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Interesting Week for Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump

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Interesting Week for Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump

Written by TheSaker; Originally appeared at TheUnzReview

Putin’s latest move

I don’t follow the western corporate media so I don’t really know how much coverage this development has received in the West, but in Russia and the Ukraine the big news is the decision by Russia to begin recognizing official Novorussian documents such as passports, driver licenses, school and college diplomas, etc. The Russians were pretty specific in the way the made the announcement. They said that it was a temporary measure dictated by humanitarian considerations. They have a point. Until now, the residents of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics had to travel to the Nazi-occupied Ukraine to try to get their documents. Which, considering how the Ukronazis consider anybody from the Donbass was not only futile, but sometimes dangerous. This decision makes perfect sense practically. But, of course, it has a far-reaching symbolic dimension too. The timing is also crucial: by recognizing the documents issued by the DNR and LNR authorities, the Russians have de facto “semi-recognized” the authorities which issued them and that is just a fairly short step away from recognizing these republics.

Right now, the Kremlin is vehemently denying any such thoughts. But all the Kremlin-affiliated commentators are rather blunt about what this really means. According to them, the message for the junta in Kiev is simple: if you attack Novorussia or if you officially ditch the Minks agreements we will immediately recognize these two republics. And, once that happens, it’s over for the Ukronazis, these republics will be gone just like South Ossetia or Abkhazia. Of course, nobody will officially recognize the independence of these republics, but neither will anybody do anything meaningful about it. And, let’s be honest, the Russian authorities couldn’t care less about what western politicians or their corporate media have to say: they already heard it all and it’s not like they could be demonized much futher.

The next logical move would be to move the Russian border control from the Russian border to the line of contact. Or not. If the Russians don’t do it, this might be a sign that they support the official position of the Republics which is that they want to liberate the totality of the Doentsk and Lugansk regions. By the way, the Russian Border Guards are elite and highly militarized forces whose presence on the line of contact would in no way prevent a Novorussian (counter-)attack against the Ukronazi forces. So the decision about where to deploy them would have a primarily political dimension and no real military consequences.

Right now the Ukronazis have basically gone officially on record in declaring that they never intended to abide by the terms of the Minsk 1 and Minsk 2 agreements. Here is what Anton Gerashchenko, a special adviser to the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine and a member of the Board of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine openly declared on Ukrainian national TV: (emphasis added).

Let’s immediately say that the Minsk Agreements were not implemented from the day there were signed in Febuary 2015. This was a temporary measure on the side of the Ukraine and, I will be honest, a deliberate deception. Remember that the first Minsk Agreement was signed following the military disaster near Ialovaisk when we had no forces to defend the front from Donetsk to Mariupol. The second Mink Agreement was signed following the treacherous Russian aggression on Debaltsevo and the formationm of the “Debaltsevo Cauldron”. These agreements are not international agreements or anything else.

Needless to say, NOBODY in the West paid any attention to this statement, and why would they, after all, their line has always been that Russia is not abiding by the Minsk Agreement, even if Russia is not even a party to them (Russia is only a witness and guarantor). And if a senior Ukronazi official says otherwise, who cares?!

This amazing admission by Gerashchenko is only the latest in a series of steps taken and statements made by various Ukronazis to the effect that “we are done negotiating and from now on, we will solve this problem by force”. So far, the “force” applied has been primarily in the form of a total blockade of the Donbass which included the prevention of a large amount of vitally needed coal to the Nazi-occupied Ukraine from the Donbass even though this shipment had already been paid for. Officially Poroshenko does not condone this blockade, but in practice he is either unwilling or unable to prevent or stop it. Another sign that the Independent Banderastan is falling apart.

There is a strong feeling in Russia that Poroshenko is powerless and that the Ukronazi crazies are up to no good. Clearly, nobody in the Ukronazis elites has any intention of actually implementing the Minsk 1 and Minsk 2 agreements. That, by the way, might be a dangerous approach for a number of reasons:

First, these agreements were endorsed by the UNSC and every country out there, at least as far as I know. So Gerashchenko is wrong – the Minsk Agreements are binding under international law.

