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Intense Clashes in Artillery Base in Southern Aleppo (Video, Photos)

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Intense Clashes in Artillery Base in Southern Aleppo (Video, Photos)

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Today morning, intense clashes have resumed in the Ramouseh Artillery Base where the Syrian army and its allies are repelling the advance of the joint jihadi forces. The Syrian army is still in control f its northern part, called “Technical College.” The Jaish al-Fatah operation room controls about 80% of the base.

The Syrian TV says that large reinforcements have arrived to Ramouseh in order to assist the Syrian army there while local sources report about significant casualties among jihadists.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Republican Guards, supported by Liwa al-Quds, have regained all buildings on the edge of 1070 Apartment Project after heavy clashes with the Al Nusra Front.

The video shows pro-government forces defend the artillery base:

The Al Nusra Front released footage of artilelry stikes against the Syrian army in the area of artillery base.

Intense Clashes in Artillery Base in Southern Aleppo (Video, Photos) Intense Clashes in Artillery Base in Southern Aleppo (Video, Photos) Intense Clashes in Artillery Base in Southern Aleppo (Video, Photos) Intense Clashes in Artillery Base in Southern Aleppo (Video, Photos)

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Andrew Illingworth

I don’t understand why everyone thinks that this new
southern supply line fantasy – even if realised – spells the end of the war,
yet alone a major military setback, for Assad.

The route these Islamic pirates intend to open up is going
to be flanked entirely by SAA fire control and is far more vulnerable than the
Castello route which had the Mallah Farms as a considerable buffer zone. The
SAA have proved only medicore in defense, BUT near masters at counterattacking.
How long do you think the Islamists can keep it open for unless they base their
entire strategic reserve there? In which chase the SAA will be free to attack
in other areas of Syria.

I dare you all to look at a map of Aleppo from 2013 and
wonder how the SAA managed to come back from that! It would not be suprising if
Islamist fatalities run into the thousands (like seriously, 2,000 to 3,000) for
this strategic farce they are chasing.

Assad has been through the worst of it after 5.5 years. Ground can always be
retaken. Never forget that.


Actually those clashes show how unefficient SAA when it comes to defend on operational levels, even though they have considerable air support. Rebels are not confronting SAA on an assymetric terms, but totally on a symmetric terms. SAA has panpower shortage and this is an operational disatvantage, let alone strategical. Most important task of SAA commanders are to keep their man alive. Thus they lose flexibility to hold on a defensive point or push enemy with all costs. But rebels on the other hand can exploit this disadvantage mostly on operational levels.

Rebels have also a tactical advantage over SAA. They have better personel. Experienced foreign fighters, more determined, nearly equally equiped wit SAA and – one should not underestimate- considerable local support from people, which is mostly ignored by Assad supporters.

Defensive side with less manpower must have very mobile shock support forces in order to to counter breakthroughs on the defensive lines (examples can be seen at WW2 German defensive campaigns of 1942 and 1943) But I doubt that SAA has this level. During military confrontations attacking sides have always better chances to chose the type and place of the confrontations tactically. And often pressure causes confusion at defending sides.

Thats why SAA has a hard job to accomplish. They rely on air power a bit too much, whose effectiveness can be time to time questionable. Russian involvement is also a bit exageratet on tactical lvel. Air attacks cann naot bu conducted on directly confronting enemy units. It brings the friendly fire risk with it. They try to pound the support lines and gathering points of the rebels but the units changing their places very often and the bombardements can not have the advertised effect.

Those are the reasons why I think rebels can succeed. And then can hold their positions. Thus they can prove also the credibility of their fighting power, which assures more help from Turkey and US. On the other hand though, if SAA holds on and counter attacks efficiently, that will prove taht SAA is capable of destroying the resistance in a near future, because they will prove that they can turn the tide against bigger odds.


Excellent assessment. I would add that the much-hyped RuAF forces though performing admirably are but a token force, thus incapable of 24h presence on the battlefield.


The bigger problem are the ground forces why is everybody fixated on the air support part?I Russian general gave a statement 4 months ago that the SAA expect a bombardment before storming a building where 3-4 guys are barricaded.
Air support cannot replace infantry.

Pavel Pavlovich

Quite true. Funny how people have delusions – 1 squadron (is it even there still?) can do only so much and not enough to end the war. However, they have made an impact, so it’s not a token force.


