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JUNE 2021

Intense Fighting Erupts Between Houthis And Pro-Saudi Forces In Al-Jawf Province

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Intense Fighting Erupts Between Houthis And Pro-Saudi Forces In Al-Jawf Province

Houthis perform with traditional daggers during a demonstration against what they called U.S.-led interventions in domestic Yemeni affairs, in Sana, Yemen. (Yahya Arhab / European Pressphoto Agency)

On Thursday, Houthi  fighters launched two attacks on positions of Saudi-backed foorces in Wadi Shwaq and Al-Maqataa in Al-Jawf province.

According to the Yemeni Al-Masira TV channel, the attack killed and wounded a number of pro-Saudi fighters. The Houthis also repelled an attack of the forces loyal to the Saudi-backed Mansour Hadi government on the strategic Anbara mountain in the same province.

Furthermore, Houthi forces launched a Zilzal-2 rocket on a gathering of Hadi forces and the Saudi Alliance in Al-Muzaa area in Taiz province. The Houhtis also destroyed a vehicle of the Saudi Alliance in the Medi Desert and damaged a bulldozer of the Saudi alliance in Al-Muzaa area in Taiz as well.

Saudi warplanes carried out 22 airstrikes on targets in Haradh and Madini areas and 3 airstrikes on targets in Al-Zahari area in Taiz. 4 airstrikes hit targets in the area of the Anabara mountain in Al-Jawf.

The United Nations has declared that the epidemic of meningitis has begun to spread in Yemen like the Cholera epidemic. The United Nations considered war the main cause of the spread of these diseases.

The war has led to the collapse of the healthcare system in Yemen and the Saudi air campaign destroyed clean water sources in many areas of Yemen.

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Houthis always had weapons with them. They never ave up their weapons. Now, they can fight against the oppressors. That’s why you need weapons. That’s why one will never gives up his weapons. That’s why USA wnat to disarm everybody.

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