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JUNE 2021

International Military Review – Syria, Apr. 12, 2016

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On April 11, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces (NDF) took control of the storage area between Tal Kurdi and Tal-Sawwan cutting off an important militant supply route between the towns of Tal Kurdi and Tal Sawwan in the East Ghouta. Thus, Jaysh Al-Islam and Al-Nusra units lost their last supply line in the East Ghouta. It’s expected that Tel Kurdi will become a next aim of the pro-government forces.

Following five days of fierce clashes, ISIS militants seized the Palestinian Yarmouk refugee camp in the Southwestern part of Damascus city from the Al-Nusra terrorist group. It marks that a shaky alliance between ISIS and al Nusra, which has been established after the Russian intervention in Syria, expired.

According to Russia’s intelligence, about 8,000 al-Nusra militants have been deployed south-west of Aleppo and up to 1,500 militants have been deployed north of the city. The group is going to make an attempt to cut the road linking Aleppo and Damascus.

Meanwhile, the SAA and its allies launched a military operation to seize back the town of Al-Eis in southern Aleppo. The town is controlled by Al Nusra and FSA units. Heavy clashes are ongoing there.

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