They have made an impact greater than what their numbers would suggest but the problem is mainly political. Does the Kremlin want to win this war or are they simply trying to become “useful” to the West/gain political leverage?

This half-hearted approach at warfare of Putin, Lavrov&co is a disgrace to the military traditions of Russia and a betrayal of the hopes of many millions of people that Russia can act as a bulwark vs the falling western empire..


What do you want them to do?Start using 150 airplanes in Syria a day?Air support means exactly that-support,it cannot win a war by itself without ground units attacking.


They used strategic aviation-groups of around 6 Tu22s-with great efficiency in Palmyra, effectively driving ISIS away. They should also bring them to play in the Aleppo-Idlib axis vs terrorist supply lines.
More simply, after the Mi-8 was shot down ALL action by RuAF helicopters ceased. Gunships could work wonders in the current situation but they don’t use them out of fear of casualties.
I never said anything about 150 planes etc..A dozen more Su24/34s would greatly help while alleviating the current force which is having it’s hands full.
Simple solutions, lack of political will by the Kremlin, typical russian inaction..


Palmyra is in the middle of the desert which makes it easy for airplanes to be effective while Aleppo is an urban area so air force is not that useful there.


I did not say Aleppo! I said Aleppo-Idlib axis. Open ground.


Most of the fighting now is in urban areas hitting supply lines is not enough when the ground element is not doing it’s job.

Jens Holm

Agrre with Eagleson. Lets say Al Bab could be the next target for SAA or KDP & Co.

The main fight will be the fortified town where enough tuff infantery is supported by airplaines or accurate artillery – Not the opposite way.

Look at Manbij. Kurds had to make a big and solid alliance before they even started and a commentator called some of the ISIS/Daeshes Die Hards.

And thats it. Trying to keep so many civilians used as shields must have infantery as a main resource too.

Im sure Al bab is well prepared for being surrounded a long time, but of course Daesh need income from oil and logistic transportation too.

Follow Manbij very much by twitter and alle medias. Very big victory for the kurds, that ISIS havent troops to fight against Assad in Aleppo, Palmyra a.s.o.

And no thanks from The Assads & The Baads Party. Assad was gone if the kurds were at samme side as Nusra & ISIS.

“This is Syria” the SAA said to the Kurdes holding an area for the country for more than 2 years. Go a way, the SAA loudsspeaker shouted, as the area didnt in any way – and weldefended – had been under Nusra or ISIS control.

The SAA and Assad centainly showed, what honor and respect are in that region. Grown people behave like children here.

Jens Holm

Agree and the russians use forbidden cluisterbombs too. You use things like that, if You are desperat and cant hit the targets – leaving the not exploted for the children to play with.


The US Air force and NATO used cluster bombs in 1999 and 2003 so i you don’t have the right to lecture anybody about it and please stop with the fake concern for civilian casualties.


Why not? Where is the rule that says the air force can only be used on open ground and not in urban areas? The jihadis and their supporters are concentrated in the urban areas; that’s where they run to hide and regroup when things get too hot. Bombardment must be concentrated where the enemy is, not where you would prefer him to be. Otherwise you cannot win. If the jihadis were besieging government troops in Latakia or Damascus or Western Aleppo, do you think they would give a damn about the lives of pro-government or neutral civilians?


I think Kremlin should consider its involvement very carrefully in syria. They have the responsability not to provoque other giants. It was the same in vietnam. Of course US would smash Vietnam with its full involvement, but CCCP and China set the limits for the engagements and constantly warned US with the escalation. A very good example is that US could only bomb the supply routes of Vietcong in laos but had no permission to send ground forces. Thats simmilar. some more units, some more bombs here and suddenly US, Turkey and maybe İsrael send more and more. Russia assures Assad at the first hand that foreign involvement will be limited. Alone that proves how powerful Russia is.


Provoke what?!? US and the EU have been arming, funding and providing full media support for the jihadis (the same ilk who were responsible for 9/11) since the start of the war. US could not be more involved! It took Russia 4 bloody years to realize that it might be actually a good idea to help its ally and when it did so, it did half-heartedly.

