Intelligence Minister Vows To Crush Terrorists Inside Iran


Intelligence Minister Vows To Crush Terrorists Inside Iran

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On January 6, Iran’s Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi said during a visit to the northwestern province of Azerbaijan that the Iranian people will foil the “enemies’ vicious plots” against Iran and promised that security forces will soon give “crushing response” to terrorists and groups hostile to the Islamic Republic in the province, according to the Iranian Press TV.

Alavi also stressed that security forces will not allow the enemies of Iran to undermine the country’s security and promised that “terrorists” will fail to achieve their goals.

The Iranian Intelligence Minister statement is clearly directed against a part of the anti-government protestors accused by the Iranian government of organizing riots and criminal acts under the pretext of political protesting.

Azerbaijan province had witnessed some of the biggest anti-government protests in Iran since December 28, 2017. In many cases, the protests developed into riots and clashes with security forces. Some protestors attacked public buildings and even bases of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

Many observers said that the protests in Azerbaijan province were fueled by ethnic motives, as most of the Iranian citizens there are Azari origins (Iranian Azerbaijanis). However, the Iranian opposition rejects this narrative.

Iranian activists claim that over 1,000 civilians were arrested by the Iranian authorities during the last protests all across the country, including 90 students of Tehran University. From its side, the Iranian government and Iranian pro-government sources said that security forces arrested only those who broke the law.



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  • christianblood

    Unleash fire and fury on them! Eliminate these internal seditionists completely from within Iran’s borders and don’t be lax anymore about Iran’s security. Be extremely vigilant and proactive. May God bless Iran!

  • paul ( original )

    This announcement make me speculate as to why do this now rather than

    • John Mason

      My thought exactly. Iran got caught out, too complacent?

  • Solomon Krupacek

    intelligence minister.
    typical dictatorship

    • John Andris

      Typical idiot^

      • John Mason

        Don’t be too harsh on Solomon otherwise he will go into a spasmodic fit attack and his typing becomes abysmal, like someone stuttering.

        • John Andris

          True that, but I tend to find his fits quite amusing..

          • Persia was once a super power, Cyrus the great comes to mind. After Arabs invaded, Persia became Islamic, threw its culture to the gutters and embraced a religion of a nomad Arab.

            Now it is sadly run by old senile clerics who are corrupt and vile in any imaginable way, Iranians are poor and hungry, they deserve better!

      • Solomon Krupacek

        you? OK.

      • Cheryl Brandon

        I bet most of those Iranian Leaders are much smarter/speak better in public and show great respect for traditions and family life. $chumpinstein and $Erdogan and $Poroshenko might be useful idiots”. Iran is way ahead in literacy/culture and being in the same place almost for more than 5,000 years.

      • Syria, Lybia started with protests, go figure!

        So many commies and pro-iranians monkeys jerking themselves off on who can be most vile to the West and the Jews, you all best stop taking the piss!

    • Garga

      It’s a ministry, which means it’s under parliament’s inspection and it’s minister needs PMs motion of confidence, not an organization under PM or any other one person.

      The bright side I can think of is that you’re still you, alive and well.

      • Solomon Krupacek

        under ayatollahs control. this is the reality.

        you can tell what you want, intelligence service dos not need ministry. this is for spying of own citizens. brutal dictatirship. against you is enough tell this: religion police.

        • Garga

          Sure, intelligence only needs 17 different agencies, neither of them under a parliament’s inspection. Also patriotic Act and stuff.

          Disclaimer: This text was typed by Ayatollah. :))

          • Tudor Miron

            Oops… Seems that someone is trying to figure out which country you were talking about. 17 intelligence agencies, patriotic act… That must be Russia under brutal and bloody Putin’s dictatorship :)

        • Cheryl Brandon

          Ayattolahs are like governors in the colonial period in the British Empire; They are another check and balances. We should respect the office holders even if we disagree with the office.

          • Solomon Krupacek
          • Garga

            Oh, shut up you idiot.

