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International Security System Is On Its Way To Collapse

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The system of international security treaties has been facing harsh times.

On January 15th, Russia announced that it has started the process of withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty, following the United States’ unilateral decision to do this back in 2020.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the U.S. withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty “significantly upended the balance of interests of signatory states.” It added that the United States had used a “fictitious pretext” for its withdrawal and had disturbed “the balance of interests of the participating states”.

The ministry said Russia had put forward proposals to retain the “viability” of the treaty but did not receive support from Washington and its allies.

Konstantin Kosachev, chairman of the foreign affairs committee of the Russian parliament’s upper house, said Moscow’s decision to leave Open Skies was “predictable” as the other member states did not fulfil its terms.

The treaty was intended to build trust between Russia and the West by allowing the accord’s more than three dozen signatories to conduct reconnaissance flights over each other’s territories to collect information about military forces and activities.

U.S. President Donald Trump declared Washington’s intention to pull out of the Open Skies Treaty in May 2020, arguing that Russian violations made it untenable for the United States to remain a party. The U.S. completed its withdrawal from the pact in November 2020.

After two months of attempts to salvage it, Russia also said it is initiating its own withdrawal.

Russia denied breaching the treaty, which came into force in 2002. The European Union has urged the U.S. to reconsider and called on Russia to stay in the pact, but made no real steps to support the existence of the deal.

The United States, essentially, succeeded in destroying yet another international treaty. Earlier, it succeeded in bringing an end to the INF, without any issues, by accusing Russia of breaches and then withdrawing itself. It then immediately began testing prohibited missiles, which raised the question if whether they were being developed while the INF was still in force.

The Iran Nuclear Deal collapsed thanks to actions of the Trump administration.

However, there are still some bricks of the international security system that could be destroyed. In particular, this is the New START treaty, the continuation of which has been in question for the last year. In mid-December 2020, the US proposed to extend the treaty by one year, but until recently the situation remained unclear. The situation was further complicated by demands of the previous Trump administration to rewrite terms of the treaty into the US favor as the main condition to prolong it. Nonetheless, on January 27, Washington and Moscow agreed to prolong New START for another 5 years without preconditions. New US President Joe Biden opted to demonstrate that the White House is at least publicly committed to keeping the landmark arms control deal alive.

Even if the treaty is extended, the international security system has already been severely damaged due to unilateral actions of the Washington establishment and its vassals, and prospects of its restoration, regardless the administration sitting in the White House, are rather dim.

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Frankly, it is not the international security systems aka US/Zionist delusional goals of “full spectrum” domination that have collapsed, but a new multipolar Eurasian power block is rising and putting paid to deadbeat US. This is good for humanity.


and when the jews in palestine are on the run to somewhere the peace in the middle east and elsewhere will will stand a much better chance.

Tommy Jensen

Russia was using the Open Sky to spy on America’s defences, and when we flied over Russia they spied on our planes to steal our ideas and intellectual property on how we were doing it. Therefore THEY broke the Open Sky Treaty not us!

While we were working for peace and freedom Russia developed WMD’s under the carpet which were superior to our attack-defence weapons in order to obtain Full Spectrum Global Dominance. Thats why we did what we did to save the innocent American people from hostile attacks on our own soil!






get over yourselves you fools XD


best part is they “stole our intellectual property” from yankees who got their name for “stealing intellectual property” XD


intellect is no property you can have a monopoly over once you unleashed it on the world its the property of all who see it

Tommy Jensen

If you write a book and somebody put his name on it and earn all the money publishing it, wouldnt you be pessed? Its your book and your money yes?? The same with our ideas and our way of living. You cannot just copy our life style and profit on it without paying to an American who got the idea.


seriously how dumb are you people you are the same as the british the same retardedness really XD

cechas vodobenikov

mediocre satire ‘The Paranoid Style in amerikan Politics’ Richard Hofstadter 1965 u people never change; I suspect you wear masks over your mouth, nose ears—covid can sneak up from behind a tree and attack at any time; Covid is “anti-American”…a term only heard in dictatorships… like the inverted totalitarian (Sheldon wolin) USA FASCIST “procedural republic like north korea (Michael Sandel)— a police state worse than East German Stasi (Thomas Drake) where election laws only exist in dictatorships like azerbijian(Seth Ackerman) “there is no functioning democracy in amerika. it is really just an oligarchy…” Jimmy Carter

cechas vodobenikov

if you want peace prepare for war North Korea will not make the same mistake that Quaddafi did; had Libya developed nukes they would be a civilized highly developed society: the anglo/French barbarians would not have dared to invade


not hole planet can (or should) have nukes just because lunatics dominate in US government and military. there must be other solution for the planet to survive…


“Military Coup Underway In Myanmar”

India and US fighting against Chinese interests In Myanmar it seams…


Muricans are agreement-incapable. They are untrustworthy and nothing they say (or sign) can be relied upon. Old Indian proverb: White man speak with forked tongue….. Now translated into Russian.

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