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International Military Review – Syria, June 10, 2016


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Written and produced by SF Team: Brian Betts, Daniel Deiss

Thursday, June 9 proved to be a trying day for combat ground forces around Aleppo. Syrian Arab Army (SAA) units and anti-government forces, including the Faylaq Al-Sham, or the so-called ‘Sham Legion’ engaged each other in multiple fronts in villages around Aleppo.

In northern Aleppo, pro-government Tiger Forces, National Defense Forces and Liwa al-Quds were reported to have stormed Mallah Farms in an attempt to wrest control from the anti-government Sham Legion. The assault ultimately failed, and there have been a reported 15 deaths on the pro-government side.

The Sham Legion reported a number of victories with video evidence, including TOW missile attacks in Khalasah, southern Aleppo, which destroyed SAA armor and anti-aircraft units. The SAA also suffered the loss of a missile team of their own when the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) forces attacked a 9M113 Konkurs team with a TOW missile.

A combined terrorist assault force comprised of the Sham Legion, FSA and Jabhat al-Nusra engaged pro-government forces in al-Humayra, southern Aleppo. An FSA TOW missile team destroyed what appears to be an SAA or Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) tank, while Sham Legion drone footage appears to show IRCG forces retreating from the same village.

Jaysh al-Fatah briefly reported the capture of Zaytan, a village in southern Aleppo. However, pro-militant pages have admitted that Jaysh al-Fatah had to retreat from Zaytan.

The Syrian Democratic Forces, supported by US-led coalition warplanes, cut off the least major ISIS supply line to in the area of Manbij: the Al-Bab-Manbij highway. Meanwhile, the QareQowzaq bridge has been repaired . Now it allows to send more reinforcements and suppliies to SDF units, battling for Manbij.



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