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Intense Clashes Between Government Forces And ISIS Terrorists North And East Of Palmyra

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Intense Clashes Between Government Forces And ISIS Terrorists North And East Of Palmyra

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Government forces are struggling to expand a buffer zone around the Syrian ancient city of Palmyra and to retake important logistical sites and high grounds north and east of the city.

Following the liberation of the Mustadira gas field and the Mustadira and the Mazar mountains, government troops entered the Brigade 550 area and advanced on ISIS nuits deployed in the Marbat Hissan Mount.

Meanwhile, an intense fighting between the Syrian army and ISIS is also ongoing at the Talila crossroad which government forces seek to capture to develop a momentum in the direction of the town of Arak.

The Syrian Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Forces actively support government troops in operations around Palmyra, delivering about 30 airstrikes per day in the area, according to local sources.

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Russia send in reinforcements!!!!

Trustin Judeau

ISIS jets targets SAA around Palmyra .Thank God no casualties.One of it was shot downs.The others retreated

Gary Sellars

ISIS have jets???? BS…

Trustin Judeau

Yes they have.Unfortunately they managed to kill one Hezbollah commander in the next raid


Israeli jets, or u really mean ISIL jets,

Trustin Judeau

I mean Israeli Secret Intelligence Service jets


The ISIS air force flies with the Star of David on their wings. Israeli soldiers have been captured in recent years whilst acting as advisers embedded with ISIS / Al Nusra. An Israeli Colonel of the Golani Brigade was detained by Iraqi forces whilst with an ISIS terror gang in Iraq. In 2015 I think. There are articles about it on the net.

Fritz Otto

I hope only, that russian aerial defense will next time such jets shut down quicker and harder, since its now known that they will certainly come back. The hisbolla knows now to destroy zionist panzer but russian air-defense knows to destroy zionist warplanes…

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