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International Military Review – Syria & Iraq, June 14, 2016

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Last night, the ISIS terrorist group made an attempt to cut off the Syrian Arab Army’s supply route in the western part of the Raqqa province. ISIS militants used a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device and improvised artillery units during the advance on the village of Abou Alaj. Following a series of firefights, the terrorists’ attack was repelled. The SAA doesn’t report own casualties. However, ground sources say the SAA lost up to 10 soldiers while the terrorist group lost about 20 fighters.

On June 13, SAA troops and allied militias continued advances in Eastern Homs, liberating the strategic Arak oilfield near the ancient city of Palmyra. Some 25 ISIS militants were killed in the advance.

ISIS militants launched counterattacks in order to break the Syrian Democratic Forces siege of Manbij, targeting the US-backed forces in next directions:

  • Along the Al Bab-Manbij highway
  • Jubb al Kabl as Saghir, south to Manbij
  • Tall ar Rafi, east to Manbij
  • Heavy clashes are ongoing in the area of Jaqal Kabir and Muayshirah

According to pro-Kurdish sources, ISIS lost about 500 fighters in 13 days of the SDF operation in the area.

On June 13, the Iraqi Security Forces and its allies entered the city of Fallujah, seizing the Nazzal and Sina neighborhoods. In the last four weeks, the US-led coalition air power has struck 81 ISIS targets in and around Fallujah.

According to the Joint Military Command, Iraqi forces have secured the first “relatively safe” exit route for civilians attempting to flee Fallujah. It’s located southwest of the city. Iraqi forces have reportedly arrested more than 500 suspected ISIS members among civilians fleeing this route.

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What is lacking for the interested bystander are up to date maps, numbers of losses etc.


We are sure you can better. Just show us an example)


You are the experts.

As an avid follower of the developments in the north of Syria, kurdish regions, there is so much often conflicting information that current maps are so useful. The more so when events are rapidly changing.

It is not a criticism as such but a request for more info as to better understand what is happening.

So, keep up the good work but maps, or links to good and recent ones, are appreciated.


You can find different maps here https://southfront.org/category/all-articles/products/maps/ This part of the website is updated on a constant basis. You can also find map updates in the bottom of the homepage

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