            We never had an English lesson in primary schools. English (and Arabic) language lesson started at the 1st year of guidance school (6th grade, old system) or 1st year of high school (7th grade, new system) to the end of high school.

            Like I said, you know nothing about a lot of places and things, yet you speak like an authority on the subject.

            PS. Don’t get angry at me for exposing your ignorance. You’re my precioussss….

          • Stop throwing tantrums like a little girl, if you disagree with his comments counter with a response or buzz off!

          • Garga

            Oh, I just did respond. Can’t you read?

            We in Iran never had English lessons in primary schools. Need I repeat it for you exclusively? Maybe you just look for an excuse to start an argument.

          • Then why the rantings in your previous response I commented on??? Whose fault you where taught English a little late in your life?why come over here and start bawling or have I hit a moody nerve and made you angry?

            Between, ain’t you supposed to be in the streets protesting against the tyrant cleric holding Iran hostage?

          • Garga

            Huh. You didn’t even bother to take a look at the link Solomon posted, did you?

            Hint: It’s about the ban of teaching English in elementary schools.

          • Tudor Miron

            Garga, are you trying to find common sense or logic in Peter’s rant? Let me suggest to save your efforts for something more fruitful :)

          • Garga

            You’re right about him and the likes of him. They even don’t read comments or check the links but are always ready to bark or bite.

            Regarding this particular issue there’s a lot of noise. Teaching foreign languages has never been in elementary schools’ curriculum in Iran. What happened is some schools included English classes by removing other classes or having extra and overtime classes and asked the parents to pay for it. Some schools asked as high as about $3000 annually for this class.
            Deputy minister of education said it’s illegal and this show started. They shamelessly say Iran banned teaching English in elementary schools.

            As a Russian I’m sure you’re familiar with this kind of behaviour where they try to show everything Russian as bad or inferior to the point they make up wild things.

            PS. Tovarishch Putin says I’m a lousy troll and stopped paying me since Astaris exposed me. Can you put a word for me so he sends my paychecks again? It’s cold!

          • Tudor Miron

            Lol! This last thing made ny day :)
            On the serious note ;) Tovarishch Garga, you should troll harder! Than me and comrade Putin will think about promoting you up to colonel of Red Arrrmy (do you hear that accent?) and may be even integrate you into Trump’s administration (Mad dog Mattis wants to retire and return home and concentrate on his apiary near Volga)

          • Garga

            Ya blagodaren vam za vse!
            I vill be rich! I vill be a kolonel I vill go to Amerika! I kan buy a dacha and a Chaika!

            I vill miss this vyperdysch Solomon vhen I go to Amerika but it’z vorth it. Spasibo Tovarishch!

          • Tudor Miron


          • Solomon Krupacek

            interesting. i know dozens of iranians and they told opposite of your lie.

          • Garga

            Sure. Seems your “dozens of Iranian friends” are just like you. Birds of feather…

            Since you can’t read Persian and know jack about Iran, here’s a Wikipedia link

            Here’s a quote from an article:

            3- English language is studied in rahnamaei (literally meaning, guidance
            or orientation), an equivalent for middle school in other countries.
            Middle school is a period of three years and it covers grades 6-8 for
            students aged 11 to 13 years old…

            With it’s link from archive

          • Solomon Krupacek

            no, this is not middle school. this is groundschool. middle school is from 14/15 to 18/19.

          • Garga

            Because I really like you, I’ll explain: our education system changed a few times in the last 40 years. We had 3 stages (French system) comprised as following:
            – 5 years elementary (7-11)
            – 3 years guidance school (on 1st year language lessons started) (12-14)
            – 4 years high school (15-18)

            The newer system has 2 stages (it’s actually kind of a revert to an older system, but with some changes):
            – 6 years of elementary school (7-12)
            – 6 years of high school, on 1st year language lessons start (12-18)

            So we never had language teaching in elementary, even when my father went to school (1950’s and ’60s, they too had 6 years of elementary and 6 years of highschool)

            Are you sure you asked “a dozen of Iranian friends”? I won’t become mad at you, just tell the truth! ;)

          • Solomon Krupacek

            i told the truth.
            but what forbad then your ayatollah?

