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Interpol Rresident Missing After Travelling To China


Interpol Rresident Missing After Travelling To China

Meng Hongwei. IMAGE: AP

French police have opened an investigation into the disappearance of the president of international police cooperation agency Interpol, after his wife reported he had gone missing after visiting his family in China last week.

According to reports, Meng Hongwei’s wife contacted police in Lyon, the French city where Interpol HQ is located, after not hearing from her husband since he travelled to China on September 29.

Meng was elected president of Interpol in November 2016 and his term was set to end in 2020. Previously, he held several senior positions in China including vice minister of public security, vice chairman of the national narcotics control commission and the director of the National Counter-Terrorism Office for China.



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  • Unsurprising. Don’t look for a happy ending.

    • Ivan Freely

      Unsurprising? Double agent?

      • Beijing has admitted arresting him. He won’t be heard from again.

  • Someone have stolen Interpol “Rresident ” and Interpol is unable to find him.
    Well, it is at least a bit embarrassing.

  • Southfront, there is a spelling error