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JULY 2022

International Military Review – Syria, June 17, 2016

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Written and produced by SF Team: Brian Betts, Daniel Deiss

Combat on June 16, 2016 in Syria opened with a dawn raid comprised of Iraqi and Iranian troops against Jabhat al-Nusra positions in Maarata, southern Aleppo. The attack failed, with dozens of casualties reported, with one Iranian and three Iraqi service members being held as prisoner. A Jaysh al-Fatah offensive has succeeded in seizing over 90% of the territory around Khalasah in southern Aleppo.

In Huways, in the Hama province, rebels filmed the destruction of a government tractor with a BGM-71 TOW missile.

Further to the north, Syrian Arab Army (SAA) forces report gains in the Jabl al-Turkman mountain region, which borders Turkey. The SAA report taking the town of Kellaz near Latakia as well .
ISIS captured the “Panorama” barrier in Deiz ez-Zor , while an attempted car bomb detonation by the same group on the Dudiyan front, in northern Aleppo, was foiled by militants from Faylaq al-Sham.

Towards the evening, an IED placed near the home of journalist Hadi Abdallah and his cameraman Khalid Alissa detonated, reportedly injuring both men . Meanwhile, an aid convoy reached al-Waer delivering international aid to the stricken area outside of Homs.

In the early hours of June 17, 2016 the Russian Air Force attacked a key Jabhat al-Nusra ammunition depot in norther Aleppo, destroying it completely. The depot was adjacent to a command-and-control center in the village of Babis.

Pro-government forces, supported by Russian warplanes, have retook more ground at the Syrian-Turkish border in the northern part of Latakia province. By June 17, the loyalists have liberated the villages of al-Shahrourah, Ain Issa and Hasam, the Tal al-Hayat hill, 3 high points (502, 559 and 469). Clashes are ongoing in the al-Rowaisi mountains.

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Syrian troops besieging islamists within Aleppo now also besieged by the cutting of their supply line?

Could the SAA not use the troops advancing to Taqba and Raqqa better around southern Aleppo?

In the end, Assad would enhance his positions most giving up Hasakah city and relocate those troops towards DeirezZor and make a deal on federalism with the SDF. Given extra arms the SDF would clear the Azaz Jarablus corridor, taking pressure of government northern Aleppo.

A deal between the two of them, including offensives to clear supply lines, would make for a start of the reconstruction in northern Syria and could start the beginning of the return of some refugees.


We covered preconditions of the modern situation here: https://southfront.org/international-military-review-syria-may-23-2016/ and here: https://southfront.org/international-military-review-syria-june-7-2016/


Thank you. Have now read them.

I still cannot see how the SAA can win around southern Aleppo other then by a game changer like an all out air campaign by Russia or a large infusion of fresh troops, which they do not have.

Rodna Vera

In your analysis of western and eastern you should talk of United Slavic nations in one strongest and biggest nation and real religion of our own Rodna vera, not this Christianity that Jews and Byzantines planted false and divided the biggest nation in Europe and one of the biggest in the world ! It will happen soon than you think and situation in Europe and the world will be changed drastically. Good for Slavic people and bad for others

Don Juan

Poor Russians!!! I feel sorry for them being treated like dogs by their Western partners. They are kicked everywhere, anytime and for everything. They do everything to please their Western and Jewish Partners but to no avail. This strategy seems not working but they cling to it without understanding that they are digging they own grave. Drang nach Osten is not going to stop regardless of their affords. Officially they throw the towel but for sure they getting ready for the D-Day. They’re not dummy but still in the eyes of the International Community their behavior looks not good.


To Justin Raimondo’s question in his “The currant dry running for ww3” question: “What possible good can come from all this(WW3)? The answer is that a lot of good can come out of this. Assuming Russia will win, which I’m sure they will, and have will to clean the European stable from all the s..*,corruption, immorality, whole rotten West, warmongers, swindlers, etc., NWO can emerge. Not as envisioned by Soros and his co-conspirators but the humans with high integrity, morals and virtues. The wars always bring dramatic changes and ww3 won’t bediffrent. This is only solution to make the life for the rest of us, for your children, worth living. Otherwise this evil will continues for the future. The time will stop and 1984 will be official year every year.

Schlomo Shoahstein

I wholeheartedly agree. In order for good to triumph over evil, sacrifices must be made. The degenerate West will be cleansed with Holy Fire.

May God have mercy on our souls.

Rodna Vera



Why do the Russian use so many incendiary ammunitions?


I guess they find them effective, the American favorite are cluster bombs.

Real Anti-Racist Action

I feel bad for the good Iranian solder. I am worried they will extensively torture him before they execute him. Iranians are greatly mistreated in this world, thanks to the Jew. http://presstv.com/

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