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Interesting Statements Made During Meeting of Defense Ministers of Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition In Riyadh

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Interesting Statements Made During Meeting of Defense Ministers of Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition In Riyadh

Earlier today, we reported that defense ministers from 41 Muslim countries met in Riyadh for the inaugural meeting of the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) on Sunday.

The meeting marked the launch of the so-called ‘Arab NATO’ led by Saudi Arabia.

“Today, more than 40 Islamic countries are sending a very strong signal that they will work together and coordinate very strongly to support each other’s efforts, whether in military efforts or financial, intelligence and political aspects”, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman said during the meeting. “Extremist terrorism is distorting our tolerant religion and we will not allow what they have done of distorting the tolerant religion and intimidating innocents in Islamic states and all countries of the world.”

During a press conference on the same day, the Secretary General of the Muslim World League Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Al-Issa defined the term “terrorism” as “organized action that sparks fear, anxiety and destruction in property, and is carried out by organizations and groups with an ideological background.”

Some important and interesting statements from the IMCTC final declaration:

the Ministers of Defense affirm that terrorism represents a constant and growing challenge and threat to peace, security and regional and international stability, as it has transcended the borders of countries, while casting aside all values. Terrorism has become deadlier than ever before, particularly in our Islamic world, which suffers from the crimes of terrorism, leaving heavy losses in property and lives, and has shattered the dreams of broad sectors of societies trying to live in peace and tranquility.

The Ministers affirmed their determination to work with every possible means to confront extremism and terrorism, in all their ideological notions and perceptions, to reveal their truth. Furthermore, they plan to expose extremist misuse of legitimate texts and events through delusion, allegation, false methods and deceit. The Ministers are aware of the terrorists’ blind obsession, false thoughts, and misinterpretations of religious texts, and are acutely aware of the perils posed by ideological extremism, its ability to spread, and its profound impact on individuals and society.

The Ministers stress the importance of investing in digital media platforms to raise awareness among members of society and prevent them from succumbing to terrorist messaging.

The final declaration also emphasized the importance of combating against terrorist financing:

1. The Ministers emphasize the importance of draining the sources of terrorist financing and cutting off any financial support for its operations and activities. This can be achieved by coordinating efforts and accelerating necessary measures and procedures to combat terrorist funding and shutting down the flow permanently…


3. The Ministers stressed the importance of ensuring the adequacy and effectiveness of systems and procedures to block terrorist financing. Increased levels of awareness of the various ways terrorists finance their operations must be enhanced, in order to find the best and most successful solution to eliminate terrorist financing.

As to the military cooperation, the declaration includes only short general statements:

1. The Ministers stressed the importance of the military role in combating the threat of terrorism, enhancing security and peace in the Coalition member countries and contributing to regional and international security and peace.

2. The Ministers emphasize the importance of providing the necessary military capabilities to ensure that terrorist organizations are weakened, dismantled, eliminated and deprived of the opportunity to reorganize. Within the framework of the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition, the participation of the coalition states will be defined in accordance with each country’s capabilities and resources, as well as in accordance with each country’s desire to participate in a given military operation.

3. The Ministers agreed on the importance of the role of the IMCTC Counter Terrorism Center in coordinating and integrating military efforts, the exchange of information and intelligence, and conducting training courses and joint exercises.

The declaration devoted a significant attention to mechanisms and security of the IMCTC. In general, it looks like that the meetng participants were deeply concerned over the issue of securing “property” which could be destroyed as a result of terrorist attacks;  the issues of reducing transborder (mutual) terrorist financing and the bureaucracy isues.

However, in any case, the creation of such forms of coordination is better than nothing.

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Richard M

Anti-terror conference in Riyadh is like an Anti-Orc conference in Mordor! :D


bwahahaha!! good one!


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jason sixx



Excellent!!!!! LOL

Vince Dhimos

So would that “tolerant religion” be Wahhabism (also known as Salafism), the religion that all ISIS and Al-Qaeda fighters devoutly adhere to? And of course, you tolerant Saudis, who have never allowed women to drive and who ban Christianity, and who have supported Al-Qaeda and ISIS, will now valiantly defend the world from those intolerant Shiites, who have invested blood and treasure fighting ISIS and Al-Qaeda, who allow women to drive and who have 600 churches in Iran alone. We REALLY need your protection quick before they destroy all those peaceful ISIS fighters who are protecting all of us.


fake bullshit. Why don’t they do the same to help Palestine ?


Whenever they played a positive role against terror groups and in countries like Boko Haram in Nigeria, ISIS in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya and Egypt, Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Yemen, Arakan Rohingya Islamic Front in Myanmar and Bangladesh and various other groups active in Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan and Pakistan – and I’m not even talking about non-majority Muslim countries like Philippines – they may be into something.

