Intense Fighting Near Abu al-Duhur Airbase, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Attacks Musharifah


Clashes are ongoing between the Tiger Forces and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in the vicinity of the Abu al-Duhur Airbase. On January 12, the Syrian Army and its allies outflanked the airbase from the eastern direction but was not able to develop the momentum further.

Separately, the army has allegedly repelled an attack of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its allies south of the Abu al-Duhur Airbase, near the village of Sinjar, according to pro-govrnment sources. Pro-militant sources say that the fighting is still ongoing in the area.

Government forces have also re-established control over the villages of Hamidiyat ash Shadad, Aljakia and  Hamidiyat

Intense Fighting Near Abu al-Duhur Airbase, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Attacks Musharifah

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Meanwhile, intense fighting has been reported in the area of Musharifah in northeastern Hama. HTS attacked it on January 12, since then, the village had been catured and recaptured by the both sides few times. Right now, it remains contested.



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  • Bolter10

    Tiger forces have expierience in war but the Idlib faction are begining to resist more stronger. It’s a hornets nest stirred up, wait till Israel throws a few missiles into the mix.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      Things you say are a bit off from what we are actual seeing , the al Hass region is coming under greater control by the SAA and Allies Tal Adan the alleged big fight had turned out to be a rout from the region by the SAA and Allies. Russians blew up a convoy of VBIED unfortunately due to the explosives in the vehicles it caused civilian casualties. The Terrorists use high yield laden explosives, causing considerable damage Russia doesn’t use missiles with that much destruction for vehicles.

      Israel won’t be too stupid as the UN can make some very nasty decisions in deciding the actions in Palestine needs an immediate UN peacekeeping intervention.

      • Bolter10

        You kidding? Israel has ignored every UN resolution passed condemming it. It now has 100% backing of the US and will decide when and wjere to fight in Syria.

  • MH370

    watch out your back there is ISIS

  • Deo Cass

    The Turkish regime was supposed to launch an operation to clear the Al-Qaida terrorists of HTS from Idleb and that was the reason why Russia, not the Syrian government, agreed to let Erdogan invade Syrian territory. But as usual the Turkish Zionist regime has double crossed Russia and it only wanted an excuse to have a permanent military presence in Syria to help its Al-Qaida proxies topple the elected Syrian government and president. Therefore the Syrian government forces had to take the matter of eliminating the terrorists upon themselves, while the Turkish Zionist regime illegally deployed it missile defense System to shoot down any Russian or Syrian aircraft that attempts to reclaim the Turkish invaded territory for the Syrian government and people. Putin can say what he wants about Turkey not being involved in the drone attack to try and cover the blunder of trusting this NATO member which has already shot down a Russian aircraft. All chickens are now coming to roost. The chorus of ‘Assad must go’ is now replayed by all of the countries which Putin thought had ‘changed their mind’ while Syria now finds itself invaded to the North by the Turkish regime, to the North East and South by the US/Zionist tyranny, and to the West by the Zionist tyranny and its proxies.

    • Thegr8rambino

      SAA will still prevail

    • Langaniso Mhlobo

      Honestly speaking you did very good observations.From jet to ambassador,warship and again air base with lot of damage breeding terrorist in Surrendered terrorists demilitarized zone.Putin must tell Erdogan I don’t need your Turkeys = USA/NATO stream.I will build one with Iran and Syria.Now leave Idlib Erdogan and pull back to Turkey peace in Syria is possible without you backstabber terrorists agent.

      Same to Trump terrorist gang special forces.Putin must tell Trump.Listen blonde I don’t owe you any explanation I don’t care wither I interfere or not just find out by yourself fat fuck .

      • BMWA1

        He is not blondkie, he is orange haired baboon.

        • Langaniso Mhlobo

          That thing on his head looks like a braid.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      Well you are taking it at face value and nothing else but not looking at the broader implications, the west wants to say that the Astana talks are not resolving the situation. What you should look at is what would happen if Turkey was being called in breach of an agreement that is ending soon there is no benefit but to the west. See the west gets to say “I told you so” and implement what they have been desiring for such a long time. The Syrians, Russians and Iranians are using the agreement to eliminate those outside of the agreement as HTS(Al Qaeda) and linked factions are outside of the agreement.

      The best and most viable option is to eliminate HTS and drawing in those who would support them as this exposes them as terrorist proxies and supporters in the real world view. This is one way of exposing the western backers in being duplicitous and deceitful of knowing fully that these groups were terrorists all along and making them lose credibility in the public eye.

