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International Military Review – Migration War, sep. 8, 2015

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Europe, the land of ‘humanism’, ‘democracy’, ‘human rights’ and other words with no implementation, is, as we all heard and some of us even saw, facing a huge refugee crisis from the countries with ongoing military conflicts. While people were sharing thoughts on how did the Eu get to this situation, one thing should be clear – nothing in these events could be hidden.

At least 40 people died Saturday in the Mediterranean while traveling in an overcrowded boat trying to reach European shores while an Italian vessel was conducting a “rescue operation” off the Libyan coast, the Italian Navy reports.

A newborn boy was found dead after his migrant parents reached the shores of a Greek island in a boat from Turkey on Saturday, while new scuffles broke out between thousands of migrants and police on another Greek island Lesbos.

A Greek ferry unloaded 2,500 migrants at the port of Piraeus on Saturday, bringing the total number of people moved to the country’s mainland since last Monday to 13,373, the coastguard said.

An image of a drowned toddler washed up on the beach in one of Turkey’s prime tourist resorts swept across social media on Wednesday after at least 12 presumed Syrian refugees died trying to reach the Greek island of Kos. Turkish media identified the boy as 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi, whose 5-year-old brother died on the same boat.

Smugglers whose callous negligence killed 71 refugees found in an abandoned truck last week at the side of an Austrian highway risked the death of scores more just a day later, the police said on Friday. But those migrants saved their lives by breaking open a truck door with a crowbar and were eventually abandoned near a traffic circle in eastern Austria.Altogether, 81 people were on board that truck.

Six people — five Bulgarian citizens and an Afghan with Hungarian residence papers — have been arrested so far in the 71 deaths, which were almost certainly caused by asphyxiation.

Tens of thousands of people have been fleeing war in the Middle East heading for northern Europe via Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary. Their discovery shocked Europe and showed the real results of the EU-backed US policy in the Middle East. The migration war is started.

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