Until then, let’s call it by what it really is: an Anti-Iran, Anti-Shi’a coalition.

Gregory Casey

Interesting Omission: Are Shia Muslims Infidels & Terrorists all or are they Muslim? Although Shia wouldn’t, of course have anything whatsoever to do with Sunni-Jihadi-Islamic gathering of Offense Ministers of this Sunni-Jihadi-Islamic Military-Terrorism Coalition In Riyadh


I’m pretty sure by their definition – Shia are terrorists.


Islamic Military Alliance = Israel’s Mercenary Arabs

A terrorist get-together hiding behind the crowd of invited guests Ziodi Arabia is buying with its petrodollars.

The US/UK terrorists, the puppetmasters behind this Saudi-led circlejerk soiree, and their military/oil industrial complex will be wringing their hands like a greedy hooknose.

General Surena

SUUDİ mouses will see… riyadh the land of isis.


“Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Al-Issa defined the term “terrorism” as “organized action that sparks fear, anxiety and destruction in property, and is carried out by organizations and groups with an ideological background.””
Such as the actions of the group of people who flew some airplanes into some buildings …… ?


To be honest, when you think about it his definition is quite right but he sucks at attribution. Let’s analyze Hezbollah for example: Hezbollah as an organized group terrifies them so much, it makes them stain their pants AND dishdasha. So:

– Being organized: check
– Action: Very strongly, check
– Sparking fear in them: check
– Sparking their anxiety: check
– Destruction of their property: double check!

The only problem with his statement is that despite terrorizing them, Hezbollah is NOT a terror group and actually fights terrorists. Something must be very wrong with Saudis to fear Hezbollah’s wrath.

PS. They show their ugly faces by omitting the most important aspect of terrorism: It takes the innocents’ lives to push an agenda.
I guess murdering women, children and elderly is so normal and routine for them but they cannot tolerate losing “property”.
In that, they’re very much like their beloved cousins!

jason sixx

This is just soooooo fkn weird. Who believes this is anything but an israeli anti iran project? Lmao riyadh leading this too? Nevermind a saudi minister or prince has a spot on the UN hrw (hah!!!!!) …. oh so tolerant saudi arabia where women cant drive, even children are beheaded for stupid things like insulting allah and other religions are BANNED. Meanwhile assad allows sunnis druze kurds and christians to live besides shia and alawi … hmmmm


Positive Steps For A Middle East Solution

[NOTE: It’d be nice if this idea got passed around!]

Much of the turmoil involving the Middle East is rooted in the inability of Israel and Palestine to work out a two-state solution. Here is a Seven Point Plan to help solve this problem:

1) Reaffirm both states have a right to exist and accept the UN-mandated borders of sovereignty.
2) Have Israel dismantle its entire nuclear weapons stock.
3) Make Jerusalem an international city (something akin to how Washington DC is to America). This would assure freedom for all religions to worship this disputed holy land.
4) Relocate The United Nations from New York City to Jerusalem. This would add economy and much-needed respect to the region.
5) In the areas where the border conflict is greatest, either the West Bank or Gaza strip, establish a United Nations University of International Diplomacy. This would commit the world’s best academics to help bring forward meaningful solutions unique to the area, and also add economy and and create a much-needed measure of respect to the region. Also, importantly, age demographics of Palestine show a crucial need for education and jobs if children of Palestine are to have a future.
6) In the Golan Heights, where Israel borders Lebanon and Syria, establish a United Nations International Peacekeeping Training Facility. At any given time, there are conflicts and wars all over the world. Having a highly-trained, inter-coordinated and well-organized rapid deployment UN force able to step in makes perfect sense, stopping genocide for example. Locating this facility in the Golan Heights would help to ease border tensions that have been infamous over past decades. It would also add economy and respect to the region.
7) Eliminate capital punishment worldwide to set the greatest positive example against violence.
Part of the problem has been the perception colonial powers like Britain, France, Russia and the US have raped the Middle East region of its resources, cared little for the region’s inhabitants and have supported one dictatorship over another in order to achieve self-interested economic gain. This perception needs to change and the steps, if taken, above would go a long way toward curing the terrible stains of history.


Interesting plan. If you do not outlaw the racist ideology, Zionism, the establishment of legal borders for Israel, the pre 1967 borders, and the right to return for all Palestinians. Its all dead on arrival.


But it might be worth trying given the failure of all other attempts.

Richard M

That sounds like fun! The worthless UN put in the crosshairs of terror! Who do you see providing security in “International” Jerusalem? Because if they are as anemic and ineffective as UN “peacekeepers” have proven to be worldwide, I’d expect a fantastic Bonanza of SVBIEDs!!!


