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International Mercenaries Declare the ‘Resumption of Combat Operations’ in Syria

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International Mercenaries Declare the 'Resumption of Combat Operations' in Syria

Originally appeared at DWN, translated by John T. Sumner exclusively for SouthFront; Edited by Yoana

International mercenaries, foreign fighters and radical islamistic terrorist militias are eager to begin a full-scale military offensive in Syria. With the failure of the cease-fire agreement, the US has announced that it is going to supply the militias with MANPADs. This unfolding might pose a threat to the Russians, who are fighting on the side of the Syrian government.

The forces positioned by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States declared: “After a steady increase of ceasefire violations by government forces, including the selective displacement of people and the continued bombing of residential areas, we declare the continuation of hostilities in response.” The comment was made by ten rebel groups in a common statement on Monday. Backed by Russian air support the Syrian army had proceeded with the liberation of Aleppo last week.

For the first time since the outbreak of the war in Syria, promoted by numerous nations, a nationwide ceasefire agreement between the government forces and various mercenary militias had been brokered under mediation of Russia and the United States in February. The truce explicitly excluded the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS) or also known as Islamist Al-Nusra Front.

The declaration from Monday was signed by the powerful Islamist terror militias “Jaysh-al-Islam” and “Ahrar ash-Sham”, who are particularly influential in the region of Eastern Ghouta as well as in Aleppo. “Jaysh-al-Islam” is led by Mohammed Allusch, the chief negotiator on behalf of the opposition in the Geneva peace talks. Both groups are funded by Saudi Arabia. The Islamist kingdom has even created its own brand of an “opposition” for Syria, which is led by Allusch under the bombastic name “High Committee of Negotiating”.

On Sunday Allusch pressed for a resumption of attacks on the SAA.

“Do not trust the regime and do not wait for their compassion,” Allusch wrote on Twitter. “Strike them in the neck! Kill them all! ”

Many of these groups also fight with US weapons. Just a few days ago, a US mercenary was released from Syrian captivity. Likewise, the American UN Ambassador, Samantha Power, had stated already days ago, not to believe in the truce. As the ceasefire is failing, the CIA is planning to arm the mercenaries with heavy military equipment – predominantly with surface-to-air-missiles (MANPADs). This can evolve into a serious threat to the Syrian and the Russian Air Force.

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Daniel Rich

Thank you, John T. Sumner [+ Yoana].

Q; International Mercenaries Declare the ‘Resumption of Combat Operations’ in Syria

R: Fine. Whatever. Time for the scorched earth tactic.

Takfiri terrorist fire a hell canon? We’ll bring hell to you in the form of a Iskander missile. You kill 1 of us? We’ll kill 100 of you. No more deals. No more ceasefires. No more reconciliation.

We gave you time to surrender, you rearmed instead.

Great. That means you choose death, and let me tell you… you’ve got it coming.


Appears all those Syrian cease-fire sceptics who said the US only agrees to a cease-fire when the mercenary/terrorist proxy forces they’re using are taking a drubbing — so they can be resupplied, reinforced, re-armed/upgraded — have been proven correct.

Daniel Rich

@ Rich0Shea,

I’m not privy to anything related to Russian Military Planning, so, the following is my opinion;

Russia/Syria have given the terrorist time to either lay down their weapons or not. This is know in military parlance as, ‘Separating the wheat from the chaff.’

As the Geneva talks falter [they will], any ‘chaff’ caught with a gun in his hand, automatically becomes a legit target, no matter how many tantrums the FUKUS war machine throws.

Russia remains within the boundaries of international laws for a very good reason.

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