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JUNE 2023

International Military Review – Syria, Jan. 22, 2016

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On Jan.21, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched an advance towards the road that links the cities of Darayya and Moadamiya. Only yesterday, the Russian Air Force carried out 45 airstrikes to support the loyalists’ operation. The SAA’s goal is to cut the route between the rebel strongholds in the Damascus suburbs. If this is done, it will allow the loyalists to defeat militant units in the area each after each.

According to the Syrian government’s reports, 150 militants have laid down arms and turned themselves in to the Syrian army in the Damascus province. The same reports argue that 42 wanted militants from Damascus, Damascus countryside, Tartous, Quneitra and Dara’a turned themselves in to the authorities on Jan.21.

In Sheikh Miskeen, Al-Nusra, Syrian al-Qaeda branch, and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) are becoming extremely dire as the SAA is continuing the military operation in the southern district of the city. The militants issued a plea for help on a video, stating that the “moderate opposition” is losing the city because of a lack of battle tanks against the advancing armored divisions of the SAA. The video confirmed that the Syrian government’s forces liberated about 80 percent of Sheikh Miskeen.

The SAA troops are continuing to pound the militant groups’ strongholds in different parts of the Aleppo province. The clashes were observed in the villages of al-Sbeihiyeh, al-Sheik Lutfi and in the al-Rashidin area in the Southern outskirts of the provincial capital. Also, the SAA conducted military operations in Bustan al-Basha neighborhood in Aleppo.

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Cheryl Brandon

Well done SAA. Keep fighting!

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