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Intense Clashes Ongoing In Deir Ezzor

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Intense Clashes Ongoing In Deir Ezzor

© Sputnik/ Mikhail Voskresenskiy

Intense clashes have continued in the city of Deir Ezzor as ISIS terrorists attempt to break government forces defenses in the area.

Four children lost their life yesterday in Al-Jura district due to a mortar shell fired by ISIS. The terrorist group also shelled the Al-Wadi Street, causing more civilian casualties.

On Thursday, ISIS conducted a violent attack on Syrian Arab Army (SAA) positions in the eastern and southern parts of Deir Ezzor. The SAA repelled the attack and the SAA artillery destroyed a 14.5mm gun mounted on a vehicle in Al Ma’amel area southwest of the Liwa’ al-Ta’min area. The SAA also destroyed two BMP-1 vehicles belonging to ISIS at the Al-Sham petrol station on the Malha road and in Al-Hawaiqa district.

Separately, Syrian Air Force warplanes destroyed an ISIS operations center in the Al-Aridi district and the SAA artillery targeted ISIS positions in the vicinity of the Regiment 137 base and the vicinity of the Panorama area.

According to local sources, yesterday, a whole family was killed in Al-Mayadeen town due to an airstrike by the US-led coalition. The US-led coalition intensified its bombing campaign in the Al Bukamal are near the Syrian-Iraqi border as its planning to launch an attack to capture it soon in cooperation with the Free Syrian Army.

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Joe Doe

As I was writing before, SAA needs to intensify their advances in direction to Highway/road 42 from North and also clear the packets in North of Palmyra and South of Palmyra. When reaching the road 42 some units can continue south the rest can go east towards Iraqi border and DEIR EZZOR when South is clear including the Jordanian border, SAA can turn east towards DEIR EZZOR


Wasting time , from the air port at Deir Ezzor al those objectives can be accomplished in half the time .

Jens Holm

Agree. No need. Waste.

Leo Jansen

I wish I could help the Syrian Arab Army the Soldiers in the Deir Ezzor Area are real Heroes!


me too, a movie should be made about them


Where is the international outrage when US Air Force bombs and kills civilians in Mosul, Racca and Deir Ezzor province at a higher rate than Aleppo? There has to be a payback to such unbridled hypocracy.

Bill Wilson

The World at large could care less about Syria and Iraq.


Your comments about ISUS losing their roads south of Palmyra where great (cut off at the phosphate mine). SAA should take T3 ASAP


yea i dont like this new bill wilson he used to tell us alot of interesing info :(((

Jens Holm

Im afraid the locals in the region by good reasons forget they are not the only conflict area in the world.

We are in the Indian ocean because of pirats. We are in Mali Niger with hercules transport and we will probatly send troops to Helmann next year. 40 of ours died in Helmann last time.


What happened to the western media outrage when Russia was bombing Aleppo?
Why did they care so much, if the world at large could care less about Iraq and Syria.

Jens Holm

So ISIS comes out, if You give them tea and chocolate ??

Solomon Krupacek

People talk like the crossing at al Tanaf is important , because it is the “only” road to Bagdad . The river in Dier Ezzor flows down to Bagdad as well . It is a water road , boat transport is common . And building a new road is not hard to do in the desert . Point is , Deir Ezzor is key .


Exactly, besides Al Tanf 55 KM “no attack zone” is backed up by coalition air. Weak FSA is probably fleeing to this area from the territory being taken by SAA as we speak. Time to take Arak and T3 from Daesh trash.


While your right T3 is an important airport , but like al Tanaf , just a desert outpost with no population , hard to hold if the USAF keeps crossing into Syria and hitting SAA . In Deir Ezzor there is 150,000 people , who are worth saving , 100,000 of them being Christians . That does not make them more worth saving , but they are motivated in helping the SAA with local intel . The airport there is the key to commanding the whole of eastern Syria , including backing up T3 , which gives command of the south central boarder .


You may be thinking of T2, T3 is much closer to Palmyra with a minor airfield.
I think SAA need to take this to secure their southern flank, and it is a road junction with a pipeline road also going to Deir Ezzor. Checking wikimapia, the station actually has a very small city with over 100 modern buildings (the main hub for housing and equipment), of course all the oil and gas workers left years ago. SAA may be 20 KM from it and advancing.


T3 agreed is valuable , did not realize anything is there . Like Palmyra , though , the desert makes it hard to defend , but by all means it should be secured . It might make a good helicopter port , with which to make the clean up around Deir Ezzor swifter , and keep the FSA back on the Iraqi side . The Jebel-Sarda mountain , Thardah mountain have fire control over Ezzor’s airport , making it much more defend able .
T2 , if I remember correctly is south and west of al Mayadeen , too “occupied” for this point in time .
The 55KM , “no attack zone” , you mentioned , has only been spoken of by the US . And it would be from al Waleed , just on the Iraqi side , Al Tanaf is well within Syria .


