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International Military Review – Syria, Feb. 16, 2016

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On Feb.16, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in coordination with Hezbollah and the National Defense Forces (NDF) liberated the village of Misqan in northern Aleppo following a heavy firefight with the militants operating in the area, mostly members of Al-Nusra and Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham terrorist groups.

The Kurdish YPG units and their allies seized the rebel stronghold of Tal Rifa. Earlier, the YPG cut the road between the towns of Tall-Rifaa and Azaz. The Kurdish has established a fire control of the road with sniper and mortar fire.

The YPG also launched a military opertion in the Aleppo’s district of Al-Hillak. According to reports, the operation was conducted from the YPG positions at Sheikh Maqsoud. Now, the clashes are ongoing inside Al-Hillak. This draws attention of the the terrorists already involved in heavy clashes against the government’s forces in the district of Bustan Al-Pasha.

Meanwhile, the SAA secured the Thermal Power Plant located in eastern Aleppo. Now, the SAA units are securing the area and cleaning it from IEDs planted by terrorists. The Thermal Power Plant has a key value because it is able to provide a significant electricity supplies to the city.

The Turkish army continued to hit Kurdish militia targets in Syria for the third day in a row Feb.15. Turkish Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu said Ankara will not allow the town of Azaz in northern Syria to fall to the Kurdish YPG forces and promised the “harshest reaction,” if the group attempts to re-take the city. Thus, al Nusra, ISIS and other terrorist groups have got a significant artillery support in Northern Syria which will likely stop advances against terrorists in a few of directions.

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Daniel Martin

What are the Turks going to do when the SAA comes to retake Azaz, are they going to open fire on the Syrian army that is in the progress of liberating their territory from the terrorists? It will be interesting to see? but I think if they do that, that Syrian army should respond to hostile fire from the Turkish artillery positions with defensive fire on the same positions.

First Lastname

And when the Turkeys come flying in to eliminate the SAA artillery positions, the S-400 will serve a cold plate of revenge for the SU-24 shootdown…

Piet Saman

Dont think the SAA will go for Azaz in the near future because the SDF have a barrier between the 2 at the moment.

I am more curious to see what the turks will do when de SDF is going for Jarabulus, rojava or Ar Ra’i

Michael Drysdale

i think turkey will start artillery shelling the Syrian army and then the war moves into turkey, with sleeper cells of the pkk and other anti government elements doing hit and run , gorilla war…. hope I am proved wrong and turkey backs down


I support peace and not war. I have no idea what world government are doing to support peace. I only see more war.

Igor Dano

Dear Kurds,
can you kill all Turks?
You would help this Earth so much.
They, Turks, are much worse, then zionists.


Are the Turkish retards or what?

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