Second, the Ukrainian authorities recently found and released a document showing that Yanukovich had made an official request for a Russian intervention in the Ukraine. They wanted to show that he was a traitor. But in the process, they also showed that the last legitimate president of the Ukraine had made a legal request for a Russian intervention which might well mean that, at least in legal terms, any subsequent Russian intervention in the Ukraine would be 100% legal.

Even better, Yanukovich is still in Russia. And, from a legal point of view, you could make the case that he is still the legitimate president of the Ukraine. If the Yemeni President in exile Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi could ask the Saudis to intervene in Yemen, why would that no be an option for Poroshenko to ask for such an intervention in the Ukraine?

Right now, the Russians are making no such legalistic statements. But you can be sure that they have already aligned all their ducks in a neat row just in case they do decide to openly intervene in this civil war.

How realistic is the possibility of a Russian recognition of the breakaway republics or an overt Russian intervention in the Ukraine?

I think that it all depends on what the Ukronazis crazies do. If they really attack Novorussia I expect the Kremlin to recognize the DNR and LRN. A Russian intervention? I doubt it, but only because I believe that the DNR/LNR can handle a Nazi attack. So the only question for me is how long Poroshenko will stay in power and what the real crazies will do once they overthrow him. Right now this mostly depends on the US but since the US elites are locked in a desperate struggle for power, I don’t see the Trump Administration taking any dramatic decisions anyway, not in the Ukraine, not elsewhere. At least not as long as there is a question mark as to who is really in charge in the White House. Everybody is waiting for the outcome of that struggle, including Moscow and Kiev.

Trump – all words, no action, but good words

In the meantime, Trump has been busy giving speeches. Which sounds pretty bad until you realize that these are good speeches, very good ones even. For one thing, he still is holding very firmly to the line that the “fake news” (which in “Trumpese” means CNN & Co. + BBC) are the enemies of the people. The other good thing is that twice in a row now he has addressed himself directly to the people. Sounds like nothing, but I think that this is huge because the Neocons have now nicely boxed Trump in with advisors and aides who range from the mediocre to bad to outright evil. The firing of Flynn was a self-defeating disaster for Trump who now is more or less alone, with only one loyal ally left, Bannon. I am not sure how much Bannon can do or, for that matter, how long until the Neocons get to him too, but besides Bannon I see nobody loyal to Trump and his campaign promises. Nobody except those who put him in power of course, the millions of Americans who voted for him. And that is why Trump is doing the right thing speaking directly to them: they might well turn out to be his biggest weapon against the “DC swamp”.

Furthermore, by beating on the media, especially CNN and the rest of the main US TV channels, Trump is pushing the US public to turn to other information sources, including those sympathetic to him, primarily on the Internet. Good move – that is how he won the first time around and that is how he might win again.

The Neocons and the US ‘Deep State’ have to carefully weigh the risks of continuing their vendetta against Trump. Right now, they appear to be preparing to go after Bannon. But what will they do if Trump, instead of ditching Bannon like he ditched Flynn, decides to dig in and fight with everything he has got? Then what? If there is one thing the Neocons and the deep state hate is to have a powerful light pointed directly at them. They like to play in the dark, away from an always potentially hostile public eye. If Trump decides to fight back, really fight back, and if he appeals directly to the people for support, there is no saying what could happen next.

I strongly believe that the American general public is deeply frustrated and angry. Obama’s betrayal of all his campaign promises only made these feelings worse. But when Obama had just made it to the White House I remember thinking that if he really tried to take on the War Machine and if he came to the conclusion that the ‘deep state’ was not going to let him take action or threaten him he could simply make a public appeal for help and that millions of Americans would flood the streets of Washington DC in support of “their guy” against the “bastards in DC”. Obama was a fake. But Trump might not be. What if the Three Letter Agencies or Congress suddenly tried to, say, impeach Trump and what if he decided ask for the support of the people – would millions not flood the streets of DC? I bet you that Florida alone would send more than a million. Ditto for Texas. And I don’t exactly imagine the cops going out of their way to stop them. The bottom line is this: in any confrontation between Congress and Trump most of the people will back Trump. And, if it ever came to that, and for whatever it is worth, in any confrontation between Trump-haters and Trump-supporters the latter will easily defeat the former. The “basket of deplorables” are still, thank God, the majority in this country and they have a lot more power than the various minorities who backed the Clinton gang.