      Things will start to run their course as Erdogan and Turkey as the west’s great leaders for democracy has turned out to be some tinpot dictator, further tarnishing their image. Then we see the exposure of the SDF growing and protests not being heard so much in the west but attempts to cover up actions by a known terrorist faction the YPG. We will soon see stories involving them in the past about arresting and political figures dying while in custody. This will have people questioning the choice of Western governments and the US in backing what has turned out be more terrorist proxies.

      You can rant about Zionism all you want it is just what they like to hear to shout the word conspiracy theory , even though there is a strong argument for it. They play psycho babble tactics in the west and try to deflect from the truth , why at times letting people come to their own conclusions is the best.

      • Deo Cass

        The Zionist regime of Israel which has been violating Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity for decades by its invasion of the Golan, and with its repeated aggressions against the sovereign Syrian state in aid of the terrorists is the puppet master and this is no conspiracy theory it is fact. Ariel Sharon 2001 speech at the Knesset: “You speak of America can do this and America can do that. Put this well in mind: We the Zionists control America and America knows it.”

        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          This I explained pretty simple it may be true but it’s easy to defeat because of saying the word Zionism , they play a simple head game to confuse and distract from the facts. They invented the word conspiracy theory and use it with ease ” but I have facts” “conspiracy theories not facts” it’s a war of words and they win despite there being facts and evidence.

          You can always query why he calls himself a zionist , with his own words but never call them outright until it’s accepted knowledge.

    • VGA

      The turks just wanted a buffer zone to protect their country from a refugee+islamist immigration wave.

      The plan was never for the turks to attack Al Qaeda, that’s a stupid thing to say. Why would they do that?

  • Thegr8rambino


  • Skagos

    I read a news in pro-goverment(Turkey) website. Citing an intellgience personel, article was saying that SAA won’t be able to advance further OR will advance but with a great cost because Turkey backed rebels joined the counter-offensive with freshly provided ammunitions and vehicles.

    The reason for this was because it turns out over the last week around 25.000 thousand civilians came to border running from SAA’s offensive. Fear is that numbers will only increase as SAA advances further.

    We all know Turkey’s economy is getting worse. Inflation rate, unemployment, currency against dollar and euro all in shambles. It’s very obivious Turkey can’t handle any more refugees.

    • Ronald

      Turkey is an invading force in northern Syria . 25,000 Turkish backed rebels joining the HST in Idlib is another rumor . Turkish news is like American , not trustworthy .

      • Skagos

        Thanks for pointing out your ignorance about Turkey’s national interests in the region.

        • Ronald

          Any nation’s national interest stops at their border .

          • Skagos

            Is that why Iran is arming Houthis in Yemen? Or is that why PKK downed a chopper back in the day with Russian made manpad? Or was that the reason Turkey, back in the day, almost went to war against Syria for its support to PKK?

          • Ronald

            Oh , so you Know that Iran is arming the Houthis in Yemen !
            Iran has ghost ships that sail right by the Saudi/US blockade , what bull .
            Turkey’s problem , was caused by Turkey . Training jihadists , arming them and sending them over the border into Syria for six years is criminal . Buying oil stolen from Iraq and Syria and selling it to Israel for six years is criminal .

            Turkey does have a common interest with Syria , Iraq , and Iran in stopping the American agenda of creating a new “Kurdistan” . The Kurds want all of Syria east of the Euphraties , and they are not 10 % of the population . A big chunk of Iraq , and the western Iranian province . Imagine how much of Turkey they want , with 30 % of the population , likely the eastern third of Turkey .
            The key to stopping this new “Kurdistan” backed by US/Israeli money , is for those affected nations to insist on the territorial integrity of each of them .
            Turkey can not grab Idlib province from Syria , and expect the cooperation of Syria , Iraq and Iran .

          • Skagos

            I aggre with most of your comment.

            But yes, Iran DID arm the Houthis for a while. Adan and Mocha was under Houthis’ control in the begining of the civil war(Mocha, longer). Till they were lost, weapons and trainers were smuggled to the country. How do you think Houthis are launching freakin’ ballistic missiles? I am guessing they did not learn by the internet.




          • Ronald

            Yemen and the Saudi war against the Houthis is not on topic .

            Erdogan would be wise to form a four nation council focused on mutual territorial integrity , because the US is more than willing to “partition” all four countries . If Turkey , Iran , Iraq and Syria work together they can stop the creation of Kurdistan . It requires mutual respect . Turkey may have to man up , and compensate Syria for its recent wrongs , but better that than loose half the country and be involved in an endless war. The US and Israel have the money to keep that war going for generations .

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      Sounds like like the terrorists families are fleeing the region so they know they won’t win , better these terrorists back to where they come from than in Syria. Hopefully Turkey realizes Hatay has to be abandoned or they will end up annexing parts of Turkey and many will be happy with it. Turkey and Erdogan have proven to be nothing but thugs and a dictatorial regime and calling everyone names endears no one to you.

