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Internal Tensions Grow In Self-Proclaimed Republics In Eastern Ukraine. ‘Unidentified’ Troops Deployed In Lugansk (Video, Photos)

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Internal tensions are growing in the self-proclaimed republics in the region of Donbass in eastern Ukraine.

On November 21, some “unknown” armed men took control over the city center of Lugansk, the capital of the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR). According to to local sources, these fighters are members of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) military.

It is not clear how much DPR troops were deployed. However, at least one military column of the supposed DPR forces was filmed.

Observers link the ongoing tensions with an attempt of the LPR’s head Igor Plotnitsky to dismiss LPR Interior Minister Igor Kornet under a pretext of opening a criminal case against him.

The LPR Interior Ministry ignored this decision and accused some persons linked to the Ukrainian oligarchs and special services of staging the fake coup in the republic in September 2016. The ministry’s accusations were aimed against Plotnitsky’s circle, but the ministry said nothing against the LPR head himself.

It looks like the LPR Interior Ministry has a support from the DPR in its move. Meanwhile, LPR military forces don’t participate in the standoff.

An alleged DPR military column is entering Lugansk:

More photos and videos:

Internal Tensions Grow In Self-Proclaimed Republics In Eastern Ukraine. 'Unidentified' Troops Deployed In Lugansk (Video, Photos)

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Internal Tensions Grow In Self-Proclaimed Republics In Eastern Ukraine. 'Unidentified' Troops Deployed In Lugansk (Video, Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

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Wonder whats going on there…


The forces were most probably were of DPR. There’s a report that they were Russian but by their equipment they’re either a volunteers forces from local region or DPR forces. Some LPR upper echelons are either swayed by Ukraine/US funded bribes/deals or this is a successful discord by intelligence organization. Well we’ll just have to see how it’s developed since re integrating with Ukraine right now were of a very poor choice for them with Nazis based ultranationalism dominated the ruling government.

Tom Tom


Solomon Krupacek

the traitory politics of moscow brings fruits

Gary Sellars

Fuck off idiot… Terror-sympathiser butt-boy.

Solomon Krupacek

i suggest for zou antipsychotics. then you will not talk with yourself.

Solomon Krupacek

from the beginning russia wanted only buffer zone, like was south lebanon for israel. russia never want neither independence, nor take lugansk and donetsk. moscow simply obeyed the future of people living there. but they want to live normal life. this is the reason, why are looking for conciliation with kiev.

this scenario was foreseen already in early beginning of revolt. simply check the articles from that time.

conclusion: never trust moscow!

Gary Sellars

Shlomoman seeks to view everything thru a lens of “Russia is always to blame”. He’s just another of these Jews that hates Russia because it has thrown off the yoke of Jewish oligarch control.

Tudor Miron

Are you seriously asking his opinion (meaning that you assume that you can hear something sensible in response to your question)?

Tudor Miron

I respect your position but I have to disagree regarding this particular creature.

Tudor Miron

May be he is but he hides it very effectively.

Brother Ma

I hope it is the second option.it would be sad to see these freed areas go back to the zioukros.

Eskandar Black

My explanation is that there is a difference in opinion between the LNR and DNR government about the road forward for rebel regions. Lugansk places donetsk into a precarious, strategic situation. It makes sense that when the leaders of LNR started to have a friendlier relationship with the authorities in Kiev than DNR, their bigger brother to the east sent a brigade to lugansk to have a discussion with the pacifists. I am sure in the long run, cooler heads will prevail.


Ground is not hard enough.. It is corruption, the sorts like what Batman was up to..

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