There are other, less dramatic but even more likely scenarios to consider. Say Congress tries to impeach Trump and he appeals to the people and declares that the “DC swamp” is trying to sabotage the outcome of the elections and impose its will upon the American people. Governors in states like Florida or Texas, pushed by their public opinion, might simply decide not to recognize the legitimacy of what would be an attempted coup by Congress against the Executive branch of government. Now you tell me – does Congress really have the means to impose its will against states like Florida or Texas? I don’t mean legally, I mean practically. Let me put it this way: if the states revolt against the federal government does the latter have the means to impose its authority? Are the creation of USNORTHCOM and the statutory exceptions from the Posse Comitatus Act (which makes it possible to use the National Guard to suppress insurrections, unlawful obstructions, assemblages, or rebellions) sufficient to guarantee that the “DC swamp” can impose its will on the rest of the country? I would remind any “DC swamp” members reading these lines that the KGB special forces refused not once, but twice, to open fire against the demonstrators in Moscow (in 1991 and 1993) even though they had received a direct order by the President to do just that. Is there any reason to believe that US cops and soldiers would be more willing than the KGB special forces to massacre their own people?

Donald Trump has probably lost most of his power in Washington DC, but that does not entail that this is the case in the rest of the USA. The Neocons can feel like the big guy on the block inside the Beltway, but beyond that they are mostly in “enemy territory” controlled by the “deplorables”, something to keep in mind before triggering a major crisis.

This week I got the feeling that Trump was reaching out and directly seeking for the support to the American people. I think he will get it if needed. If this is so, then the focus of his Presidency will be less on foreign affairs, where the US will be mostly paralyzed, than on internal US politics were he still might make a difference. On Russia the Neocons have basically beaten Trump – he won’t have the means to engage in any big negotiating with Vladimir Putin. But, at least, neither will he constantly be trying to make things worse. The more the US elites fight each other, the less venom they will have left for the rest of mankind. Thank God for small favors…

I can only hope that Trump will continue to appeal directly the people and try to bypass the immense machine which is currently trying to isolate him. Of course, I would much prefer that Trump take some strong and meaningful action against the deep state, but I am not holding my breath.

Tonight I spoke with a friend who knows a great deal more about Trump than I do and he told me that I have been too quick in judging Trump and that while the Flynn episode was definitely a setback, the struggle is far from over and that we are in for a very long war. I hope that my friend is right, but I will only breathe a sigh of relief if and when I see Trump hitting back and hitting hard. Only time will tell.

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Yanukovich should make his own case that he is still the legitimate government of the Ukraine . As a government in exile , he could make appeals to the Hague , UN , EU . Regardless of the outcome , there would be recorded action supporting his claims . Certain he can afford a few lawyers .

Sam Collura

“why would that no be an option for Poroshenko to ask for such an intervention in the Ukraine?” In about the 11th paragragh…should be Yanukovich surely

Laura Lee Solomon

All Congress has to do to bring States like Texas and Florida to heel is withhold Federal funding.

Jonathan Cohen

Try Michigan and Ohio. The feds would have to collect taxes from those states in order to make any economic threat, but no state can stand up to the US military without a mutiny.

Phillip Kokesh

Trump has only begun to fight… ?


With regards President Trump and for some reason this has not been mentioned in the MSM. His meeting with regards Human Trafficking.

President Trump Holds Anti-Human Trafficking Meeting 2/23/17… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXe_fN14RVI

Ivanka Trump Pushes White House Agenda to Human Trafficking… http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/02/24/ivanka-trump-pushes-white-house-agenda-human-trafficking/

Jonathan Cohen

It’s a big problem for mail order brides like her, so I can see why she is motivated.

