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International Military Review & Analysis – Studying escalation in Nagorno-Karabakh

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Armenia’s Ministry of Defense revealed numbers of the casualties in the recent escalation in Nagoorno-Karabakh. The report says the country lost 15 officers, 34 soldiers, 11 volunteers and 2 soldiers from the reserve. 1 officer is missed in action. Azerbaijani Defense Ministry spokesman, Vagif Dargahli, stated the Azeri side lost 31 military servicemen. It’s clear that this number is downplayed.  The Azeri military stormed and seized strategic high grounds around Seisulan, Talish, Madagiz under heavy fire. According to experts, the Azeri casualties should be between 400 and 500 fighters. Some military sources say 600.

Meanwhile, Azeri media are justifying the solution of the conflict by force, almost openly. Such glorification of the escalation points at its initiator.

Kazakhstan’s President, Nursultan Nazarbayev, supported Azerbaijan’s actions strengthening rumors about the personal animosity between him and Serzh Sargsyan. Separately, Kazakhstan vetoed the idea to hold the meeting of the premiers of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) in Yerevan. Turkey’s President also supported the Azeri actions and held a series of meeting with his Azeri and Kazakh counterparts demonstrating the solidarity.

In turn, the US supported Armenia in the recent escalation in order to force a wedge between Armenia and Russia which should be careful to avoid the regional conflict and save the influence in South Caucasus. US-sponsored Armenian media have been fueling anti-Russian speculations.

The recent developments showcase a new attempt to increase the conflict to a regional level by the US which is interested to purge a strategic Russian military base from Armenia. On one hand, the US thrusted Aliyev forward to the conflict through Turkey. On the other hand, US diplomats condemned the escalation and supported the Armenian media campaign. In this situation, Russia is the main player which is interested and makes steps to keep the peace in South Caucasus.

As any territorial conflict, which includes an ethnic factor, the Nagorno-Karabakh issue is unique. Indeed, it can’t be compared with a clear situation like for example Crimea which also found itself incorporated in a newly appeared state after the fall of the USSR. The Nagorno-Karabakh territory has faced a bloody civil conflict and the nations involved in it have a long history of engagement in the region.

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Huseyn Abdullayev

Nagorno-Karabakh is Azerbaijan territory where has been occupied by Armenia. So Azerbaijan has right to release her land . Azeri casualties should be between 400 and 500 fighters. – it is wrong .because it is impossible to hide this big number from nation .First of all you have define how Nagorno-Karabakh conflict was created and Khojali genocide This news defends Armenia but it must be neutral


Mr Abdullayev: Please be fair to historical facts. Russian dictator, Stalin, arbitrarily decided that Nagorno Kharabagh should be an independent oblast, region, within Azerbajan. There was no such country as Azerbajan, when Nagorno Kharabagh was an Armenian independent region. Azerbajan, according to independent historians came to be the last hundred and fifty years…so, please get your facts straight, and do not consider Nagorno Kharabagh as an Azerbajan country, just because, Stalin, dictated so…I suppose to gain the love of Azeris’ for the oil and natural resources Azerbajan was to be exploited later…Armenians have been living peacefully with Azeris during the Soviet times, in Baku , Sumgait, and everywhere. However, for no apparent reason, Azeri’s started slaughtering Armenians in Sumgait, in 1988, and drove hundreds of thousands of Armenians from their homes in Baku and Sumgait, after having slaughtered tens of thousands…Nagorno Kharabagh Armenians peacefully decided their fate after Gorbachevs perestroika and decided that there was no reason to stay within Azerbajian, when the cultural differences were apparent. The conflict in Khojalu was very recently publicly resolved by the Azerbajian military and it was found that the Azeri military killed their own people, who would not voluntarily obey the orders of Bakue and leave the area…Your government is brutal and unfair towards Armenians, but also, against the Azeri people, by lying, defrauding, cheating, pillaging and subjecting them to torture, jails and unnecessary wars…Baku is doing that to hide billions and trillions they are stealing from the Azeri people. I think if it were up to the Azeri and Armenian people, they would live in peace and would not resort to war..I do not think the Azeri people liked what Stalin did to them, and certainly Armenians do not like what Stalin did to them. The hatred that Bakue government spreads amongst the Azeri people against the Armenians is so inhumane and barbaric, I feel sorry for the Azeri youth…I find it offensive, as to why people have to die, whether one person or hundreds as victims to their dictators…and remember, Bakue started this war, and started the first war as well, in 1988 and then again, continues to engage in wars….I think you should tell your government to stop the wars…and let us live in peace, just like we have done so in the past…

Huseyn Abdullayev

Hello. How are you .The map is historical facts about 1918 when Russia began to occupied South Caucasian .I can t see Armenia country on the map . You have to be grateful to Russian for creating your country of course her interest in our old land .Other fact Only Armenia is one nature in South Caucasian .Even Armenian people live in Azerbaijan to day . But NO Azerbaijani live in Aremnia .The question is WHY . Three facts khojaly genocide (search in youtube ) .Qarabağ ( Kharabagh) is our land and we are going to release .If you do not die , leave our land “I feel sorry for the Azeri youth” -Never feel sorry for me. I have to feel for you because refer to famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin “You’re not a Chechen — you’re an old woman / A coward, a slave, you’re an Armenian!” . Thanks . Regards Huseyn

Bedig Alexanian

Mr. Abdullayev, if you rely on Youtube as your main source of credible info, you are very wrong. Actually, Azerbaijan didn’t exist until 1916. Armenia, though, existed around 3000 BCE. The map attached to this comment clearly states that. The fact that Karabakh (Artsakh) belongs to Azerbaijan is wrong, because a land belongs to the people living in it and as Ms. Barseghian said, Gorbachev’s perestroika allowed the Armenian residents of Karabakh, which were the majority, to decide their own fate by balloting for a referendum. Please reinstate and check your facts about history.

888mladen .

Russia needs to pull out of Kazakhstan its military industrial complex to avoid situation it has found itself recently in Ukraine,

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