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International Military Review – Syria-Iraq Battlespace, Oct. 28, 2015

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The Russian Air Force struck terrorists’ positions in Daraa province for the first time in the past month. Russia’s fighter jets hit the terrorists’ positions in the strategic hilltops of Tal al-Harra and Tal Antar near Deir al-Adas. Then the SAA carried out attacks on the strategic hilltop of Tal al-Alaqiya and managed to fully destroy the terrorists’ positions in the sector. Also, the Russian airstrikes targeted the ISIS and al-Nusra positions in the Golan Heights in Quneitra province.

Russian fighter jets destroyed a number of the positions of the terrorist groups in the Aleppo province. The airstrikes hit positions of al-Nusra and ISIS in the vicinity of Khanasser-Ithriyah road in the Southern parts of the city of Aleppo.

Earlier SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence reported that the ISIS militants seized territory which is vital to the Syrian government’s logistical lines. So far, ISIS has taken control of approximately 10 Syrian checkpoints along the supply line running from Hama through Salamiyeh, Ithriyah and Khanaser to Aleppo. The Syrian forces have temporarily halted part of their offensive operations in Aleppo province as they scramble to secure the threatened corridor.

On Tuesday morning, ISIS launched a large-scale offensive at the Syrian government stronghold, Al-Safira. According to reports, ISIS began their assault at the northern district of the town where they captured several building blocks. The clashes have been continuing. Militants moved their forces from Tal ‘Arn and Al-‘Aziziyah for this advance.

If ISIS captures Al-Safira, they will cut supplies off from the large number of Syrian troops in Aleppo province and take control of the large army bases surrounding the city.

On Tuesday, the SAA and the Lebanese Hezbollah took control of the city of Jisr al-Shughour and its surrounding mountainous areas in the province of Idlib. Jisr al-Shughour has a strategic importance because it links Syria’s coastal towns as well as the Idlib and Aleppo provinces. It has a population of over 150,000 people.

Iraqi security sources stated that the US-led coalition’s airstrikes killed 22 army and volunteer servicemen on Tuesday. The coalition warplanes targeted the Iraqi forces’ positions after they advanced the al-Jama and al-Davajen bridges near the city of Ramadi.

Separate roadside bombings in an area of the capital Baghdad left two people dead on Tuesday. Two Iraqi servicemen were also killed when a bomb inside a truck went off at a gathering of security forces near the city of Samarra.

The Iraqi Parliament may begin discussions to request Russia’s help in providing military aid in the fight against ISIS at the end of this week, Mowaffak Rubaie, lawmaker from the Shiite coalition said on Tuesday. Last week, Russian parliamentary speaker Valentina Matvienko said that Moscow would consider Baghdad’s request to provide military assistance in the fight against terrorism should it be made.

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If the current shwerpunkt area, the Idlib/Hama/Aleppo pocket is not reduced soon, quagmire or worse will happen. Time is vital in warfare and the recapture if far too slow. The Russian air force should have took action earlier last year. Now, Putin will have to fight on two fronts : Syria and Ukraine.It was a strategic mistake to postpone military action. Mr Putin is timorous : the bear is strong but slow. It is Russia that is now the real superpower and therefore should not lose the initiative.


Im not sure why Syria with its much reduced manpower is attacking everywhere at once? Why not destroy the Hama pocket, then do Aleppo or the South then do the other leaving ISIS/Raqqa to last. The South would probably be an easier fight so taking the Hama pocket then consolidating the South would enable concentration of forces in the big fight in the Latakia to Aleppo drive. There are many things we are not aware of that will be influencing the decisions made perhaps the alleged 3 month withdrawal window of the Russian air-force and hence attack everywhere and grab as much as possible in the time frame?


That is an intesrting question which is difficult to answer unless we know precisely what the SAA is up to, which is not the case. But this war is already in its 5th year and Syria lost about 2/3 of her territory and a lot of her vital assets. In fact, technically speaking, pre-war Syria no longer exists. And if Putin did not have helped since the beginning of this war, Syria and Bashar al-Assad would have disappeared. I suppose the SAA is trying frantically to recapture vital assets as military bases, gas plants, motorways and so on, assets that are spread wide in the country. Cutting the ennemy supply routes is also a priotrity. The ennemy that had 4 years to entrench itself and that is probably stronger and better supplied than we are told. I think that the estimated 3 months predicted by the Russians for their campaign is too optimistic. I would not be surprised if in 6 months from now, this war won’t be over. What is most probable is that they will have to increase more and more their war effort and maybe sending ground forces despite their reluctance to do so. And that is the real danger: escalation.That is why it was a mistake to postpone the campaign and this error may costs Russia an the whole world a lot.


US air strikes kill Iraqi army servicemen, again? You would think the Iraqis would know by now that the US is making sure that ISIS is not defeated in Iraq.


Very sad, we need the report we can spread to document and increase awareness of these horrific abuses. Also to draw attention too the related geopolitical implications of what is the US’s true political objectives.


On militarymaps.info there isn’t any advance to Jisr al-Shughour. The frontline is still at Salma in Latakia province and Sirmaniyah – both still contested.


I really find these videos useful and enjoy watching them, but can someone please send a message to South Front telling them to decrease the volume of the music in the background. It is very loud and I cannot focus on the voice explaining/reviewing the tactical situation.

The narrator and the visual map should be the most important part of the video and not the loud dramatic music in the background.

Thank you.


Potential ISIS cauldron between Tal ‘Arm, Al-‘Aziziyah and Kweres Airbase – quick mobile forces to Tal Arm and go East and link with forces in Kweres, then destroy the cauldron.

Damn re America bombing Iraqi forces, im sure this has been happening for a while, any links to the actual reports I can repost? Australia needs to pull its jets out if they are not permitted in the current geopolitical climate by “our friends” to actually attack ISIS.


Thank you for your reports which are the best I could find about the Syrian war. I would suggest to the male narrator to slow down a bit, because foreigners like me are having difficulties to understand.

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