Yea I’m thinking one group of forces should go and take al-tanf while a main force goes to take deir ezzor


Tanf Crossing has a strategic value 1. because it is a supply route to/from Baghdad, and further to/from Iran, and the road is free of ISUS fighters, 2. because it allows cross border co-operation between Syrian and Iraqi forces, i.e. crossing to each others’ territories to lend a hand, and 3. because holding it will stop the ability of the players in Jordan to supply anything to Eastern Syria. And when the Jordanian border area is claimed back the players in Jordan won’t be able to supply to anywhere in Syria! That will put a smile on my face!


will put a huge smile on my face to, i will probably start dancing and shit lmfao

Justin Ryan

Hahahaha. I laughed when I read ur comment. OF COURSE AL-TANF is priority number one. What good is the road to Baghdad from dear ezzor if der ezzor is taken by US coalition forces?
The importance of al-tang is that it connects Syria to iraq and more importantly…
1. It connects Baghdad to Damascus.
2. The PMU have already captured the Iraqi side and only 52km is left to capture the Syrian side.
Capturing al-tang in the next few days allows Iraq and even Iran to transport BY LAND heavy equipment…. tanks, artillery, men, trucks, bulldozers, everything u could ask for to defeat not only Isis but also US backed forces and more importantly would speed up the goal of besieging der ezzor.

What makes u think the road from der ezzor to Baghdad WHICH IS FULLY OCCUPIED BY ISIS and also has the SDF and the NEw Syrian Army much closer to it.

This FACT means that if Isis or US backed forces get to der ezzor before the Syrian army does, then this road u talk about (der ezzor to Baghdad) is totally useless to the SAA.

Think white and get serious!


Syria has survived many years without this road connection.
So how the hell is this priority number one to get into a conflict over Al Tanf.
To see your forces destroyed in the open desert by coalition airstrikes ?
What about the brave troops and 100k civilians at Deir Ezzor !
U need to put on your thinking cap.

Justin Ryan

Well, the Syrian, iranian and Russian govts (and generals) agree with taking al-tanf!
It will ASSURE deir ezzor’s reunification!
Cutting off access from Jordan AND joining the damascus bagdad riad ENSURES much greater military hardware and support!
To travel almost 200km in a thin line to deir ezzor is not a smart plan!

U reinforce deir ezzor by dropping in troops and u free up the road to bagdad and bring in the support u need tk combat either ISIS, NSA and perhaps even the SDF.
U can even bring in more aircraft to act as cover!
This is what they are doing! Why??? Do u think u are smarter than their generals?
They want deir ezzor too!
Its people AND its gas and oil is there!
They dont merge this road UNLESS its a more strategic move!
What good is a rescue when other fronts can threaten u and ur logistics line to deir ezzor is cut off! What then?
U need thousands of men with armour and weapons and then u need men to secure the line!
Have u ever travelled 200km?
Imagine travelling it at 40 to 50km per hour

Now add 6000 men!

Now secure this road every few hundred metres

Now supply fuel, food water and ammunition

Now fight many battles as u go!

Now make sure ur wounded can be evacuated

Now endure air cover

Now battle nsa and isis

Now hope to god hama province doesnt start back up and u have to go back

Now all the vehicles that bring u food and fuel and water and ammunition also need food and water and security and must return to get more!


Tiger forces are able to move maybe 2km to 5km a day! They have suicide bombers and anti tank missiles attack them!

Its almost 200km to
Deir ezzor!

So yeah! I dont think like a 14yo kid i think in realistic terms!

Deir ezzor is a very big task to achieve!

The bagdad to damascus road is what ensures deir ezzors reunification with the saa!

If u worry about the people so much then just let tye SDF save them! Or the NSA!

But this will mean syria will be cut in half, a kurdish state will be created, pipelines from qatar will be laid, ukraine war starts up again and russias energy market to europe is cut off!

Deir ezzor citizens will be ruled by kurds!


I need to look at a good map to see exactly how far these places are from each other and stuff. Can’t SAA just send one force to take al-tanf with the help of PMU, and then send their main force to deir ezzor? At the same time?


Exactly the point I have been making elsewhere. Well said.

The SAA tried it last year in the dumb way, attacking direction Taqba in flying collums and without securing their flanks. They were soundly defeated and had to retreat with many losses.

Justin Ryan

Syria survived because if russia and they also survived by liberating weastern syria (which has been completed yet)

Thats how they survived!

Iraq was surving also.

Now they can help each other and stop the usa breaking iraq and syria into
Kurdish regions.

They can liberate deir ezzor together if they unite! 3 enemies are there.

Us back kurds, us backed new surian army and isis


I’m wondering could just one group of forces be sent to take al-tanf, while the rest of a big main force goes for deir ezzor?

Jens Holm

Very strange version, That SDF – probatly the arabic ones, should first take ISIS and then SAA at Deir El Zor.

