sceptical of the 5G one, everything I know of the science suggests it is a beat up. Everyone does 5G, the Chinese just have such a lead that western competitors are already out of the game, in my view this is just more anti-China PR from the western oligarchs. Chinese are from a completely different philosophy so any alliance would be strained from the start and the thought that they would support western plots so soon after the Opium wars strikes me as absurd. Until I see something that doesn’t smack of Empire PR I’m leaning towards the SCO being our only hope, if they aren’t then we’re all fucked and none of it really matters.


I’m generally very supportive of Russia, China and the SCO. But this virus scam has caused me to question what’s happening.

The Swiss aren’t alone in balking at 5G. The Russians and others are dragging their feet and taking a go slow approach. There’s a lot of credible material from qualified sources that 5G is a problem even when used for designed purposes. It also has potential for massive abuse.

– Switzerland halts rollout of 5G over health concerns –


Bobby Twoshoes

I don’t claim to know it all but the complaints I have seen don’t add up. The link you provided was behind a paywall but I did a bit of searching and found the following at siliconrepublic:

Updated, 2.49pm, 14 February 2020: Since the original publication of the story in the Financial Times, the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment has denied plans for a blanket ban on 5G in Switzerland. The agency said it had written to the country’s cantons about the placement of 5G equipment, but the assertion that previous reports had made about halting 5G entirely were “misleading”.

Best as I can tell the moratorium is due to a technicality regarding standardisation for adaptive antennae and adequate testing thereof rather than any identified problem. I can’t fault people for wanting to get their own data, but I also can’t make the logical leap that them doing so is indicative of a problem.

The confusion that is being misunderstood/exploited is that the wavelength 5G operates on is only slightly longer than microwaves and people recognise “microwaves” from something they use to cook without understanding the mechanics of how it all works.

Ultimately the wavelength is longer than microwaves and would therefore be less efficient at transferring energy, thus needing more power to cause similar effect. The sensors used in phones/tablets etc. are sensitive enough that very little power is required to establish a signal and phone batteries would die in minutes if this wasn’t the case. I think you have more to worry about from x-rays released by neutron stars or even the ambient background radiation from the decay of radioactive material in the Earth. All that said I still won’t fault countries who do their own tests, more information is rarely a bad thing.


The Russians are using a similar type of technicalities excuse for their foot dragging. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t other reasons not being publicly provided that are being withheld.

Hundreds of qualified scientists and doctors don’t share your view. I haven’t made a conclusive decision on the topic. But a lot of qualified people have come out against it:

“In an appeal sent to the EU in September, 2017 currently >260 scientists and medical doctors requested for a moratorium on the deployment of 5G until the health risks associated with this new technology have been fully investigated by industry-independent scientists. The appeal and four rebuttals to the EU over a period of >2 years, have not achieved any positive response from the EU to date. Unfortunately, decision makers seem to be uninformed or even misinformed about the risks. EU officials rely on the opinions of individuals within the ICNIRP and the Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR), most of whom have ties to the industry. They seem to dominate evaluating bodies and refute risks. It is important that these circumstances are described. In this article, the warnings on the health risks associated with RF presented in the 5G appeal and the letters to the EU Health Commissioner since September, 2017 and the authors’ rebuttals are summarized.”

– Appeals that matter or not on a moratorium on the deployment of the fifth generation, 5G, for microwave radiation –

Bobby Twoshoes

Two things we can both agree on are that “decision makers seem to be uninformed or even misinformed” (about everything, not just this topic) and review committees dominated by industry reps are never a good thing.


I tried the link for the FT article and ran into the same problem. Copying and pasting the article title into a browser will bring it up.

This is a quote from the FT article that provides a different perspective than the article that you quoted from:

“cantons are left with little option but to license 5G infrastructure according to existing guidelines on radiation exposure, which all but preclude the use of 5G”

The way that I read this quote is that 5G is outside of safe legal radiation limits. I don’t like torturing test animals with medical experiments. But it wouldn’t take much to test 5G that way. If they get sick and die from the same exposure that humans receive then it’s a problem. The 260+ doctors and scientists coming out against it have their reasons. I haven’t looked at their source material. But even if they’re wrong. That doesn’t mean that these towers can’t be weaponized, as Alex Jones suggests is planned, by using them to transmit dangerous levels of radiation for a kill grid.

The plandemic is a monumental wake up call to humanity that we’re being scammed. If it reigns NATO aggression in, stops the Jew world order forever war hegemony drive, and the SCO raises the standard of living in the developing sector. That’s a good thing in my book. If Alex Jones is right and it’s the implementation of the extermination of humanity as a species. And replace it with some type of cyborg designer slave species. That’s obviously a problem.

This is further evidence that the plandemic is a scam:

“According to the National Institute of Health, 96.3% did not die of coronavirus, but of other pathologies stated Sgarbi – which means that only 925 have died from the virus and 24,075 have died of other things claimed Sgarbi, “….the virus was little more than an influenza.”