      • Skagos

        Not sure what is the point of this comment. You are saying Turkey should just pull out, do nothing and end up receiving 1 more million refugees and end up with an even worse economy? Not plausible.

        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          You have the Turkish slant on this. Tell me where 1 million will they come from give me some real truth instead of horse shit. The point is obvious withdraw once the deescalation agreements are over , this is very simple this will help cut costs of supporting a occupation of Foreign lands . Then stop listening to the West in regards to holding back the refugees from returning to Syria. They receive billions from the west and the UN, to have them there and anything Erdogan says has always been a lie.

          The only way would be if Erdogan started fulfilling his desires of further invading this region illegally. So your reasoning is stupid the handwriting is on the wall many realize it’s over for these terrorists in Syria.

          The economy is shit because that man and his government waste money on paying for those terrorists , which could be better used trying to establish economic trade with the middle east. We already know will be impossible since Turks burn everyone there by aiding looting and stealing of a nations resources. They need to make big concessions and start now before in the future the US becomes the leader of the former Turkish nation.

          • Skagos

            Idlib’s population is around 1-1.250~m[just now i learned its around 2 million]. That’s where they will come from.

            I am not sure what you mean by “receiving billions”. If that was true Turkey’s economy wouldn’t get so much worse. I am a graduate of master’s degree in accounting program and can clearly see the cause of economic recession in Turkey. Sure Turkey is paying to these jihadists or whatever they are but their number is what? 100.000 at max? Compared to 3.5 million people its probably nothing.

            “We already know will be impossible since Turks burn everyone there by aiding looting and stealing of a nations resources.” Where did this even come from? Or how is that related to Turkey’s current interests in the region?

            “The only way would be if Erdogan started fulfilling his desires of further invading this region illegally.”

            I doubt Erdogan has such a desire. Since you don’t know anything about Turkey, let me enlighten you alittle.

            During Erdogan’s rule/regime Turkey LOST land. Turkey lost 13 small islands and 1 island-like big rock to Greece and lost its small pocket territory in Syria to PKK(that small pocket territory hosted a shrine).

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            You didn’t enlighten me to anything but you glossed over facts, you even know little of Erdogan. The population in the Idlib region is disputed about numbers, so far most of the population has stayed only the families of the terrorists have fled. The EU provides 6.5 Billion Euros alone, the UN even more Western nations contribute to all those who have refugees.

            Turkey never had those Islands to be honest as they tried to steal them and had only recently invaded them. Just be thankful you were allowed to stay there Canada was generous which they should have never been.

            Erdogan and Turks actively participated in the looting of Antiquities OIL GAS Factory equipment the list is endless these are just the facts.

            We hear much of Turkey’s claims are bogus as they never showed up in the region till the 11th century. the Alexandretta/Hatay was a viyalet of Aleppo and was 80% Arab, but league of nations allowed the Turks to illegally register people in the region and still they didn’t have the numbers for the illegal action conducted by the French and Turks in the 1930’s. You won’t want me to go on and show where they continued to violate regions there.

            The numbers of Terrorists backed by Turkey maybe 100,000 a low ball park figure but you forget their families. The fact that the FSA/Islamists recieve Turkey’s military vehicles and equipment and MLRS missiles munitions none of this stuff is cheap.

            Erdogan’s dream is to be remembered more than Ataturk as the leader of the new Ottoman Empire, he has glorious ambitions for himself but none are baring fruit. The man is too much a crook and a con artist he just fools his people. Turkey was never much in the way for a country ever so any claims you make sound dishonest about losing islands that were never theirs in the first place and even claims on regions in Turkey are erroneous.

            Problem is fact and history supercedes fantasies told by Turks and Kurds just the reality today.

          • PZIVJ

            DAM !
            Remind me to never argue with you :DDD

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller
          • Skagos

            Unfortunately you know nothing about Turkey. 13 islands and 1 island-like rock was invaded by Greece during Erdogan’s time. These islands belonged to Turkey before Erdogan came into power.


            This is a “önerge” which can be translated as “resolution”. This resolution is proposed by the main opposition party(CHP). It calls for an investigation and confirmation if the Turkish islands(whom names are all present in the resolution) were invaded or not. AKP, since they have the majority in the parliament, single-handedly rejected the resolution.

            After it was rejected, AKP’s defense minister(now former) İsmet Yılmaz was approached directly and asked the question.


            His answer; “There is a DE FACTO stuation created by Greece but on paper and legally these islands belong to us, yes”. Meaning yes they invaded the islands physically but legally they belong to us.

