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International Military Review – Syria, May 26, 2016

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies engaged in the clashes with ISIS in the Southern side of al-Sha’er oilfield in the province of Homs. Militants reportedly suffered a heavy death toll and an ISIS vehicle carrying a large volume of ammunition and explosive devices exploded. Separately, the pro-government forces re-took the hill of Tal Sawanah near the al-Sha’ar gas field. Clashes are ongoing in the area.

SAA artillery units reportedly shelled al-Nusra Front’s concentration centers in the al-Basatin area in East Ghouta. Earlier, the loyalists dismantled a network of terrorist bombers inside the capital city of Damascus.

In the Yarmouk Refugee Camp, clashes are ongoing between ISIS and Al Nusra militants. ISIS sources argue that the group seized the camp from the Al Qaeda affiliate. This can not be confirmed independently, yet.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), supported by the US-led coalition, have liberated at least 6 settlements in the operation ongoing in Northern Raqqa – Ayn Issa, Al-Qantari, Al-Fatsah, Bir Sadr, Bin Hammud, Abu Kabra, Matmasraja – and an electricity station near Tal as-Saman. There are reports that some “American fighters”, apparently US special operation forces, are among SDF ranks. They coordinate the military operation.

ISIS media outlet Amaq News reported late Wednesday, 28 SDF troops have been killed by a suicide truck attack in Northern Raqqa. No more information is available.

Reports appeared on May 25 that Russia will postpone airstrikes against Al Nusra-held areas in Syria because it’s asked by some militant groups that are willing to join the ceasefire. The armed formations argue they need time to drive Al-Nusra from their territories.

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Boris Kazlov

This Russian tactic of compromising with terrorists, makes me sick.

Gabriel Hollows

Still better than the american one of supporting them.

Manuel Chrut

Divide and conquer. If they can take some groups out of the equation for the time being, this will allow them to concentrate more firepower on the other terrorists.

Jo Garcein

can somebody guard the syrian-turkey border and stop isis from crossing back and forth

Alex M

The YPG/YPJ were going to retake Manbij and the territory of northern Aleppo province from ISIS, which would also combine the Kobani and Afrin cantons of Rojava. However opposition from Turkey has meant they’ve switched their plan to liberating Raqqa instead. Hopefully they can liberate northern Aleppo later and end the siege of Dier ez-Zoir.

Bill Rood

The Russians are bending over in preparation for the US penetration. Big mistake, especially for the Syrians.

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