Juan C. Mendizabal

Sorry but casualties matter. I undertand that a peak in casualties could by itself provoke to loose the “Russian” war. Besides when you compare with WWII there a significant difference: they defended their motherland, which makes it incomparable.
And about Syrian forces, fixed lines have the disadvantage of tunnels, VBEDs, suicides (which obviously SAA hasnt) and those operational rooms directed by US intelligence with their satellite information. Which in the summun of cynicism rebrand Nusra for the purpose of uniting all forces, mostly purely terrorist, only to turn most costly the inevitable victory of genuine Syrian forces.


PS I fully agree that air force cannot replace infantry on controlling areas/winning wars. On the other hand, air force can kill opponents more effectively and en masse if used in sufficient numbers and with the right will. In this case one party-Russia-is lacking the will..

Jens Holm

Well ok, but I see other things too. Russians has limited ressources too and might not efford to much more.

I really diagree. There is no fallen western Empire. More like too many believe their own home made cooking propaganda and close their eyse for facts.

Its much more like how much money and lives they want to spend for some oil compared to other things. You too often overestimate the importance.

But I hear very big mistakes from them too. Does ME and muslims in these areas really prefare dictators, warlords as the bad, violent and corrupt leader with old Fathers only looking back – then let them have it.

But then we shouldnt be needed to take care of feeding som many refugees here and in the “Happy Syria” – Men sitting on their hands smiling and eating dates.

Let me after that as an example of prority from yesterday. Denmark sendes 7 F16 and they can run 3 of them 24 hours up all the time – But they have around 33 more at home.

The last thing. I dont see many see russia as some bulwark. Its more like a dwarf trying to be bigger then it is. And I cant see much support for Assad all over the world too.

Zorry. But I think its like that – too.

ISIS and Kaida is worse: Thats it.


Sorry but that’s utter bullshit. Russia (and CHina) are the only two independent countries in the world capable to oppose american hegemony (and tyranny).
If Russia is ‘not relevant’ then explain this mad, hysterical western propaganda campaign, this undeniable NATO russophobia (just read their own crap, their generals are literally OBSESSED with Russia). Look at american elections, Russia is the most important topic, without any sane reason for that. Dwarf? Denmark is a dwarf, little obedient midget, just like the rest of Europe, cuckolded and vassalized. Europe is occupied, pity you are so brainwashed you fail to comprehend – you’re nothing but a slave.

Jens Holm

I will explain as well as I can. I dont think we should be in Your dark areas at all:

1) We dont want our systemes spoiled by millions mostly muslims comming here as totally unusefull because of no education and not undestyanding our democratic way.

We dont want to pay for other peoples missery, because most of it is about going back 1400 years, its a patriark system, which we left long time ago because women are just as clever than men.

And when the incomming cant find a job just as our own people, we try to take care of our own by paying high taxes.

We certainnly give trillons every Year as helt to muslim countries. You forget that and even rename thing payd by ud to fx Green Half moon.

When the people comming here and 50% of the adults have no jobs after many Years paid for, housing, food, clothe a.s.o. many think: Enough is enough.

And we cant send people back. Even peacefull parts of the islamic world cant give them new start with jobs and nationality because of tribe ownership.

We also se people comming from warzones fighting among each other and not aloed to be a cristian here og traditional fights against sunnis, shiits, kurds and comming from middle of Africa. Europe is no garbage place for leftovers. We take people trying to make them safer. Its not our fault, we are not figting and costing monet as they are.

2) I havent written than Russia is irrelevant. I have written that we are not at all as You write, but comming here bombing and shooting and thinking we are afraid of hitting hard back, just because we are trying to be nice and open for talk and solution instead of Your worst kind among civilians having done nothing – That sucks.

Dont forget the Afghanistans called the russians in, and US and GB therefore made Al kaida.

We are worried not afraid. You forget who started WW1 & 2. And We are not puppets of USA, Thats pure propaganda. But we are in the same kind of world economy procucing advanced as USA.

BNP in million dollars in 2008 : EU 18.395 (germany 3,667) – Russia 1,676 – India 1,200 – USA 14.264 – China 4.000 – Japan 4.9000.


No fallen western Empire? It’s crumbling all over, only “true believers” and carrier politicians fail to see this..
Russia is weak as long as it considers good relations with the West a priority and is a bulwark and a strong independent country when it grows more mature from these inferiority complexes that have been plaguing her for a few centuries.
Denmark F-16s are worth more for scrap than fighting machines.