          • Garga

            Read my reply to Tudor a few comments below. If you can’t find it try the comment’s link

            Just an explanation: Ayatollah Khamenei doesn’t (and can’t) forbid anything. He just says his opinion and bear in mind that he has millions of followers but his talks and demands aren’t legally binding. For example, in the last 3 years he repeatedly said he’s unhappy with the administration’s economic policies, he warned the president several times that his policies will result in more pressure on the poor and therefore creates turmoil. Guess what? President Rohani and his administration didn’t change their policy.
            Another example is during and after nuclear talks, he said in several speeches that he doesn’t entirely approve the country’s approach to talks and warned them not to negotiate with the US or trust them because the US will not fulfill it’s promise. We all saw how that talks went and Iran DID negotiate with the US.
            Before that he was against acceptance of the additional protocol (IAEA inspection of Iranian nuclear and even some military site), but Khatami administration signed that anyway.

            However, in a speech some times ago he said he’s unhappy with the hype around the English language and it shouldn’t cost the nation to neglect from learning other languages, specially the region’s.

            If you really asked them (your Iranian friends) and they told you they taught English in elementary school as curriculum, please ask them which year and their school’s name. Because it’s a lie just as if they told you they taught biochemistry in elementary.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            yes, they told me this.

          • Garga

            Could you be more specific? My reply had several points, they told you which one?

        • George King

          US has 17 intelligence services, well 18 counting mossad. Hmmm….. and we have city county and federal systems as well. Occupy wall street was street protest from the people. Then we have Orwellian antifa which is not a people movement but a George Soros color revolution creation by the real fascist.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            american scientific study has shown, that with democracy is somethibg wrong at you. but still is not dictatorship. in opposite to you, i grew up in dictatorship. therefore i have better feeling for such signals. the system of dictatorships is everywhere similar.

            soros is another chaptor. he deserve death sentence for hos ALL guilties.

    • Douglas Houck

      Normally, your comment would have some truth to it (and it still does somewhat), but what I found interesting is that Iran is taking a page out of Russia’s play book and saying anyone can protest all they want, just don’t break any of the furniture.

      This removed any support from most other countries (especially Europe) that the US/Israel was hoping for in the UN. Well played Iran.

      All countries these days seem to have “intelligence ministers” who are listening in on their own citizens. The days of an “open” democracy are over.

      • Tudor Miron

        Douglas… it’s a bit naive to think that “open” democracy ever existed :) In crowd/elite society that’s (actual open democracy) simply not possible

  • Garga

    I enjoyed a few of Paolo Coelho’s books (Farsi translation) but
    yesterday my respect for him increased immensely by seeing his Twitter
    response to the Shah’s son (which woke up sometime in the last week to remind us he still exists and we owe him a crown or something):

    No country is kind towards the rioters and the people who set fire and destroy public and private property, I guess we Iranians are an exception because exceptional Americans expects us to kiss and hug the rioters and accept either lunatic MEK terrorists or delusional monarchists as our betters.

    • RichardD

      Exceptional Jewmericans that many Americans reject. It’s embarrassing watching our Israel firster pols make fools out of themselves peddling the Jew lies for Israel and the evil baby rapers.

      • Cheryl Brandon

        I like that term Jewmericans

        • RichardD

          It’s mostly those inside the DC beltway and a 50 mile radius of NYC. Where the Israel firsters that most Americans oppose are located.

        • Shonna

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    • Cheryl Brandon

      Exactly, if this happened in Europe, most would be tracked down/ brought to courts and jailed. So, why should Iran treat their terrorists any different???

  • Ronald

    Finally found a good write up on “MEK” .'s/iranian/opposition 0/01/2018
    by Neil Bradley
    Merry Christmas to all .