Let Iranians do it. They actually has promised it. SAA are doing right now between Homs and Palmyra mainly takng attacs from ISIS from both sides out. Thats from there its realistic to reach Deir El Zor.

Some above also writes about airfiels here and there. I can see Palmyra as well as Deir El Zor has airports.

As I see all the old military facilities its like the rest of the Military cirkus – A lot of more or less antique shit equipped with old military stuff and low educated soldiers of low quality.

I even hear some famatics talk about Israle soon. Its very hard to read all that misguided stuff of facts being in the heads of so many. its shit, shit and shit. Im not even a high expert.

And let mig remind You about ISIS as well as SAA already are in Deir El Zor.


Problem with, and now I am generalizing, i know, most arabs love to hear themselves talk and in their enthousiasm they forget reason and logic (a greek and ultimately western word and concept) and are wording phantasies as real concepts, reality even.

Fact is that SAA, see elsewhere on this site, has a some good units with modern arms and the rest is, more or less, shit. Low morale, low training, outdated arms.

They lack numbers and internal coordination and cohesion.

To think they could take on a modern army with high morale, good traning and command and much larger numbers (when fully mobilised the Isralei army can field close to a million in defensive positions) vs the present SAA is laughable, the more so as the SAA can never, in the present, be fully deployed against Israel, which has in the Golan Heights a formidable defensive position.

They are dreamers who, with their stupid rethorics however, are able to inflame the region even further, destroying the last of their country.

Should they attack Isreal, they will be destroyd and with a destroyed SAA, islamists will take over Syria, which will then be destroyed again when those idiots will try to attack Israel.

Jens Holm

Yes, no realism. I wrote some weeks ago, that Syria – if it exist – should have a chance against israel it could be around 3017.

Its learned in in this part of the world, that winning rhetorics is more important then solutions based on facts.


They have every right to attack Israel considering how many times Israel has bombed them


I am not talking about rights, even that is debatable, but about hard facts and realities.

The present SAA will be wiped off the map if they try to attack Israel.


Well I was talking about rights. And I’m not sure about the other part – all Israel is good at it seems is pushing around Palestinians. I heard they really got their asses handed to them in the 2006 war with hezbollah so what makes u think they can handle the entire SAA? I was actually thinking once, if Syria retaliated by firing some SCUDS into Israel, and Israel tried to invade or something, Russia would have no choice but to support Syria, and if Israel had any sense left, they would quit bombing Syria anymore altogether.


I’m happy to put a smile on your face , and a laugh in your heart .
I am white , and serious though . Lets agree that the Iraqi – Syria connection is vital . And while I know the Iraqi PMU’s are headed towards the Syrian border , I have read that the USAF is hunting them , as far as I know none have yet reached the border.
By now I would have thought SAA and friends would have kicked FSA and their Norwegian friends back to al Waleed , that’s just on the Iraqi side . Just how many FSA are on the Iraqi side , and in nearby Jordan is not known , although large numbers are claimed by the US .(20,000).
So I am not suggesting that al Tanaf (and T3) not be taken , but that it is just a desert outpost , no place to park an army . No cover , and the USAF willing to fire .
Yes ; lets remember there is a war going on .
So in order to win this war , the wise chose their battles , al Tanaf is a booby trap laid out by the “coalition”.
By all means , hit it , but be prepared to loose those men .
Deir Ezzor and its airport are in SAA possession , not ISIS , even if it is surrounded . The nearby mountains Jebel – Sarda and Thardah mountains need to be reclaimed . With the mountains reclaimed , the airport becomes alive and usable again . There are already a substantial number of SAA troops there , with a large number of unmanned tanks . The military advantage Syria has over the jihadists is air power .
Don’t give it up , T3 is not enough .

Jens Holm

It not about that. Its about who control those transport lines. I can see 3 main lines are needed and they already are there. Better to improve them by giving them a track more and maybee and own road for motorcycles and scooters.

As I see it, the only importance cpuld be to re establish the Saddam “oil for food line” comming from Iraq and by Deir El Zor. They really need something better from north og Iraq, Syria and maybee Iran too.


They will never get deir ezzor… too stupid… It’s like watching a dog trying to catch a image of a squirrel on the TV.


Deir Ezzore has geographical features that aid its defense, a plateau approach at front and Euphrates River at rear, but from outset there were some of best trained SAA troops stationed there – troops from 104th Republican Guard Airborne have been there the whole time.


Anyone calling the SAA garbage needs to check themselves. 4 years of a brutal siege and still fighting back.


Cant SAA airdrop in as many reinforcements as they can to deir ezzor to fully retake it, while at the same time going for al-tanf and securing the Jordanian border there as they link up with PMU? Its a race to achieve these objectives now before US/FSA/daesh does, so they gotta do things simultaneously and not one after the other I think! But maybe the generals and commanders know better, who knows. This is just my opinion.

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