Great post!


Thanks man! I read your posts on the other thread..I think we meet eye-to-eye on this issue (current russian warfare approach)-which is to be clear a matter mainly of political will, not capabilities or military competence..The contrary, which makes these losses very frustrating to watch unfold..




Russians critical of Putin are doing so for this reason. I am frustrated and while I don’t go deep into the political intentions of the Kremlin I cannot understand why this war is not being done with the intention of a decisive and crushing victory on Daesh in mind.

Russia’s popularity soared in October 2015 with expectations that this was the beginning of a short and intense war that would see the insurgents and their supporters being spectacularly smashed and their supporters exposed for all the world to see and brought to judgment, with war crimes trials, and if not possible, arranged ‘accidents’ by Russian Spetsnaz like they did against the Chechen separatists behind the Beslan massacre.

Literally I had an idiot on Southfront’s Youtube channel saying ‘good things come to those who wait’. My reply was to tell that to the Yazidi sex slaves who are still in Raqqa.

‘Half-hearted’ is an appropriate term for this back-and-forth battle that is contrary to the Soviets in 1940’s proclaiming ‘Not One Step Backwards’ in their march towards Berlin.

Pavel Pavlovich

A half-souvereign nation and you wonder why they haven’t deployed a whole division? Accept reality or f**k off.


You do not need a 24 hour presence, you need a 24 hour readiness to attack whatever opportunities the enemy presents you with. UAV’s and satellites can monitor the enemy movements 24 a day, Russian aircraft can fly 2 or more sorties a day if necessary.

Andrew Illingworth

I guess we will see. I appreciate your assessment.

Andrew Illingworth

I’d also like to thank you for confirming something for me that i was
sure about, but could never confirm (and I trust you, because you
obviously know what you are talking about). That is that these foreign
pirates are capable of, and often do, conduct conventional warfare with
tanks and mechanised infantry in sweeping penetration advances. I do
have two counter-rebuttals I would like you to consider.

Whilst a balls-out frantic charge with a disregard for losses may yield
the short-term result of taking ground (and thus as you mentioned,
attacking forces willing to do this have an immediate tactical advantage
over those who don’t), the lack of a real reserve often means such
gains cannot be consolidated. You are absolutely right about one thing:
that right now at this present moment, the Jihadists have a superiority
in numbers along their chosen point of contact, and as we can see right
now, results are being yielded for them. However questions arise. How
many pirates will die in order to open this new supply line and how long
before the SAA regroups and launches a counter-offensive? Which
strategy really pays off in the long term.

2) I cannot see the
loss of the full encirclement over Aleppo being a particularly
catastrophic blow to SAA morale. Remember Aleppo back in 2013 with the
fall of Base 46? Everyone thought that was a turning point. Yet in 2014,
the SAA retook the city of Homs. I’m sure the men of the SAA remember
the great setbacks prior to October 2015. Whilst you quite brilliantly
pointed out the inherent operational weakness of the SAA and the
tactical qualities of the moderate beheaders (admittedly, I overlooked
this in my original assessment – you’re absolutely right, many of these
foreign fighters are hardened troops from previous conflicts), there can
be no doubt that determination on the SAA’s part – despite great
strategic defeats in the past – have played a in keeping it fighting
after 5 years.

Like I said, we will see.

BTW, I’m
grateful I can talk to a rational mind on this matter, other than some
idiot who thinks (and expects) Putin should use nukes and WP.


Your 1. point resumes this battle perfectly. Regarding your 2. point, I am also sure they can recover from this tactical defaet if it ever happnes, but this wil be the first blow against Russian involvment and wil prolonge rebels political reliability as a side to be supported. Thats waht concerns me most.

I am sure Putin knows what he does and using much more force and bigger involvement is a political mistake which will lure other actors into the conflict.

