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Ukrainian Military Has Decisive Intention To Advance… Backward

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Ukrainian Military Has Decisive Intention To Advance… Backward

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Ukrainian Military Has Decisive Intention To Advance… Backward
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Ukrainian Military Has Decisive Intention To Advance… Backward

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The democratic world is striking back against the totalitarian Russia. Moscow cowardly moved to protect millions of civilians of Donbas that spent the last years under daily strikes from democratic fighters of the shiny Kiev regime.

So finally, European bureaucrats and NATO war criminals led by sleepy Joe are ready to act. They have already announced ‘powerful sanctions’ that as Josep Borell says will put an end ability of Russian oligarchs to shop in Milano, party in Saint Tropez and buy diamonds in Antwerp. Apparently, they believe that they struck the Russian nation to the heart.

Meanwhile, Kiev officials are crying and raging over Russia’s recognition of DPR and LPR and the official announcement of the Russian leadership that Ukraine must halt all attacks on residents of Donbass and obey to the peace. For 8 years, top Ukrainian officials were claiming that their regime was in war with Russia protecting Europe from ‘hordes from the East’. Now, when it seems that the Russians are really coming to war, NATO puppets are terrified. As the old saying goes ‘be careful what you wish for, you might just get it’.

Commenting on the current situation, Vladimir Putin said that if the Kiev regime is in fact so committed to ‘diplomacy’ as it recently started claiming it must: drop plans to attack the DPR & LPR and start direct talks with DPR and LPR leaders, recognize Crimea as a part of Russia, drop plans to join NATO and to demilitarize the country itself. Additionally, Putin recalled that Kiev regularly declared plans to obtain nuclear weapons and this is not acceptable. Indeed, the idea of Zelensky and other nationalist Ukrainian clowns that if Kiev makes a dirty bomb or moves to get some more developed form of nuclear weapon it will immediately becomes a prosperous state is in the best case a sign of their insanity.

While Ukrainian political clowns entertain the international community, Kiev forces use the moment to impact all the damage what they can to DPR and LPR while the Russians have not really deployed troops there.  According to reports, the Ukrainian military launched over 5,000 shells of various types on targets in Donbas. It uses heavy weapons, larger caliber mortars and artillery. Over 120 cases of the ceasefire regime violations have been reported by DPR and LPR during the last 24 hours. On top of this, Kiev sabotage squads continue attempts to stage terrorist attacks inside the republics. The Kiev regime is using every hour of the absence of the Russian military to terrorize civilians. Nonetheless, these ‘happy hours’ are about to end. The movement of Russian troops and equipment in the regions close to the border indicate that the Kremlin declaration of readiness to help people of DPR and LPR is no joke. In this light, the words of Putin that Russia will ‘find, take to court and punish’ those responsible for war crimes in Ukraine should be considered as an act of humanity. Those Kiev regime puppets who will remain on the frontline will be eliminated.

Mighty Ukrainian soldiers still have a chance to save themselves by laying down weapons, making a blitzkrieg back to their homes and then advancing towards obtaining so desired low-paid jobs in neighboring countries.

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From Denmark

Good luck Russia! Kick some Ukrainian ass!

Lance Ripplinger

I hope the relentless bombing by the Neo-Nazi Ukraine thugs will stop, once the Russian Army arrives. I am sure there will be strict rules of engagement.


Indeed execute the Nazi slugs.

Alexandre Moumbaris

No, jail them so that their Western bosses have to still to pay their salaries while they ar locked up and doing some useful work in Siberia..


OH verry good idea


What happened to all the Bots offering ways to become rich ??? They realized it is a waste of time and effort in the Headquarters of the “Langley Company” ??

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