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International Military Review – Syria, Sep 16, 2015

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On Monday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) – in cooperation with the National Defense Forces (NDF)- launched a fresh offensive inside the Aleppo Governorate’s southeastern countryside to lift ISIS’ two year long siege of the isolated Kuweires Military Airbase. The Syrian Armed Forces have started this offensive from two different axes, as the aforementioned is targeting the terrorist group at the Jabboul Lake front and the town of ‘Ayn Sabil. Thus, its goal is to spread out the ISIS fighters on the Deir Hafer Plateau.

At the moment, the SAA and NDF took control of the two hilltops at Tal Na’am and Tal Sab’in, which are located just north of Jabboul Lake. While the Syrian Armed Forces would prefer to reach the Kuweires Military Airbases from the Deir Hafer Highway, their current advance leaves them only two villages away from the southwestern corridor of the airport.

The main objective of this offensive is to lift the siege on the Kuweries Military Airport, but this assault also has a positive effect on the Syrian Armed Forces, due to the Deir Hafer Plateau’s proximity from the Syrian Government’s main supply route to the Aleppo Governorate.

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The Syrian Air Forces targeted positions of the “Jaish al-Islam” and “Jabhat Al-Nusra” in the surroundings of Douma City, in the Eastern Ghota, Damascus Countryside. Syrian military sources report about “destroyed dens and vehicles of the terrorist organizations”. Additionally, the Syrian Armed Forces’ capture of the two hills overlooking Dhahiyat Al-Assad, while also displaying the absence of firefights inside the aforementioned area.

Separately, units of the Syrian army, in cooperation with the Lebanese Resistance, continued a military operation against the remaining dens of the militants in al-Zabadani city, 45 km to the west of Damascus. According to media reports, they destroyed a 500 meter-long tunnel between Madaya town and Madaya plain. The tunnel was used by terrorist networks as a supply route for transporting arms, ammunition, food and other materials

The clashes have been going on between popular Defense groups supported by Syrian forces and militants in al-Rawda village in the Lattakia province.

Meanwhile, Washington, supported by Western media, has been ‘discussing’ Russia’s continued military buildup in Syria. In numerous reports, they argue that Moscow has sent an unknown number of artillery units and 7 T-90s battle tanks to support Syrian government forces. Moreover, according to them, “hundreds” or maybe even “thousands” of Russian troops are already present in Latakia. Thus, if we reject propaganda, we can consider that the Western media has found Russian military advisers in Syria, at last. Other versions of direct Russian military presence aren’t substantiated by factual information either. In turn, recent successful military actions of the Syrian government might prove the fact that Moscow has raised military assistance and supplies to Assad.

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