Thanks BTW, but your comment was the oppener, so the credit goes to you :)


German defensive campaigns involved significant armored and mobile units that had the space to, they could fall back 100 miles and set counterattack traps. This is not the case here, the rebels are using the ruins of the destroyed city to camouflage and seek protection from air attacks, the SAA can dig in and fight a Stalingrad type of war, the rebel’s supply lines can be contradicted and chocked off, especially with the existing situation in Turkey. Who is going to supply these rebel units who would be locked in a static war for 6 months or 12 monts, if the supply lines are interdicted effectively? Aleppo is one front SAA is fighting against the rebels, there are other fronts where they are doing well. The rebel fixation on Allepo is similar to Hitler’s fixation with Stalingrad, he lost and the rebels will loose as well. As the Russians air attacks on forward positions, they have observers that can paint the target or direct air strikes accurately, the observers work with the ground Syrian units. It is a matter of decision if it is expedient to drop bombs to kill 5, 10 …rebels, or kill the same number by artillery fire and use the bombs on more attractive targets.


You are right, German campaigns represent more strategic examples of mobile defence. But you can also aplly it to tactical and operational levels. A force with perfect communication, with more than enough transport units, concentrated artillery fire and heavy direct fire units, constantly moving and filling the open lines, go back, againg moves to another point can be very effective. As I mentioned, I dont think SAA has all those elements and thus they rely on strategic mobility but on operational and tactical level, they are very simmilar to the rebels.

Stalingrad resemblance is great :) just I would consider the roles differently. I think the rebels are playing the Red Army and SAA is playing the role of Wehrmacht. During Stalingrad not the armies clashing in the were the focal points, but flanks. 6. Army could only focus 1/3 of its units in the city at the begining. Red Army didnt won the battle in the city at all, but with its amazing capability to counter German 4th army which were closing from the south as strategic reserve.

alleppo it is also similar. If SAA couldnt move its units on other sectors (South and North- flanks) of Aleppo then they will be stuck on a tactical encounter at wich rebels are not worst then SAA at all.


How about Verdun, maybe the SAA trying to lure jihadists into the trap and bleed them dry? At least I hope this is their strategy.


I think we can find many examples which fit a part of the situation in aleppo. Verdun was conducted by an army with vaste ressources. I doubt the SAA has comparable supplies. Maybe they wait for the last moment, but I dont see a reason why they wait till last moment, the objective is not to try to kill all rebels. it is to break their hope to achieve anything.., Maybe I am wrong, lets see


I agree that SAA does not have the elements of strategic killer instinct, point in case in 1973 where hundreds of Syrian tanks fumbled around on Golan heights with a Israeli tank battalion that eventually stalled their surprise advance into Israel. Another display of inept use of armour was displayed during the Iraq and Iran war. On a tactical level since battles are fought in the cities, whereby the weaker side can use the infrastructure to its advantage and nullify the capabilities of tanks and other armored vehicles and associated maneuvering mobility. SAA has to use its armour judiciously under such scenarios to protect its armour from camouflaged ATGM nests, their means of attack is the infantry. I disagree with you when you state that the rebels use symmetrical warfare against SAA, just because they have some tanks and APCS does not mean they are eager to fight the SAA armour in a classical armored battle. SAA has to adapt to their asymmetrical use of armour and infrastructure to win. In Stalingrad one big problem that compounded the German effort was the destruction of the city’s infrastructure, which later impeded the mobility of their armour and other vehicles. The German units were forced to a battle where they had to clear house by house, street by street, subsequently their advantage in firepower and mobility diminished greatly. Yes the mobilization of Russian armies on the German flanks that were protected by satellite troops sealed the German fate. I see the rebels getting sucked in the Allepo quagmire where the defense (SAA) has greater firepower and is supported by its air force and the Russian Air Force. Of course the rebels can concentrate 10,000 troops at given points of SAA encirclement of Aleppo and gain some initial advantage, however, the SAA can dispatch reinforcements and dig in and utilize it’s significant firepower against the rebels attriting them badly. And like Stalingrad, SAA who posses significant armour reserves can outflank the rebels who are fixated on tied down in Aleppo and create a second encirclement. I see rebel supply and communication lines being subject to severe bombardments, the extent and severity being determined by the Russians and their willingness to work a peaceful solution, after the rebels are taught a lesson or annihilated.


Good insight indeed… According to my understanding SAA dont posses considerable armor reserves and supplies. But we will see, I may very well be wrong..


‘considerable local support from people, which is mostly ignored by Assad supporters.’ Completely disagree, what support from people- you think they support foreign jihadists and mercs?


Key problem is the attrition resulting from six years of war resulting in raw recruits outside military age operating sophisticated Russian equipment that require months of training.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Thank you for a professionally written piece that is very informative and better explains the dynamics of such events.
Please later write a full article explaining these things, and submit it to SouthFront to be posted. And don’t stop your informative commenting.