            After former defense minister’s answer, former defense minister secretary Ümit Yalım(again, member of ruling AKP) came forwards and said “There is a direct order from the goverment[AKP] that Turkish Armed Forces must not get close to these invaded islands. Personel and commanders are aware of the invasion but can’t do anything”.


            I won’t go further. This is enough to prove Erdogan’s betreyal to Turkey.

            “he EU provides 6.5 Billion Euros alone” This is literally one of the issiues between EU and Turkey. EU so far provided roughly 1 billion euroes. It’s not 6.5 billion by the way, promised money was 3 billion euroes. It literally says so in the aggreement. At least read it before posting.

            Rest is irrelevant of our topic. It’s history and should be discussed with a historian.

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            What some comments and personal opinions and no facts it’s just about Turkish politicians talking about his betrayal. The problem is they just didn’t realize they got off easy on those islands, Erdogan his for himself.

            Now the funding of 6.5 Billion euros was set up for over the course as of 2017 1.4 has been given .883 has been disbursed. Then we look at the deal with the 3 billion euros which seems in jeopardy due to non compliance by Turkey which only had taken back 4% of the refugees that fled to the islands.

            Seems to be getting to be a theme here Turkey is the issue and not anyone else.

        • PZIVJ

          But Turkey has helped cause the refugee problem in the first place, by allowing large material support to flow over the border to the Jihadist in Syria.
          So what is your point (that Turkey does not deserve this problem) ?

          • Skagos

            What do you mean what is my point? My first comment’s point was that when SAA started the offensive; Turkey didn’t do anything, so the rebels backed by them. But as the refugees came to border and SAA advanced even further; Turkey backed rebels joined the counter-offensive too. That’s why SAA’s advance was halted and some of the villages were taken back. This is what this topic is about.

          • PZIVJ

            Good argument, but the SAA advance has not been halted at all.
            The west flank is just a holding line by Al Qud,etc. And we shall see a different map of S Aleppo tomorrow.

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            It’s hard to argue with a Turk they don’t want to hear the truth or see the truth or know the truth like the three monkeys it makes them stop for the Organ grinder Erdogan.

          • Skagos

            True. I believe flank will be completed from the east and a pocket will be created. But I doubt SAA will advance further due to Turkey’s opposition and the upcoming Sochi meeting.

          • Skagos

            “But Turkey has helped cause the refugee problem in the first place, by allowing large material support to flow over the border to the Jihadist in Syria.”

            True. Yet, that does not change their motivation as of today.

        • Mountains

          Its actully +2mio not 1-million. It could also have a direct impact on the EU who have had it enough according to their own narrative.

          Assad would be told to stand still and not cross the de-escalate zone by the EU and Turkey and he will agree. I think he will take abu Duhur and the part of the sochi agreement but I don’t see Assad forces entering Maraat Numan, Idlib and the other cities

          • Skagos

            Didn’t know Idlib had that many population. I suppose some of them would stay and 1 to 1.250~ of them would escape to Turkey?

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            They don’t have +2.0 million numbers are closer to 1-1.25 million tin the whole entire region those other numbers are inaccurate and provided by NGO’S to the UN to bolster funding. These people never ran before and running to their one of their oppressors is just not what they will do, just like the 110,000 in Aleppo they went to the Syrian Government, 5,000 Islamist terrorist went with their families to Idlib.

            Things are never as you or anyone else presents them. The claims of 3-4 million Syrians fleeing Syria turned out to be a lie. Most had been immigrants in other nations, but the alleged children from fleeing Al Qaeda and ISIS infiltrated many western nations with government collusion.

          • Skagos

            Turkey hosts rougly 3.5 million Syrian refugees. End of argument. You can read WHATEVER source you want and it will tell you Turkey hosts 3 to 3.5 million Syrian refugees.

            Or, post 1 single website that says these numbers are not correct.

            Mountains said it had 2 million population, not me. I said its around 1 to 1.250 million. Which is quite likely roughly accurate. Let’s assume at least half of them runs to Turkey thats 600~thousand more refugees. I doubt Turkey’s economy can handle even 100k more.

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            There are too many sources from 2.1 to 2.8 and turkeys claim of 3.5 million, trying to find numbers on refugees from other countries in Turkey impossible The numbers from most of these NGO’s and Countries are notorious number fudgers , they do it to get extra funding. The Turks are bad so far at distribution of funds , the EU deal recently was about 3 billion euros , of which Turkey had only taken 4% of the refugees.

            The numbers are hard to trust, but like Isaid before why run towards the enemy, most have stayed in their villages none are leaving. Think Syria is glad that you are taking in the terrorist families as you did Bana’s and her Al Qaeda parents.