John Brown

When empires collapse their elites begin to turn on each other that it all this is. Like when the generals tried to kill Hitler. Now we have the ultra hard core racist supremacist faction of Jewry (Democrats, Soros, Rothschild’s etc) against a more fearful and cautious faction of racist supremacist Jews with Trump as their puppet, who recognize their empire is in decline and must change course.

The conquered states such as the USSA the NATO pact countries may escape permanent slavery to their racist supremacist master Jewish race, if this battle between Jewish master race factions, starts to tear the empire apart more quickly than its imminent collapse and the racist supremacist empire of Jewry is revealed to the masses of slave Goyims a (let the Goyim eat cake moment) so even Joe / Jane six pack will understand they are slaves to racist supremacist Jews who consider themselves to be his /her master race and say that Joe / Jane six pack and all Goyim are stupid animal beasts as racist supremacist Jewish Henry Kissinger put it, when describing American soldiers.

chris chuba

“They have a point. Until now, the residents of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics had to travel to the Nazi-occupied Ukraine to try to get their documents. “ I love how this is worded. :-)

This article makes a lot of sense and quite frankly, I cannot see how Russia could proceed any differently. They have waited almost two years for Kiev to implement Minsk. The sad thing is that the Neocon lunatics in my country are so out of touch, they would eagerly seek out a war with Russia at least by proxy. You can’t make the Neocons in my country happy. They have to taste bitter defeat. I hope Trump resists them but I don’t know which way he is going to turn yet.


Maybe when Crimea infrastructure is done at end of 2018, they will take Don’s in hand, after further political events in UA (against Poroshenko) and economic growth in Russia itself, maybe Spring 2019?


A lot of good stuff here in th article. My opinion on President Trump is that he is doing fine. The Neo’s and msm are on their heels and it is just a slow process of cleansing that has begun. I wish well to all.

Nigel Maund

FOLKS – MAKE SURE YOU SIGN THIS TO PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS TO FREE SPEECH: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/petition-ban-googles-blatant-suppression-free-speech

Jonathan Cohen

Trump might be hesitating on sanctions because congress can override him and replace sanctions. but Trump can redeploy tanks unilaterally from Poland to Mosul, especially if he can get Putin to send a similar number of tanks from Europe to Syria; and congress can’t do a thing about THAT!!!

Gary Sellars

Daesh are withering under the onslaught and won’t last much longer, a year at tops i’d reckon. Raqqa is surrounded and the noose tightens daily, Mosul is falling, and they have lost their once-buoyant illicit oil trade. Al Bab is gone and the SAA are advancing hard (while blocking the Turdkish terror gangs from advancing further)..

Jonathan Cohen

SAA could advance a lot harder if they didn’t bother with blocking other enemies of Daesh.

Gary Sellars

The turdkish are INVADING Syria, so it makes sense to block them, otherwise it will be more difficult to get them out once the jihadi dog rapers are finally done.

Bobby Martin

First, congratulations on a very fine article. Much insight. However, the friend you mention in the last paragraph is indeed very smart. You yourself are judging the new President as an outsider, based on logic and common measurements. President Trump is no ordinary man. He is the most extraordinary man in my 6 decades of being alive. Things are just getting started. He is NOTHING LIKE the last leaders of america. There is no way he will not conquer his many enemies. He never loses. Also, you misjudge his support: Virtually all law enforcement fiercely support Trump, so too the rank in file of all goverment LE agencies, plus the military. Even by an overwhelming majority CIA and security agencies support him. It will take time to isolate and remove or neutralize the Left which has poisoned our government. Sadly he cannot fire these governemtn people due to existing regulations, or he would show 50,000 people the door tomorrow. Still note: he has already proposed massive federal agencies personnel cutbacks. Plus at the state level his party owns the country, albeit many old guard republicans are his worst enemies. Still, DO NOT Underrate him. The world has seen nothing yet. Get some popcorn. It is early. He never loses. Remember the many great things he has said about Russia and president Putin, and the many fiercely critical things he has said about Merkel and the degenerate europeans oligarchs. Trump meant every word of it. POSITIVE. He has had these views for decades.

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