Thanks for the encouragement. And I am glad to read comments and critics.


The reason this is dangerous is more about morale and psychology because if the jihadist succeed the moral off the SAA is going to drop but also the jihadist inside Aleppo will not surrender as long their buddies are in close proximity or succeed in breaking the siege.The supply route through the south is not perfect but it will serve it purpose.


The jihadis had greater control of the city in the past, the SAA came back and encircled the city with numerically inferior numbers. SAA can interdict the jihadi supply lines going into Aleppo using artillery and MRLS, and then there is the Russian Air Force that can make the interdiction even more severe.


Yes these are tactical games to get dug in defenders out of heavily fortified areas . The SAA draw them out of their holes onto the surface where artillery and Russian air support kill them .The SAA wants to avoid attrition. It needs every fighter.

Igor Dano

I must say stupid Russians, why do you not use mininukes, phosphorus and napalm on the rodents?
Why don’t you use a neutron nuke?
If you would use mininukes, it would send a massive signal to jews and americans to fuck off. the next territory to use the mininukes is Riyadh.


Because the Kremlin does not care about winning, like they didn’t care about Ukraine. Only thing they care about is appeasing the West..How does Lavrov call them? “Our western partners..”

Pavel Pavlovich

In case you delusional f**k haven’t noticed, Russia does not possess 100% souvereignity.


Chill bratan..Don’t be rude. What do you mean by that? Russia is as free as it wants to be.
If you wish to lick the boots of the West in order to be part of the “international community (US&EU)” indeed you are not.
If you wish to live as a free country it is up to you again..Remember that you were so naive as to dismantle the USSR, believing-actually believing in the “capitalist paradise”..Ts,ts,ts

Pavel Pavlovich

You are delusional f**k who prefers bullshit to reality.
We have lost the Cold War. We have not yet restored

souvereignity. Once we do it’s over for them.


Ok tovarish. Whatever you say. Since I don’t take it kindly to be insulted you can go suck a yankee dick if that makes you feel better-it obviously does. (By your comments it is clear why you lost, insolent worm).

Jens Holm

Dont egree. Assad was gone if the Russians wernt there.


I agree, but I’m a little surprised he/the SAA are so weak with Hisballah, Iranian, and Russian aid… Is this the beginning of the end or will the Russ. increase support or what do you think will happen?


That is your opinion, Russia does not care to appease the West, it does what is logical under the existing circumstances. Russia is pivoting east.

Zuzana Rehakova

Unfortunately you seem to be correct. In June Russians accidentally bombed UK/US secret base and now they are afraid to hurt those bastards again.

Seig Soloyvov

Yes when the rats are all mixed in with civilians…Lol. I can see the headlines now. “Russians use Tactical nuclear weapons on civilians”. Phos and Napalm again would hurt civiians and its not really good to use in that area.

If they used a nuke the blast would cause damage to everyone even the SAA. Are you stupid?. You clearly don’t understand nuclear weapons if you are saying to use them


Nukes certainly not, but higher yield bombs/thermobaric weapons could help..

Zuzana Rehakova

You seem not to have any idea about mini nukes, about neutron nukes about napalm and about phosphorus. in the embattled zone are NO civilians.
Look, how US fights: if they bomb, they kill one ISIS and 50 civilians.
You are a moron (sorry) if you think, that you can avoid civil casualties in a war.

You seem to know nukes only in the yield of kilotons and not in the yield of tones or tens of tones, or hundreds of tones. You seem not to understand, how to position the blast.


Neutron bombs would work since the blast area is 200-300 meters and the ensuing lethal radiation over 1.5 km. Most areas where the fighting takes place is desolated damaged infrastructure. It would set a precedent.

Zuzana Rehakova

I believe to understand it much better then you do.

Jens Holm

Very funny. They could also just send letters.

And again and again blaming the 15 millions jews for everything bad in the world. I understand a little better, You blame americans with much more power.

But first of all You should blame Youself pretending that Gabriel will serve vodka and beluga even before You arrive to Heaven.

Everything is anybody elses fault. Thats a normal russian and arabic procedure as last year. No wonder its non-devellop zones.


