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International Millitary Review & Analysis – Withdrawal of Russian Military from Syria

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Russian president Vladimir Putin ordered on Mar.14 the partial withdrawal of the Russian military from Syria, starting from March 15. The Russian support has given the Syrian government has reversed the militants’ momentum. Now, the pro-government forces have the advantage. Nonetheless, militants haven’t been defeated. They are still able to counter-attack and repeal the government troops advance’s using a mobile defense. Considering this, a significant drawdown of Russian forces could weaken the Syrian government’s efforts on the ground. However, it is important to remember that the Russian military facilities and limited military contingent including an advisery mission are staying in Syria. Supplies of arms and military equipment have been continuing. Moreover, Iranian support for the Syrian government and Hezbollah involvement in the conflict can’t also be ignored.

With its actions in Syria, Russia has demonstrated its improved military capabilities and some new weapons which will contribute to arms sales, for sure. Russia has also achieved its goal of weakening ISIS including an impulse which the Russian invasion has gave to the U.S.-led coalition and the Kurdish units. Washington hasn’t been able to continue a low intensity campaign or ignore ISIS targets amid the Kremlin actions. Even if ISIS isn’t entirely defeated, the terrorists in Syria and Iraq are much weaker than they were five months ago, the main sources of their funding are publicly revealed and damaged. The stability of the allied Syrian government has also been ensured with pinpoint efforts.

According to the information received by SouthFront from a source close to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russia in international relations is continuing to show a fundamentally different approach than the US and the West. The decision on the partial withdrawal of its military from Syria is a move that clearly shows the commitment of the Russian leadership to the sequence of actions aimed at a comprehensive settlement of the crisis by peaceful means. Russia is not looking for an opportunity to gain a colonial resource-rich territory or create puppet regimes, but only provides the necessary and sufficient assistance in the fight against terrorism and extremism seeking to avoid escalation of the conflict and to minimize civilian casualties.

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It is no coincidence that the Russian air force pull out coincides with the emergence of new stinger missiles. As we recall, one of these new missiles recently took down a low flying MIG-21. The emergence of Stinger missiles means that Russia will no longer be able to use there attack helicopters in relative safety. However, strategic bombers can continue to operate with relative impunity.


The Russian are bombing around Palmyra today. ‘Stingers’ don’t concern them. Your analysis is flawed.


Its the Helicopters that are vulnerable, not the bombers. I clearly stated that in my analysis. I fear your reading comprehension may be flawed.


MIG-21 shoot down not confirmed. It crashed on emergency landing. You are thinking back to Afghanistan where Stingers could find their mark with low flying helos. New Russian counter-measures effectively neutralize these missiles.


This statement is bordering on absurd. No one would be stupid enough to supply radical militants (that “co-mingle” with al-qaeda/ISIS) with MANPADS for very obvious reasons. Secondly, it wouldn’t change much from Russia’s perspective since it’s aircraft are protected by ew systems (eg KRET). The best they could ever hope of hitting is an aging low flying aircraft or helicopter or a civilian aircraft.


We know that a MIG was shot down by what was likely a stinger missile. Where the missile came from, we can’t be entirely sure. Would the CIA support a terrorist group in order to fight Russia in a proxy war? I asked my friends from Afghanistan and they all said that has never happened and will never happen.


Lets hope they’re right for all our sake!


One of the most significant victories that came from this for Russia is they exposed and destroyed ISIS oil smuggling to Turkey and of course the arms, logistical and fire support. The US knew this was going on, again, the plan was to plunder and pirate Syrian treasure and resources, to destroy infrastructure all the while increasing pressure on Damascus to capitulate.

Points made by Central Command shills, Russia ran out of money, funny that, when only 3% of Russia’s military budget was spent on 5 months in Syria, and they aren’t leaving just adjusting to the reality on the ground, less targets. They could have done this indefinitely as they have huge stockpiles of weapons. This was a real time ‘training’ exercise for their pilots and crews with real targets as opposed to exercises at home. Another silly CENTCOM propaganda point is the US somehow put Russia in a bind, perhaps with SAM MANPADS or Stinger missiles again, also funny, they have done exactly what they said they would do. Putin is running circles around Washington and her puppets. Bravo!


Yes your statements are absolutley correct I feel, simple logic it is! Objective was to make sure the Syrian goverment was able to stabilize & reorganize for offensive operations..


Regardless of the reasons behind the withdrawl, the Russian intervention is perceived as a success here in the West.

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