I don’t think anything will change without a change in mindset. I suppose I’m advocating academia replace militarism.

Richard M

No good deed goes unpunished.


So do you see the Golan Heights as being Syrian or as being Israeli ?


It’s always been Syrian and unless Syria decides otherwise it should always remain Syrian.

Tommy Jensen

Israel was especially invited to the conference due to its historical experience with terror.

In a closed end meeting the leading three nations in the fight against terrorism, US, Saudi and Israel, named the axes of evils who fits the term of terrorism:

Iran as the terrorist nation no.1 on the globe.
Hezbollah who are threatening to put all Jews worldwide into gas chambers.

North Korea as designated terrorist nation who threatens Norway, Belgium and USA with nuclear bombs.
Syria/Assad which bomb all Syrian civilians who wants freedom and refuse to go.
Russia whose terrorist forces grabbed a foreign nations land Crimea in front of Pentagons nose.
China a terrorist nation who act like pirates in international waters in South China Sea.
Venezuela a financial terrorist nation undermining the international finance system.
Taleban whose terrorist forces burn poppy fields and deny poor farmers to assist USA in making peace.
Palestine who are stabbing innocent settlers after they agreed to hand over their property to Israel.
Generally, any nation gobbling gold reserves behind the back of the American Fed.


Well apparently, the Israeli Defense Minister actually failed to get that conference memo from Riyadh:


Is just another silly statement from a bunch of “royal” Saudis all smacked up on an overdose of coke while on an “extra’ high in one of their many secret whorehouses. And, to go further. That statement is just as dumb as the notion of Netanyahoo praying at the tombs of all the Palestinian and Gazan children he has slaughtered. They are what they are, wicked, evil, vile things . . .nothing less

Lazy Gamer

Definition of terrorism here is very broad. So broad that it could include themselves. The end result here is that there will be no idea or principle that cannot deviate from what the government wants, which forebodes perpetual war even against its own citizens unless there is absolute obedience.

In the US, FCC and Congress have already begun their move. It will be interesting to see how people will push back.


that place needed a good Tu-22 bombing run loool


it won’t sell

Matt Lazarus

Mohamed Bin Salman (Mohamed BS) has been among the biggest financial backers of Al Qaeda and Daesh. Even Hillary Clinton knew this.

Matt Lazarus

None of these countries (if that’s the right word), except Egypt, have an army. Saudi army (if that’s the right word) is composed of untrained Sudanese mercenaries, who are not happy about being in Yemen. Statements about military strategy by Saudi regime are total nonsense — something out of Alice in Wonderland, like Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

Pablo Hein

Is this the highest level on hypocrisy? Saudi Arabia tolerant religious, really? I might have missed some, but as far i follow the news, and not just the MSM, they finance IS, but worse, they openly work together with Zionists. And above this shit, they are on a genocidal rampage against the population of Yemen.Now you must know something. Oman and Yemen region is the cradle of the Semitic Jews, the Hebrews and Arabs. From before they left to Egypt. Get this in your nut!
Khazarian false Semites want ALL real Semites vanish from this planet. That includes those that are Muslims as well, The Arabs! And after that all “lesser folks” will perish as well, leaving enough of them to become their slaves. Read the protocol of Rothschild, The protocol of the elders of Zion, and the letters of Albert Pyke.And understand one thing, those have been wrote more than hundred years ago, and have a look around you and make a good comparison with events happening today.
Yes, even if those papers are all fake hoaxes, wrote by some else, but just look around you and ask yourselves how the hell could those writings be so accurate today.
Khazarians Ashkenazim Zionists are backstabbers that even put their own folk at stake to get their filthy Satanic businesses done. Understand that the Zionists let the Germans (Hitler the son of a Ashkenazim Jew) and Russian Ashkenazim Jewish communist elite kill millions of their own Ashkenazim people. Definitely those that didn’t went along with their evil purposes. And that with the purpose to get a piece of land called Palestine.And that with the sole purpose of total control on the region by deceit and evil manipulations they call “politics”.
This article is about a bad a joke, right?
Or, let put it this way. This new Saudi king of Wahhabi is really trying to change the ways they have followed all along their existence?
But still for the purpose of power leave very important countries aside?


Possible future scenario , when Syria has rebuilt it’s forces. The Shia crescent invasion of Israeli occupied Palestine at the request of the Palestinian people. Full blown attack pushes the Israelis back into the original mandated territory, Palestine is liberated! The attack would be morally and legally correct, Sunni states could join in at will, Egypt? Retaking the land that has been illegally occupied is just and fair, a war to settle the dispute for once and all , is that why they are scared?

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