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JUNE 2023

International Military Review – Syria, Feb. 4, 2016

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On Feb.3, the Syrian Amy and Hezbollah units broken a siege imposed by terrorist organizations in the towns of Nubbul and al-Zahraa. The siege is said to have lasted for 40 months. The success of the operation was grounded on the efficient cooperation between the Russian forces and the Syrian ground forces.

Following the heavy clashes, the Syrian troops also seized the Ma’arasta-Masqan road in Northern Aleppo.

The loyalist forces entered the village of Tayyibah (Teibah). The heavy between the SAA and ISIS are going there. However, there are reports that the Syrian troops are pushing ISIS from the village.

Meanwhile, a senior commander of the Fath al-Halab (Conquest of Aleppo) terrorists group, Major Yasser Abdel Rahim, fled the battle against the Syrian army in Northern Aleppo and took shelter in Turkey. This marks a significant fall of the militants’ morale in the province.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has confirmed that one of their advisers to the Syrian army has been killed in ISIS shelling while fulfilling his duties with the Syrian army. It’s still unknown where the incident happened, nor the personality of the officer. He will receive an honor from the country, posthumously.

In the ongoing conflict, Syria relies heavily on Russian military equipment. It’s confirmed, there is an unspecified number of military advisers are teaching Syrians how to use Russian weapons. According to the unconfirmed reports and experts’ conclusions, Russian military advisers could be involved in coordination of the Syrian artillery units and coordination between the Syrian ground forces and the Russian Air Force.

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The Syrian people must assert their sovereignty to protect their ancient culture from ruination. President Assad must address the United Nations and speak plainly that he is ordering a “No Entry Zone” over and within the sovereignty of his country and any U.S. backed coalition of air or ground forces must be coordinated with the Syrian Military Command Authority.

The Russian Federation aerospace forces will have absolute control over Syrian skies and every coalition air sortie must be cleared through them otherwise such flights will be considered hostile to the fight against ISIS and therefore will be dealt with harshly.

Syria and its allies, Russia, Hezbollah and Iranian revolutionary guard forces cannot allow the U.S. military and other foreign invaders (NATO and the Saudi government sponsored Wahhabi terrorists) to insert itself and take root like poisonous Hemlock. The evil must be denied resolutely and with conviction.


Yeah, but say in a scenario where Assad does tell the UN to fuck off how likely do you think they will? They’ve already planted the idea that Assad is a dictator and that most of the so-called “moderate” rebels are fighting against a tyrant in most of the people’s minds. Assad’s word has absouletely no value since the UN doesn’t abide by the laws when it’s convenient for them. Syria can’t play the military card either, since it’d give total justification for Turkey to invade. Syria is just now winning with the help of it’s allies, it can’t afford something like this to happen. Assad is in a hot situation, he knows that the UN is breaking international law but at the same time he knows that if he calls them out on it and tries to stop them it’d just make it even worse. It’s a much more difficult situation that it looks like on the surface, and Syria and it’s allies are too smart to fall for the bait.

Remember when Turkey was having secret talks about committing a false-flag attack and invading Syria, and suspiciously these talks were uploaded on the internet? That was when the YPG had much less land than it does now, and Turkey is even in more of a pinch to get involved in the conflict – so they shoot down a Russian jet in an organized attack. But even then, Putin plays the situation coolheaded and realizes that it’s not about making Turkey pay in the short term but in the long run (with sanctions and securing Kurdistan) so Syria and it’s allies must not give a single valid reason so other nearby countries can invade. Every country involved is trying it’s very best to do just that. With Saudi Arabia focused in Yemen, Turkey stuck in a hotspot and Syrian allies winning in every part of Syria… they need to keep this up. Syrian sovereignty isn’t something that can be protected by pleading with the UN to stop funding terrorists.


TTW, I understand what you have written, however by Assad making a proclamation in front of the UN General Assembly as President of Syria, he is affirming his authority as the head of the legitimate government of the country. His speech will be on record and it will expose to the world the falsity of the UN as puppets of the United States. Another reason by the way, for the UN to move its headquarters out of New York City and into a more neutral location.

As far as Turkey invading Syria, it would be the end of Erdogan because Russia will destroy Turkish military ground forces if they breech Syrian borders. The nefarious NATO coalition at this point needs no definitive reason to invade Syria as they have already engaged in “mission creep” and are testing the waters, so to speak.

My opinion is the bodies of many NATO foot soldiers as well as ISIS terrorists will litter the battlefield should they enter the battle space. The hubris of the United States Department of War has not seen the full spectrum of the Russian military in the region. The U.S. is staging up to a division of ground forces in Iraq under the pretense of fighting ISIS there. But these forces will be diverted to Northeastern Syria and Russia has prepared for this and will be ready to neutralize them. God have mercy on them for it will be a killing field.


This will get worse, something will happen

Igor Dano

I admire Russians, that they did not use any nukes so far, to kill off the NATO-ISIS coalition in Syria. It is in their military doctrine, to use nukes in a case of serious danger .

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