– “25,000 Did Not Die, It’s a Way to Impose a Dictatorship” – Italian Politician Vittorio Sgarbi Slams ‘False’ COVID-19 Numbers in Italy –


Bobby Twoshoes

Regarding the radiation, I would need to know what the regulations were and how they “all but preclude the use of 5G”. I would also take anything that says “all but precludes” with a grain of salt, that sounds suspiciously like “journalist” weasel words to me.

I’ll admit that my positive opinion of China is influenced by my time living there and emotion isn’t a good basis for an argument. However I am confident China simply will not accept outright Anglo hegemony. One of the many NWO theories is a triumvirate of supernations, the Americas, Asia and Eurafrica, I could see China being more amenable to that arrangement.

As for our response, the first step would have to be finding out what the actual plan is. Even then I don’t see us being able to influence it short of hunting down the guys at the top, any organised mass resistance will be crushed brutally. We could go after Bilderberg members and the like but I fear they are only middle management, the real puppet masters will be totally hidden from any record we can access. Whatever the case may be I don’t see it taking much longer for us to find out.


I think that the bigger part of the 5G question isn’t the Swiss foot dragging, whatever their determination of safe levels of radiation may be. But what the 260+ doctors and scientists are objecting to, and what studies have been done to support their opposition.

I agree that the weak link in Alex Jones’ conspiracy theory is SCO collaboration. The reference material that he cites that I’ve looked at does support his contention of a NWO takeover plan using bio and energy weapons. But the reference material is almost exclusively of western origin from Jews and Zionists. And is completely devoid of Russian, Chinese and Indian source material supporting his claims. He draws SCO members in by their presence at international events like Davos and to a lesser extent Bilderberger. Both of which have limited Russian participation. And the reaction of SCO members to the virus scam. Which can be read two ways.

My concern is SCO participation in the virus scam. And it’s to early to draw conclusions as to what that means. They’re all reacting like it’s a bio weapon attack. And if the next phase is a more lethal bio weapon attack. Then the SCO response could be justifiable, or it could be collusion in some type of extermination plan. So right now it’s a Catch 22 situation from an analysis perspective.

As far as the virus scam perps. The puppet masters may be behind the scenes and not readily publicly identifiable. But those implementing it and the crimes that they’re committing are in plain view. And the puppet masters are more identifiable to those with access to classified information.

The problem is infiltration by the virus scam perps into government and business organizations. Or factionalization is probably a better description. So getting the problem corrected requires one faction correcting the misdeeds of another faction. And building public support for that.

A lot of it comes down to the end game. If it’s the extermination of humanity. Then the faction pursuing that needs to be aggressively mitigated. If it’s reigning in the NATO Zionist forever war. So that the planet’s security situation can be stabilized and the developing sector lifted out of poverty. Then my view is that it should be allowed to run it’s course to the extent that collateral damage doesn’t do more harm than good.

El Mashi

With 5G, Switzerland fears all of its money laundering banks will be exposed. Swiss bankers are mafia in suits with a preppy education.

Peter Moy

I just had to laugh when I read that this disheveled bum Aaron Berry does not know where he lives. This piece of garbage reminds of typical police mug shots of arrested criminals in the US. They all seem to be of people with low intelligence, slow mental development and a sullen, downcast look of a complete loser in life. Even stupider than these captured bums are the people who hired them with the promise of tens of thousands of dollars if this Mickey Mouse adventure succeeded. (Just out of curiosity, where the hell on this planet is another piece of sneaky, diabolical, murderous, opportunistic, money grubbing garbage named Eric Prince – formerly of Blackwater?????)

cechas vodobenikov

a nation of incompetent zoo creatures—these illiterates should be required to labour at cooperative farms for many years and contribute to the improvement of the Venezuelan agricultural sector unless trump wishes to lift sanctions return the embassy and pay a large fine

Peter Bozich

If these are the types of trained personnel the United States has in its ranks, then it all over folks.
The U.S is so cooked, it’s ridiculous. Not long now, the whole U.S reserve dollar status will crash, then the rest of the U.S military will go with it.
Russia and China will then send gold soaring to prices unimaginable, while the U.S crumbles into the gutter.


So much military expenditures, with intelligence apparatus all over the world, with “insights” into Be exurban military leaders wanting to “resist” Maduro, shooting off tweets last April, mere minutes after the uprising began, but the stooges in Washington and their intelligence apparatus has NO KNOWLEDGE of this coup debacle?

Please… Whoever believes this “victim hood” nonsense from the U.S. Government needs their head examined! This needs to be IMMEDIATELY submitted to the UN for IMMEDIATE sanctions against the United States, Columbia, as well as any other complicit members of the OAS, who had been a primary tool in the ratcheting up of pressures against Venezuela, Bolivia, etc…

Codenamed 'Gordon'

It happens when you see too many Hollywood movies

chris chuba

Why would Maduro need a U.S. sponsored raid to distract from a prison riot, is there something especially scandalous about a prison riot, we’ve had dozens of them in the U.S.


Thats obvious venezuala now has more intel on whom the real culprits are,I call this real progress!

Raptar Driver

Netflix will have to do a dark comedy based on these events. I’ll be waiting.

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