Yeah sure, maybe they should nuke Washington DC also, while americans do nothing, right? Are you aware they can’t defend their own civilians in Donetsk without NATO threatening to go to full-scale war and you really, seriously believe USA/NATO would allow them to nuke Saudi Arabia? Kids


Clearly major events are unfolding. However, I read contradictory reports
regularly. This no doubt is because of a confusing situation
compounded by disinformation. I think it will need several more days
until we will be able to understand what is happening.

Jens Holm

Understandeble. You cant read the facts behind this battle. Too many possibilities.

1) It could be they used their last ressources to make that small hole.
2) If its true Assads have no infantery to put in and their new tanks is not there – and The Rebels have – It should be possible Rebels make the new small door much wider. And are they more than that, they could cut through to ISIS territory and hope to have Assad inside.

When I read all the Assad headbanger fanatics here too, I would like the last part very much.

Well: My hope is, that everybody would go home and give over all weapons to their wiwes and children. Its still allowed to hope.

Zuzana Rehakova

The Russians have to use mini nukes, neutron nukes, napalm and phosphorus NOW!!!!!!!!
They have to show to jews zionists NATO and moron in WH, that enough is enough.

Jens Holm

Did some of the stuff hit Your mother and father – and they surviewed. Or was it just a vacation in Kiev and sorroundings.

A WW1 joke was when the germans almost broke thriugh the French and Briitish lines. One Caroonist painter and writer meant, that they delliebarally should make a small hole in the front and take the german soldiers one by one…


Nukes… are you out of your mind! Nobody has ever even considered this, and there is a good reason.


Let’s see how it goes a few weeks after this battle started. The fact that the SAA and friends put the jihadists in this pickle in the first place, speaks in loud volumes. Can head chopper incorporated keep up the pressure after weeks of more or less constant air strikes, artillary bombardment and ground based counter assaults? I don’t think so. In the end, somebody is going to come out of the fight for Alleppo a winner and the other suffering horrific losses, in one form or another. My two cents on it. A good evening to all.

Here us the sad truth, the video proof of the terrorist getting inside of the Artillery base and into the bunks and offices. I feel sorry for the good Syrians who gave their life defending all Syrians.


I hope Putin sees this and realize he needs to do this in a way that ends this war decisively and in a short time. Besides the longer this war drags on, the Russian body count piles up as well.

Real Anti-Racist Action

I totally agree with you. And Hezbollah now has over 4,000 that has been wounded in combat and over 800 dead. That is like 80% casualties rate for such a small civilian militia. I feel sorry for them all. (Everyone knows once this is over, Israel is going to mercilessly invade Lebanon, and Hezbollah is going to be short man power to defend civilian population centers from invasion.)
Also, what do you think about this. Not only Russia could provide more support in Syria right now, but that Iran should send in more support as well. Iran could easily allow 4,000 more Basij forces to go fight. I think that would be enough to permanently win over Aleppo and another Big city and hold them for good.


Not forgetting them as well. Myself being a follower of the alternative economics like that of Roguemoney.net and goldenjackass.com I can conclude the only reason for this insanity is they intend to completely pull the rug under the US and its support for terrorism by collapsing the US dollar and delivering a crushing blow across all aspects of the Anglo-American empire so total it will demolish any chances of a counter-response against the Eurasian Alliance (i.e. anyone who is anti-Petrodollar, because in the end this is a fight to return the Global Economic Order to the Gold Standard and no more banker-engineered collapses)

The Eurasian alliance might be thinking that even if they defeat US backed Syrian militant groups outright, the US will simply pop a new trouble spot in the world elsewhere, and then it will be another whack-a-mole for the Eurasian alliance, wasting more lives and resources.

With this perspective it would appear to make more sense to keep US proxy militant groups and their supporters invested and therefore “pinned down” in a place where at least the Russians have some measure of control, in Syria, through a stalemate.

A stalemate that would drains more money and treasure for the US than it does for the Eurasian Alliance. This will mean a short term but terrible loss for Syrians and Allied ground forces involved, but in the long term ensuring the tragedy of Syria will be the last in a sad history of a world under Petrodollar hegemony once China implements a currency properly backed by hard assets.

Then this whole mess makes sense, if rather cold and calculative.


question? Wy not use land mine’s tho defend the city of aleppo against the terorists??


ofcourse not in the city i mean, but around the city in rural arias. Pardon my bad English

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