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JUNE 2023

Intelligence Insiders Call Russian Compromising Evidence ‘Complete Fraud’ – Donald Trump

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According to US President-elect Donald Trump, the US intelligence claims that the dossier, alleging that Moscow has compromising evidence on him, was a fake.

Intelligence Insiders Call Russian Compromising Evidence ‘Complete Fraud’ – Donald Trump

US President-elect Donald Trump (Photo: Reuters)

US President-elect Donald Trump said that, according to the US intelligence, the dossier, alleging that Moscow has compromising evidence on him, was a fake.

“Intelligence insiders now claim the Trump dossier is “A COMPLETE FRAUD!” Trump wrote on his Twitter page.

The post was addressed to the One American News TV-channel, which earlier published a video, disclosing the main provisions of the document.

Will remind, earlier, media reported that Moscow has compromising evidence on Trump. Trump himself called allegations about the damaging information a lie, while Moscow said that it is an ‘absolute canard’.

A day before, it was reported that some wealthy sponsor of the Republicans, disaffected to Trump, hired the Fusion GPS private firm to collect compromising materials on the US President-elect.

In September 2016, when the investigation against Trump was launched, Fusion GPS was headed by former journalist of the Wall Street Journal newspaper, Glenn Simpson. Later, he hired a former agent of British MI6, Christopher Steele, for participation in the investigation.

Before, it was reported that the ‘compromising evidence’ was prepared by London’s Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd., employees of which are former agents of the British intelligence. One of its leaders is Steele.

Earlier, British Prime Minister Theresa May said that the author of the ‘compromising evidence’ on Trump does not work for the British government already for a long time.

Media also reported that the report, according to which Moscow has alleged compromising evidence on the US President-elect, was originally prepared by his opponents from the US Republican Party. Later, the US Democratic Party drew its attention to this data.

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It totally is, but Americans aren’t always the brightest bulb in the pack. I read and distributed it, there were few intelligent comments…

Gary Sellars

Uh’Murikkkanz would have to be congenitally stupid to believe such an obvious pack of lies…

Oh wait, they are….


CNN picked up this story, but got a black eye from Trump in news conference. I think that people will not accept this bull shit. Are you referring to the media as being stupid?


CNN’s role was actually much more insidious and malevolent. Guess knowing that it couldn’t be verified CNN started building momentum without actually disclosing it. Those ‘serious’ looking CNN anchors used language designed to raise interest as much as possible with vague references to the report and also using the fact that the CIA had reported it to the president as an indication that it must contain at least some truth. Normal journalists with still some integrity had refused to touch this report for months. CNN must have been aware of that, but our ‘Clinton News Network’ decided to regurgitate that story to damage Trump even before he took office. That Buzzfeed published it might even be a public service in exposing the fake news story of CNN to anyone reading that ‘CNN source’.


Pay back, is the fact that CNN might have to be sold off. Oh dear.

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